Why the Yankees (and Mets) care about the cement-truck drivers strike

The amazing disappearing offense
Game 85: Another crappy righty we've never seen

When the city’s cement-truck drivers went on strike yesterday afternoon, work on the city’s major construction projects ground to a halt. As Steve Greenhouse notes in The Times today, those projects include construction on Yankee Stadium and CitiField. The strike is expected to last through Monday at the earliest, but the drivers could stay out of work longer. While a short delay won’t disrupt the timetables for the two stadiums, if the strike appears to be a long one, both the Yanks and Mets could face the prospect of delays as both teams race to finish their new stadiums before Opening Day 2009.

The amazing disappearing offense
Game 85: Another crappy righty we've never seen
  • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    The concrete guys are on strike? Like they’re ever on time anyway. Business as usual.

  • christopher

    i love the site, but with this team playing like a bunch of guys who beong in a retirement home, couldnt we talk about what to do to reconstruct this team rather than the stadiums?

    its time to face the fact that this collection of players is finished. with all the money coming off the payroll its time to begin the reconstruction of this team to go along with the new stadium. the rays are going nowhere and the red sox are the best all around team that i have seen since the yankees of the late 90s.

    everything is failing from the veterans to these wonderful prospects. start the rebuilding process by trading away some of the guys with value – mussina, damon, matsui (if he gets healthy) and maybe even Giambi – does anyne know if the team would get draft pick compensation for him if they buy out his contract – if so he ma be someone to hold onto since he could be a type A guy if he keeps tis up.

    a 1/2 year of giving up and selling wont kill this team and in fact would benefit them in the long run. this offseason they need to go out and spend all of the money coming off the payroll – make a statement this offseason and sign sabathia, sheets, and texiera.

    as for this year it is over, something the team will prbably realize after this upcoming 6 game slaughter at the stadium.

    not to bash cashman, but this team misses george to even him out a bit. there is something to be said for bulding from within, but with the resources this team has there can be a happy medium much as there used to be. someties trading prospects isnt such a bad thing – anyone regret trading jake westbrook who turned out to be a pretty good ML starter for David Justice?

    The Red Sox missed the playoffs after “collapsing” and came abck to win a WS. Missing the playoffs wouldnt be the worst thing to happen if it means they can add some talent to this team.

    and what the hell is with this years international free agents? why did this team suddenly become so cheap? Standing on principle will look great when Iona is a star in the major leagues 3 or 4 years from now.

    unfortunatly I have an aweful feeling that this offseason the yanks wont be spending 80 million dollars and we will here the “building from within” mantra once again. If cashman doesnt intend to go out and buy players for next years, he should feel free to walk away and go head up the mariners. Get rid of the trash you can now and restock next years team with free agets – not making trades is one thing, but money is just money and I am sure after this season Hank will be ready to open his checkbook

  • Chris

    Isn’t it convenient that the strike occurs around a holiday weekend….


    Not really. It’s not like they’re working on July 4th or during the weekend. If you think that they’re doing this for a 6 day weekend, then you’re an idiot.