Vote Ian for ASG

I hope Derek enjoyed the view
International Signing Day

Ian Kinsler last night was a one-man wrecking crew at the top of the Rangers’ lineup. He went two for three with two walks, stole three bases and scored the game-winning run in the top of the 9th. For his efforts, Yankee fans and the YES Network awarded him with the Chevy Player of the Game. Let’s see if we can do better.

On the season, Kinsler is having quite a year in his third year with the Rangers. He’s hitting .324/.380/.536 with 187 total bases, 13 HR, 50 RBI and 23 stolen bases. He’s been caught on the base paths just once. By any stretch, those numbers make him the obvious choice for the All Star Game.

Except that he plays in Texas, and really, who follows the Rangers? Instead, this guy with his .303/.348/.439 line is leading in the latest AL balloting results. While honestly Dustin Pedroia isn’t a bad choice for second base, he’s not the best choice, and he’s not the guy Yankee fans want to see manning second base during the All Star Game in the Bronx in two weeks.

So with just 14 hours left in the voting, let’s see what we can do. Let’s get Pedroia out, and Kinsler in. In the grand style of Chicago politics, everyone is allowed to vote up to 25 times (per e-mail address) on If, optimistically, just half of the visitors to RAB voted for Ian Kinsler 25 times today, we could send nearly 100,000 votes his way. Stranger things have happened.

Head on over to the All Star Ballot, and vote Kinsler. Otherwise, don’t complain when widdle Dusty is starting at second base in two weeks.

I hope Derek enjoyed the view
International Signing Day
  • beantownbosoxh8er

    done and done

    • B

      ASG voting needs to be changed. I think we as fans have really forfeited the right to vote. It has become nothing but a popularity contest when it shouldn’t be!

  • Number 27

    i fucking hate pedroia. manny and ortiz i could always deal with, didn’t like them, but could deal with. its fucking weasels like pedroia and papelbon that drive me nuts. just submitted 25 votes for kinsler… cause what else what i do at work.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    But guys, you’re forgetting that the reason that Dustin Pedroia is a better second baseman than Ian Kinsler, even though the stats don’t say so, is that the Yankees are spending 1.4 billion dollars with no World Series titles to show for it, so clearly we’re so utterly incompetent that Pedroia has to be better than Kinsler.


    • Smitt Dog

      For Diambond cutters, I’m Peter Gammons, ESPN????

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        at least spell it right if you’re gonna use it, dude.

  • Ben C

    Just did 50 for kinsler, mauer, and morneau on 2 e-mail addresses

  • Number 27

    also, I feel that with the Rays doing so well this year that there are going to be continous stories in the media (i’m looking at you espn) about how a team with such a low payroll could outplay teams with such high ones (see yanks, mets).

    What i doubt will be mentioned though, is that tampa’s strategy is not a particulary attractive one. Of course after 10+ years of sucking, last place finishes, and the consequent top draft picks will eventually lead to a pretty good team. Is 200MM a year investment that much more unreasonable than a hopelessly shitty 10 years in the gutter?

    • A.D.

      RAYS NATION, get your passport now!

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        “Nation” and “Universe” are taken.

        How about “Rays Solar System”?

  • liam

    please mark in the post:

    if you use firefox (i didnt test with other browsers) it actually saves your selections so voting over and over is very easy!

    • Ben C

      it does it with iexplorer too

  • Mike A.

    I love that Melky Cabrera (.240-.305-.345) has more All-Star votes than Grady Sizemore (.261-.366-.512) and BJ Upton (.280-.392-.416).

    • A.D.

      Toss in that Sizemore has 3 less HR this year (19) than Melky has in his career (22)

  • pat

    i agree, i dont like manny and papi but i respect them. perdrioa is a little shit whos the product of hitting in a very good lineup. papelbon seems like a huge douche comparing himself to mariano after just one postseason. to me they epitomize your typical boston loudmouth asses. (not that we dont have loudmouth fans in ny but u know what i mean)

  • Dylan

    Alright, you got 25 out of me for Kinsler

  • Adam

    done. i accidentally forgot to uncheck the “allow to spam you” button. damn.

  • A.D.

    Kinsler is also a nice example of sometimes you have to let prospects take a few years once they come up

  • RJ -CT.

    Just dropped 25 using firefox, makes it easy, liam was right.
    Can’t stand Pedroia!! There is no way we can have that waterbug starting!!!

  • stefan

    I wonder if Dustin Pedroia acts in real life like he does in the field.

    Like, if he goes shopping, does he dive for the milk and do a belly-flop before flipping it into the shopping cart?

    Or when he’s doing his taxes, does he grab the pen, dive into the air, sign his name, do another belly-flop, then flip the tax form over to his accountant?

    What a scrappy guy. If only guys were as scrappy, hard-nosed, and a gamer as he was.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Did you know that “McGyver” was actually a documentary, filmed by Michael Moore, starring Dustin Pedroia? He had to have his face surgically altered later, of course, to protect the lives of all the innocents that he saved by scrappily, guttily, busting out of countless terrorist prisons armed with nothing more than fishing line, an avocado, some pine tar, an Oil Can Boyd rookie card, and his rugged good looks.

      For Diamond Cutters, I’m Peter Gammons, ESPN.

  • sassypants

    Kinsler just got 50 out of me too.

  • Jose

    Done and done and done, 3 differents mails…, i hate pedroia more than anything in the world…….

  • Number 27

    how funny/great would it be the readers of this blog were single handedly responsible for removing pedroia from the the top of AS 2B voting. I mean there have been like 10-12 people already posting who have said they’ve voted at least 25, that’s already like 300 votes.

  • Whitey14

    Now you’re all just as guilty of ruining the All Star vote as the Red Sox fans that voted 25 times apiece for Pedroia in the first place. No wonder the game is a joke.

    Also, there are so many Red Sox blogs pushing for Pedroia votes today that Ben’s effort may be an exercise in futility….

    It also reminds me of that dumb t-shirt I always see in New England “I root for two teams, the Red Sox and whoever beats the yankees” except in this case, it’s “our second baseman has sucked so far this year, so don’t let theirs go to the All Star Game”

    Ben, you surprised me with this post. Over a month ago I asked about how people here felt about Francona managing the last All-Star Game at yankee stadium and you told me nobody cares about the game, it’s just an exhibition, etc…..why the change of heart? Did Pedroia kiss your girlfriend or something? Or is it just a matter of principle in believing that Kinsler really deserves the nod. If so, will you also be starting a campaign to elect Michael Young over derek jeter since he does have a slight statistical edge? Just curious…

    • Ben K.

      Reread this line: While honestly Dustin Pedroia isn’t a bad choice for second base, he’s not the best choice…

      It’s that simple. Plus, Yankee fans don’t like Pedroia. He doesn’t nearly equate with Francona who’s going to be sitting the dugout and not doing much of anything for 9 innings.

      • dave

        How about getting someone in the Yankee lineup that can actually hit with someone in scoring position

      • Whitey14

        I read that line, but you negated it when you encouraged all the readers to oust him from the position. If you don’t feel he’s a bad choice, then why not just let it go? Why the hate campaign against Pedroia. Just because he looks like a rat is no reason to hate him. I get it with Youkilis, but I don’t get it with Pedroia….

        By the way, Francona will be deciding how long jeter plays, when or if any yankee back-ups get in the game (if there are any) and who will pitch which innings…

        • ceciguante

          it’s really a campaign to counteract the votemongering by red sox fans (which is clearly more intense than that from yanks fans, as the voting shows).

          nothing will keep arod, jeter, manny and ortiz from the top spots, regardless of how (or if) they’re playing. fine, popularity contest. but if pedroia isn’t the best guy at his position (and he’s not), then he shouldn’t be there. ditto varitek, who should be about 12th in the voting. instead he is 2nd, and we will probably have to watch him catch 2-3 innings. meanwhile, posada has the 2nd highest OPS for an AL catcher (albeit in limited innings). for what jorge has done in this league, on that field, and for what he continues to do, he should surpass varitek. we shouldn’t stand for this as yankee fans, not this year.

          this game is in yankee stadium, the last one ever. it has some significance to many of us as fans. and if i have to waste half an hour today stuffing the ballot to compensate for some masshole who’s been doing that for the past month to put guys like pedroia and varitek on the grass at yankee stadium when they don’t belong, that’s plenty OK with me. you could say “two wrongs…” but i’d argue that my ballots are just canceling out ballots that were unfairly cast.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            Well said. Here’s the difference between your average Yankee fan and your average Red Sox fan, as evidenced by the AS vote totals:

            Red Sox fans have no shame. You know damn good and well that Jason Varitek with his .220 BA and Dustin Pedroia with an OPS+ of 106 (as compared to Kinsler’s 144) are not All Stars and haven’t been close to all stars all year. Pedroia’s only now coming out of his slump, his OPS+ has been below 100 most of the year. And Varitek just flat out sucks. You knew this and yet you voted for them anyway, probably because A) they’re Red Sox and B) this is the last AS game in Yankee Stadium and your blinding, searing hate for all things Yankee compels you to try and stuff the ballot for this game, and C) you’re drunk on Pawtucket Pete’s. But you know what you’re doing is wrong, and yet you do it anyway.

            And then, when we Yankee fans try to counter your inanity not by voting for equally undeserving Yankees but for the ACTUAL GUYS WHO DESERVE IT, somehow we’re as “equally guilty”. Please.

            • Dylan

              AMEN Brother! You don’t see us padding Cano!

            • Whitey14

              DON’T lump us all together. I vote once every year for the players I feel are deserving. I voted for Ian Kinsler and I voted for Joe Mauer. I also voted for Youkilis, Manny, Drew, Hamilton and Alex Rodriguez because they deserve to start the game and because I voted honestly. You guys voting to cancel out the votes of other fans doesn’t make it right. It contributes to the idiocy of the voting process, which sucks. It seems we can all agree on that.
              Also, there are a lot of fans out there who vote for Red Sox players just so yankees won’t get elected and I’m guessing many of you think that sucks. It sucks in reverse as well.

              At what point did the All-Star game lose it’s luster? Was it the tie? or the “Now it Counts”? I’ve always loved this game. I still have memories from the late seveties with all the players lined up on the foul lines with every color Crayola ever put in a package of crayons represented on their uniforms. It was neat to see Jim Rice and reggie jackson in the same line-up. With Dave Parker and Mike Schmidt on the other side. It was also neat to see the starting pitcher pitch the game and not just 2 innings….

              • ceciguante

                so, your vote doesn’t really count, b/c there are guys in dallas (see below) who are stuffing 300-400 votes each into the virtual ballot box. “vote once” a nice principle, but if all yanks fans did what you do, then we wouldn’t be watching any yanks in the AS game this year. and the story would be “red sox dominate all star line up.” sorry, i’d rather not have the benefit of principle if it means i have to watch an all star game filled with undeserving boston players.

                it’s kind of like getting assaulted: you can be a pacifist and get your ass handed to you (your way), or you can hit back and try to win the fight (the rest of us). the least you can do is exhaust the 25 allotted votes for your email account.

                • Whitey14

                  I’m sorry, although your argument is well stated, principles are principles and you either have them or you don’t. You can’t just have them when it’s convenient.

                • Dylan

                  It’s a freaking All-Star game sponsored by, get off your high horse dude.

                • Whitey14

                  Sorry fella, telling people you have priciples shouldn’t make them perceive you to be riding a high horse……it should make you sound normal. That’s the problem with this whole argument. Everybody knows it’s wrong to do things for the wrong reasons, but most people just don’t care anymore. I’m not claiming to be any better than anybody else as I certainly make my share of mistakes as I go through life, but this issue just seemed like it needed commenting upon, so I did. I hope Kinsler wins the vote because he deserves the spot, but I don’t doubt that Pedroia will make the team and play in the game at some point, which doesn’t seem like it should be a problem since I haven’t heard anybody bringing other names to the table that should supplant him in the voting/selection process. Will you guys all be pissed if he’s the back-up to Kinsler? Will you start a letter writing campaign to those who select the back ups urging them not to pick Pedroia….that would be a riot ;-)

              • tommiesmithjohncarlos

                Whitey – I was careful to say “average” Red Sox fan. While you may have voted with consideration and conscience, you can clearly tell that many of your peers did not.

                And “You guys voting to cancel out the votes of other fans doesn’t make it right” is something I have to disagree with. We’re voting here specifically to cancel out votes that are tarnished, not votes that are legitimate. You admit yourself that you don’t want to be lumped in with the “other” Red Sox fans who voted for Varitek and Pedroia, but now you want those vots to be treated as sacrosanct?

                Again, we’re not trying to replace Manny Ramirez with Bobby Abreu, that would be ludicrous and cheap. We’re trying to replace Dustin Pedroia with Ian Kinsler… that’s pretty noble and fair.

                • Whitey14

                  You stated your case very eloquently. I can respect that.

                  I guess my problem with this statement “We’re voting here specifically to cancel out votes that are tarnished, not votes that are legitimate” is that you don’t know how many votes are legitimate and how many are just ballot box stuffing shit heads (of which I agree there are thousands). At what point do you begin cancelling out the votes of people who honestly feel Pedroia deserves the start and that although his overall stats aren’t as good as Kinsler’s, he’s doing it in a much bigger spot light, in the middle of a pennant race and in a line-up dealing with injury after injury this season (Lowell, Oritz, Ramirez all missing significant time). It’s also more impressive to perform in Boston or new york than it is in Arlington.

        • wfbtr&gldchn

          I agree, this is hard to understand. If Pedroia were a Yankee he’d be among the most popular players on the team, and no one on this sit would be putting words like “scrappy” and “gamer” in quotes. Also I don’t think the standard stat line tells the whole story on this guy. He’s leading one of the best teams in baseball in hits, and performing in the spotlight for a contender should and does obviously count for something. This is a matter of jealosy as I see it.

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            Absolutely right. Nothing but “jealosy”.

  • Count Zero

    25 for Kinsler, Morneau and Mauer here too.

  • ceciguante

    i voted my 25x for kinsler et al the other day. my, uh, friend voted 25 more today.

    don’t forget that varitek (.220/.302/.370) holding 2nd place for catcher is ridiculous, too. i dunno who’s in 3rd and 4th, but they should be there before mr. fights-with-his-mask-on. punk.

    • Dylan

      Yeah, for real. I haven’t forgot about that little b*tch keeping his mask on.

  • Yankee1010

    Here are the IFAs that the Yanks signed: (subscription only)

    The Yankees have also made their signees official:

    – INF Giancarlo Arias
    – C/3B Jackson Valera
    – OF Ramon Flores
    – SS Anderson Felix
    – RF Yeico Calderon

  • YankCrank20

    50 times for kinsler for me (and my sister). only yanks i voted for were a-rod, jeter, damon and matsui.

    side note: MLB needs to make this process easier. it’s extremely inconvenient to have to do this 25 separate times. design a drop down menu that gives you and option to vote for these players from 1 time up to 25 times and get it over with. part of the reason why i don’t usually vote the max amount of times is because of the time it takes to do it just once.

    • liam

      thats easy, a certain advertiser (i wont help them) wouldnt get the value out of their advertising if it were any easier.

  • jsbrendog

    just did my 25 qnd gonna do 25 more….i also forgot to uncheck the allow mlb to spam me button….oh well

  • jsbrendog

    the fact that evan longoria isnt on the ballot pisses me off…he deserves!

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Agreed. As is the fact that Milton Bradley isn’t listed as a DH, but as an outfielder, and that Carlos Quentin isn’t listed at all.

      There should be no ballots and no voting until June, IMO.

  • James Varghese

    I was annoyed that Pedroia was leading the vote a while back because he really didn’t deserve it.

    Since then, he’s been on fire over 20 games ( so I haven’t harped on it much. Still, I agree with Ben that while Pedroia isn’t a bad choice for second base, over the first half of the year, he’s not the best choice.

    Still, Pedroia as the starter annoys me far less than the staff writers at feeling the need to capitalize The Nation. That’s just retarded.

  • alex

    just voted 25x gonna vote 25x more times with a diff email

  • mehmattski

    The form was not submitted because of the following error(s).

    You have voted the maximum amount of times. Thank you for voting.

    Done and Done. I fully support Ian Kinsler’s quest to be the All-Star starter… of course in this case Pedroia will most definitely be on the team anyway. I feel worse about Ichiro being a starter with his putrid line while Grady Sizemore, Milton Bradley, and BJ Upton will likely be watching from home.

  • jsbrendog

    “three” of my friends just voted 2…thats 100 votes for kinsler form me and my “friends” today

  • MJ

    I just performed my civic duty as a massive Pedroia-hater. 100 votes for Kinsler across four different email addresses. And, as someone else noted, the form saves your selections so all you have to do is type in a unique five-digit code every time and hit submit. Easy as pie!

    Lets hope Kinsler thanks us for our efforts by whiffing four times tonight ;-)

  • Mark B

    Just put in 50 on Kinsler, Mourneau and Mauer!

  • dan

    I voted the 25 times but I wanted to vote for Carlos Quentin in the OF. He’s not on the ballot :(

    • Mike A.

      Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

      You could have written him in though.

      • dan

        I think the ballots were made before opening day, and Guillen wasn’t sure if Quentin was gonna even be on the team.

      • MJ

        Write-ins slow down the efficiency of speed voting against Pedroia, though! ;-)

  • wfbtr&gldchn

    This is embarrassing! Yankees fans have now officially switched placed with Red Sox fans.

    • Ben K.

      Spare me.

      • wfbtr&gldchn

        Why should you be spared? And why didn’t you answer Whitey when he asked if us honest Yanks fans should vote for Young over Jeter? Is it possibly because your anti-Pedroia campaign an unjustifiable and pathetic cry-baby move that has nothing to do with the integrity of the ASG?

        • Ben K.

          Is it possible that I didn’t want to get in to a fight with a Red Sox troll known to escalate things around here and then back off when called on it? Yes.

          Is it possible that you are, perhaps, taking this way too seriously? Yes.

          • wfbtr&gldchn

            I thought this was a place for serious fans of the team and the game. I like this site, but I just disagree with all this. Is it ok to disagree here?

            • Ben K.

              There’s disagreeing and there’s melodrama. No one is telling you that you can’t disagree. But this:

              This is embarrassing! Yankees fans have now officially switched placed with Red Sox fans.

              That is melodrama.

              I see your point on the perceived inconsistencies of some of the comments here. But never have we on RAB advocated voting for Yankees just because. In fact, my previous All Star Game coverage has questioned why Jeter has gotten so many votes. He doesn’t deserve ’em. Don’t conflate the commenters with what we say in the posts. Those are different viewpoints.

            • Joseph P.

              It’s okay to disagree here, of course. It just so happens that we disagree with your sentiment that is embarrassing. Sox fans have been doing this for months. We’re doing it for a couple of days. Yeah, it might be a little immature, but I don’t see the harm. Most of us don’t care about the All Star game, anyway. Just something to do to take our mind off the Yankees wet noodle bats.

          • Whitey14

            I’m not sure when I backed off Ben or just what I was “called on”, or the last time you and I “fought” and I asked a legitimate question about Young/jeter which you’ve now answered. I’m not trying to escalate anything. People are bitching about an ignorant voting system and then using it to their advantage when it suits thems. That is hypocrisy at it’s best. So some of these folks need to stop bad mouthing Red Sox fans when they’re doing the same thing in reverse.
            If it had been strictly a matter of principle for you because you really feel Kinsler deserves it over Pedroia it would be one thing but that really wasn’t the case was it?
            I don’t want to fight with you, and I haven’t made contoversial comments or “escaletd things” here since God knows when, so thanks for the needless insult, all I wanted was an honest response about jeter which you’ve now given, so thank you for that.

            • tommiesmithjohncarlos

              And no, that’s not hypocrisy. Hypocrisy would be stuffing the ballot box for Melky Cabrera, who’s sucked ass as hard as Varitek has.

              We’re not trying to get undeserving Yankees into the All-Star game, we’re trying to get undeserving Red Sox players out of it. That’s a far cry from “doing the same thing in reverse”.

              And moreover, we’re not “bitching about an ignorant voting system”. We’re bitching about the ignorant assholes who abuse it. There would be nothing wrong with the voting system if all the extras from Good Will Hunting would stop acting like Chinese prepubescents voting for Yao over Shaq.

              • Whitey14

                The hypocrisy doesn’t just come from who you vote for, it comes from mis-using the system which many of you feel Red Sox fans have done and are now doing yourselves.

                I can agree that Pedroia doesn’t deserve to start over Kinsler and as I stated earlier, if you were all voting for Kinsler because you feel he’s deserving that would be respectable. That just isn’t the case here.

                Obviously everybody can go vote for whomever they choose and they can go and sign up for multiple e-mail addresses so they can vote that many more times because they hate Pedroia that much. I’ll stick with my one honest ballot and on the 15th I’ll root for the entire American League team regardless of whose on it and who isn’t.

                • tommiesmithjohncarlos

                  No, Whitey, it’s not hypocritical because the motive is not the same. If someone is trying to murder you and you kill him, you’re not a murderer. Your act was one of self defense. Red Sox fans stuffed the ballot box because they’re petty, bitter, contrarian assmunches consumed with Yankee hatred and schadenfreude. We are proposing counter-stuffing the ballot box not for any of those reasons, but out of a desire to see justice done. We’re stuffing the ballot box to try and stop an unethical travesty, they were stuffing it to create one. We don’t think it’s right that ignorant mouthbreathers with inferiority complexes can willfully fuck up the integrity of the game and we don’t want to see them get away with it.

                  The means has nothing to do with it. Criminals use guns to commit crime. Police use guns to stop criminals from committing crime. By your reasoning, that makes police hypocrites.

                  And, Whitey, it IS the case that we are “voting for Kinsler because you feel he’s deserving”. If we were voting for Cano even though we knew he didn’t deserve it and Kinsler did, that would be a douche move. We’re not doing that. We’re trying to do two things:

                  1) Not allow stupid douches to give an All-Star nod to Dustin Pedroia (who doesn’t deserve it) simply because he plays for their team and they hate the Yankees.

                  2) Allow Ian Kinsler (who deserves it) to get the All-star nod.

                  Which one of those things are hypocritical?

                • Whitey14

                  It’s gone a bit too far when you have to compare it murder to justify to yourself….

                • Whitey14

                  Mis-using the system is wrong no matter how you try to justify it. If you were all such big Kinsler fans you would have voted for him a long time ago. To do it because you were spurred on by Ben today probably means yankee “fans stuffed the ballot box because they’re petty, bitter, contrarian assmunches consumed with () hatred and schadenfreude”.

                  And by the way, I think you used schadenfreude wrong. I believe the Red Sox fans are trying to help Pedroia, not stick it to anybody else.

                • tommiesmithjohncarlos

                  …but the analogy worked, because you clearly understood what I meant, no?

                  Point is, simply because two acts are similar does not immediately make them exactly the same. Red Sox fans stuffing the ballot box in Pedroia’s favor and Yankee fans stuffing the ballot box to Pedroia’s disadvantage are not identical actions with identical motives and identical ethical designs.

                  Just like the couplet of the attempted murderer and the victim who returns fire, even though both acts are committed with the same means and the same intensity, one is an act of unprovoked aggression outside the normal expectations of ethical behavior and the other is a justified retaliatory act of self defense which is ethically guaranteed to and naturally expected of every single human being.

                • tommiesmithjohncarlos

                  And no, I totally didn’t use Schadenfreude wrong. Red Sox fans want to help Pedroia, yes, but if you think this has nothing to do with the All Star game being in Yankee Stadium, you’re deluding yourself. These Sox ballot box stuffers want to see Pedroia start every year, but that desire is practially quintupled if the game is in New York during the last year of the Stadium’s existence.

                  I mean, for christsakes, some schlub construction worker schemed to get on the jobsite just so he could bury a fucking meaningless David Ortiz tee-shirt in concrete foundation… AND HE HAD A BACKUP PLAN IN CASE THE FIRST SHIRT WAS FOUND AND DUG UP. If you find it hard to believe that there are plenty Sox fans consumed with Schadenfreude, especially after recently enduring 3 generations of losingI have to question your critical thinking. You’ve always been one of the more reasonable Sox fans on here, but I think you know you’re defending people who are pretty indefensible.

                • Whitey14

                  So, if the Red Sox fans are just stuffing the ballot box for Pedroia to the tune of 1,700,000 votes and they’re doing it just to throw daggers towards ny, why haven’t they done it for Drew and Varitek at the same rate since 1,700,000 votes would also have them starting as of MLB.coms most recent tally?

                  I’m not defending Red sox fans for stuffing the box for Pedroia, only the ones who voted for him because they honestly feel he should start. I’ve said it several times, abusing the system is abusing the system and I won’t defend Sox fans for doing something that I’m criticizing others for. I’m biased for sure, but still honest.

                  The whole voting process is a sham set up by MLB to make it look like more fans are voting than really are. Can you imagine being able to vote for the president 25 times, it’s a retarded concept.

        • Ben K.

          And to answer your question, yes, baseball fans should vote for Young over Jeter, although the differences in their rate stats are minuscule.

          We should, as a few people have noted, be voting for Grady Sizemore over just about everyone else too.

          But calling this embarrassing is just a joke. It’s a light-hearted attempt to rig the ridiculous All Star voting/popularity contest. Take it easy.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          I’ll answer you on Ben’s behalf. Honest Yankee fans can, will, and have voted for Young over Jeter. It’s highly doubtful that Jeter’s obscenely high vote total comes from Yankee fans being dishonest and picking him over Young, and much more likely that Jeter’s vote total comes from occasional fans, unaffiliated fans, disgruntled Brewers and Mariners fans, ignorant soccer moms, 11 year old kids who see him in Ford Edge commercials, and the cavalcade of wives and girlfriends of real baseball fans who identify with him only because he’s the only baseball player they could pick out of a lineup. In other words, people who don’t really watch baseball and barely fit the definition of a fan.

          Jeter is an anomaly, just like ARod and David Ortiz–a Red Sox player who, btw, none of us are as disgusted by his appearance near the top of the vote tally as Varitek and Pedroia. You can only get so upset by a signature, iconic player playing in the AS game… Cal Ripken sucked ass for the last 5 years of his career but he kept going because, well, he’s Cal Ripken. He didn’t go to the game because Oriole fans voted him in, he went because NON-ORIOLE fans voted him in out of blind loyalty, ignorance, muscle memory, and the psychological imprinting process (as in “Hey, Cal Ripken, I know that name, that guy’s good, let’s vote for him!)

          Jeter, ARod, and Ortiz win their AS game positions for the same reason that dead guys get elected to public office.

          None of that, however, applies to Pedroia or Varitek. There’s no 45 year old mother of two part-time real estate agent in Pueblo, Colorado who logged into 25 times to vote for Jason Varitek.

          • Whitey14

            You make very good points, but to be “disgusted” by Pedroia being at the top of list still doesn’t make much sense to me. I get it, Varitek has sucked this year and doesn’t deserve it, but it’s not like Pedroia is hitting .235…..

  • James S.

    Thanks for the Kinsler support guys. We are in Dallas voting 300-400 times a piece. You can just make up email addresses as long as they end with @yahoo or @aol, it doesnt matter.

    Follow the link to read the comments here.

  • JMeeks

    As a Rangers fan, I appreciate the love y’all are giving Kins. I’m going to tell myself that it is because he is by far the best second baseman in baseball (not because the Red Sox are all douchebags and the Yankees-Douchebags rivalry runs deeper than the Hatfields and McCoys). Thanks to everyone who is voting!

    • Whitey14

      Let’s not forget about a fella named Utley, plays in Philadelphia ;-)

      • JMeeks

        I don’t think Utley has the same numbers that Kins does (he does have more HR, I think), and I would rather have Kins on the base paths.

  • Cowgirl08

    Hey guys rangers fan here just wanted to thatnk yall!! Never thought Id be thanking a yankee lol but eh it happens hope we can work together and bring him to the top!!!

  • Cory in Arlington

    Another reason to vote for Kinsler: his dad is from NYC and is a huge Yankees fan. He would love to see Kinsler start in the last ASG in Yankee Stadium.

  • Wes from TEXAS

    Do you want to know who follows the Rangers? People who live in Texas.

    • Bobby

      You can always use the email addresses from the people at the Boston Globe. They are busy and don’t have time to vote. Go Ian.

  • liam

    its embarrassing that cant update their ballot fields more than once a day. it should be updated every 15 minutes, think about how many more page views they would get.

  • Rob_in_CT

    I don’t bother voting for the ASG, because the process is such a joke (25 ballots per? Absurd). But I do hope the deserving players (like Kinsler) make it.

    Mighty Mouse just doesn’t deserve it. Neither does our Hackinson.

  • Jeromy-Rangers

    Hey, I really want to thank everyone in New York for showing your support for Ian Kinsler (Granted it is probably out of your hatred of Pedroia, who sucks). It would be great to see Ian starting the All-Star game!

  • BDLS

    LOVE seeing Yankee fans helping one of our boys out.

    Any of the self-righteous Boston fans that don’t see the problem with voting midget man in instead of Kinsler are just as I expected. As the point has been made numerous times, the fans trying to right your wrong is completely justified. It’s called vigilante justice!!!

    Look at the numbers “Nation”. If they were close, a home vote would fly. Problem is they aren’t.

  • BDLS

    Oh and….Boston women are ugly

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Nah, some are okay…

      “You know, for a fat chick, you don’t sweat that much!”

  • ceciguante

    is there a place to check the current tally of AS votes?

  • BDLS

    Nice tommiesmith…… gave me a laugh

  • Buck

    Thanks for the votes New Yorkers…. Forgive me for not staying to long, I got to go get my broom!

  • BillyBall

    KUDOS to RAB for posting this! This is great.

    To Whitey,

    Please stop preaching about 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Your efforts should be commended as you continue trying as you would to dispel Yankee fans from making the appropriate pick of Kinsler over Dusty! Word of advice if you will, go over to the few Red Sox blogs in existence and convince them as hard as you are attempting to convince us to vote Kinsler instead of Dusty. And lastly, please don’t confuse us for idiot Red Sox fans that are ignorant, the fact the Red Sox have blogs that are pushing there fans to vote all Sox to represent in Yankee stadium cannot and will not elude us! This is Yankee baseball my friend and you cannot stop it no matter what you say.

    • Whitey14

      Seems as though yankee baseball has been “stopped” since about 2004 my friend ;-)

      I’m fully aware that there are several thousand Red Sox fans who will go stuff that ballot box tonight in hopes of keeping Pedroia in the starting spot, but I certainly don’t condone it.

      If there were enough baseball fans in Texas alone, this wouldn’t even be an issue. They would know how good Kinsler is and he’d be the runaway choice. They’re the ones who are to blame if he doesn’t get elected since there are more people in Texas than all of New England. It’s too bad not enough of them are paying attention.

      • JMeeks

        In case you don’t know your geography (and obviously you don’t), TX has two teams, and fans are split on them…Astros fans hate us, so they won’t vote for Kins…and NE has more people than North Texas. Get ya game right before you bring that garbage in this house son!

        • Whitey14

          So then, how many people are in Texas total? And please don’t call me son, I’m probably old enough to be your Dad ;-)

  • BillyBall

    2 more days to vote!

  • BillyBall

    keep pouring it on, they have a 2 month jump start on us but we have a Universe of fans that still haven’t voted!

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