The Hughes and Pavano rehab clocks are soon to tick


According to Bryan Hoch at MLB.com, the race is on for two injured Yankees. On Monday, Phil Hughes will toss two innings in a rehab start for the GCL Yankees, but the bigger story arrives the next day. As long as he doesn’t hurt himself reaching for a bowl of cereal makes it through a BP session today, Carl Pavano will throw a pair of frames on Tuesday. So if all goes according to plan — and that’s a big if — Pavano could be back in the Bronx by August 28th when his 30-day rehab clock runs out. And, yes, those were pigs that just went flying past your window.

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  • A.D.

    Wow, wonder if the Yanks could get Pavano through waivers this year, Aug 28th would be just in time for another team to have him eligible for the playoffs.

  • Alan

    Reaching for the bowl of cereal? Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if Pavano blew out an ACL getting out of bed the day of the start.

  • Lanny

    Come one now. Pavano knows hes in his free agent year so he’ll def stay healthy and pitch the winning game in the World Series and get a 12 mill a yr deal someplace.

    • Alan

      ..and promptly break his finger while signing the contract.

  • greg

    Hawkins DFA and Gardner sent to AAA to make room for Nady and Marte

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.


      • greg

        Sweeny Murti on WFAN

    • Old Ranger

      Makes sense, but like Jamal…Source? 27/08?

  • Old Ranger

    Some of us have forgotten, Pavano was (is?) a damm good pitcher. Health issues aside, if he can work hard enough to make it all the way to his old form…who knows? He would be an improvement over Raz/Pounds, don’t you’ll think? 27/08?

    • http://www.salarydump.wordpress.com Joltin’ Joe

      Haha Pounds, I like that.

  • MD

    Posted by Buster Olney

    The Yankees continue to talk about Jarrod Washburn and they are likely to complete the deal in the next 48 hours. New York is willing to take Washburn and a lot of the $13 million-$14 million owed to the left-hander, but the deal would essentially be a salary dump, with the Mariners expected to make some sort of financial adjustment.

    • pete c.

      Who’s NY supposed to give up for players? The Courant say’s a “minor leaguer”. So is this just insurance for if or when other teams figure out Rasner or Ponson? Hughes shouldn’t be to far out.

  • bru

    pavano is a joke.he just want’s to come back just in time to pitch a few games to land a contract.he never rushed himself back when he was under contract,stealing money from the yankees but now his contract is ending???????

  • bru

    the deal is being held up because seattle want’s a top prospect,not sure who but i think the yankees will give up gardner or christian but not melky because it would leave them to vulnerable.i just hope in 09 the yankees sign cc to go with wang,joba.