Sign with big Hollywood agency; hit a home run

Buying opportunity: starting catcher
After keeping Boston in check, Washburn subject of Olney's rumors

Maybe a few more Yankees should think about signing with hot-shot talent agencies. A few hours after word got out that A-Rod had inked a deal with the powerful William Morris Agency, the Yanks’ third baseman kicked off a 12-run rout of the Twins with a two-run home run in the first.

Word of the deal first broke in the Wall Street Journal last night. Matthew Futterman’s article, available here only for WSJ subscribers, talks about A-Rod’s decision to sign up yet another management company:

The decision reflects the growing importance of Hollywood in athletes’ attempts to turn themselves into enduring brand names that can attract corporate sponsorships in addition to their big-ticket employment contracts. Major agencies, meanwhile, see star athletes as a growth niche. As TV ratings dwindle and movie box-office stagnates, sports-rights fees and the value of sports teams are growing. The marketing prowess of golfer Tiger Woods has become the envy of celebrity handlers…

For Mr. Rodriguez, the move marks the latest turn in his relationship with Scott Boras, one of baseball’s most successful and controversial agents. It was Mr. Boras’s decision to announce during last year’s World Series that Mr. Rodriguez would opt out of his contract with the Yankees. That move dented the future Hall of Famer’s reputation and forced him to pursue a new deal directly with Yankees brass.

Mr. Boras, who has represented Mr. Rodriguez throughout his career, said he will continue to represent the slugger in any baseball-related negotiations. “I do Alex’s baseball work,” Mr. Boras said Monday. Now, with what is likely the final contract of his sports career complete, Mr. Rodriguez is turning to William Morris to burnish his image as an athlete with appeal beyond his sport.

Right now, while A-Rod is one of the highest paid players in any sport with a guaranteed contract of at least $275 million over the next ten years, he lags in endorsement deals. According to Bloomberg News, A-Rod earns just $6 million a year in endorsements, putting him 20th on a recent Sports Illustrated list of top-grossing athletes by endorsements.

The agency, with offices in New York, LA, Nashville and London, will look to expand the reach of the A-Rod image, and the Yanks’ slugger, destined for the Hall one day, will also see his earnings reach new heights. It’s just another day in As The A-Rod Turns.

Buying opportunity: starting catcher
After keeping Boston in check, Washburn subject of Olney's rumors
  • jsbrendog

    he is still a raging douche. i dont mind seeing him hit his hr and etc but i personally dont want any arod endorsed merchandise. hell never have his own gatorade flavor or wheaties box

  • Joey H

    lol and who called the 12 runs… lol

  • pat

    omg rofl lololololo OMFG lolzzzz stfu

  • JRVJ

    Guys, Buster Olney wrote in a chat that Seattle is willing to trade Jarrod Washburn to the Yanks for Igawa and a B prospect.

    IMO, the Yankees should do this trade IMMEDIATELY.

    Washburn’s nothing special: his last GOOD year was 05, when he had a 132 OPS+. He was league averague last year (100 OPS+) and is below average this year a 84 OPS+, but getting Igawa out of the team and having a slightly below average lefty starter to (maybe) replace Ponson and/or Rassner is better than Igawa in AAA sucking payroll (and numbers wise, it’s actually a pretty fair deal, since Igawa’s owed about $13.5MM up to 2011, and Washburn is due about that much up to the end of 2009).

    • jsbrendog

      i thought they fired bavasi lol

      • Ben K.

        Im reading the chat transcript, I think you have the report wrong. Olney said that the Yanks are “taking a look” at Washburn, and then he suggested that the Yanks would have to give up “Kei Igawa, and another secondary prospect.” At no point did he say the Mariners are “willing” to make that move; he’s just speculating. False rumor.

  • JRVJ

    JR (NY): Who would the Yanks have to give up to get a guy like Washburn?

    Buster Olney: JR: Kei Igawa, and another secondary prospect. They’re taking on a lot of money (about $13-14 million), so they won’t have to give up much.


    John (NY): Why all the Washburn rumors? Where is this originating from?

    Buster Olney: John: It should be on our site. I filed something an hour ago (but haven’t checked) on it. It is being discussed seriously by the Yankees.

    He also writes about this in his column.

    It could be that Olney is off, but I don’t think anybody pulls out Igawa out their butt just to be cute, and then refers to a column he’s already written.

    In any case, I’m pretty sure Ben agrees with me that it would be great if this happened.

    • Ben K.

      Oh! That I missed. Much different story there. I do agree with you.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Sign me up. Do this immediately. Maybe he can take Raz’s spot against the Orioles next week.

  • Cam

    Or do what Pete Abe just wrote, win that World Series and the reputation will take care of itself. Just a thought.