Cole, Bleich & Bittle updates

O say, can you see around that pole over there?
Thinking Out Loud: A third team in the New York area draft guru Jonathan Mayo has posted a small update on the status of the 11 first round picks that remain unsigned, four of which are represented by Boras. He notes that both Gerrit Cole (1st round) and Jeremy Bleich (sandwich round) are expected to sign with the Yanks, however second rounder Scott Bittle is not. A routine physical showed significant wear and tear on the righty’s throwing shoulder about a month ago, leading to an breakdown in contract negotiations. If Bittle doesn’t sign, the Yanks will receive a compensation pick following the second round of next year’s draft. Bleich is the only unsigned sandwich pick now that the Giants locked up Conor Gillaspie.

Update (1:20pm): Pending Pinstripes had a chance to sit down and chat with the recently signed Brett Marshall. Check it out. (can you tell the kid just got out of high school, or what?)

O say, can you see around that pole over there?
Thinking Out Loud: A third team in the New York area
  • yanks99

    sounds like a modest young man…

  • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    I can’t stop laughing because I keep envisioning this conversation happening in-person instead of via email or whatever, so it’s like Ashish asks a question in a totally normal tone and then Marshall just YELLS HIS RESPONSES BECAUSE HE’S SO EXCITED!!!! And Ashish just sits there calmly and asks him another question in a calm, normal tone and Marshall GOES NUTS WITH THE NEXT RESPONSE TOO BECAUSE HE JUST CAN’T CONTROL THE VOLUME OF HIS VOICE!!! Here, try it out:

    Ashish Skaria: While crushing homeruns in the living room as a little kid, did you seriously say: “Dad, I am going to play for the New York Yankees.”?

    Brett Marshall: Yes that is true!! When people asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I always said I was going to play for the Yankees!!

    (Nothing wrong with the kid being psyched about signing with the Yankees and being a little cocky… This interview makes me want to root for him even more… I just think it’s really funny.)

  • Ivan

    like this kid, and love his talent.


    That interview is hilarious. So innocent..

  • Manimal

    Bleich looked fine in the NCAA College World Series.

    • Manimal

      Whoops, thought you said Bleich showed wear and tear. Can you tell I had to work at 730?

  • Mike A.

    I like to do both!! But they drafted me as a pitcher!! So that’s what I’m going to do!!


    • Number 27

      i’ve never seem more exclamation points in an interview


    Brett Marshall: “Love working out, hanging out with all my best friends, and don’t know where I would be without them, baseball, Frisbee, doing magic tricks, hunting, and just anything where you have to be active. Can’t sit still for very long!!”


    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      lol “Can’t sit still for very long!!” You don’t say.

  • Cam

    Someone really has to remove the exclamation point from that kids keyboard.

  • steve

    too bad about bittle i was really looking forward to seeing him rise through the system with that pitch he called “the thing”

  • pete

    wow. loves frisbee, working out, and is named brett marshall. this kid is the biggest bro ever. I bet his friends are all named like chad and lance and stuff too.

    • Doug

      hell yeah!! He likes to chill with his bros. You know. Bro-chillin’.

      • Mike A.

        I also love the use of only two exclamation points. Written expressions of excitement traditional contain one or three exclamation points, two is rare.

  • dan

    He’s annoying me already (!)

    • Henry Chinaski

      blow it out your ass dan, lighten up and have a drink

  • blah

    Loved the interview with Brett Marshall!! The kid certainly sounds excited!!! And confident! A real gamer, I hope !!!!