Hughes activated from the DL

What a difference a week makes
Yanks plan on picking up every failed pitcher ever

It’s the next article in an ongoing effort to bring you misleading RAB headlines about Phil Hughes. The Yankees, says Peter Abraham, have activated Phil Hughes from the DL and have shipped him off to Single A Charleston. He’ll continue to work his way up through the system as on an assignment but is off the 30-day rehab schedule. Carl Pavano, meanwhile, is still on a rehab clock. In 28 days, he will be back in the Bronx, reinjured or off the Yankees.

What a difference a week makes
Yanks plan on picking up every failed pitcher ever
  • Jake

    Woo hoo! I still hope Hughes can be a difference maker down the stretch. Kinda like last year.

  • TurnTwo

    “Carl Pavano, meanwhile, is still on a rehab clock. In 28 days, he will be back in the Bronx, reinjured or off the Yankees.”

    off the yankees? you mean they just wont bring him back, or they’ll release him/trade him?

    though i wont count on him for anything, if he rehabs thru, and can help the team come september, i would think cashman would bite the bullet, and give it a try for the sake of the team’s playoff chances.

  • Serious Jujar

    Yeah, Pavano would be best suited mopping up semen at the local bathhouse.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Damn, dude, that’s rough… Even I wouldn’t have gone there.

      Pavano may be Glass Joe from Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out incarnated, but that’s just wrong. (Although I’m pumped to see Carlie in the dugout with ARod… they can swap stories about cheating on your wife/girlfriend with unattractive, much older/younger skanks.)

  • MD

    you know, with Hughes, Kennedy, Melancon, Coke, Kontos, McAllister, etc…..we still have a lot of good young arms in the works……not to mention all the injured and MIA’s like Horne……has anyone seen the new guy we just got for AGonz? and, anyone have a read on Ibarra?

  • Chris

    Why all of the hate for Pavano? He’s been injured for the past 4 years… it’s not like he chose to get injured.

    • Tim

      Actually recent studies by the Journal of Medicine suggest that Carl did chose to be injured for almost his entire contract with the New York Yankees. In a follow up article I saw that Carl was so happy with the time away from the game he got with his TJ surgery that he is considering having the procedure performed on his left arm “just for good measure”.

    • KW

      I think the part about the car crash and the ribs being broken but him not saying anything really broke the camel’s back. I agree, he didn’t choose to be injured (in most of the cases), but his seemingly slow recovery from seemingly minor injuries are nearly mind-numbing (buttocks injury?)

      • Chris

        The car injury was him trying to avoid being stereotyped as a complete failure… he was trying to pitch through it. I understand the slow recovery from injuries, but that basically only applies to 2006. In 2005 I believe he had shoulder issues, then 2007 he had TJ. So basically he’s being ripped for a series of minor injuries that derailed the entire season 2 years ago…

        • KW

          I don’t think the car injury can be justified. He got the injury by basically being irresponsible, and compounded it by not telling anyone. Do you really think that he was trying to prove people wrong by not disclosing the injury, or the accident? I think he’s just irresponsible. Not to mention, his first season was derailed by a shoulder injury that no one could find. His second season was derailed by an injured buttocks!

          Sure the injuries are legitimate injuries, but at some point, the fans and the organization are just fed up with it. It’s also not like he seemed like a good guy who you can root for. He hasn’t exactly shown any remorse, or disappointment with his failings.

          I remember when he was about to undergo tommy john surgery. The docs recommended it, but the Yankees at first demurred, wondering if he could get back with rest and rehab. Pavano basically said that he doesn;t know what the hold up is, that he’s gotten opinions and wants it now without delay. The part about this that makes it seem funny is that if he had the surgery immediately, it would put him on track to be ready by the time his contract was up so he could sign a new one somewhere else. That’s the kind of guy he is.

          If you were the boss of an organization and just hired a young and rising star, who then proceeded to deliver no value while complaining of various ailments, wouldn’t you be understandably upset?

  • stuart

    Question on the ANgels? I live in LA, watch some of there games, but I watch all the Yankee games. WHy are the Angels so good? There run differential does not correspond with there record.. Are they the O’neil Yankees? They have 5 good starters, but only Lackey in my belief is really really good. They just win.. IS it that they have no weakness, so much team speed? What is it.

    WHen the Yanks play them they looks so slow and lumbering. IS this a illusion?

    Just can’t understand how they are 28 game over 500…

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      They’ve been really, really lucky.

      FireJoeMorgan ripped apart a Bill Plaschke article (in their usual inimitable fashion) contrasting the Angels and the Dodgers, and in it they noted several eye opening stats, such as the fact that the Angels are 8-13 when they score two runs or fewer. Yes, the Angels have really, really good pitching, but that’s still an incredibly lucky feat to almost break even on nights where your offense does damn near nothing.…ml

  • keith

    8-13 is nearly break-even? are they supposed to be 0-21 when they score 2 or fewer runs?

    the angels win because they’re GOOD. they’re an OK hitting team, they’re fast, and they’re strong defensively up the middle.

    • Frank

      Right… they can manufacture runs… and they hit .285 with RISP. The Yanks are hitting .262 with RISP and the clutch ARod (don’t get me started!) while batting around .320 or so is hitting an amazing .255 with RISP! Sorry, we need a little more.

      • Clayton

        with an OBP of .411 with RISP while he only has a .407 OBP the rest of the time.

        It might be that he is not seeing pitches to hit.

        • Frank

          you’re obviously referring to BB’s & HBP’s. So maybe the pitchers aren’t aware of his ineptitude with runners in scoring position, or they’re afraid of his rep, its been our lament forever… you have to admit it, if you don’t you are deluding yourself.

    • John NY

      it’s called balance. if you look at what they have:

      A+ defense at EVERY position
      A+ team speed
      B+ hitting
      A- starting pitching
      A- Relief
      A+ Manager

      You can look at all the stats you want, the team can play any style of baseball they want. They peppered the yanks last night with great situational hitting and baserunning. In addition, each outfielder can keep runners from scoring with their arms and the infielders actually make plays.

      We’ll see how they buckle down in October, but they are going to be really tough.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos


        Torii is average defensively in Center, and Vlad/Garrett Anderson/Gary Matthews/Juan Rivera are all Damonesque defenders.

        They have little to no team speed… only Figgins, Hunter, and Izturis are above average on the basepaths.

        The Angels win because they’ve 5 great starters and three real good options in the pen, and none of their top 8 pitchers have really hit any kind of hiccup or injury thus far… and they’ve been lucky. I’m not shitting on them, saying they’re a bad team, they’re not. They’re one of the best teams in baseball, and they got better swapping Kotchman for Teixeira. But the fact remains, they are playing a bit over their heads. They could easily ride this good fortune all the way through October, or they could cool off and start losing some of these games and wondering where the magic went.

      • Chris

        The talk about their bullpen last night drove me nuts. Everyone raves about how good their bullpen is. Currently they have the 10th best bullpen ERA in the AL. KC, Detroit, Texas and Cleveland are the only ones that are worse. That’s more like a C for relief.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      The point is, most teams, EVEN REALLY, REALLY GOOD ONES, even teams built around pitching, defense, and timely hitting, don’t lose only 62% of the games where they score 0, 1, or 2 runs. Even really, really, really good teams still lose like 90% of those games.

      So, yes, the Angels are a solid, excellent, team full of great pitchers and capable hitters, a team that should be leading the AL West (as they are) and contending for a title (as they are). But the reason they likely have a 12 game lead as opposed to, say, a 7 game lead, is that they’ve been lucky and they’ve outperformed their production, winning games that they probably should have lost (even as a good team).

  • RustyJohn


    so too, will Carl Pavano rise.

    • dan

      Isn’t there a commenter here called “Fallen Phoenix”?

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    So this is the way it had to end… with her on top of another man. Well, let\’s see the instant replay!

  • Cheating Girlfriend

    She thought she could get away with cheating? No way in hell, this is bittersweet revenge.