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The end of MLB.tv blackouts on the horizon
Cole opts for college...

Sorry folks, gonna go bullet point style tonight. Here’s the box scores for AAA, AA, A- and SS. Both High-A Tampa and the Rookie GCL Yanks had their games postponed due to weather.

  • Brett Gardner went 3 for 4 with a triple, providing just about all of Scranton’s offense. IPK allowed a run on 5 hits & a walk in 6 IP, with 5 K. JB Cox, Phil Coke & Scott Strickland provided 4 innings of shutout relief.
  • Ajax uninspiringly went 2 for 4, while Kevin Russo chipped in an RBI double. Trenton’s offense was shut down by one of the best pitching prospects in the game (and yet another part of the haul the O’s got for Bedard). None of the pitchers did anything particularly noteworthy.
  • Charleston’s game was called after the 6th inning because of rain, but both Austin Romine & Brandon Laird picked up hits. The rest of the lineup was pretty quiet, and Noel Castillo sucked on the mound.
  • Staten Island’s offense pounded out 13 runs on 17 hits, led by Dan Brewer & Jack Rye, who each had a pair of doubles. Erik Lovett drove in 4 runs, and everyone in the lineup picked up at least one hit and scored a run. Casey Erickson allowed 1 unearned runs in 5 IP.

Just as a heads up, tomorrow at 2:00 EST I’ll be doing the first ever RAB Chat, so make sure you stop by.

The end of MLB.tv blackouts on the horizon
Cole opts for college...
  • Manimal

    Whats a RAB chat? You got me curious….

  • Joey H

    HEY GUYS. good question here. heres the situation. give me who and why. say the rotation is moose joba pettite hughes ponson. in a game 7 who wud you get to toe the rubber? sure, moose has been our most reliable, but dont you want a guy to throw it past guys in a huge game? in joba? but then the inexperience factor right … question is who do you pick and why? dont throw stats at me just tell me who based on this season and why

  • RustyJohn

    Anyone know if IPK was working on his pitches as ordered and how he looked?

  • barry

    I think that IPK needs to just get his ass whooped in the big leagues to be successful because the guys down there will swing at shit pitches and won’t hammer him on his mistakes. Just a thought.

    • inman

      with this reasoning i’d have to say he’s well on his way to being successful

  • A.D.

    Hacker keeps crusing along