Trade Deadline Podcast Number Two

Why we should start stuffing the Final Vote ballot box
I almost hate to bring this up...

I’m back again after a short hiatus to bring you the second RAB Trade Deadline Podcast. This time around, we talk about the CC Sabathia situation (so much easier to type without the periods), and what it means to the starting pitching market.

Should the Yanks go after a starter? Probably. But after running down the names of possibly available pitchers, the pickings don’t look to fruitful. I do stumble across one interesting, albeit risky, name, and attempt to convince everyone that Joe Blanton would be a terrible idea. Are there any names I missed which might be interesting?

Finally, it’s onto the outfield situation, which might solve itself once Johnny Damon returns to the lineup, and will be helped if Hideki Matsui can return later this month. Barry Bonds’s name is mentioned a few times here.

If you want to download the podcast, you can right click here and hit “Save As.” Left clicking on it will open up an audio player in your browser. For those of you who want the streaming version, the audio is below:

Why we should start stuffing the Final Vote ballot box
I almost hate to bring this up...
  • Number 27

    just out of curiosity: why are you guys doing these podcasts? why not just write it up in an article like everything else. i mean, obviously you’re more than entitled to do whatever you please.. it’s just that at work i can only read your articles and can’t listen to podcasts (i think id rather read it anyway).

    anyway, just curious as to your motivation for these podcasts

    • TurnTwo

      actually, i was going to suggest, because i primarily visit the site to get away from work for a little bit, if we could get like bullet points on what the podcast covers, something like that.

      i cant listen to the podcast at work, and by the time i get home, the post is pushed like 4 deep already, so its really too old to go back and be a part of the conversation.

  • iYankees

    I have the strangest feeling that the Yankees will go after Aaron Harang. He’s having a sort of down year and recently reported some tightness in his elbow, but he is making his start today after getting a few extra days of rest.

    • nmc

      I would love that. The guy is for real and just having a down year. Very consistent.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        Isn’t he the only pitcher to lead his league in wins and strike outs and not receive a Cy Young vote?

      • iYankees

        Yea, he’s great. He’s like the NL’s version of Javier Vasquez (except he usually sports a better ERA). With a better team behind him, he’d be having a much better year.

        • iYankees

          I just said better 3 in 2 sentences, yay.

    • Joseph P.

      Just because you mentioned him:

      That’s my brother on Harang’s stage right, and his girlfriend, Harang’s cousin, to his left.

      • Kay Sturns

        damn, she strapped in the other C-town?

  • TurnTwo

    if the podcast does include a small segment on Joe Blanton, i wonder what kind of cost he would come at…

    you figure his stock has taken a bit of a fall this season, which would make me think Beane is smart enough to not trade him at a diminished value.

    but, if you cant spring a reasonable offer, he’d actually be a decent pickup to get league average innings, and a real MLB arm instead of throwing crap up against the wall to see if it sticks.

  • nmc

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet (at work), but the problem with Blanton is not that he’s bad. He’s good. A solid pitcher (like an Andy Pettitte), but he’ll never be an ace and I always thought that an ace package was what Beane wanted… I seem to recall him wanting Chamberlain + someone for Blanton before the season began.

    • TurnTwo

      yeah, that was the case… he was selling him high, as he seemingly always does.

      whats Blanton’s contract status like? i think he’s under control for another year or two, right?

    • dan

      As the podcast says, he doesn’t eat a ton of innings (just above average), and his ERA is near 5. His whole career he’s been at the level where if he slips just a little bit, he gets rocked. That doesn’t work well when as you get older and your stuff diminishes. He’s more like Tom Glavine than Pettitte, in my mind.

      If Glavine is off then he gets rocked. His whole career he was so good and locked in that he rarely got rocked. He’s a left with a little better stuff than Blanton, that’s why he was so successful (Blanton doesn’t have the benefit of throwing left handed). But once Glavine’s stuff started slipping (last few years with the Mets), he couldn’t be very successful anymore. He hung around because he throws lefty, not much else.

      And I don’t mean that teams signed him b/c he threw lefty, I mean he was just good enough to warrant a roster spot because being lefty gave him more margin for error and/or inability.

      • TurnTwo

        i disagree with this evaluation of Glavine, tho. watching him in NY, while he had his bad days, especially in the last coupld years of that deal he was very effective, basically playing the game that Moose is now playing… lot of offspeed stuff, and being able to catch hitters offguard by throwing the FB inside.

        i guess you could argue that Blanton is more of a thrower than a pitcher, but he’s still in his arbitration years, so if you get him now, you can control him for two years i think and then reevaulate when he hits FA whether to sign him long term.

        he’s at 121 IP right now. how many of those pitchers do we currently have?

        none. we barely have 2 pitchers who have even made it to 100 IP.

        • dan

          I didn’t really mean that in terms of stuff. I mean that in both cases, if either pitcher is off his game just a little bit then they usually get hit pretty hard.

          • dan

            and I have no grammar skills… “off his game…he usually gets hit…”

          • TurnTwo

            ah, gotcha. yeah, i can agree with that.

            but i think that can also be said of most mlb pitchers.

  • Joltin’ Joe

    Dan McCutchen + Juan Miranda + A-ballers for AJ Burnett + Scott Downs?

    • TurnTwo

      the Jays arent dealin Burnett in division.

      • Joseph P.

        I don’t think they care where they dish him. They’re out of it, and Burnett is likely gone next year, anyway.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          But, if they have two reasonably equal offers for Burnett and one is from us and the other is from the Cubbies or the D’Backs, they’re not taking our offer. I’m intrigued, but one of the other 28 teams in baseball will trump an in-division offer of McCutchen/Miranda and some A-ball babies.

          McCutchen/Miranda/A-Ballers might work for Harang, though, if at least one of the A-ballers were halfway decent…

    • Glen L

      Burnett’s contract makes him incredibly undesirable IMO … If he pitches well, he’s gone, if he sucks, he’ll stick around for 2 years and collect his 24 million

      Given his opt-out, injury history and terrible attitude, I wouldn’t give up more than a bag of balls or Melky (i imagine the Jays want the balls though) to get Burnett

    • Mike A.

      No offense, but that proposal is hilariously bad. Unless the two A-ballers are Zach McAllister and Jesus Montero, that wouldn’t get you anywhere, and even then you’re still lowballing.

      Look at it from JP Ricciardi’s perspective – where’s the sure thing? Where’s the stud player?

  • TurnTwo

    How about Tim Hudson? IDK if anyone has thrown his name out there, or whether it makes sense, but with the Braves falling out of the race, do you think they’d be interested in moving Huddy for some prospects?

    • dan

      Ken Rosenthal was just on Outside the Lines on ESPN talking about Teixeira…. in that segment he said that in all likelihood the braves won’t be sellers at the deadline. They’re still somewhat in the hunt, being only 6 games out, and their pythagorean record is 48-42, the mirror opposite of their actual record.

  • MS

    I would like to see Rich Harden in a deal. I’d be willing to part with Kennedy, Melky, and a prospet for him. At this point Gardner can easily replace Melky in the lineup. Neither of them can hit, but at least Gardner has some speed and an approach at the plate. Cano and Melky back to back in alineup don’t really make the pitcher work too hard.

    • Joseph P.

      Billy Beane, I think, would reject that offer without a second thought.

      • Chris

        Of course he would, but I don’t necessarily think he should. Harden doesn’t have a lot of value because he’s always hurt. Even if he stays healthy all year, there’s not guarantee that he won’t break down with the next pitch. Of course, Beane will probably sucker someone into emptying the farm for him, but he wouldn’t be worth it.

        • Mike A.

          Harden has a ton of value, and he’s worth it.

          57.1 IP, 37 H, 12 R, 16 BB, 68 K from May 17 – July 1st. There’s not many pitchers in the game that can put together a stretch like that.

          Injury is a risk with every pitcher.

    • Glen L

      There is no way Beane (whose team is still very much alive) is dealing Harden for an underwhelming and underacheiving Kennedy and a 4th/5th OF (melky) and a throw in.

      Harden’s injury history is terrifying, but when healthy he is one of the top 3-5 starters in the AL. Beane’s no fool. If necessary, he’ll pray for health, let Harden dominate the rest of the year, then trade him in the offseason when every player is viewed through rose-colored glasses

  • Ivan R.

    I’d love to see Harden in the Bronx, but he it would take as much or more than we offered the Mets for Johan to get the Canadian stud in pinstripes. When he’s on, Harden is as good a starter as there is in all of baseball.

    AJ Burnett seems like a more sensible option. With the right motivation and dedication he could post an ERA in the mid 3’s and strike out about 7 or 8 per nine. If Cash doesn’t have to give up too much or any of the top prospects (Hughes, IPK, Ajax, Tabata, Jesus “El Señor” Monter, Etc.), go for it.

    I say stay away from Blanton. Stay away from Billy Beane in general.

    • Joltin’ Joe

      True all of that. Burnett should be reasonable and would give us a rotation in a possible postseason of:


      I would take that.

    • whozat

      “With the right motivation and dedication he could post an ERA in the mid 3’s and strike out about 7 or 8 per nine.”

      Oh. So, if he just changes his personality completely, he’ll be great. A place where he’s under constant scrutiny with a media that likes to push his buttons just because will be the ideal environment for him.

      On a side note, on the Replacement Level Blog they evaluate all the players in the AL by position. Abreu has been TERRIBLE. Worst RFer in the league, especially on D.

      I must say, I’m shocked. A month or two ago, I thought I saw that he was top three defensively in the AL. What happened??

      • Ivan R.

        Pitching for a title contender can do wonders for a person. He either thrives or he crumbles under the pressure. That’s why I say, don’t give up much for him. He has terrific stuff. If he can channel it, he could be an above average 2 or 3.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    I was perusing the crappy teams in the majors to make a list of cheap, acquirable 5th starters… any thoughts? (I’m at work and thus, not listening to the podcast):

    Randy Wolf, SD
    Miguel Batista, TOR
    Paul Byrd, CLE
    Aaron Harang, CIN
    Bronson Arroyo, CIN
    Gil Meche, KC
    Odalis Perez, WAS – i’d do that!
    Ian Snell, PIT
    Kevin Millwood, TEX

    • Joltin’ Joe

      I hope you know that A-Rang is not a 5th starter…

      • Jake H

        No way the Royals trade Greinke or Meche. I live in KC and the Royals front office believes it’s window for a post season begins 2009 season.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          I never said they’d trade Greinke… that’s obvious. But I think they’d look at Meche if they could get a reasonable piece from it.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        And Harang isn’t a 5th starter for Cincy, no, but he’d be a 4th starter for us.

    • Hybrid Moments

      Batista is on Seattle.