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Looking at some possible waiver acquisitions
Hughes, Shelley return to Scranton

As reports of Manny Ramirez’s exploits in Los Angeles filter through the Boston/New York East Coast media bias sieve that we know and loathe, we’ve seen photos of Manny wearing not his customary 24 but rather the slightly absurd 99 on his back. Turk Wendell he is not. Scott Miller, writing for CBS Sports, tells us why: The Dodgers have retired 24, and while Manny requested 34, the Dodgers will not reissue Fernando Valenzuela’s old number. “It’s been retired in our hearts,” Mitch Poole, the team’s clubhouse manager, said to Miller.

I, for one, am glad to see the Yanks aren’t the only team retiring people’s numbers in their hearts but not in reality. As Shysterball opines, perhaps some standard for retired numbers and unissued but non-retired numbers should be put forth. It’s all just a little silly.

Looking at some possible waiver acquisitions
Hughes, Shelley return to Scranton
  • A.D.

    When does someone get to take #6?? I mean Torre didn’t even play for the Yanks

    • Ben K.

      Probably the same day they allow someone to wear Casey Stengel’s number. He didn’t play for the Yanks either.

      • A.D.

        He was also a more successful manager than Torre, though 4 WS wins to 7, its really all just relative success.

        And 1 is retired for Billy Martin

        • A.D.

          i don’t know why i type the 1 comment, brain cramp

      • Jeb

        I have a theory about why Casey Stengel’s number hasn’t been re-issued. It’s because his number (37) actually is retired, unlike Torre’s.

        And I suspect Torre’s will be retired once some fences have been mended.

  • Ivan

    The Yanks have OD on retiring #’s.

    • Jake

      Yea if #6 is retired, that will be all the singled digits (obviously 2 will be retired)

  • pat

    just a case of MbG
    manny being gretzky

  • askollar

    he got 99 problems but a hit ain’t 1

  • jsbrendog

    andy stanciewitz number is retired in my heart

  • A.D.

    I feel like there aren’t that many players that could pull off 99, Manny is one that can

  • jsbrendog

    i wonder if he knows who gretzky is…odds say more than likely but i remain skeptical

  • Josh

    I want to see 21 and 51 retired for real. My heart doesn’t mean S#$%.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    BS. I think that’s bush of the Dodgers. Just like I thought it was bush of our fans to heckle LaTroy and Ensberg.

    Stop riding the fence. If you want to honor Fernando by not issuing his number, retire it. If you don’t want to retire his number, issue it. You can’t have it both ways, either he was so good that nobody else should have his digits, or he wasn’t quite good enough, we all give him pats on the back, release a promotional Fernandomania DVD for $29.95 at the clubhouse store, and move the fuck on with your lives already.

    • Rob H.

      I agree 100%.

    • Whitey14

      Very nice!!

    • Babe’s Ghost

      Disagree. Not everything needs to be binary. I think I know what you’re reacting against… the steady cheapening of everything with false hype piled on more hype. But that trend is really a media phenomenon and the number issue isn’t.

      So Paulie isn’t HOF material. No one is arguing that. But he’s got a special place in a lot of fans’ hearts. Part of it is that he was a throwback, something those of us who suffered through the eighties appreciate. Either way, he’s beloved. And a big part of the fan base wants to keep this minor honor intact.

      So out of respect they don’t issue his number for a few years. Maybe 10 years, what’s the big deal? Or maybe we give it to Austin Jackson or some really impressive prospect who makes it feel like passing the torch. The bottom line is that the fans pay for the team so it’s only right that their wishes are respected. In fact, I like it better that this whole thing came out of the stands instead of the front office. Gives me the illusion that it’s our team. Not some giant entertainment conglomerate. I think it’s pretty great that there are still enough fans who actually care, we’ll see if the new luxo-box fan base even knows the names of the dynasty yanks not named Derek, Mariano or Jorge.

      I personally don’t care if the next spare part has to wear a triple digit number. It’s certainly less offensive than lowering the height of the mound, or putting a Hard Rock cafe in the stadium.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        No, it is binary. I personally don’t think Paulie’s number should be retired, but if it was, I wouldn’t complain one iota, he was a really good player on really good teams and lord knows other teams have retired players far less deserving (I’m looking at you, Houston, Seattle, and Tampa Bay…)

        But it’s straight chickenshit of the team to try and play this both ways. If Paulie’s gonna get his number retired, it shoulda happened already. If he’s not, they should issue the damn thing and the second that some drunken idiot fans complain about Paulie’s number belonging to someone else, the team should politely explain that we’re the Yankees and unfortunately, while Paulie was a true warrior who could beat a watercooler with the best of them, he’s simply not a hall of famer like the rest of our wall.

        Any equivocation is chickenshit. Retire it or don’t. Nobody should ever feel bad or be heckled for asking for or receiving a number – if you don’t want it issued, make it unavailable. Nobody is stopping you.

  • Jake

    I think a new MLB rule should be out in place. If a player is to have his number retired, there must be a wait time of 15 years. This way, nothing is done emotionally and time is given to really evaluate if someone is worthy of such an honor.