• RustyJohn

    Outside of a DH, a center fielder, a left fielder, a starting catcher that can throw and two starting pitchers being down, we’re in good shape.

    • Steve

      1-Posada may very well be our DH.

      2-I have to see more from Brett gardner to know if we need a CF

      3-Damon’s been good in LF, and he’s one of our best hitters right now.

      4-Catcher . . . see response #1

      5-We definitely need a starter or two. The Rasner experiment is over for me.

      So my list of needs would be a Starter, Left handed reliever (or a righty who’s tough on lefties) and some right handed pop off the bench that could play 1B/OF. I know we had Shelly Duncan, but thats another experiment that failed. We are far too susceptible to lefties and our 4th and 5th starters simply don’t give us enough of a chance to win. The teams were competing against (BoSox/Rays) don’t have these problems in their rotations.

      To be honest, I think thats too much to realistically expect to fix via trade. If we don’t have answers in AAA, see you next year.

      • B

        Brett Gardner being misused? I hear that he is a very fast runner, can beat out an infield single. Why the hell wouldn’t Girardi bunt him more than he has? I think I’ve seen him attempt like 1 bunt since he has been up.

        Colorado and Florida are looking at Hawkins so lets get rid of him already and trade for a decent lefty reliever because Traber doesn’t cut it!

  • JRVJ

    Honest to goodness, it looks like the Yankees will not make the playoffs this year.

    That’s sad, but these things happens.

    2009 should be a much better year, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that a ton of money is coming off the books, a lot of young pitchers will be readier to pitch in the bigs and the Yanks will have a revenue sharing credit (plus extra revenue) because of new Yankee Stadium.

    It will be sad for Yankee Stadium not to hold a final playoff game, but such is life.

    In the meanwhile, I will hope until the end that the Yankees pull through this year.

  • Steve S

    If they win the next two games then they are back to four games back (three in the loss) of the Red Sox. And they do have their best two starters going in the next two games.

    If they win the next four games in a row, things look dramatically different. Its bad but its was darrell rasner vs josh beckett today, and taking three out of four would have been nice but it didnt happen.

    But Brian Cashman needs to do something proactive here and make some kind of change. Specifically, we need another starter whether its Kennedy or someone else he needs to provide innings. This bullpen is starting to look right and by the time he fixes the rotation it might be run into the ground.

  • Sam P.

    I certainly don’t want to say they’re out, but how much longer can they tread water in the standings and play .500 ball before they just have too big of a hole to climb out of?

    Abreu’s pop-up w/ the bases loaded and one out was a perfect snapshot of the whole season from an offensive perspective. Pretty discouraging …

    And as much as I like Rasner, the league has figured him out. He’d be fine as a #5 but to have to be the team’s #4 right now is too much.

  • kris

    The darkest hour is just before dawn. Just be thankful that things could have been way worse.

  • Four Train

    The Yankees have so much more to gain by being sellers than trying to make a playoff push in order to lose in the first round. I’m a huge Jeter fan, but he’s been a black hole in the lineup all year and should have been demoted to seventh. A-Rod is back to his usual mediocrity in the clutch. Posada is a DH or 1B at this point – love him but he can’t throw out Ortiz. Further, the Yankees have a Mickey Mouse rotation. No one is really consistent, Moose is too old and Joba is too young to be real leaders. The overall talent level is just not there to compete with these younger, faster, smarter teams. Yankees: sellers.

  • Mike W.

    I cannot even fathom what we need to do to be a WS contender in 2009 because this team looks so old and bad. Further, I can’t believe that even the biggest Yankee fan thinks this team is making the playoffs in 2008. It isn’t going to happen this year. I seriously think we should think about selling this year at the deadline, although I have no idea what we have to really sell.

    • Rich

      This rotation staying healthy:


      Mo continuing to be Mo, set up by Melancon, Robertson, Edwar, and Veras.

      Adding two bats.

  • Manimal

    Seriously, Joe Girardi has to go. He can’t play small ball for his life. These 2 games he has been clearly outmanaged.

    • pat

      how do you get outmanaged in a 7-0 rout where the whole team looked like shit? It has been half a season and proven veteran hitters have not been producing up to par.

      the thing that has to go is these reactionary bullshit posts about fair weather fans who dont know their ass from their elbow

      • r.w.g.

        pat for president.

        • Joey

          I second that motion

    • Steve

      Its Girardi’s fault the team is batting .250 with RISP?

      What would YOU do to correct that if YOU were the manager?

  • Rich

    Ya think?

  • RustyJohn

    TIme to consider selling- Yanks are in a better position where they can financially afford to eat a lot of salary on some guys- I think you have to consider getting rid of Abreu if possible- who else is moveable? Damon and Matsui are both banged up- Melky would be worthless on the market, IPK and Hughes’ stock are low- but this team certainly needs to get younger and cheaper.

    I am not worried about the biggest problem this year being an issue next year- that is starting pitching- Joba and Wang will be in the mix, Pettite or Mussina might be convinced to return, and at that point Hughes, IPK, Horne and a couple of other candidates should be in a better position to fill the last two spots.

  • Bill

    This team is not in a good situation right now. I can’t imagine them selling off parts though unless things get really bleak heading into and coming out of the all-star break.

    We were in a worse situation last year and were able to make the playoffs. This year may be tougher though because we have two teams in the division to catch. However there were a lot more legitimate WC contenders last year. This year the WC is almost guaranteed to come from the east.

    If this team continues to limp into the all-star break and the injuries to Damon or Matsui are serious then look for Barry Bonds to be a Yankee.

    • Rich

      The more I think about it, if the Yankees have any hopes of contending for even the WC this season, they have to sign Bonds…now.

      • Gary

        If the Yankees sign that arrogant big headed cheater Bonds, I will so quickly become a Kansas City Royals fan. Bonds would disgrace the pinstripes the way no one else could, not even Pavano or Sheffield.

        • Rich

          After giving Clemens $18 million, I don’t think it’s possible to further disgrace the uniform.

  • NYFan50

    The Yankees have basically no tradeable commodities. Abreu has a no trade clause. Damon is banged up and has a partial no trade clause. Giambi has a no trade clause. I’m pretty sure Moose has a no trade clause. Matsui is injured. Melky has no value. Hawkins has no value. Farnsworth must have nearly no value. They aren’t trading Jeter (no trade), A-Rod (no trade), Pettitte (no trade), Posada (does he have a no trade? Not that it matters), Mo, Hughes, Joba. I really doubt they are willing to trade Cano.

    So that leaves…huh. Nobody. They can trade Melky or Hawkins or Farnsworth for a bag of balls. Or maybe somebody wants Moeller. Or Molina. That’s the ticket…

    The only thing the Yankees have worth anything at all that they MAY be willing to consider trading is the excess young, middle relief. Given the strength in the farm system MAYBE they’d be willing to give up Veras or Edwar or something. Nobody is taking Britton coming back from injury or rehabbing Bruney.

    Or they could part with Kennedy for pennies on the dollar now that he crushed his trade value…

    This is the team and I imagine barring some DFAs this is going to be it all year.

    • B

      I would trade IPK for a bag of marbles just to keep him off the yankees major league roster!

  • Babe’s Ghost

    Still too early to quit… but boy does it look bad.
    How many people are regretting not making the Santana trade now?
    To tell you the truth I’m not. While we’d obviously have a significantly better record, we’d still be hanging on by the skin of our teeth. Mostly because the offense has been cold.

    When we started this whole youth movement everyone said we’d need to be ‘patient’. That’s code for be willing to lose… obviously everyone has limits, but I’m nowhere near mine. Maybe it’s because I remember what it was like to be truly bad for a long stretch back in the 80s. Or maybe it’s because I remember the comeback we mounted last year.

    I’d love to close out Yankee stadium with a WS victory but with Matsui, Wang, Hughes and now Damon all hurt it would take another minor miracle. If the farm were in better shape I’d be a little more hopeful. But no one looks ready and healthy right now.

    I think we have a lot of potential assets to sell at the trading deadline. #1 being Giambi, if he’d agree he’d be a huge asset to the Rays in their playoff push, but I wouldn’t worry so much about facing him next year since they’d be unlikely to resign him. I’d love to turn him into an elite positional prospect (Reid Brignac) or even better a smoking lefty prospect (Jacob McGee). Their farm system is stocked and with the Yanks stinkin this could be their year. More than anything else though, I’m really rooting for Cleveland to hold onto Sabathia.

  • billybob

    Agreed. The Yankees, as presently constituted, blow.

  • MD

    and, looking to next year, we have a 38 year old catcher, 35 year old ss, 40 year old closer….in other words, it aint getting much better for a while…….we’ll need a RF, LF, and at least 2-3 starting pitchers…….no farm system can supply all of that in short order……but we will have a 30mil 3B who will continue to pass the immortals in home runs, albeit hit usually in low pressure situations……good thing we have a new ball park to assure 4 million in attendance next year…….

    • Joey

      Don’t throw Mo into that basket, because until he starts declining with age putting him in there is bullshit. He has been amazing and I truly believe he can continue to be amazing at least until his contract ends

  • asdf

    Yes. Yes they do.

    IMO Joe Girardi is getting too much of the blame. Yes, he’s had some questionable decisions like leaving Jeter on the bench, but he does a good job with the pen and he gives basically everyone a shot (sometimes to a fault, but better than leaving edwar on the bench for 2 weeks). It’s not his fault that Wang is out for the season. It’s not his fault that Abreu, Cano, and Jeter aren’t performing to their usual standards.

    The team is getting older. Barring the injury to Wang, we should have been prepared for a scenario like this, where Hughes and Kennedy didn’t pitch to expectations. I’m not placing the blame on Cashman or anything – I think he’s a great GM. But the way the organization was run up until 2005 has come back to haunt us.

    Anyway, missing the playoffs for a year or maybe even two doesn’t bother me. If that’s what we have to sacrifice for the Yankees to come back as true world series contenders, then I’d be fine. The streak of 13 years in a row of making the playoffs is nice, but a world series title is even nicer.

  • henry

    Rasner is our four guy, how much better could this possibly get. Thats really what I was looking for at the beginning of the year. Christ.

    Lets be serious though, other than the likes of Melky, Duncan, IPK, and a few others, who is it exactly your going to be moving on?? They’ll save that salary space to make huge offers to the big free agent pitchers this off-season. Hopefull make a move for Sheets. Also, being in Texas I hear a lot of rumblings about Oswalt being availible. He has a no trade clause and said he wouldnt consider the yanks, but if Boston wont have him(which i dont think they would), he would be a great fit for a number One/Two guy behind of in front of Pettitte

  • Ben N.C.

    Official Statement: I’ve got the blues.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    …and you just figured this out?

  • Mike in Fla.

    I don’t think a Steinbrenner team will ever be a seller. They will try to win each and every year and they think they owe it to the fans. That is why I am scared that they will trade for some aged pitching and give up the chips they do have. I personally would rather play the young guys, Gardner, promote Miranda. Possibly even Eric Duncan. If we miss the playoffs, so what. I like what I have seen from Robertson, and Veras and Ramirez. I would like to see Melancorn or Cox come up this year too.

  • http://www.fullcountpitch.com BC

    I give it one more month, then it’s time for an influx of anyone with an ounce of major league talent. Start preparing the next batch for success now. Sabathia is not the answer, nor is trading anyone under the age of 25 with a pulse.

  • http://yankeesfaninboston.blogspot.com DMan

    This team looks more and more mediocre after every game.

    Looking less and less likely that they’ll suddenly snap out of it and go on an extended runs.

  • A.D.

    Gotta love the creative headline, but my thinking is the “silver lining” of this is the Yankees definitly make some moves in this offseason. I like the following ideas:

    1. let the free agents walk
    2. potentially re-sign Giambi on a Frank Thomas 1 +1 deal
    3. potentially go after Sheets or Sabathia
    4. Trade some of the young pitching for a young 1b/of or both, figure Brack, Wang, Joba, and Hughes are definitly not going to be traded (along with Melancon and Cox probably won’t be), but the rest of the depth could be traded for the right pieces, i.e. Atkins/Holiday/Bay /someone out of Milwaukee’s sytem, etc.

    Net in net dissapointing season, but at least we have one of the better farms out there

  • A.D.

    Z-Mac gives up 2 runs in 8 innings and looses….tough luck.

    J.B. Cox got lit up tonight, it happens

    Betacanes made his return to Charleston….with only one 1 BB!

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Earlier in the year I posted this was the do or die year for Cashman, it is now time to begin exploring the options. Cashman has to be held accountable for this mess. He had a chance at the beginning of the year to land Santana for Kennedy and Wong, to me this was a no brainer Cashman passed. He signs Cano to a multi-year agreement, why? Cano phoned in the first two months of the season, and still goes to the plate without a plan most of the time. I think Cano can be a real impact player but his lack of discipline is very disconcerting and handing him long term security is not my idea of the best way to get him focused. The biggest issue with the Yankees is the starting rotation and I have no confidence in Cashman to sucessfully rebuild it. I have no confidence in his ability to properly evaluate the talent available in the minor league system. I have no confidence in his ability to put together a team with enough grit and determination to win a World Series.

    The Yankees need a front office with a fresh approach, ready for an active off season instead of an off season full of safe moves. I think this season is done and with it I hope one more thing is done and that is Cashman’s position with this organization.

    I’d like to suggest the Yanks start with evaluating the possibility of bringing Buck back this time in the role of GM.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

    So in the neighborhood of 80-games left we are ready to give up on a season where we are only have to make up five games in the Loss column to qualify for a playoff spot. Cool.

    • A.D.

      Yeah realistically they’re a 7 game winning streak from being only 2 games out of a spot, and everyone rejoicing

  • A.D.

    Buster Olney is reporting that Milwaukee may be willing to put LaPorta in a deal for CC

    Imagine CC & Sheets at the top of that rotation in the playoffs

    • Chris

      That assumes Sheets can stay healthy.

    • Brandon

      And we have a winner in the Sabathia Sweepstakes !

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        If the Brewers are the ones who do win the CC sweepstakes, that actually helps us considerably.

        I don’t see how they can pay both CC and Sheets, who both hit free agency this offseason, so it’s a lock that at least one of the two will be available.

  • Chris G.

    If we’re even going to make the playoffs this year, our guys have to start looking like they actually give a shit. Rasner may not be the ideal 4 guy, but he gave let up six runs today, which is actually better than I expected, and the Yanks had the opportunity to plate 8 or 10 throughout the course of the game. The batters can’t throw up their hands when the starter gives up a big inning and say “Oh, we’ll never come back now.” As much as I don’t want to say that I’m giving up on this season (and I haven’t, yet) I have to say that these Yankees are not the Yankees I grew up loving. I’m definitely spoiled form growing up during the dynasty, but I can say one thing for certain: those guys, even in a losing effort, always played the game with professionalism and pride. They never looked like they didn’t want to be there. These guys…. All I can say about them is that baseball is the most beautiful thing in the world to watch when it’s played well and it’s the most painful thing in the world to watch when it’s played poorly. Right now, it’s painful for me to watch the Yankees. Sorry to get all Bull Durham on you guys, but that’s how I feel.

    By the way, can we please win the post for this Yu Darvish guy? I’m guessing that his breaking ball is a curve in this video, but whatever he calls it, it’s fucking nasty.


  • sam

    unless they win 3out of the next 4 games atleast its time to dismantle this team. Abreu damon giambi should all go for young players

    • Chris

      I agree on Abreu, but Damon and Giambi have been very productive this year, and in past years when healthy.

    • Joey

      if only it was as simple as you make it sound. And no, as average as the team has looked, it is still not time to give up on the season

  • JRVJ

    One thing that does bear mentioning is that it will be interesting to study the 2008 Yankees once the season is over, because I have to believe that they are one of the worst teams ever with RISP.

    Indeed, the whole Yankee offense is geared around the fact that if you have a lot of baserunners, you’ll plate a good chunk of them.

    Well this team has had a bunch of baserunners, but it is very bad at plating them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

    I like how everyone fashions themselves to be a mind reader and a fucking scholar at interpreting body language. It must be a qualification to be a baseball fan that you be a Master in the arts of reading body language and interpreting it however you want to without any fucking formal training. I guess I am not a true baseball fan since I am highly ignorant in this subject matter.

  • Joseph C.

    btw, has anybody heard how Damon’s doing?

  • Chris G.

    PeteAbe has some notes about him. Out for two, at least.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

    I am going to bookmark this thread just so I have in my memory how fickle people are. The All-Star break has not even arrived yet and five losses is what stands between the Yankees and a playoff spot if the season ended today.

    Do you people realize that the Yankees rank from average to above average in many major pitching statistical categories. I’m talking about FIP, K/9, BB/9, K/BB, and Home Runs Allowed. Only a “Disabled Mess” (some of you will get that joke) would even ponder the thought of an October-less season for the Yankees at this date with where they are in the standings, they way the pitching staff has performed with losses to Chien-Ming Wang, Brian Bruney, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy. Not to mention ghastly ineffectiveness from the prior two.

    Guys, the offense is not all of a sudden going to go from first to worst over the course of one season. Is it really that difficult for some of you people to not re-evaluate the team after each and every game? Honestly, is it literally impossible for you to avoid doing that?

    • BigBlueAL

      Jamal I honestly believe the Yankees should hire you as their new P.R. guy!! I just like taking shots at Girardi since almost everybody here couldnt wait to send Torre out the door and start this new Yankees “era” with Girardi at the helm. As much as I bitch and whine like almost everybody else here does I totally agree with you and unlike alot of people here (you being one of them since you are pretty young) I remember when the Yankees never made the playoffs and the Red Sox were almost always winning the AL East and the Yankees never did so not making the playoffs this season wont be the end of the world. It still sucks though watching them play the way they have been playing lately….

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

        I’m sure it does suck and I completely understand the frustration. But if it is one thing that I can not stand is a lack of perspective. I wish the people who are on the ledge would just take a breather, take a look at some stats, check the standings, evaluate the competition and then have their opinion. These mindless and knee-jerk reactions are just plain ignorant.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Jamal – Put me down in the “we’re not dead and we’ll still make the playoffs” category.

          We’re not bad, we’re hurt and unlucky. The Sox and the Rays have been healthy and lucky. They won’t continue to be this good, we won’t continue to be this bad.

        • mustang

          It’s just not “mindless and knee-jerk reactions” it’s watching a team that beats up on the dogs of NL, but when comes to AL east they get their ass handed to them. Give me all the statistics you want the only thing that counts are wins and loses. I’m not giving up, but I just don’t see it in this team, today withstanding, unless some major changes take place.

  • Chris

    A lot of people are complaining about the pitching, but the team is on pace to give up fewer runs than last year – almost 50 runs less. Considering that they brought back almost the same lineup, you’d expect the team to perform similarly.

    Looking at the offense, the only positions that are performing better than last year are LF and 1B. All of the other positions have seen a drop off of some amount. Some could be foreseen (Posada and A-Rod had career years, so you’d expect them to regress more to their career averages) and some couldn’t (Melky may not be great, but you would have expected him to be no worse than he was the last two years, and of course Cano).

    Overall, if you want to pin the blame on someone, then blame Cano and Jeter. Their the two players that are under performing expectations by the most. I don’t have a solution to offer, but if they turn it on (it looks like Cano might be starting to) then this team should score a lot of runs in the second half and make a run at the playoffs.

    Remember, in addition to trades, the Yanks will likely get a lot of pitchers available in the second half (Hughes, Kennedy, Wang, Pavano)…

  • Chris G.

    We have a damn good offense, the best in the league when they’re running at full tilt. But they are streaky. The way the offense’s performance this season bears a striking resemblance to the amazing disappearing offense that we’ve seen in the past, what, three four post seasons. The Yanks may very well make the playoffs, Jamal is right, there’s still a hell of a lot of ball to be played. But, I’d like to see some proof that our offense won’t be running hot/cold throughout the season.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=594331910 Jamal G.

      Here’s the thing, you name me an offense that is not streaky and I’ll name you a fan who has bad memory. This is baseball, there are hills and valleys littered all over a 162-game season. We were in a hill when we were in the midst of that seven game winning streak, now we are in a valley.

      Let me ask you guys this question. When the Yankees were in the middle of that seven game winning streak, were you ready to proclaim them divisional champions and/or championship contenders? If not then why are you ready to proclaim them third place losers and are ready to give up the season when they have hit this recent slump? Think about that question and really answer it truthfully.

      I have no idea why it is so prevalent amongst baseball followers that when a team is winning everybody is so cautious in their evaluation of that ball club (and rightly so) but when a team is in a slump everyone is ready to write them off not even considering the fact that they might change direction.

  • Chris G.

    I don’t post here often, but something about the game today, probably all the stranded runners, made me want to say something. When they won seven straight I was hoping that they could build on that and start a run like they did last year. Right now I’m hoping that they snap out of it and go on another tear. I haven’t written them off by any means, but I just want them to start playing with a bit more heart. I have a feeling that that’s what that long meeting last night was about. But, I’m not an expert, I can’t get inside these guys’ heads. I just really want to see them play the way I feel like they can, and it’s stretches like these that make the waiting all the more frustrating.

  • Gary

    Tell me who is more annoying: 1) The kid in the Ford commercial that says “hey, it’s Derek Jeter”;2) Michael Kay; 3) Damon throwing home while a runner coming home from second base arrives standing up when Johnny’s throw is shotputted from his left arm and trickles into the infield about the same time the runner has come back to his dugout; 4) Melky Cabrera trying to do just about anything: Susyn Waldman’s almost having to change her underwear last year when gushing about the return of Roger Clemens when Juice Boy announced he was going to fleece another team of its money to pich every fifth day for two-three months of the season; 5) Ronan Tynan. who could enter a “biggest ears” contest with former Detroit Tigers’ lefty starter Don Mossi, Jorge Posada, and preacher Harold Camping, and Dumbo, and still have a legitimate chance of winning. Will somebody tell me what Irish tenors and God Bless America have to do with baseball??

  • r.w.g.

    Everybody needs to chill out. This is getting crazy. The Yanks have a better record right now than they did last year. We have two more games against Boston and then two more against Tampa Bay in our next four games. Andy Pettitte had a bad start and than it was Rasner vs. Beckett.

    Moose and Joba are going for us. I don’t care how hard Manny hits Moose. He’s going to win that game and he’s going to look good doing it. Joba will not be afraid of Boston and I think this would be a nice time to really let Joba rip and let him go 120-130 pitches, throw 8, 9 innings.

    Maybe Dan Giese should get another brief look in the rotation. For the career minor leaguer he’s been, when I watch him pitch his stuff is good.

    The offense has to get better. If Matsui is seriously hurt, they ought to sign Bonds. Between ice cream and America’s #1 dad playing 3B, why anyone thinks adding a little more bullshit to the clubhouse would affect anything is a bit puzzling to me.

  • Joey

    A good expression to summ up the season thus far and what can happen for the 2nd half: shit happens.

    As nice as it would be for good teams to win every game and bad teams to lose every game, it doesn’t happen. Injuries hit some harder than others, surprises magically appear (Rays are freakin’ incredible, seriously, who predicted they’d have the best record in the majors at this point?) and there is no way to predict this kind of stuff (unless you have Prior on your team). Who the hell knows what will happen the rest of the way, all I know is it is way to early to call it quits, to say “let’s sell” and to declare the season a total disaster

  • Phil McCracken

    The future is bleak as well. Phil Hughes really hasn’t done anything in 2 years besides a near no hitter and a few games last September. To say this guy is going to be a #1 starter of the future when nobody knows if he’ll make it through 1 full major league season is rather comical.

    If CC Sabathia gets traded for Matt LePorta, you can scratch his name off the free agent list this Fall. I don’t see the Brewers just using him as a rental when they’ve starting to lock up their young players.

    There really isn’t any right handed bats on the market in the fall either next to Teixeira. We need to totally revamp this outfield. Abreu showed up in 2006 playing his heart out, I don’t see that any longer from him. He seems too relaxed now.

    With Pettitte and Mussina probably not being in the rotation next year, I’d rather not see another year of a mostly inexperienced rotation with Hughes, Joba, Kennedy again. I’d like to see a trade for Sabathia and some right handed threat like Matt Holliday right now which will start to patch up our problems next year. Yes you have to give up some prospects, but you’d protect your draft picks and gain a pick if you let Abreu walk.

    I’d also like to see something done with the Matsui/Damon situation with left field. If we can move one of them in the off season, do it. Without real position player prospects in the minors its time to start trading this stockpile of pitching prospects for prospects or young major leaguers to start filling in the holes. I’d look for a LF, RF, and CF. If Melky Cabrera has any value besides a gallon of milk, I’d package him in a deal and move him out as well.

    Its time to get aggressive in fixing the problems. Drafting players and hoping they fix everything is fine if you have the #1 pick for 10 years like the Devil Rays. Its not going to work with the New York Yankees. Time for a fresh perspective on this team. Just like when everyone thought that Torre had lost his edge here, I’d like to see someone with new ideas in how to retool this team. Brian Cashman isn’t cut out for this project.

  • tommy reynolds

    first off, if you thought our original starting rotation was going to dominate, you need to have another…cant expect 2 kids to give you 25-30 wins in their first full major league season…our lineup is older than time and it shows…melky cant hit worth a shit and its time to make him a bench player, gardner can hold it down till AJax is ready, in the next 2 seasons Damon-Abreu-Giambi-Pavano-Farnsworth-Moose-Pettitte all come off the books so the Cash-Man can go make some good signings since all of a sudden the Yanks have become penny-pinchers..pitching and defense wins championships so lets concentrate there, theoretically you have Wang Joba IPK Hughes for years so lets go get a Sheets to solidify the rotation…the Aruban drunk and Rasner arent the answers and we know it..time to quit the “sentimental” re-signings i.e. Abreu and Posada and take a hit for a year or two…the Sox did it so why cant we? baseball is evolving and our team seems disinterested so let them play out their contracts and piss off..the Cashman needs to make one big move to get us back into contention and the Johan nondeal hurts right now…the yanks just dont have the passion right now and Jeter looks like hell…a one legged man can steal second on posada..can we get savvy and make some moves? btw im just ranting and the last time the yanks werent in the playoffs i was 11 years old, so im miserable, the season is 162 games long but we look uninspired..on a bright note, the bullpen looks reliable for the first time since the stanton/nelson/Lloyd days

  • Hot Karl

    They do suck. They dont deserve to make the playoffs this year, they’ve been incredibly cruddy.

  • Randy

    They dont suck. Bad stretch right now. I’m not giving up on them even if it doesn’t look good at the present moment. They’ll be in the middle of it when it matters the most. I have faith and I think the rest of you guys should as well. Look at Giambi. Most of us were ready for his head (outside of Jamal) and now he’s the major threat in our lineup. We’ll be fighting for it till the end.

  • thomas

    I would have never thought that hitting would be a problem. 28 games of 2 runs or less is really bad. The hitting coach has to go. Last year the hitting was bad at the start also but improved before the all-star game. Not this year. Long has to go, even if it’s not his fault. Have to shake things up. The hitting problems have mostly been Cano, Melky, Jeter and Posada/Molina. I don’t think that Gardner is the answer in CF. He looks way too overmatched by MLB pitching. You have to get on base in order to steal.

    Damon and Giambi have been good, which has been a surprise. Abreu has 55 RBI, which is not too bad. Hughes and IPK have been a hugh disappointment. I would not count on them for anything unless they pitch lights out for half a year at AAA. Go out and get someone who may help this year and next because Mussina and Pettitte may not be back next year and you can’t rely on just the young kids.

  • David Brown

    I am convinced that the season is over, and the best we can hope for, is not to finish LAST. I just want us to sign Cole, Lassiter, and Marshall from the draft, and make the following free agent moves: Mussina, Abreu, Farnsworth, Hawkins, and Pavano GONE ( I do not mind Petitte and Gianbi staying). I can’t wait til Steeler training camp opens, I AM READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL.

  • pete c.

    Just a bad team right now. These guys need to look around the room and decide they want to do something about the situation as a group or they will be done.

  • Shane

    Ronan Tynan looks like the retarded love child of Rudy Giuliani and Sloth from Goonies… Anyone with me?

    I, for one, still buy into Cashman’s plan. Our relievers (which is usually our biggest weakness besides starting pitching over the past few years) have looked pretty damn good. We still have a bunch of kids making their way up.

    I am not saying this team is done, but we sure don’t look like a cohesive unit at all. Look on the bench in between innings. Everyone kinda stares straight ahead, thinking about what they are going to do with the $110,000 they just made in their last plate appearance (where the struck out, or grounded weakly to the mound).

    I can’t wait until Hughes comes back and shows what kind of pitcher he really is. And shit, I am all for routing for Pavano’s return too. I am a forgiving soul (especially if he can give us 7 or 8 starts).. I know that’s a pipe dream, but anything’s better than rasner and fucking ponson.

  • Eric

    The team messed up huge not moving Hughes and Melky and Cabrera when their value was at its apex.

    You don’t look for 2009 when you have all star vets littered around the roster.

    • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

      that would be cool to cut melky in half so his value doubled.

  • mike

    for all of Cash’s vaunted minor league pitchers….why do we need Ponson, Rasner and hope for Karstens to round out the rotation?

    How about trading for and drafting fewer guys with arm problems? Anyone rather see Rasner than RJ last night…i remember RJ being 6-0 against them at one time..

    How about producing a minor league system where the last 3 offensive guys brought up are all mediocre AAA minor leaguers who summarily played themselves out of the majors? and all were 24 or older!

    Can Jeter hit a line drive?

  • Gary

    In Strat-o-Matic baseball, major league baseball players earn ratings such as a fielding rating of “1” for excellent, “2” for good, “3” for average and “4” for poor. Derek Jeter is so much of a “3” at shortstop these days, teetering on a “4” that it depresses me. And who throws worse, Don Baylor, Roy White, or Damon? Damon is Venus deMilo (no arm), the worst I have ever seen and the formerly fine outfielder is also a “3” fielder. That’s the problem, the Yankees are so thoroughly mediocre it’s disconcerting.

  • Mike Pop

    Its not over but im not enjoying watchign them lately