Mo day-to-day with back spasms

Even from afar, Kyle is still killing the Yanks
Kennedy makes his case; Charleston's offense explodes

In the bottom of the eighth with two outs and the bases loaded, Edwar Ramirez remained in the game to face Mark Teixeira. Yankee fans all over raised a collective eyebrow as Mariano Rivera sat in the bullpen. Now, we learn that he’s simply going through his routine August injury period. Rivera is day-to-day with back spasms. The future Hall of Famer says he first felt the pain after losing Friday’s game and couldn’t get loose before the game today. He along with the rest of us hopes to get back on the field tomorrow.

Even from afar, Kyle is still killing the Yanks
Kennedy makes his case; Charleston's offense explodes
  • Miles Roche

    Don’t bottom out on us, Mo. . .

    (This is directed to Mike.)
    Totally off topic here, but what’s the outlook on Brad freaking Rulon, he seems to be joining Brian Baisley as a man amongst children. . .

    Is he a Top-15 type guy?

    • Mike A.

      Rulon? No, not even close. He’s a small RHP (5’10”, 180 lbs) and only mid-to-high 80’s with the fastball, but he’s got a hammer curveball, which is what he’s using to dominate inexperienced hitters. He’s a senior sign from a major program (Ga Tech), so it’s no accident he’s dominating the NY-Penn League.

  • E-ROC

    I hope Mo’s back spasms do not become a re-occurring theme. That is very possible with his age, but he does take care of his body like A-Rod.

  • Ed

    Routine August injury? I can’t remember Rivera being hurt other than the forearm soreness 2 years ago. Ok, I think he pulled a hamstring or groin muscle early in the year like 5+ years ago, but that’s really all I can remember.

    And for the anal, yeah, Rivera had Tommy John surgery 16 years ago.

    What am I missing?

    • Mike A.

      Maybe “routine August injury” wasn’t the best choice of words, but every year around this team Mo seems to struggle a bit and blows 2 or 3 saves in the span of a week, and everyone starts saying he’s finished.

      • JRVJ

        I think the RLYW guys named that WIWWMW or What Is Wrong With Mariano Week.

        I’ve been thinking that we’re going through WIWWMW since Friday’s loss….

  • A.D.

    If its just back spasams it’s not a big year, Mo’s has some of this random stuff before, everyone has. Luckily it didn’t cost us in the long run today, and I’m sure that 4 hour plane ride to Texas will fix the back

  • Newman

    Crazy how God gives himself an injury just to make the mere mortals feel better about themselves when they get hurt. He truly is a man of the people. Mariano bless America

    • steve (different one0

      i enjoyed this post

    • cult of basebaal

      there is no Mo but Mo and Joba is his Messenger.

  • Ivan

    In Sad News Today, the Statche passed away this evening.

    • steve (different one)

      thank Mo

  • Chip

    It was upset that it wasn’t allowed to attend the all-star game and participate in the homerun derby in order to perpetuate it’s socialist stache agenda and thereafter stopped secreting Michael Jordan’s “Special Juice”

  • Joey H

    hey benny, a-rod hit a double play ball in the 8th today. none the less in a HUGE situation

    • steve (different one)

      would they definitely have turned 2? we don’t know. maybe a-rod beats it out.

      also, the ball was hit very hard. that’s why the play wasn’t made.

      i sure haven’t heard anyone point out that the 4 run rally in the 7th inning began on a Jeter “double” that GMJ simply dropped.

      the ball should have been caught, but sometimes you catch a break.

      remember when people used to just be happy when their team won?

      • cult of basebaal

        you’re asking nuance from joey?

      • Joey H

        no kidding steve, its become a joke with me and ben. who knows, jeter is always good for a gidp

  • LiveFromNewYork

    When Edwar tried to give up the game, I said in the game thread it would make the win all that much sweeter. I believe I am a clutch commenter. Commenting optimism and carring this blog on my back when it counts.

    Now please sign Arod’s check over to me. I have a trainer to hire to keep my blogging digits in shape.

    • cult of basebaal

      i stand corrected … there is no Mo but Mo and LiveFromNewYork is his Messenger!

      • LiveFromNewYork

        Thank you. I’ll be here all week.