Recapping the Jeter Debate

Melky Cabrera has a job for a few more weeks
Game Thread: All-Star Edition

We all know that Derek Jeter‘s defense isn’t the greatest part of the game. In case you want a full recap, Slate’s Nate DiMeo breaks down the years-old debate. One day soon, Derek may have to move off of short. I don’t envy the man who has to tell him that.

Melky Cabrera has a job for a few more weeks
Game Thread: All-Star Edition
  • The Scout

    So, perhaps, the answer is to trade him while he retains value. Then moving him off short (to where?) becomes someone else’s problem.

    Yes, yes, I know it will never happen. But play along for a moment. Derek enjoys the glitter and spotlight, and there’s a former manager in LA who loves him and whom Derek worships, and the Dodgers need a shortstop now, and his veteran presence would lift that team to the playoffs in a weak division, and the Dodgers are supposed to be stocked with young talent, and just maybe Jeter would approve a trade to that team (he’s a 10-and-5 guy, so I presume he has veto rights)….

    Branch Rickey always said he’d rather trade a player a year too soon than a year too late.

    Just thinking on the keyboard.

    • Ben C

      and then our new shortstop would be….

      • Ben C

        move a-rod?

    • Steve

      If were going to talk about trading Derek Jeter then we should also talk about getting abducted by Space Aliens, electing Ralph Nader President and meeting up on that desert island where Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison and Elvis are hanging out.

      Because all of those things are just as likely to happen as a Derek Jeter trade.

    • Chris

      Who’s going to convince him to waive his no-trade rights?

    • JimT

      This isn’t that cazy of an idea. In full disclosure I’m a Red Sox fan, but watching Jeter this year he doesn’t seem to have the same energy. Maybe its because Torre is gone or perhaps he is disappointed that the front office didn’t shore up the starting pitching during the off season. Whatever, Jeter doesn’t seem as connected.

      It goes to that buyers / sellers debate. Perhaps its still too early to make that kind of choice. A ten game win streak and climbing to a game or two of the division lead could be “just the tonic”….if it ever happens.

      • Jamal G.

        I guess all that extra energy was the cause of him being a horrible fielder because this season has been his best in years. His Zone Rating right now is .837, that is the highest it has been since 2004 when it was .847 at the end of the year.

        • Ivan

          04 was the one year he deserve the gold glove.

  • B

    I think the Boss should be the one to tell him!!

  • Steve

    I can’t defend his fielding, his range has been slipping for years and his throwing this year has been awful.

    For those who are convinced his hitting is declining, consider this.

    He was hit on his hand by Daniel Cabrera earlier this year. We all remember how nasty that was, I thought he was going to be out for the season. That happened on 5/21 and he was hitting .312 at the time (almost identical to his .316 career average) and then slipped afterwards. Check out his game log

    His numbers drop precipitously after the 5-20 incident and don’t start inching back upward until about a month later, a sign that he might have got into bad habits as a result of the injury. His numbers over the past month have been more in line with his career norms, hitting .311 with a .380 OBP for the first few weeks of July. I think Jeter will be the least of our worries.

    I expect to see a typical Jeter performance in the second half,

  • Seven Costanza

    he should’ve taken time off after that–his pride ultimately hurt his swing and hence the team.

  • A.D.

    Worse case they move him to first or the of. Right now there’s no SS really out there anyways, so Jeter’s low range & generally plus production at the position is still going to win more games for the yankees than AG

  • Steve S

    Seriously, Im done with this.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Jeter’s defense is subpar, but not enough so to negate the benefit we recieve by having his well-above-average bat in the lineup at a position where offensive production is rare.

    And in probably two years, Jeter can move to leftfield. He is still fast enough to cover a ton of ground, and his arm has always been strong (not exceedingly accurate, but strong.)

    Not that big of a problem.