• RJ – CT

    best part is, even if he want’s to shave it off, now he can’t!! it mite even be in his contract at this point….


    He should pose as WB Mason.

    • dan

      And the Monopoly guy

    • Count Zero

      Dude — that WB Mason guy is CREEPY.

      He looks like some kind of steampunk automaton that will run amok and kill your family first time he overheats or something…

  • Nathan

    hahaha i remember seeing this at the red sox game a few days ago

  • ryan

    yeah they’ve been doing this for a really long time now.. they usually do it later on in the game on his pic for when he’s at bat.. they did it for johnny damon too

  • dan

    Oh my god. Dan Shaughnessy is hosting PTI.

    Will Curt Schilling be on tomorrow?

  • Brian

    The ‘stache party is fun, but for all the hairiness that once was Johnny Damon I have to think that this “powerful lip fur” craze is somehow making up for years and years of integumentary suppression.