Joba could return in a month

'I'll kick you out of this house if you don't cut that hair'
Open Thread: To re-sign or not to re-sign?

Updated: Courtesy of Ed Price comes a Joba injury update. The Yanks expect Chamberlain to miss at least a month with rotator cuff tendinitis. According to Price’s sources, the Yanks do not consider this to be a major injury. However, as Price writes, “there is also a chance Chamberlain does not return this season simply because the Yankees will be extremely cautious with their most prized young arm.” Meanwhile, Joba says that he’ll be back before the end of August. That decision though is really up to the Yanks. There is no point in ruining the future simply for the sake of today.

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'I'll kick you out of this house if you don't cut that hair'
Open Thread: To re-sign or not to re-sign?
  • AndrewYF

    Joba could, and I think will, return this month.

    If he doesn’t return this year, the Yankees will either have to start him late next year or shut him down midseason, as his innings cap will have remained unchanged. I doubt very much they start him out in the bullpen again. They want to pitch him this year for more reasons than just to contend. They’re not going to be cautious for caution’s sake. If Joba starts a throwing program in a week, and if everything is perfectly fine, there’s absolutely no reason for him not to pitch.

  • Realist

    Thats funny, Joba is quoted in Newsday saying that he would be back this month? I would provide the link but I am unsure of the rules here concerning that?

  • zs190

    ESPN has an article that quoted Joba as saying he’ll be back before 9/1. Though it’s probably not up to him. It does sound like it’s not as serious as the words “Dr. James Andrews” would indicate though.

    the same ESPN article mentioned Matsui did not have any issue after running so maybe there is an off chance that he could start rehab soon and maybe be back for September? can always use a good bat like that.

  • zs190

    ESPN article link for convenience.

  • Hobs

    According to Ed Price:

    “Chamberlain’s issue is with the biceps tendon and not the rotator cuff”

    Very good news all around.

    I agree with AndrewYF: if he’s cleared to pitch, he should pitch.

    • BklynJT

      Where did you find the news about the Biceps tendon and what is Price’s source?

    • AndrewYF

      If it’s with the biceps tendon, I’m convinced that it’s simply some kind of heat-induced minor injury, and maybe some dehydration to help it along. A big guy like Joba, 100 degree heat, fireballing 97mph fastballs? Probably had a minor strain and smartly got the trainer to come get him. He’s had absolutely zero issues with his arm or shoulder ever since he got drafted, and the only injury problems he had was, correct me if I’m wrong, when he was 300+ pounds and two years before he was drafted, and that was just tendinitis in his triceps, nothing in his shoulder or elbow. The crowing you hear from some sportswriters and their ‘GM sources’ about how Joba was an injury waiting to happen are the GMs who passed on him and are secretly still hitting their heads against the wall for letting him fall so far. I’m pretty sure the Sox passed on him three or four times.

  • A.D.

    All I care about is the “not a serious injury” part. I want to see him back this year, but I’m just glad nothing has happened to our ace in waiting

  • steve

    Meanwhile, Joba says that he’ll be back before the end of August.

    I think i can speak for everyone when i say …. PHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW !