Wasting a triple

Moose didn't lose that game at all
Matsui could take BP this week

While the Yanks’ offense looked absurdly uninspired last night, the Power of the ‘Stache was out in full force. Jason Giambi tripled for just the second time as a Yankee. The first came in the fifth inning of a 10-5 Yankee win over the Blue Jays on July 7, 2002, nearly six years ago to the day. I’ve always said that for Giambi to hit a triple, an outfielder would have to fall over, and that’s exactly what happened last night. The Big G sure flashed the wheels legging that one into third. Too bad the Yanks couldn’t plate that run.

Moose didn't lose that game at all
Matsui could take BP this week
  • cult of basebaal

    when giambi hits a homerun, that’s a … ‘Stache Mash

    this, on the other hand, was a … ‘Stache Dash!!!

  • Matt M.

    i made this same point a week or two ago when the offense was mashing and people were complaining about the pen.

    long term (for the season and beyond) the rotation and the bullpen have enough pieces on the DL and down on the farm to straighten themselves out.

    while this offense is still the true flaw of the team. dont get me wrong. when its clicking. it is a force to be reckoned with…but far too often i’ve seen this offense pull their Harry Houdini disappearing act (against good AND not so good pitching). maybe having a speedy gardner who gets on base rather than melky will help change the team’s complexion for the better.

  • jsbrendog

    its not like it wasnt apparent during eve the winning streak. the only reason they won at least one of those games was tolen bases because no one was hitting the damn ball!!!

  • dkidd

    giambi between second and third was reminiscent of michael caine playing soccer in “victory”