How do fans give up on the season?

The Fat Lady hasn't quite sung yet
Hank: There will be changes

Lately, we’ve seen Yankees fans fall into two camps. Those who have “given up” on the season, and those who haven’t. I have a question on this front, asked directly in the title: how do fans give up on the season?

We’re not the ones playing the games. It’s not like the Yanks are powered by the number of people who think they’re still in the race. Only the players can give up. You might think that they have. You have no way of knowing, but you can assume, if that’s your bag.

I guess I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around what it means for fans to give up. Does it mean you won’t go to any of the remaining games? If that’s the case, you can certainly make a few dollars for your tickets. I know a number of people who would like to see the final games at the Stadium, whether or not the Yanks are contending.

Does it means that you won’t watch on TV anymore? That’s the mark of a real baseball fan right there. Watch your team while they’re winning, stop when they’re out of it. There’s a name for that type of fan. Hootie & the Blowfish know what I’m talking about. If that’s your thing, go ahead.

Does it mean you’re abandoning any expectations? I’m not sure that makes a difference, at least for me. Whether I expect them to win or lose, I still get frustrated when the Yanks fail to score runs, and when their mediocre pitchers give up five runs in four innings. I can tell myself that it doesn’t matter, but lying never got me very far.

Does it mean declaring the season dead? What does that accomplish? What, is the New York Post smarter than everyone else because they put a picture of a tombstone on the back page in mid-August? Is a blogger smarter for saying it’s over, let’s pack it in? I think not. We’re fans. We’re here to watch the team. What fun is it to sulk? How can anyone stand to go through an entire season doing nothing but criticize the team, bitching all the while? That’s not why I watch baseball, at least.

I remember back in ’96, when I was a freshman in high school, everyone started wearing Yanks caps in October. A few friends and I complained about the bandwagon mentality. Well, maybe this is just the kind of purge we need. Get rid of the fans who don’t care enough to watch a season of baseball. Of course, if the Yanks start winning next year, they’ll be back just as if they never left. C’est la vie.

So, I reiterate the question. What does it mean for fans to throw in the towel? Is it symbolic? Do you think it makes you a smarter fan? I’ve always yearned for a crop of smart baseball fans, with whom I could discuss the game with at a reasonable level. I have that with RAB. But if being a smart fan means bitching that the season is over, well, then maybe I got what I wished for — it’s just not what I had in mind.

The Fat Lady hasn't quite sung yet
Hank: There will be changes
  • steve (different one)

    i don’t know, why don’t we ask the fans of any of the other 29 teams?

    they have ALL experienced this at some point in the last 5 years.

    we are spoiled.

    it’s been 15 years since we’ve had to comtemplate this.

    • Joseph P.

      A great point. We do tend to view ourselves as in a vacuum.

  • Corey

    I don’t think realizing the chances are slim makes you any less of a fan, its just being realistic. Would I stop watching the games? No. But I will admit I turned thegame off last night at 11-2, it was too depressing to watch. Honestly, if they end up losing tonight I’d like to see the yanks let the young guys play. I’d like to see melancon pitch, I’d like to see Hughes get another chance. Theres still a lot of reasons to watch. And if anyone is selling there tix, I’d love to go to the stadium once more

    • Joseph P.

      That’s a reasonable definition. I think that’s kind of the answer I was seeking.

      • steve (different one)

        yeah, this sounds pretty reasonable.

        think about it this way: how many times in the last decade were the Giants (or the Jets or whoever you root for) eliminated from serious playoff contention by week 10 or so?

        and i am sure you kept watching the last 5-6 games, right?

        i understand that football is a much smaller time committment, but it’s all about that perspective.

        with the Giants/Jets you don’t go into every season expecting to compete for a championship, so you are obviously watching for another reason: because you are a FAN.

        we may not remember it anymore, but this is what it used to be like rooting for the Yankees. i spent the 80’s watching the Yankees on WPIX.

        i watched because i loved Mattingly and Winfield and Randolph. not because i thought they would win the World Series.

    • Cam

      It’s funny how you said that you turned the game off after 11-2. That’s what most fans would do, no matter how die hard you are. Myself, I sat on the edge of my sofa after dinner was over and watched to the very end, down to me saying outloud to myself “ground ball DP to end it”. Did I want to turn it off? Sure. But there was part of me that wanted to just watch the the bitter end, to watch what I perceive as the last gasp of breath the Yanks had in them this season. It was kind of like the finality I needed to not let myself get upset over these losses any more. I’ll still watch the games, for sure. If not to see Moose try and get 20, then to see Melancon pitch for the first time. I’ve been extremely optimistic over the entire season, and I’m not giving up hope all together, but like Steve said, “it’s been 15 years since we’ve had to comtemplate this”.

      • Yankees=warriors

        My god, I’m just like you! Even though there are times I’m absolutely disgusted with the team, I just can’t stop watching…hoping to catch a good game or even a good play here and there.
        But I’m less fortunate compared with many of you. I’ve only become a fan the last 3 years, so I’ve never really seen the Yankees in their “prime”. I’m still waiting for them to live up to their names, but in the meantime, it’s exciting to watch kids from the farm like Joba mature.
        Hope it won’t be long~

  • r.w.g.

    Crowd gets looser with the booing, people who normally wouldn’t start trying to beat the traffic.

    Some choose to to trade for Johan Santana in their brains. With their brainpower.

  • FrankDiscussion

    I’m going along for the ride regardless of the outcome. When the rosters expand I’d like to see some of the younger guys get more playing time, but during a season like this I sit back and play armchair GM and contemplate what moves I think the team should make.

  • Jamal G.

    I think this is one of those things that people don’t really think about, they just accept the popular meaning and go with it. If you actually sit down and think for yourself what it means to “give up” as a fan then you will realize how ridiculous it sounds.

    I don’t buy the TV thing as well because there is no way on one day you can care about watching every pitch, every inning then go to not giving a shit if the game is on the following day. You will care, no if you decide to watch it or not is another story, but you would be lying to yourself iy you say you don’t care if the game is on or not.

  • andy

    What it means for me is that instead of defending the Yankees or explaining how close they are to turning it around, I shrug my shoulders and take the abuse of the Yankee haters around me. I still watch almost every game, I still cheer, I still want them to win, I just don’t keep my hopes up anymore.

    • Joseph P.

      I like this one, too.

      • scott

        this all makes me long for the days of mel hall, jesse barfield and andy hawkins….when the upper deck was a beautiful sea of empty blue by game #2. When you could go day-of and buy a great ticket to watch Cecil Fielder hit HR’s#50 and 51 for the tigers…we would have killed for the chance to be talking about the remote possiblity of the playoffs in September…stop being spoiled and instead appreciate how great this franchise has become.

  • JerseyJohn

    Giving up allows you to stop being so emotionally invested in whether “they” win every game or not. Like different Steve says this is how it used to be. I remember watching games as a kid in the 80’s rooting for Mattingly to get another homer or to see how some young pitcher did. The rest of this year will be similar. I will root for individual accomplishments, and the chance to see young guys come up. If they pop off a 10 game win streak so much the better, but at this point I’ve stopped waiting for it to happen. Think of giving up as protecting your heart, you stop being as involved and just let things fall where they may.

  • Ed

    I still care, but, I have no expectations anymore. The team has become a much lower priority. I won’t go out of my way to check scores anymore, or try as hard to watch a game. And I don’t hold out hope for big comebacks anymore, so even if I am watching a game it’s harder for it to keep my interest. I’ve stopped thinking about what makes sense for this season and more about what makes sense for next season.

  • MikeKU

    I just have a hard time watching this particular team. Lately it’s like watching a trainwreck. Essentially the team is made of older veteran players winding down huge contracts. Things would be different if we had young guys playing hard. Maybe try to make a statement headed to ’09. That would make the team much easier to stomatch. Instead the “youth movement” has been a complete disaster and the older guys look like they could care less.

  • radnom

    At some point you have to stop being emotionally invested in how the team does because you know they have no chance. It means not letting yourself get excited every time they go on a little run, because you know ultimately they are just toying with your emotions.

    I equate it to an ex girlfriend who you still have feelings for. Sure, she is totally over you, but every once in a while when shes had a few drinks, or is feeling lonely, she will get a little flirty and you foolishly will think you have a chance. At some point you just need to man up and move on. You can still be friends but you can’t let her play with you like that.

    I’m finished letting you toy with my emotions 2008 Yankees, we can still be friends, but my heart has moved on to next years team.

    • radnom

      Maybe things will work out where they can play spoiler against Boston’s WC chances the last series of the season? That would be something to get excited about.

      • RCK

        Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting Boston not to make the play offs, I agree with that sentiment, but one thing I promised myself I wouldn’t do as the Yankees playoff chances declined was become more invested in Boston (or any other team) losing than I am in our team winning. To me, that is the sign of a loser. That was always the mark of a Boston fan to me. That they were too preoccupied with the Yankees and how the Yankees were doing because they had nothing to cheer for themselves. A winning team does not need to look outside of itself for its identity.

        My definition of “giving up” on the season is pretty much in line with those stated by others. It means still watching the games but trying to do it with a little less rancor and frustration when they lose. I will root for Moose to get his 20th win; I will root for A-Rod and Jeter to keep climbing towards the home run and hits records, and I will enjoy watching baseball. If the Sox don’t make it either, so much the better. I would be lying if I said that I wouldn’t take some satisfaction in that, but I will not let that become the focus of my September.

        • radnom

          Quite the opposite actually, I find I care less about Boston now that I’ve given up on this season. The thing is, being a Jets fan, I know how much fun it can be to play the spoiler at the end of the season. Even if the season has been miserable, it can put that extra little spark into the last game.

          • RCK

            Sure. I see what you’re saying. It helps to give the final individual games some value, something to play for.

            Not speaking to you specifically, but in general I’d hate to see fans of a team with such a proud legacy behave like a bunch of losers.

        • Whitey14

          Thank you RCK!
          You put into fantastic words something I’ve been trying to say for years. You’ve all noticed it here on RAB this season. There is a pre-occupation with the Red Sox instead of full focus on your Yankees that didn’t used to exist. And you’re absolutely right that Boston fans have always had that pre-occupation with the Yankees and it’s embarssing to admit that about my fellow Sox fans, but it’s true.

          • radnom

            Thanks for even remotely reading my comments.

            • Whitey14

              Sorry, I didn’t mean to paint you all with the same brush. It was just that one sentence in RCK’s post (That they were too preoccupied with the Yankees and how the Yankees were doing because they had nothing to cheer for themselves) that spurred me to comment and I was kind of zoned in on it.

  • Axl

    The Yankees have scored 3 runs or less in 56 games. As stated on another website…they haven’t even given themselves a chance to win 42% of the time this season. So why should we just think that they’re going to RIGHT the ship when September rolls by and they’re already in a 7 game deficit hole?!?

    With 60% of our rotation as Ponson, Pavano, and Rasner…ON TOP of the 42% of 3 runs or less we’ve been putting up…


    That’s the question you guys should ask yourselves. This team underachieved all year. Girardi played Mr. Humble in his first year with a bunch of Hall of Famers, Larry Bowa is gone the year Cano signs a huge deal, Everyone is getting older…and the other teams younger teenagers and young 20 somethings are getting older and into their prime too (Rays).

    The season is over. They’re an extreme disappointment…and they better do something about it soon or next year is going to be even worse.

    • pat

      You stay hopeful because you love the Yankees You stay hopeful becasue you seen ponson and rasner pitch very good games this season. You stay hopeful because you know this team is capable of a ten game losing streak because you know they can hit. You stay hopeful because youre happy people write them off becasue it will make it that much sweeter if they turn it around and you deep down know you never gave up. You stay hopeful because in baseball unlike every other sport the game is never over until you have beaten the other team no running out the clock or taking a knee. You stay hopeful because in the game of baseball crazy shit can happen look at the 07 mets and the 07 rockies. You stay hopeful because yogi told us it aint over til its over.

      • pat

        oops meant a 10 game winning streak.

        • yankeemonkey

          Freudian slip?

          I know they’re perfectly capable of a 10-game losing streak, actually.

          • pat

            haha i know i read it over and did a homer-like D’OH

  • A.D.

    I think on the “giving up” if a fan has given up they will probably include the following:

    Not buying additional tickets
    Potentially selling tickets they do have if they’ve already seen a few games
    Less likely to buy that Pudge shirt for the playoffs

    Spending less time watching games, instead of pushing things off to make sure your free from 7-1030 to watch the whole game people are more likely to tune in for bits and pieces of the game as they watch other shows, video games, or just do other things.

    Essentially you’re tuning down the amount of time you dedicate to following the Yankees

  • Nick

    I start by saying I love the Yankees, I always have and always will. I will continue to watch this season, it’ll be emotional to watch the final game at Yankee Stadium. That being said, I can totally understand the fans who’ve “given up.”

    I think the reason a lot of fans have given up is not just the standings, but the manner in which the Yankees have sunk within those standings. If this were some sort of rebuilding year with a team of rookies making mistakes and suffering through growing pains, I think alot more fans would be alot more supportive. Its not though. Its a team of veterans failing to execute simple baseball, making stupid mistakes, and, at times, showing no signs of life. The lineup has been the biggest issue this year and the problem with that is its full of future Hall-of-Famers, former or present All-Stars, league MVPs, and solid veterans. Had the offense played up to par and our pitching injuries truly been the cause of the season’s failures, fans wouldn’t be nearly as upset as they are that this 200 million dollar lineup scores 2 runs a game off mediocre pitchers.


    When fans “give up”, it doesn’t mean they wont root. that’s preposterous . it just means they dont think that their team is capable of winning. Of course they will want their team to do well, and when they do they will gladly be proven wrong. Its not something you should wet your pants over , it just is a terminology , which fans use to say that they dont have confidence their team has what it takes.

  • Steve S

    I made a bet at the beginning of the season that the Yankees would make the playoffs with a friend who is a huge Red Sox fan. Last night in the 8th inning I acknowledged (in an indirect way) that the bet might be over. I think throwing in the towel is accepting that the Yankee will not make it this year and we tone down are well deserved optimism and perhaps some cockiness (which is well deserved when your team makes it every year).

    I am more annoyed by the fans in recent years who say they aren’t making the playoffs or they suck in May and June. And Yankees fans who bitch or complain about “this is the 80’s all over again” or contemplate the differences between the current team and the 98 team. That shows absolutely no appreciation for what they have and what this organization has done over the last 14 years, let alone what is has been for nearly a century.

    • Steve S

      should have read “our well deserved” (for those who are grading me).

    • Pete

      >> I am more annoyed by the fans in recent years who say they aren’t making the playoffs or they suck in May and June >>

      Well you have to admit they’ve started out in horrible shape the past few years. When you see the worst of this team early on, it’s hard to envision anything but a first-round exit or even missing the postseason altogether.

      Just ONE year I’d like to see them sprint out of the gate, even if they regress a bit over the summer.

      • Steve S

        I can understand. But aside from this year (which isnt completely over) they have been a 90 win team consistently and they havent had dramatic turnover or the level of injuries that they had this year. A month or two of a season especially in April and May does not usually dictate the quality of a team. And I wasn’t even talking about the post season, I was just referring to making it to the playoffs. How in the world can you determine how a team is going to do the post season in April?? See thats a little indicative of the spoiled Yankee fan syndrome.

        And if you were rooting for the rays I could understand the pessimism and doubt, but the skepticism in the Yankees seems a little illogical to me. If your team makes it to the playoffs every year and they constantly invest in new players and trades, then doubting them because they play .500 for two months doesn’t make much sense.

        But I do agree that it would be nice for them to just start off well.

  • Pete

    The thing is, it’s such a huge investment to be involved in *every* game on the television – you’re talking at least 2.5-3 hours a night (4 against Boston or Baltimore), only to have them look like they’re sleepwalking through the whole affair. If they’re not going to try to win, I’m not going to try too hard to watch.

    I have 3, maybe 3.5 hours of free time at night after a long commute and taking care of a 2-yr old. Sure I’d LOVE to sit down and enjoy a good ballgame on any given night, but this team gives me almost no reason to do so. I’d rather catch up on an old movie, work on my web site, play a video game, wash dishes — ANYTHING else is more appealing these days.

    Count me in as someone who definitely got spoiled by the dynasty, because I honestly can’t remember what it was like to be out of it at this point in the year. I definitely know the feeling, though, because I’ve been rooting since about ’82. I guess I just have to reacquaint myself with it is all.

    Which is like not vomiting for a few years at a clip, forgetting how awful it is, then getting *really* sick from a stomach bug and spending the weekend hugging the throne.

    Oh yeah, *that’s* why I don’t like this — because it just may be the worst feeling in the world.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      You must live a charmed life, good sir. The Yankees possibly missing the postseason is not the worst feeling in the world.

      • Pete

        ‘Worst feeling’ in terms of rooting for a baseball team, no?

        • steve (different one)

          no. i felt worse during the 2004-2005 offseason.

          1. for obvious reasons.

          2. because i felt like there was absolutely no reason to be optimistic about the future because of the state of the farm system

          3. i hated the way the team was being run and hated almost every decision that was made that offseason (ironically, the one i didn’t “hate” was signing Pavano)

          i feel like the people in charge now, while not perfect, are definitely not idiots. signing Wright and Womack were idiotic decisions.

          there is a very good FA class this offseason and one thing this season has shown us with a team like the White Sox, and even last season with a team like the Cubs, 1-2 good signings CAN bring a decent (and yes, this team will still finish well above .500. they are only “bad” in Yankee standards) team to a contending team.

          there is hope in terms of Wang coming back and Joba and maybe Hughes. the bullpen should be solid next year. if they sign a starter or 2, i like the pitching staff from 1-2.

          Cano should bounce back. the ball is jumping off his bat again these past few weeks.

          get rid of Giambi, Abreu, and maybe trade Damon. do something about CF.

          i think there is a lot to be hopeful for next year.

          • bill

            Youre absolutely right. I would feel even better if they started playing rookies if theyre eliminated. Weve got a top ten farm system now, back in 04-05 it was near the bottom. Next year is about the start of new things: a new stadium, new players, and a new Yankee dynasty

  • usty

    I think, to me, it means more giving up because of how much frustration the team causes you on a daily basis. Like, I’m still going to all my games I have left on my season plan and i check out the games on TV, but my level of caring has dropped due to the massive amounts of frustration I felt while watching them flounder this season away. I love baseball but at some point your team can drive you crazy, especially if you expect them to be better than they are.

  • Patrick T

    I’ve been pretty much in the ‘this isn’t going to happen’ camp since Joba went down, and it doesn’t really change all that much. I still want them to win, still start doing math when they reel off a couple wins to see how they could pull it off, etc. I just don’t actually think that they will. I guess the only real change is I don’t get quite as frustrated when they play poorly.

    Mostly, I’d like to see more of the kids, but I don’t know how feasible that is, as even the more intelligent fans seem to jump on their throats when they fail, but I’d rather see Hughes, Kennedy and Aceves than Ponson, Pavano and Rasner, since the first three could very much be part of our 2009, while the latter three absolutely should not be. I’d like to see what Gardner can do given some extended playing time, wouldn’t mind seeing Miranda get a few PAs.

    That said, I don’t know how you turn off being a fan.

  • Relaunch

    I think it differs for everybody what “throwing in the towel” or “the season is over means”. The Yanks have been in the playoffs every year since 1995 so this run was bound to end. When I personally say the season is over, it means that they have no shot at winning anything and won’t win anything.
    I will stay go to all my remaining games and still watch the games on TV.
    And I agree, hopefully this gets rid of alot of the bandwagon fans.

  • Doug

    I think “giving up on the season” is a mental adjustment from hoping or expecting something to happen to realizing that it isn’t going to happen. As a result, your sports focus shifts to a different topic.

    In sports (and life in general), we always need something to look forward to. Whether it is the playoffs, or the start of the season, or the next game, we are always looking forward to the future with hope. When you give up on the season, you are shifting your hope from the playoffs to something else – maybe football season, maybe hockey or basketball, or maybe the start of the next baseball season. But there is a mental adjustment to realize that what you expected to happen isn’t going to happen, and now you can put your hopes in something else.

    While the Yankees will still keep our attention through the rest of the season, for many of us a portion of our attention will be split elsewhere, and for most of us our hope for the future will be shifted to something else.

    • bill

      That’s exactly right Doug. That’s what I’m feeling. Say the Yanks win on a walk off slam today. The same joy I would feel if the Yanks were 4 games out wouldnt be there. I would cheer a little, but I would be thinking “We couldve used this the whole season. Where were you guys? Too little too late.” But hey, if we win today, we’re 6 games out, and say we sweep the Jays and Boston is swept by the Chisox. Then we’re only 3 out. It’s just not likely.

  • bill

    I’m saying its extremely unlikely that the Yanks make the playoffs. The only way I see them making it is if they get a spark from one of their September call ups, like Juan Miranda. In a storybook ending, the rookie fuels a furious Yankee comeback with his clutch hitting, while the Red Sox suffer an epic collappse. That’s the only way they’ll make it in my opinion. They have to change that lineup, cuz Girardi cant keep trodding out the same one and hope for good results. Throw Cervelli into the mix also as a position player that should get called up.

  • Alex K.

    I think the most rational way to put it is that to ‘give up’ is to remove your emotions from the team. I love the Yankees and I’ve stopped watching recently just because I’m at the point between having to understand the team will probably not make the playoffs and the point where the young/unknown entities are playing.

    Now take this from me, I’m an Atlanta Hawks/Falcons fan as well (grew up in Atlanta before moving to NY) so I know what its like to root for a non-Yankees team (and one with a long season like the Hawks unlike the Jets/Giants). When you give up, you still follow and root for good performances as a real fan but you don’t have to watch or care; you just pay attention to the team.

    As a real fan, you really involve yourself emotionally in your team and at a certain point it just becomes worthless for the rest of that SINGLE season. I have no problem with ‘real fans’ saying they don’t watch; they get so emotionally caught-up in the game that it hurts to accept the reality that the Yankees are either playing poorly or not going to make the playoffs.

    So yes, I call myself a real die-hard Yankees fan and I am not really watching them anymore this season. Are they still my favorite team? Hell yeah! But is it worth it to watch them lose consistently or know the season may be the end of their games? To me? Nah. I care too much and no matter how much I accept a reality I have a hard time watching my favorite teams lose.

    Real Yankees fans can not watch games and say they ‘suck’. And for the record, I have all but given up. I will only OFFICIALLY give up when they’re mathematically eliminated, but I don’t bother watching something that’ll frustrate me. If I wanted to do that I could go and sit in the DMV when I have free time. No point.

    • bill

      Yeah I keep screaming on the site that we’re done but when we’re down 11-2 I’m still watching. Its hard to remove your emotions from your team. I’m addicted to them. Its gonna be weird if the Yanks are mathemaically eliminated by the time they play the last game at the Stadium. Say they win on a walk off homer, the perfect sendoff, I wont know wheter to cheer or cry. Ive never experienced meaningless September baseball and no playoffs. Jeter may have to play golf with the Pirate players in October while the Red Sox are in the ALCS. Its gonna be UNBEARABLE.

  • John NY

    I’ll tell you how you give up on a season. When you watch the Yankees approach, they completely lack fundamentals both offensively and defensively. When you have a bunch of players who are trying to make the Sportscenter Highlights, you’re doing the team in.

    I’ve seen no ability, or desire to bunt a player over, hit a sac fly, situational hitting with RISP. One dimensional play has ruined this team. And it’s really hard to watch them play because it’s not good baseball.

    Defensively, there is an obvious negative when you’re 3rd, 4th and 5th starter is a huge crapshoot. In addition, you have spotty good defense and outfielders that cannot throw or be respected from other teams. And, your SS is diminshing before our eyes. It’s inevitable, people get old.

    Coaching, we have a third base coach that is not good and will be replaced.

    In conclusion, this team is terrible and do not play a brand of baseball that I have become used to watching when the yankees play. It’s unwatchable baseball.

  • Patrick

    While I may be selling my tickets to Sunday’s game, it’s only because I can’t go. I’ll be there in a few Sundays to watch the Devil Rays and I will be there to watch the last Sunday night game (aka the end of the regular season home games) at Yankee Stadium.

    That said, it should be noted that the only black armbands that should be worn for this season are those each play wears in honor of Bobby M. Why give up? Why cash it in? Heck, any team can get hot. Sure, people want to look at the Rockies, but take a look at the Yankees in years past. They have been on top for a long time, but they’ve had to scrap in years past. Let’s avoid going back to 1993. I think one thing that we need to do is cheer. Screw the booing. Sure, A-Rod had A-Rough night a few days ago, but we have to forget it. We play for today. We root for today. We root for each AB and not the one before. It’s time for clean slates and short memories. It’s time to make a run.

    If you are looking for any other sign of hope (although this may be a bitter picture to look at), just take a look at what the good old Boston fans over at BostonDirtDogs (owned by the Globe) wrote when their team was down 3-0 to the Yanks in the 2004 ALCS. Did they say they could come back? Did they have hope? Did they want to “Cowboy Up” with their boy Kevin Milaaaaahhhh.

    Far from it…

    • Whitey14

      It’s funny you mention that, (and that was the overwhelming sentiment) but I have a bar napkin that says “The Red Sox will still win the ALCS”. It’s dated and signed by a few of my friends that I watched game 3 with in Machias, Maine. I was the only one who thought they could still win.

      Remember too though, that that Red Sox team was one game from elimination. The Yankees have quite a qays to go so the comparison isn’t quite the best.

  • Bo

    Hard to have hope when you are 7 games out with 30 to go and you have Ponson as your #3 starter and your offense can’t piece together 3 hits in a row.

  • SDYankee

    I have been cheering for the Yankees for over 30 years. Sandy Alomar, Mickey Rivers, Kevin Maas, Derek Jeter…all of ’em. I live in San Diego and go to Yankee games whenever they play the Padres, Angels, Dodgers, D-backs. I have XM radio to listen to games and MLB TV to watch.

    And I have “given up” on this season. What does that mean? On a logical level there is nothing to watch. There is no Hughes, Joba, Kennedy to get a glimpse into the future or spark the team. Sorry Rasner and Ponson don’t really get me excited and I cannot see these guys carrying the Yankees over Minnesota and Boston. I am tired of watching Abreu pull up on flyballs and fences, seeing A-rod choke, Jeter ground into DPs, etc…I have 2 kids and as a sindicated radio host says…”time to prune the sports tree”

    That’s on a logical level…however at 10 AM today I will probably find myself in the parking lot of work listening to XM radio and the Yankees flailing at Jon Lester. And tomorrow at 4:05 I will be watching gameday until I can listen to XM radio for my drive home and then put on channel 723 to watch the YES network.

    But, on a logical level, this season is over. Go Yankees!!!! (let’s hope against all odds)

    • bill

      Youre a dedicated fan. It must be hard not watching the games, only got the radio

  • bill

    Question: Will you guys still watch if the Yanks are eliminated? If they play the young guys, I will. I think this should be their starting lineup if they are eliminated:
    1. Gardner LF
    2. Jeter SS
    3. Cano 2B
    4. Rodriguez 3B
    5. Abreu DH
    6. Nady RF
    7. Miranda 1B
    8. Cervelli C
    9. Jackson CF

    This will give Cano a chance to bat in the 3-hole, his future slot. It also gives the young players a chance to experience the bigs and play in an unpressured situation. That’s why three of the four rookies are batting at the bottom

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      “Will you guys still watch if the Yanks are eliminated?”

      Hells yes.

      • bill

        I will too, but it definately wont be the same.

        • bill

          I wont partake in my usual postgame ceremonies, like listening to Sterling’s highlights on the radio

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            “my usual postgame ceremonies” = pleasuring yourself.

            You dirty boy, you.

            • bill

              Do you ever say anything insightful?

    • Ed

      Jackson is in AA and doing well but not amazing there. The odds of him doing anything significant at the MLB level are pretty low. He doesn’t need to be added to the 40 man yet, so why do it early? You’d have to release someone to do it, and even if it was someone we wouldn’t keep anyway, it’d be one less roster spot we could use to protect someone from the Rule 5 Draft.

  • rbizzler

    Well, I might not be glued to the telly like in years past or constantly refreshing my browser here and at LoHud, but I will still watch (most) of the game. Although, on 9/13 when I make my final trip to the stadium with my boys, I will behave like it is game 7 of the World Series.

    In the interim, I might just catch up on a little reading or play hoops an extra night a week (or just drink away the frustration).

  • pat

    mexican gangster is in the house

    • bill

      ??? Do you mean Aceves is here?

      • pat

        Indeed. Called up from Dunder Mifflin

        • bill

          Elaborate on this Dunder Mifflin. I have no idea what youre talking about

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            AAA Yankees = Scranton Wilkes Barre = Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. = The Office.

            Nice, pat.

  • bill

    Jeter seemed more down in the postgame then Ive ever seen. His comments are always bland, but his voice was so low

    • parms

      i would just like to say that i was at the game last night and after the bottom of the eighth inning it looked as if there was a bomb threat. everybody left. by the end of the game, by my estimation i’d say there were about 10,000 people left out of 54,000. this is pathetic. it’s one thing to turn off the game in the ninth, but to leave a game? its just not right

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Joe, i think it’s this: you slightly change your level of emotional committment. SLIGHTLY. You still want them to win every single time, but you remind yourself that this probably just isn’t your year, the breaks didn’t break your way, so if they don’t win, it doesn’t hurt as bad as the losses that came before it.

    It’s a matter of changing your level of expectations, not your rooting interest in your team. It’s a defense mechanism. Doesn’t mean you stop caring, you just blunt the pain a bit.

    I think the bigger problem here is that we, as fans, often get caught up in a silly-pseudo competitiveness to see “who’s the biggest fan?” with BS like “I’ve been cheering on my beloved so-and-so’s since the Teapot Dome Scandal” or “I was the only one who still believed we’d come back when we trailed 125-2” or “I own 77 jerseys and a piece of Ted Williams’ frozen head” and crap like that.

    The “throwing in the towel or not” debate is a way for us to try and one-up each other by claiming a moral high ground. It’s “I’m more of a true fan than you because I never give up hope” v. “I’m more of a true fan than you because you’re clearly irrational”. It’s BS, it doesn’t mean anything.

    I have no problem with you as a Yankee fan if you do one or the other. The only fans who do seriously annoy me are those that 1) boo their own players (still can’t understand what you’re trying to accomplish with that crap) or those who 2) try and act like their team absolutely MUST acquire or not acquire Player X, Y, or Z or “I’m going to never be a ____ fan again! I’LL RIP UP MY TICKETS AND NEVER WATCH ANOTHER GAME!!!1!!!”, as if whatever misguided and simplistic love or hatred they have for some specific player or group of players trumps everything else and that a multibillion dollar sports organization should choose to make or not make a decision to better their team just to preserve your own individual precious fandom.

  • Axl

    I recently moved to an area of Connecticut that doesn’t get the YES Network. What’s worse is that everything THINKS I do. What I mean by this is if I order the baseball package, Yankee games are still blocked out assuming I have YES. Also, if the Yankees are on ESPN or TBS while also on YES….those ESPN and TBS games are also blacked out.

    So there is virtually NO WAY for me to watch Yankees games where I live. I have the radio package online that I listen to while doing something else (video games, making dinner, etc.)

    I called the cable company and even emailed the head of marketing and sales at YES Network. They are in some sort of dispute that doesn’t seem to end any time soon. What doesn’t help is my apartment complex doesn’t allow dishes. I’m at an impass here.

    Anyone else ever have this problem? and what did you do? Besides move of course…

    • Ed

      According to FCC rules, the apartment complex can’t prevent you from installing a dish as long as it’s reasonable. Essentially as long as it’s a standard one and not something huge, they can’t stop you.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Axl: I’m shocked you haven’t strangled anybody over this yet.

      Which leads me to my followup question: do they get YES in Connecticut state prisons? Might not be a bad idea!

      • Axl

        I’ve come VERY close to strangling people. The season is almost over…and in many eyes…IS over. So I’ll look more into it over the off season…I guess.

        Thanks for the info Ed! I’ll look into it.

        We need to make some significant changes this off season.

  • Joey H

    all i did was read the title.cause i know the contents of the actual threat are going to be some bullshit reason(s) why we shouldnt give up. well let me tell you something, im not derej jeter, i am not any pettite, i am no joe girardi, i actually accept shit for what it is. something people should try some time, it eliminates all the heartbreak to come. the yankees can not make the playoffs becausethey do not hit when it counts with a lineup that would win 155 games in a video game. the yankees will not make the playoffs because our number 3 pitcher is the alcoholic sidney ponson. actually he can be our number 2 pitchere bcause any pettite has been shit down the stretch. but hes actually trying, so i have all the respect for him in the world. now dont get me wrong, i hope the redsox travel bus crashes and ..well i wont say, and then we go on to the playoffs or they have a mets like collapse, but the chances are, its not gonna happen, pack up your bags, and get a start on 2009. now the steinbrenners will have their foot on cashman’s or whoever’s throat to go out and change this team, and make our payroll 600million dollars. so yes, just pack ur bags and go home. it wont make you and less of a fan to be intouch with reality.

    • Joey H

      contents of this actual thread** and derek jeter** my shits lagging all the time so just please excuse the typo’s.

  • tomw

    wow…well said…my first post ever…read your blog every day…ardent fan who lives in cali now, went to all three losses out here (anaheim), and going for the next series in a few days…season in a nutshell for me is frustrating…they appear to have no energy…fly balls which should be caught aren’t…hits when we need them aren’t happening either…however, i come home from work and watch them every day…hope springs eternal…

  • Brad K

    Giving up is a personal and individual experience. I’m not sure it matters all that much. IN all honesty there wasn’t a lot of times this season where you could really let your imagination run wild with visions of parades in October. It was a struggle right out of the gate and it didn’t change much all season.

    I’ll always watch and no sooner then it’s over I will start jonesing for news & rumors. I’ll hang on every word, every step of the way just like I did in the lean years. We’re a bit spoiled as Yankee fans. Almost every other teams fans have gone through this, some year in and year out.

    I once felt the same way as you do about fair weather fans but now I don’t care. What’s the difference? It doesn’t change anything for me. I don’t care if you watch every minute of every game to the last bitter moment. That doesn’t make someone any more a “good” fan then leaving early makes someone a “bad” fan. To each, their own.

  • sam

    Here’s my take on it.

    The minute Joba grabbed his shoulder, I put all my remaining saturday tickets (4 pack) on stubhub and sold my nose-bleed upperdeck seat at 7+ times face value (except for the second to last game). I figured at the time things were probably over (not that I enjoyed being right) and if the teams packs it in to make a few extra bucks on nostalgia, so should I.

    After the Twins series I stopped watching games on TV and started focusing more on finalizing my wedding plans for early October. My fiancee has greatly appreciated my increased level of help and we have been focusing more on our dance lessons. I still check the score of the games periodically but feel free of the burden of watching all 9 innings of every game. I still read the papers, RAB, nomaas, etc.

    I have largely gone back to the type of fan I was when Dallas Green and Stump Merrill were managing — just pay attention enough so you know whats going on. Truth be told I have been waiting for this type of downturn to clean out the dead weight, try out some new guys, and retool. This has been a long time coming probably since 2005, since then we have been just good enough to make the post season and thats it. Now we can, for the first time in years, really RELOAD in the off-season… and we can wake up in March and do this all over again.

    Luckily football starts soon and on Satruday’s I can watch TAMU and sundays the Giants!

  • Alex

    I’m not a Yankees fan, so I can certainly relate to “giving up on the season” as a fan. Personally, i’m a die-hard. I’ll support my team no matter what, so it’s not a matter of refusing to go to games or not watching them on TV anymore. When I “give up” on the season, I watch the games differently. Instead of living and dying with every pitch like I would in a pennant race, I tend to focus more on the development of young players or the individual accomplishments of my team’s stars. I might not watch every single game in September. I might start paying attention to football a little earlier than usual. But I’m still a fan.