IOC: Give us A-Rod

Questions about the upcoming rotation
What can Pavano do for us?

This year marked the final hurrah of baseball as an Olympic sport. In 2012, baseball will no longer be considered an Olympic sport, the first since Polo in 1936 to lose that exclusive label. Now, with the Beijing games over, the IOC is telling Major League Baseball that their game can regain its international cache if they included big names like A-Rod in international competition. I can’t really support this move. I could care less if A-Rod and other superstars are playing in the Olympics, and if it means a two-week absence from the Yanks in the middle of summer, I’d have to issue a very definite no to this call. Keep on promoting rowing and gymnastics. We’ll enjoy our baseball right here.

Questions about the upcoming rotation
What can Pavano do for us?
  • Geno

    Aren’t they doing away with women’s softball as well? I could be wrong, but it all seems like a part of more general worldwide anti-U.S. feelings. This is their way of sending a message to us.

    Fuck ’em.

    • martin

      Sure. Or reading your comment results in general worldwide anti US feelings.

      • Dylan

        Lets be honest. Everyone would be anti-US anyway.

        • martin

          OK. Let’s be honest. There are a lot of things, I (being German) don’t like about the US. However, I love baseball, the Simpsons, Dr. House, a Whopper and Metallica.

          • Jamal G.

            Baseball has become an international sport. I don’t see how it is a slight against the U.S.A. when baseball is probably the second most popular U.S. sport around the world (basketball).

          • tommiesmithjohncarlos

            Dr. House = British
            Hamburgers = German
            Lars Ulrich = Danish
            Simpsons = got their start on the Tracey Ullman show (British)
            Baseball = invented by Ol’ Abner Doubleday probably derived from British games like rounders

            We’re a country of mutts, my friend.

            • Ivan

              And Americans bitch about limiting imigration.

              • A-Point

                ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Not just immigration. There is a huge difference, especially in costs.

                • Ivan

                  take that with a grain of salt.

              • Jack

                Of course we want to limit imigration. If you want to know what happens if we don’t, just ask a Native American.

            • Dylan

              hahaha. True.

            • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

              Actually, the hamburger was invented in New Haven, CT. Chalk one up for the old Stars and Stripes.

              • tommiesmithjohncarlos

                Actually, the hamburger was invented first patented in New Haven, CT. Chalk one up for the old Stars and Stripes.

                Huge difference, pal.

      • Joey H

        just like eveyone is anti-yankees

  • TurnTwo

    isnt the whole idea behind the olympics is to gather the best amatuer athletes from around the world to compete?

    so just like they did with basketball, wouldnt incoporating MLB stars to olympics rosters just sell out the olympics for ratings and money?

    and with MLB invested in this stupid World Baseball Classic, there is no chance the MLB or the players Union would agree to allow these guys to compete in the olympic anyway, right?

    • Jamal G.

      Why is the World Baseball Classic “stupid”? I find it highly entertaining. Hell, I still have my Carlos Lee jersey from the Panama team hanging in my closet. I loved arguing with my friends about the talented Dominican Republic, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, and Cuban teams.

      Seeing Daisuke Matsuzaka for the first time, cursing George Steinbrenner because if he would have allowed Mariano Rivera to participate in the WBC then the Panamanian team would have easily advanced to round two (they blew two late leads in their first two games to the Netherlands and Cuba).

      • Ivan

        Word. People overreacted to the WBC. It became an success and players especially the big players were willing to do it.

        • rbizzler

          I agree. The WBC was a great showcase for the sport and a good way to check out the under-the-radar talent from other countries. And I got to see how bad my homies from Italy are at baseball!

  • Brian Cashman

    Dear IOC:

    You can have A-Rod when you pry him from my cold dead hands.


    • Count Zero

      Nice! lol

      Jacques Rogge is an ass.

      • A-Point

        True That.

        Its China’s game now anyway. They have the judges in their back pockets and Rogge not willing to upset his new income stream.

  • A.D.

    By using the players it does it makes the game more competitive, you think the Netherlands would have any shot, if MLB players could join, would Vanden Hurk put them over the edge? doubtful.

    I like how it was, with the top minor league talent, maybe the IOC should instead expand the fields, and find a way to get more latin american teams such as the Dominica, Venezuela, Mexico etc instead of having only 2 teams qualify from the americas

    • Chris

      Except… the world baseball classic wasn’t won by the US…

      • A.D.

        I’m aware, with A-Rod there would be many other players joining their countries, all through the americas, and Japan/Korea, some countries that were in this Olympics such as the Netherlands & China, would be fairly screwed.

        With the way the qualifying goes someone from Europe has to make it, the host country has to make it, and only 2 teams from the americas can make it, which is incredibly flawed

      • radnom

        Where did the post you are replying to mention the US?? He said a country like the Netherlands would not have had a chance, which is true, and you can’t argue that the majority of baseball talent is condensed into a small number of countries (a good number of which are in the North/South America). Don’t be an ass.

        • radnom

          *and you can’t argue that the majority of baseball talent is NOT condensed into a small number of countries*

  • Alvaro

    the only logical move is to do the same thing as they did in soccer, the turnament has to be played by players age 23 or under. You can take 2 or 3 reinforcements and the players leave with the approval of their teams.

  • Mike @ NYYU

    Another article claimed that the corrupt IOC said that baseball and softball are “too American.”

    • Geno

      Exactly. It’s anti-American sentiment come to fruition.

  • Ivan

    I can’t really blame IOC here. Hey who would you guys rather see in the olympics, A-Rod or Matt Laporta?

    second, if lets say the US Mens baseball teams bring in the best US talent, what makes you think they will still be a shoe in to win. Countries like DR, Mexico, Canada, and Japan and Venezuela bring in their MLB stars and some star prospects, has the potential to be huge.

    Look how successful the US Men’s Basketball team was in 92 and 08? LeBron and Kobe were treated like kings over there and expanded the game and was a huge marketing move by the NBA.

    Keith Law and and Jayson Starks had a debate about it on ESPN.

    Lets face it, I garantee you that alot of people didn’t watch the baseball in the olympics and neither did I.

    If you add some Superstar players to not only the US but also Japan and adding countries like DR with Pujols and Cabrera with Venezuela, it has the potential to be huge.

  • Ivan
  • Vin R.

    what about moving baseballl to the winnter olympics. you can play the gmes in the nearest dome.

    • Joey H

      i dont see what not. but then the talk of injuries will still persist.

    • JohnnyC

      That is an idea too good for the IOC since it would increase the TV ratings of the Winter Olympics in baseball-playing countries, most notably USA and Japan. Put that notion in their ear and they’ll rethink the notion of baseball being too American. Money talks when it comes to the sacrosanct Olympic movement.

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Hmm, they eradicated Polo in 1936?

    Jonas Salk is one bad mofo.

  • mko

    That would only be possible if the MLB season would take a break during the Olympics…

  • PhilK

    The best Olympic sports are sports where the Olympics is the pinnacle of that sport, like track, volleyball, skiing (Winter), etc. Baseball has its moment every Fall and with tweaking, the World Baseball Classic can become like the Soccer World Cup so who the hell cares if it is an Olympic event? Besides, honestly, it is not worldwide nearly to the degree that running, soccer or other sports are so IMHO it is borderline to put it in the Olympics in the first place.

    And can someone tell me why chics don’t just play baseball? Softball is for old fat people like myself. In its competitive female form, it seems like a they needlessly changed baseball for no good reason.

  • RC

    I’d be OK with MLB players in the Olympics.
    After the 94 strike and now with interleague play things are screwed up anyway so go ahead and suspend the MLB season two weeks every 4 yrs and play in the Olympics, skip the All -Star game that year.

  • Fred

    The main problem was that countries were spending millions to build stadiums that, for the most part, have sat idle since the were build (Athens and Sydney most notably).

  • Manimal

    WBC is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Its the best of the best at the best time of the year for baseball. Keep the WBC and forget about the olympics. That stuffs for Phelps.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      We thought America was the greatest thing since sliced bread… sliced bread having been invented the year before.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Why can’t they have baseball during the winter Olympics (in a domed stadium)? why should baseball teams “donate” players during our season?