‘Mike and the Mad Dog’ now just Mike


For a few months, we had been hearing the rumors of an imminent sports radio divorce. On Thursday, the break-up finally materialized as Chris Russo — Mad Dog to most — announced his departure from the inexplicably popular WFAN radio show. Mike Francesa will stay on as the afternoon host and, presumably, the YES Network will simulcast “Francesa on the FAN” in place of Mike and the Mad Dog. Newsday’s Neil Best has a lot more on this hot story, and we can take solace in the fact that sports radio in New York just got slightly more tolerable.

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  1. rbizzler says:

    Key word being ‘slight.’ An unabashed Yankee-hater is gone, but a fool blowhard continues to have a platform from which to spout his nonsense and cliches. I view this as more of a lateral move.

  2. Greg says:

    Francesa is a piece of shit. It’s obvious he pushed out a guy he felt never had the gravity to share the same airwaves. And without a farewell show? What a complete and utter douche bag. I hope he finds his own Susan Waldman.

  3. JohnnyC says:

    Don’t feel too bad for Russo. If the Sirius deal is for real, he’s tripling his salary. And if Russo were for real he would have left to host his own show in San Francisco many, many years ago. I hope YES rethinks their afternoon schedule. Fatcessa by himself is almost as bad as Russo solo.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Nah man, Chris Russo solo is funny. They’re both morons but at least Russo keeps you entertained if you’re into laughing at other people’s idiocy type of thing (which I so am).

      Mike Francesa is just one of those damn Yankee fans I despise, the ones that feel we are owed something. The ones that have this sense of fucking entitlement and who still hold on to the last dynasty years Terry Schiavo style.

      • bklynJT says:

        And Russo has the nerve to say to callers that they are spoiled because they are upset the Yankees wont make the playoffs. Yet he is the one leading the charge, corrupting the minds of those easily influenced by people who have the medium to voice their idiotic opinions over the air.

        • Ivan says:

          Word. First he will call yankee fans spoiled, and two minutes later he will bring up the Payroll shit and say oh you guys should make the playoffs every year, your the big bad yanks.

      • Count Zero says:

        “Terry Schiavo style” — what a brutal reference! LOL

    • bklynJT says:

      Show some guts!

      Beautiful russo impersonation…

    • Greg says:

      I don’t see how the Sirius deal is for real. They’re hurting. Still, the guy got fired on vacation after 19 years. And Francesa knew he was the one dropping the hatchet. I really hope he dies on air because he’s so fat.

      I thought Russo was funny and entertaining. Neither can be said of Francesa and worse, he thinks he’s knowledgeable and he’s not even that.

      • Bo says:

        “I really hope he dies on air because he’s so fat.”

        Is this clown serious?

        • Greg says:

          You bet I am. The fat slob made sure his co-worker of 19 year got fired on vacation and without a goodbye. I hope he dies in a fire.

          Put aside your fandom for one moment (and all those mean people that “hate” the Yankees), and look at it like a human being. Francesa is a POS. He’ll die soon enough from being fat.

          • Jon W. says:

            To say you hope he dies on the air is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard in my life. He’s a talk show host paid a lot of money to say idiotic things that spur conversation among the ignorant masses. If you don’t like it, turn it off.

            To get so passionate about something so meaningless is ridiculous. You need a new hobby.

          • ceciguante says:

            unless “greg” is code for “chris russo,” you’re taking this way too seriously.

            wait…even if you are chris russo, you’re taking this too seriously.

          • barry says:

            You’re going a little to far.

          • Count Zero says:

            On the one hand — wishing death on people is pretty over the top…

            But on the other hand — you have to admit the image of Fatcesa having a heart attack live on YES is pretty amusing. It would certainly make for great television…

          • Greg says:

            Boo, fucking hoo. I actually don’t have to wish death on that fat slob to make it happen. He’ll die soon enough.

    • Stryker says:


  4. The Scout says:

    Good riddance. Their act got stale years ago. Anytime Russo started in, “If you’re a [blank] fan, you have to…”, I simply shut off the radio. He was never important enough to tell anyone what he “had” to think.

  5. jsbrendog says:

    celebration time come one, its a celebration

  6. Bo says:

    And all of you listen at least 3 hrs a day.

    • rbizzler says:

      Sorry Bro, I never listen to those fools. I don’t live in the NYC metro area, but I still have no interest in listening. My parents seem to enjoy the programming though.

  7. ceciguante says:

    i’m gonna miss chris russo. i liked to laugh at his ridiculous rants now and again, flipping stations in the car to see if i’d catch him and mike eviscerate some idiot trade suggestion with over the top indignation. mike without the dog won’t be the same.

  8. JohnnyC says:

    YES should replace MMD with Max Kellerman. He’d be tolerable to listen to for Yankees fans.

  9. Jay New Canaan says:

    Chris and I are friendly. He never liked Mike; he was there because the station was afraid of Mikes grating personality solo. I am by no means friends with Russo, but I do know that he has been wanting this for a long time, and I also personally HATE Mike and his horrible views. Yes he is a Yankee fan, but he also is such a damn know it all. One day he is telling callers they are fools to think the Jets would get Farve, or even be interested. The next day after Mort reports the Jets were in talks with Brett, he is saying his sources told him this was coming. You can say the sky is blue, he will hang up on you and say its purple. I hope his show falls. I would love Chris to replace Max Kellerman… that would be nice.

  10. Ivan says:

    Pete Abe makes some interesting points about russo leaving WFAN. Hey we can say alot things about Francessa but he was smarter than Russo albeit doesn’t say much because alot of people are smarter than Russo but still.

    Another thing, it’s funyy how russo likes to kill the athlete for making too much money, bitches about the yanks payroll, complains about this guy taking more money and etc. Yet he takes the Satelite radio job because they gonna pay him more money. Talk about hypocrisy.

  11. mustang says:

    Oh Happy Day !!!!!

  12. Jamal G. says:

    Oh my God, Chris Russo is crying on-air.

  13. scott says:

    Is he the fat one or the skinny one with the horrible voice? They both blow.
    Regardless of how you feel about Russo you gotta have respect for a guy who could sit locked up with fat francesa for 4 hours a day….i mean can you imagine how bad that studio must stink in the summer….filled with the stench of sweating blubber.

  14. yankeeuniverse says:

    it’s a great show.. they were a great complement to each other.. they’ll be missed together by many people.. myself included

  15. scott says:

    i heard russo didnt quit…it just became impossible to fit another guy in the same studio with fatboy.

  16. yankeeuniverse says:

    i have a lotta respect and have always enjoyed MadDog a little more than Mike.. not only for being a SF Giant fan in NY , which I can relate to as a 49er fan in NY, but whether or not you agree with what he says, he’s always been a standup guy who wouldn’t hesitate to admit when he’s wrong about something (unlike “i’m always right and never wrong” Francessa).. i’m sure being around and working with someone like that for that long would drive me insane

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