Melky, Sexson out; Ransom, Gardner in

'Mike and the Mad Dog' now just Mike
Game 121: Down in a hole

Saw this on MLB Trade Rumors a minute ago. It comes from a source we don’t enjoy citing, but the news is too big to pass up. Apparently, the team has waived Richie Sexson, and has sent Melky Cabrera to Scranton. Brett Gardner and Cody Ransom take their places. This is quite the strange turn of events. While I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the source jumped the gun on this, it would be a welcome change if true.

'Mike and the Mad Dog' now just Mike
Game 121: Down in a hole
  • Greg

    Now the Post and PeteAbe are reporting it. Looks like they finally woke up and realized that Melky’s only shot of becoming anything significant was to send him down.

    Sexson surprises me. Wonder if they’re planning to sit Cano or else Sexy asked for his release.

    • Chris

      Do you really think that Gardner is a better option? I have no problem with sending Melky down, but if you’re going to do that, then shouldn’t you bring up someone will be better?

      • r.w.g.

        Well Gardner has shown a tendency to need to an adjustment period when he jumps a level. Some thought he was stalling out at AAA at first, but he picks it up.

        I’m not real convinced Gardner will hit, but things are not working for Melky. Might as well bring up the best defensive option and the fastest guy in the system.

        • Chris

          We’re trying to make a push for the playoffs, right? If you’ve given up on the season, the sure let Gardner adjust, but wouldn’t you want the player that is best for the stretch run?

          I have no problem sending Melky down, but it seems like the right time to do it would be when Matsui comes back.

          • r.w.g.

            Well I don’t know how many real at-bats Gardner is going to get.

            I’d assume the OF is now Nady, Damon, Abreu. Don’t you think?

            I wouldn’t be worried about Gardner, too much. He will be a late-inning defensive replacement and pinch-runner. That being said, I’m hopeful he will hit better than he did his first go-around.

            • Chris

              I agree that will be the outfield, but we can run that outfield out there even with Melky on the bench. Also, don’t we already have a late inning PR/defensive replacement in Christian? Do we really need two?

              To me this sounds like a move to placate angry fans rather than a move that actually makes the Yankees better. When Matsui is ready (in a week or so?), then definitely send Melky down. Right now, this seems like getting rid of two crappy players for two different crappy players. You’re just sloshing the manure around the barn, you’re not actually helping anything…

              • Rob H.

                You actually think Melky is a better option right now? Melky has been awful for about a full year and while he may be a better option right now than Gardner, i wouldn’t exactly call him all that much better. Maybe this will actually be a wake-up call to Melky that he needs to start hitting the ball and that there are no more free passes to start in centerfield for the new york yankees.

  • ChrisS

    I don’t think Sexson was very necessary. He wasn’t a better hitter than Giambi in any situation and, maybe more importantly, he wasn’t a better defender.

    Ransom has shown some power in the minors, granted he’s 30, but he’s good against LHers and can play anywhere in the IF.

    • RustyJohn

      Sexson became a non-issue/player when they got a legitimate right handed bat in Nady.

  • Greg

    Yeah, Chris, but who sits in the IF for Ransom? Has to be Cano, right?

    • A.D.

      jeters foot, or Giambi DHs, I’m sure Ransom could take 1st

  • scott

    gotta start nady, damon, and abreu in the outfield so essentially the yankees got a better pinch runner in the form of gardner.

    • Chris

      Then who DHs? If Giambi is the DH, then who plays first?

      • Joseph P.


        • Chris

          He’s no better than Melky. I’d take Melky’s crappy bat plus above average defense over Betemit’s (slightly less) crappy bat plus crappy defense.

      • Greg

        Betemit/Ransom platoon at DH until Matsui comes back. While one DH’s the other can come in, if needed, during the game.

      • Greg

        Betemit – career – vs. RHP: .267 .339 .457
        Ransom – career – vs. LHP: .414 .485 .759 (34 PA)

      • radnom

        Don’t forget about Matsui on the way back.

        I got your DH right there.

        • Chris

          So why not wait to send him down until a better player is available…

          • radnom

            This move is more about Melky than whoever is coming up.

            Sometimes you need change simply for change’s sake.

            Now is one of those times.

            • Chris

              You need to bring up a worse player because you’re unhappy with how bad the current option is? Shouldn’t you try to have the best players in the majors?

              Every move like this has two parts – who’s coming up and who’s going down. Both parts come into play.

              • radnom

                F for reading comprehension.

                “This move is more about Melky than whoever is coming up.”

                Yes a move like this has two parts, but the focus on the Yankees here was more about getting Melky down to send a message/get his head straight than it is about getting someone up here to hit. He was doing us no good on the bench anyway.

                And also, is Gardner really that much worse right now? Sometimes you just have to just shake things up a little bit. Two weeks of Gardner instead of Melky isn’t a huge skill difference the way he has been hitting, plus Melky gets a chance to take a step back and maybe get himself a little straightened out.

              • Old Ranger

                Brett has more things going for him then Melky; speed, defence, eye at the plate (needs to hit better), and baseball instincts. Melky has the arm and power only. Why is Melky better…Brett will hit about the same(better we hope)? 27/09?

                • radnom

                  Even after you guys all got brought down to earth a little bit the last time Brett came up….he is not as good as you all think he is.

              • Count Zero

                We get it.

                Problem is, Melky is so bad at this point that my grandmother would be a significant upgrade. And the more ABs he gets, the worse he gets. He needs to get his act together in AAA or he’s not even a 4th outfielder.

                It’s already been pointed out numerous times but here you go again:

                Melky 2008: .242/.296/.337
                Melky post ASB 2008: 244/.272/.295

                A .566 OPS doesn’t belong in the show unless you play SS like Ozzie or backup C like Molina. Even the pathetic Betemit is .258/.280/.406 — 100 points of OPS better than Melky.

                At this point I’d rather give Gardner some ABs in MLB than watch Melky swing like a girl for another month…no matter how badly he does. At least it will be a different girl up there swinging.

                (Apologies to all the women out there with a better swing than Melky.)

                • Chris

                  Gardner on the season: .153/.227/.169

                  If a .566 OPS doesn’t belong in the show, then why does a .396 OPS?

                • steve (different one)

                  b/c one is about 50+ ABs? and its his first 50 ABs ever?

                  Melky has been starting for about 3 years and he keeps getting worse.

                  come on, i don’t think Gardner is all that, but you can’t use his handful of ABs to prove anything.

              • Old Ranger

                Not bad way to put it at all. 27/09?

  • r.w.g.

    Maybe Ransom will start taking a game or two a week from Cano?

  • Manimal

    My dad heard it on FAN and then he called me and I typed it in to mike during the Live chat but he picked someone elses comment for it.

    • radnom

      Cool story!

      • Stephen

        what happened next?

        haha just playing

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Sexson couldn’t be productive off the bench and he certainly gave Girardi no reason to give him any more playing time. Melky has done virtually nothing since the early part of the season and deserved this.

    Gardner strikes me as little more than poor man’s Bubba Crosby, Cody Ransom is 32 years old playing in the minors. Yanks are just playing out the string.

    • Greg

      They’re doing what they can do, which isn’t much. But it was the right move for Melky. See if they can get him producing in AAA and if they can count on him, in any capacity, next year. He’s too young to simply call a 4th OF. He might, just might, be a bit better than that. They certainly can’t trade him for anything more than a relief arm. They don’t need more of those. Might as well see what he could develop into, if anything. Gardner is a better 4th – lower ceiling, and more utility off the bench.

  • steve (different one)

    they had to cut Sexson so Girardi would stop starting him in place of Giambi.

    i like Girardi, but that had to stop.

    • radnom


  • Tim

    How does Carson not get a chance here? This says to me that the Yanks don’t think he is for real. Maybe he is just a minor league mirage of a player.

    • Greg

      Would Carson start over Damon, Nady, or Abreu?

      No. He’ll come up in two weeks.

      • Tim

        No, but would you give him a shot over Wilson for ABs? He could either DH or one of those three could DH. I don’t know about you but I am not real impressed with what Wilson is brining to the table . . . or the plate as the case may be.

        • steve (different one)

          depends how hurt Jeter is.

          if Jeter is hurt, then Ransom had to come up. so he got Sexson’s spot on the 40 man.

          Gardner was already on the 40 man, so they didn’t need to make another move.

          • Tim

            Fair enough

          • cult of basebaal

            hard to say … DJ is starting at SS tonite …

  • jsbrendog

    i think that this is good news. obv nto for this season since there won’t be any of that, but good news long term nonetheless

  • JerseyJohn

    Not sure if Gardner is the answer but at this point Melky needed to be sent down. I can’t stand Russo and his screaming so good riddance to him! Now if someone would only call me to say my ex-wife has been hit by a bus, this would be the best day ever!

    • giselle


  • John NY

    both sexson and melky was a no brainer. Now, we have our best OF option in the field for the stretch run…Damon, Nady, Abreu…and they better play everyday because Gardner is basically a pinch runner. Betemit/Ransom provide depth on the bench.

    Cashman is in the right on this.

  • mike

    This is moving deckchairs on the Titanic- cutting the 24th&25th guys on the roster is more of a waste than replacing the 24th and 25th guys on the roster with career AAAA players.

    Id prefer them bringing up Ajax for a week and see what happens

    • radnom

      Yeah why don’t we bring up Montero for the week too while we’re at it.

      Let Betance make a start…he deserves a chance!

      • mike

        c’mon – if Gardiner gets more than 5 at bats in a week it will be because Damon is hurt.

        Let Ajax get 2 weeks up here – maybe a few at bats and some outfield D – i would bring him up 9/1 anyway when rosters expand.

        do you think Gardiner will get any meaningful at bats?

        • steve

          why rush ajax to the majors ? hes what ? 21 22 ? in double … thats how you kill someone’s development and or confidence by rushin them to the minors, look what detroit did with mabin last year. wait on ajax next september.

          • mike

            not a rush – as i said if either ransom or gardiner get more than 5 at-bats the Yanks are in trouble, so in that case lets look at Ajax as a pinch-runner/ defense guy for a week or two, maybe some cheap at bats.

            id like to see that rather than waste a locker on gardiner

            • cult of basebaal

              and i’d rather see gardner than start jackson’s arb clock for pretty much no reason …

            • steve (different one)

              that’s a really smart move. starting a player’s service clock for 2 weeks of pinch-running/defense!

              why didn’t Cashman think of that?!

              • steve (different one)

                too slow…

            • radnom

              Also, why do you want him up here pinch running and riding the bench as opposed to working on his swing and developing in the minors?

            • steve

              i’m pretty sure thats the definition of rushing a prospect … its wasting him getting regular at bats plus if all they are looking for is a pinch runner and or defense substitution gardner and christian are good enough and fast enough.

        • Old Ranger

          Also, A-Jax is not even close to Justin/Brett in speed…so, what would he do? Better off in AAA, AA. 27/09?

  • Brian

    Ransom can spell Cano, Jeter, and A-Rod. Basically this is b/c Alberto Gonzalez is gone. Without him around, Ransom’s versatility makes him the guy.

    • Geno

      I thought Betemit was that guy?

  • dkidd

    this tells me that jeter is really hurting

    • radnom

      Yeah. Hurting so bad hes playing short tonight while Damon DHs.


  • ManBearPig

    The gardner move makes sense, why not give Brett the same chance they gave Melky. As for Ransom, I know Sexson sucks, but his numbers against lefties were decent. This only makes sense if Jeter is going to miss significant time or Girardi is going to stop sitting Giambi against lefties.

    • Old Ranger

      Thank you…
      Your 1st line was exactly what a few have been saying. 27/09?

  • stuart

    Yeah why waste a roster spot on 24 yr old gardner we know he will never amount to anything!!!!!

    Not really just whining and acting like I know what I am talking about like most posters..

    Melky needed to go down and learn how to hit again…

  • steve

    Sexson did exactly what the Yanks needed him to do, but they had other needs right now.

    Gardner definitely deserves a chance to have 1 1/2 months at center to see if he can be an option for next year.

  • ttf

    If this means Girardi starts starting Betemit over Giambi against leftys i’ll be LIVID.

  • dkidd

    betemit=hank bauer


  • Geno

    Though I’m a little sad to admit it, I prefer Gardner over Melky. Their defensive skill sets are pretty much a wash. Melky’s got that arm, but Gardner’s arm isn’t shabby, plus he’s got speed and superior routes on his side.

    Speed like Gardner’s can be a serious game changer – even a series changer -, and Melky just hasn’t shown a game-changing skill set.

    • cult of basebaal

      that’s not true … Hacky McHeadfirstslide has shown plenty of abilities to change a game … weak groundouts with men on base, flailing at pitches over his shoulders close and late, swinging at anything within a foot of the plate …

      these are all game changing abilities … unfortunately, they’re not POSITIVE game changing abilities …

      • Old Ranger

        Stellar! 27/09?

      • Geno

        Having said that, I could still see the Melk Man developing into a productive major league player. He’s got a few years left to round into form. If and when he does, I could see him peaking at 20 hr/100 rbi/20stl/ .280/.380/.420 guy with a cannon for an arm.

        Similar batters thorough age 22? Baseball Reference lists Chet Lemon at #6, Roberto Clemente at #7, and the Rock, Tim Raines at #3. I’m not saying he’s the next Raines (who is?), but don’t count him out just yet.

        • cult of basebaal

          problem is, if you actually look at the player who are melky’s comps, it’s pretty damn clear they’re not very good comparisons

          to review, here are the comps

          NAME AGE OPS+
          Hacky 21 95
          22 89
          23 69

          Lezcano(1) 21 135
          22 101
          23 129

          Raines(3) 21 100
          22 116
          23 133

          Lemon(6) 21 83
          22 117
          23 147

          do you notice something really, really different about each of these players?

          yeah, they were all actually very good at age 23.

          oddly enough, the only guy who kinda has some sorta similar path to Hacky is Clemente.

          clemente 21 77
          22 105
          23 73

          but then, clemente had one *weird* career path and i don’t know how much more time that the yankees should spend hoping the melky recreates the career path of an historic anomaly …

  • Chris I mean Kwis Is An Idiot

    I see where Kwis believes keeping melky in the lineup is a must. Kwis doesn’t know shit! Like most of the dweebs on this blog!

    • Doug


  • nick blasioli

    gardner is comletely overmatched with major league pitching…hes fast..thats it…i agree with another blog,,that waiting for matsui, then send melky cant fault his defense….a good late inning replacement….

  • Gary

    Melky needs to learn how to hit AGAIN? So, when did he exactly know how to hit?