Hughes set to pitch Monday

IPK helps Scranton to the division title
Buster Olney thinks patience is a good fit for young pitchers

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For Scranton, that is. While the Yanks can expand their roster on Monday, the team has announced, for now, that Sidney Ponson will face the Tigers in Detroit, that Phil Hughes will pitch in AAA, and that Al Aceves will continue to just sit there while Rasner and Ponson struggle. I just have to hope that, at some point soon, the Yanks will replace these tried, true and tired arms they send to the mound two out of every five days with some other pitchers who might be able to get a few more outs.

IPK helps Scranton to the division title
Buster Olney thinks patience is a good fit for young pitchers
  • Yankees=warriors

    Unbelievable. I really can’t understand why!
    I’m really so sick and tired of watching Ponson and Rasner.
    Even when they pitch well, they manage to kill a lot of my brain cells.

  • Hitman

    There’s still alot of baseball left to play. Let’s see what Ponson and Rasner do after a few more starts :)

  • Manimal

    This leads me to believe that the yankees have given up on 08. Waste the arms of the un-needed and keep phil hughes in the minors untill next year.

  • Brett

    But then why not let Phil and IPK pitch against major leaguers in a much more low pressure environment – when mgmt has given up on the season? It would be good to get more exposure to major league hitters so we can better judge how ready they will be for next year. (Though I guess that didn’t really work this year off last year)

    • Chris

      Based on the boos for ARod, I don’t think pitching in the majors would be a low pressure environment…

  • JG

    I like the idea of Hughes coming back up and being productive. But you can’t say that it wouldn’t be a gamble after what he showed earlier in the year. And those two bad starts in the minors surely didn’t help his cause. Rasner and Ponson may not be great but at least they went out plenty of times and gave us the chance to win. That is more than we can say for Hughes this year – no?
    If Hughes came up and got rocked like earlier in the season – it would really hurt.

  • mike

    Good, i’ll be able to watch his start tommorow and I will write up a good report on him.

  • A.D.

    Ahh watching Aceves sit in the bullpen, so valuable to see what they have in him

  • bill

    God, I would rather Phil Hughes or Al Aceves get bombed than Sidney Ponson. I wish he’d go back to Aruba and never come back

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  • Jon G

    Well, Aceves sure looked good in his debut…

    I have to take the Yankees going with Ponson instead of Hughes or Aceves as a sign that they’ve given up on 2008 and are now looking towards 2009. I find it baffling that they haven’t tried to replace Ponson and Rasner with alternative options sooner – replacing Wang and Joba with those two probably adds up to their wildcard deficit.

    I know the hitting hasn’t been clutch, to say the least, but I really wonder about whether all the injuries have taken their toll on team chemistry. There is a certain element of envisioning success – ‘seeing’ what you want to happen making it more likely to happen. And I just don’t see that mentality or spirit on this team. Remember in 1996 Mariano Duncan – We Play Today, We Win Today…? This team just doesn’t seem to believe.

    • Hitman

      If in fact they’ve given up then why are they bothering with Ponson? They’re using Ponson because they feel he’s our best chance to the promised land. Same with Rasner.

      As for team chemistry I’ll tell you what’s bad for chemistry signing bad big name FAs year after year to crippling long term contracts and ending up with a 200 million dollar payroll of aging mercenaries with Arod leading the charge. The WS teams we had were constructed from excellent draft picks and trades and a couple of smart small FA signings here and there to compliment the team and fill holes. The yankees of the last 7 years or more have been focused solely on just signing one FA loser after another, ignored the draft and have made absolutely no impact trades! Is it any wonder why this team doesn’t work?

  • Antonino

    Problem isn’t pitching. Pavano, Mussina, Pettitte, Joba and 5th starter Ponson/Rasner are OK…. problem is the batting line-up created by this idiot manager (who should have been Donny baseball)
    I’m proposing
    Damon (great leadoff man)
    Abreu (great discipline at the plate and steal some bases, something Jeter never does)
    A-Rod (seems like at 4spot, pitchers can afford to pitch around him and he swing wild at times)
    Jeter (Mr. November, Clutch, w/e he is. he could prove it by driving in some timely runs!!)
    Matsui (great with hitters in RISP!!)
    Giambi (can’t hit with RISP for his life)
    Rodriguez or Molina