Manny and the Bronx

Without Farnsworth, bullpen gives away another game
Matsui to run bases soon; return could be near

When Manny orchestrated his departure from Boston, you knew this gem of a news item would come sooner or later. Manny, according to news reports, wants to play in New York, and it seems as though he simply wants to don Yankee pinstripes in order to stick it to the Red Sox 19 times a season. Five years ago, I would have drooled over the idea of Manny in the Bronx, and five years ago, the Yanks could have had him for the price of his contract. But now I’m not so sure. He’s better than Bobby Abreu, but is he, as he approaches 37, worth $100 million over four or even five years? I doubt it.

Without Farnsworth, bullpen gives away another game
Matsui to run bases soon; return could be near
  • Tim

    My big question is can a 3 year $60M deal be worked out or is Manny dead set on Boras’ $100M number? If the answer is 3 and $60M I think this conversation gets much more interesting. Then you are talking about letting Abreu walk and seeing Manny in the outfield for one year and then probably DHing for two. Frankly that sounds pretty good to me. For next year you can have XNad, JD, and Matsui rotating between LF, DH, and 1st base (I understand that XNad can play 1st base and they should probably try to teach Matsui). This team would be very different next year if Manny was batting 3rd, Matsui was in the 5 hole, and a healthy Posada was batting 6th.

  • Adam

    if manny really wants to come to new york to stick to the the red sox, it’s possible then that he would come for less money than he would ask for from other places right? i mean, if new york is the highest bidder and then wanting to get back at boston would have had very little to do with it.

    anyway, 2 years at $40 million with an option for a 3rd? he could be valuable as he can clearly still hit. a lot. it’s worth offering anyway, if he says no, he says no.

  • pat

    any lineup involving manny ramirez.. yes please

  • JeffG

    Tickle you retarded. Loving it!
    Great idea!

  • JeffG

    Leeets go Yaaaaankees….. Leeeets go Mannny!

  • JeffG


  • Steve

    I just can’t wait to see Manny quit on us after getting swept by the Red Sox in September of 09. Just Manny being Manny.

  • nolan

    Give manny 50 mil for 2 years and don’t let him near the outfield…he’s a perfect dh. Sign texiera. Let abreu and giambi go. Lineup next year is damon (cf), jeter, texiera,arod, manny(dh), cano, nady(rf),matsui (lf),posada (c). Sure our defense sucks but with young improving pitching and that lineup… Who cares?? Austin jackson moves in to cf in 2010…

    • Steve

      Let Manny DH, so none of the regulars get a 1/2 day off in 2009.

      Matsui, Damon, Jeter, A-Rod, Posada (and Giambi?) will either play the field every day, or will be replaced by someone like Betemit ion the lineup.


    • Steve

      oooohhhh and let me add THAT MEANS MORE PLAYING TIME FOR MELKY!!!

      I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  • JeffG

    Hold on… the numbers are you stupid?
    Manny is a Yankee anyone who says he is not – Jamal? Pinstripes is BS jargon.
    Manny is a Yankee through and through.

  • Jake H

    If Manny will Dh and play an occassional lf then yes.

  • Mike A.

    Manny’s going to be playing for New York next year, for the Mets. Minaya – assuming he isn’t canned – won’t pass up the opportunity to add that guy for the opening of the new stadium.

    • Steve

      He loves overpriced, over the hill latin players.

      I think you’re on to something there, bubby.

  • JeffG

    Don’t mean to point fingers but this whole argument is so ridiculous to me.

    • Steve

      The Yanks are about to get swept by the Angels and could very well fall out of playoff contention by the end of this road trip.

      As stupid as this conversation is, I’ll talk about ANYTHING else but the team at this point.

  • Old Ranger

    Manny with the Yanks…not a chance! They had the chance years ago, didn’t want him then…why would they want him now, after what he did in Boston?
    Anyhow, Cash and the Yanks want to go younger and more athletic…actually, they have no choice. The team needs more athletes not; old, slow, past their prime, DH types. We already have; Jeter, Jorge, Matsui and Johnny as DH’s (next year or soon after that) why add to the list?

  • Steve

    Well, Manny would give us that left handed compliment to A-Rod that we’ll need when Giambi leaves.

    Oh wait, he’s a righty. Never mind.

    • A.D.

      Manny hits all pitching, that really doesn’t matter

      • Steve

        Thats no longer true. He refused to play against hard throwing righties like Joba and Verlander this year. He knows he can’t hit them anymore.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona Beach

    “Desperation is a tender trap, it gets you everytime.”

    Bono said that. So, there you go.

  • mike

    Manny is an insane OBP/RBI guy, and he will instantly become the best hitter on the team in clutch situations.

    If Manny DH/LF, Matsui DH/LF, Damon in CF/RF and Nady CF/RF with Ajax/Melky/Christian able to sub/PR if needed late in games, Iwill take Damon’s noodle-arm over Abreu’s fear of going anywhere near a wall and inability to go back on a ball when Nady needs a rest, especially with Cano’s rocket available for a relay from the short RF.

    Posada will be the 1B for 70% of the season, so a Bettemit/Posada/someone at 1B and Molina/Pudge behind the plate will be fine.

    manny has what very few (Papi, Puljos, Griffey in his prime…) have had – the ability to beat a great pitcher on a day where the pitcher is dealing. While most guys who are excelent hitters ( Jeter, ARod, Vlad,Soriano etc) can all hit good pitchers well, i feel that the strength of Papi/Manny in the same order meant that one of those guys would get a hit against your ace – and that is unique and invaluable.

    Give Manny 100/4 years – who cares – its not our money, they just built a 1.3 billion ATM out in the Bx, and when Jeter’s contract comes up in a few years – and he wants $100mm/5, what will they do then?????

  • Count Zero

    I love Manny’s bat — but 4x$25MM is too steep a price to pay for a 37 year old DH. I would probably go 3x, but that’s my absolute max.

    I agree with Mike — I see Manny as a Metropolitan next year.

  • A.D.

    Manny to the Yanks would be good if he wanted to give a home town discount, but if there’s one thing Manny loves, its being paid, he’s going to look for max year and max dollars, which doesn’t fit in the Yankees plans

  • Ricochet

    Manny isn’t going to get $100m over 4 years. First off there are hardly any teams that can afford to pay him $25m per season and one of them that can is the Red Sox, so that’s 1 less team that can afford it let alone want him.

    IMO Manny doesn’t get his current $20m per season. I think a more realistic contract is 4 years at $15m or $16m per.

    I’m not worried about his age, over the next 4 years he will hit better than most.

    On paper I would love to have Manny and the protection he would give A-Rod but reality is a whole different thing all together and I’m not sure I could give him a contract if I was in charge if he pulls what he did with the Red Sox.

    The lack of hustle pisses me off.

    As for Abreu, I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s got to go. I like him, I think he’s good guy and can still hit but he’s terrible anymore in the OF.

  • http://brandon,righ? Brandon M

    manny won’t go to the yanks, he’d have to cut off those black locks of hair he’s so fond of

  • Steve S

    Boras is smart he laid the groundwork for the safety net. Just in case he cant get the 4 year $100 M (which he probably wont get, unless Minaya loses his mind). Realistically the Yankees could do $80 for four. Which is in essence 2 years at $40M, because your risking the last two years at either reduced production or nothing at all.

    He is the best solution for the immediate future and he can probably servicable in left field at least for one year. I think he is much safer than Tex at 8-10 years.

  • infernoscurse

    i say if he really wants to be a yankee he can sign for a paycut if it really means that much and its not using the excuse just for the money

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