Hughes, Shelley return to Scranton


Per Tyler Kepner, both Phil Hughes and Shelley Duncan will make their triumphant return to Triple-A Scranton this week follow short rehab stints in the lower minors. Hughes will slot into the rotation sometime this weeked, likely taking the spot currently occupied by Billy Traber. Shelley should return to the lineup in the next day or so. You may remember that he separated his shoulder making a diving catch in the outfield a few weeks back. (h/t to loyal reader Gurpreet for the email)

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  • pat

    word is hes back to his original mechanics hittin mid to low nineties on the fb and snapping off some nasty sliders

    • Ivan

      Where ya heard that?

    • Travis G.

      do you have a link re: the mechanics change?

      • A.D.

        Looks like they want Hughes ready to take a rotation spot sooner rather than later

    • pat

      i just searched the internet for concrete evidence that hughes went back to his old mechanics and couldnt find shit. ill be honest i could have sworn that i saw it somewhere but then again much like most of you i go to like 10 yankee sites daily and probably read it in a comments section or something.. my bad guys didnt mean to misinform. i totally misremembered it i guess.

  • Ivan

    Yea there were reports that Hughes could skip a level and pitch in Triple-A a couple times which means he might come back quicker than anticipated.

    Also, Chris Russo is not a smart man. He disses Ervin Santana saying he’s alright. Then he mispronounces Dan Uggla’s last name calling him oogla.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Chris Russo: The man who thought the Yankees acquisition of Bobby Abreu and Cory Lidle for four medium-sized bags of lightly roasted Brazil nuts was… bad.

      Proudly being an irrational, thoughtless, reactionary idiot for you since 1989.

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        Did he really say that? Please tell me you remember the reasoning behind his opinion.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Some idiocy about them not being “Championship Players (R) (TM)” or some bullshit of that vein.

          Like, hello, I totally just bought two used Bentley convertibles for four day-old ham sandwiches. I give a shit that you’re complaining about the catalytic converters needing to be replaced?… ALL I GAVE UP WAS FOUR HAM SANDWICHES!!!

          (I like metaphors.)

          • Ivan

            Tht’s one of his fav sayings. He’s not a winning player or a championship player.

            I remember an arguement where he said he will take Pedrioa over Cano because Pedrioa was a winning player basically implying that Cano is not and all that other bullshit.

      • Ivan

        It’s not Uggla is a scrub here, he’s a All-Star 2B in the middle of a Pennant Race, in the Same division with the Mets playing them 18-19 times a year. So you have to get his name right. That is bad.

        Then he keeps bitching about the trade that the yankees made with the Pirates calling them a disgrace. Gee I guess he didn’t know that Jose Tabata was once a top prospect.

        Then Russo kills the Pirates because hey they traded for Andy Laroche who to him is not a big player. Gee Russo, maybe if the Dodgers just gave a the guy a chance, a guy who was a top prospect in their organization and top 25 in baseball last year, maybe he can show his skills.

        • Jamal G.

          No, your mistaken. He did get his name right (in his mind), he just can’t fucking speak legible English.

  • bklynJT

    Raise your hand if you cant stand Fatso and Fruitloops.

    • steve (different one)

      i am raising my hand, but you can’t see it.

      ok, i lied.

      i agreed with your assertion, yet i felt it was silly to actually raise my hand while sitting alone.

      you caught me.

      • jsbrendog

        i just raised my hand in the office and just laughed when asked by my coworkers what i was doing

    • Mike @ NYYU

      I won a car from them…they’re ok for now.

    • Nickel

      I heard a rumor a few months ago that those two clowns were going off the air. Anyone know if there’s any truth to that? I’d do my own dance of joy if it happened.

  • Ivan

    By the way, don’t you guys think they are rushing him a bit?

    • Mike A.

      No. He’s not being developed or anything, he’s just building his arm strength. It’s not like he’s never pitched at, or above, the AAA level before.

      • Ivan

        Nah not like that but him coming from a Major injury and giving him a little bit more time. I understand it’s an injury to his arm, but he has come quicker than I thought.

        • DP

          I get what you are saying, but he was out for 3+ months when initial reports had him out for 2…

        • A.D.

          They’re limiting the pitches, and they do want to see what he can do for when he’s back to throwing normal starts

    • DP

      He dominates whenever he’s been in the minors. He pitched in the playoffs last year. He is on a building pitch count and will have (at least) 4 rehab starts. When he comes back, they will no doubt limit him to 85-90 pitches. No, I don’t think he’s being rushed.

  • Henry Chinaski

    Is there any link to a source for saying that Hughes has gone back to original mechanics? It seems like I’ve been reading people posting that for the last two days but No One is siting a source– or is it hearsay???? would be great if it’s true, hope it it…

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Not one person who has made that assertion has cited a source. People are just making it up.

      • A.D.

        only source I heard was “I believe saw it on local Charleston television”

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          Yeah… It’s gotta be speculation. People hear that the gun had him at 95, maybe a little above 95, and they start speculating “maybe he changed his mechanics.” (Then someone else says it in another thread, and all of a sudden people think it’s fact.) If freaking ANYONE would be aware of an actual, reliable source saying that Hughes had changed his mechanics and gained velocity, I think it’s a pretty safe bet that the kind of people who read/comment on a site like RAB would be the types to know.

          Henry Chinaski – If they don’t cite a source or any kind, chalk it up to irresponsible rumor-mongering.

      • A.D.;ei=5087

        This pick look a different arm slot??

        • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

          That article also says his fastball “hovered in the low 90s.” I’m a huge Hughes fan and want to see him do well, I just think people get a little carried away with the speculation. I was on the thread last night when he was pitching and saw the “the gun has him in the high 90s” talk morph into “maybe he changed his mechanics”, which became the speculation we’re seeing today. All I’m saying is, let’s actually SEE the guy pitch before we start proclaiming that he’s throwing 95 and has changed his mechanics. He’s already in SWB and will be in NY soon enough, no need for the speculation.

  • Scott

    Justin Christian batting 9th and playing CF…No melkman, sign of things to come

    • DP


      • Scott

        I’m glad JC is getting more PT, he makes things happen

        • DP

          Hopefully he doesn’t screw it up like Gardner did, I can’t watch Melky bat anymore

          • A.D.

            This is probably biased, but watching Garnder bat seemed so much better than watching Melk, at least Gardner would strike out 3-2 vs 3 straight pitches

            • Steve S

              I know what you mean. He struck out a lot, but he looked good doing it.

              • http://2009 Haggs

                No he didn’t.

                Gardner just stood there and prayed ball four would come before strike three.

                At least Melky accidentally hits the ball hard a couple of times a week.

                How about Damon in CF, Nady in LF? If they have the lead late, Melky to CF, Damon to LF, Nady to 1B.

                • Old Ranger

                  Texas would run wild on Johnnys’ arm, hell I’m 70 and can still throw better then Johnny. 27/08?

    • cult of basebaal

      well, maybe, maybe not. it might also just be joey joe joe giving hacky a day off, since he rarely gets them and we’re about to start a 10 games in 10 days trip …

      we can all hope, but i expect to see a lot more of hacky than i’d prefer in the next 2 months …

  • huuz

    so where is pavano going?

    [say what you want about that SOB, but IF he comes back and helps us win games, (and does it better than ponson/rasner), the he is helping the team. futhermore, pitching is such a crapshoot at times, you're better off to have many options and play the hot hand (e.g. Aaron Small, 2006)]

    so no, i’m not counting on pavano, but if he gives the Yanks anything approximating “good pitching”, i’ll be thrilled.

    • A.D.

      my guess AA, they have open spots in the rotation

  • Steve S

    Some Yankees employees might have stolen money from Kevin DeLeon, among others:

  • McCann

    Is Garcia is pitching for Tampa tonight?

    • Frank

      what was Garcia disabled for this time?

  • A.D.

    Looking into the great Hughes arm slot debate, if we compare these 2 photos, it does appear the slot has come down:

    Slot at Charleston:

    Slot before:

    Could just be camera angles, but trying to put the debate to rest

    • Ivan

      His Arm Slot looks different.

    • pete

      it deffinitely does look different, but therein could lie a problem – the charleston pic shows him throwing what looks like a fastball (maybe a changeup), whereas the NY pic shows him clearly throwing a curveball. That the arm slots look different could be a result of changed mechanics, but it could also be because he throws his curve out of a different arm slot, which, obviously, would be a bad thing, and would also explain why someone with decent control, a decent fastball (i’m counting 89+ as decent), and a devastating curve would get hit as hard as he’s been getting hit. You could point to his only having 2 mlb-calibur pitches, or his poor command of the fastball within the zone, but we’re talking about a 9.00 ERA, not a 5.50.

      • Ed

        I think if Hughes was throwing his pitches with that drastically different an arm angle the Yankees would’ve caught it very quickly and worked on fixing it.

  • A.D.

    Looks like my arm slot research pics got eaten by site

    • A.D.


      • Old Ranger

        Ata’ boy, for trying anyhow…it would be great if he has changed back. I have always been amazed by people saying he has to change “he’s an arm problem just waiting to happen.” Many good pitchers throw unorthodox and last for 10 yrs or more? 27/08?

  • Arizona Steve

    I listened to both Hughes games for the Charleston Riverdogs and the announcer was reading the radar gun. First start Hughes was hitting 93 regularly. His second start he was hitting 95 often. One reading said 101mph in his second game. So take for what it is. That’s what was reported.
    Just make a mental note not to speed in the Carolinas. Those guns seem a little high.
    Gun or no gun Hughes pitched well and if he keeps it up he will be in the rotation in a week or two at the most.

  • Henry Chinaski

    from Pete Abe– Phil pitching thursday at Scranton– though the 65 pitch count limit seems a little low since he threw 54 this weekend, I think it would probably be more 70 to 75 pitches

  • Arizona Steve

    Anyone have any info on Humberto Sanchez and why he hasn’t pitches since July 22nd?

  • Newman

    Rasner’s out, Giese on Friday

    • Hand of Abbot

      Girardi doesn’t seem to be an IPK fan, huh?

      • Newman

        My guess is that they wanna see either his velocity or control improve, most likely a little of both