Open Thread: The fate of Derek

The inevitable return of Carl Pavano and/or Phil Hughes
Well, that explains things

Once upon a time, Derek Jeter was the Yankee Golden Boy. In 2000, he captured both the World Series and All Star Game MVP to complement his fourth World Series ring in five professional seasons, and it seemed as though many more would be on the horizon.

Well, over the last eight seasons, by and large, Derek during the regular season has not disappointed. He is six hits shy of 2500 and has a lifetime batting line of .316/.387/.459. While the World Series title to complete the hand of rings has eluded him, that’s more a reflection of the team than of Derek. The Yanks, after all, have made the playoffs every year of his career.

But lately, something’s happened with Derek. The New York media, once the biggest fans of the Yanks’ media-savvy — and don’t forget attractive — young short stop, have come to regard him with a skeptical eye. It’s a prime example of “What have you done for me lately?”

Case in point: This year, Derek, who entered 2008 amid MVP expectations, is having a very quiet year. While a 4-for-4 day yesterday moved his triple slash numbers upward, he’s hitting a very un-Jeterian .295/.356/.404 on the year. His power is well below his career norms, and he’s hit into 19 double plays already this year. Playing his age 34 season, Derek has turned in a singles hitter — one very expensive singles hitter.

And therein lies the rub. As a recent column in The Publication That Must Not Be Named opined, the Yanks could very well be facing a future without Derek Jeter as soon as 2011. His contract, which now pays him over $21 million a year, is up in 2010, and if Derek continues the decline brought about, whether we like it or not, by his age, the Yanks will have a short stop on their hands who can’t really field the position and won’t be the hitter he once was.

Of course, there’s a flipside. There’s always a flipside in baseball. Derek Jeter is the Yankees. He’s been their captain for a long time, and while A-Rod is more or less the face of the franchise these day, the team is still Derek’s. The Steinbrenners, as iYankees remind us, also plan to take care of Jeter once this deal is up, and I don’t think Hank meant in the Tony Soprano sense of the word.

So this is what I leave you with on an off-day in August prior to a vital six-game road trip: What do you do with Derek Jeter? The Red Sox are about to unceremoniously dump their captain, but Derek’s line is far cry from Jason Varitek’s pitiful .215/.305/.339 effort this year.

Should the Yanks re-sign Derek and prime fans for a potential run at 4000 hits? Should he be their short stop? Should he move? And how much should a 36-year-old Derek Jeter earn? I’d hate to be in Brian Cashman‘s, Hank Steinbrener’s or Hal Steinbrenner‘s shoes when it’s time to pull the trigger on this move in two years?

The inevitable return of Carl Pavano and/or Phil Hughes
Well, that explains things
  • chad lionquest

    i hope jeter stays, doubt he will though. i’ve been fearing this and feel like he’s being pushed out. however, i’m not sure if Hank and Hal will still be running the show. sure feels like they’re getting ready to sell the team once that piece of shit opens.

    • pat

      what exactly gives you this “feeling”? The new park is supposed to double the current yearly earnings of around $327 million dollars a year.

      Theyre going to sell this enterprise that, conservatively speaking stands to make about $600 million a year. A certain amount of greed runs in Steinbrenner blood but not abject stupidity.

  • Travis

    4,000 hits? That sounds much more unrealistic now than it did only a couple of years ago. Jeter would need to average 150 hits per season until his mid-40s, and that doesn’t seem doable. I’ll pencil Jeter in for 3,500 hits.

    • RustyJohn

      I think Jeters performance will drop so greatly by 2010 that this will be less of an issue. If he becomes the Yanks equivalent of Jose Vidro in 2010 is there going to be a clammer to keep him around? Nope.

  • dkidd

    4000 hits? he’d be 42 years old. you wanna hear “jeter? he’s got an edge baby!” for 8 more years?

    i love the captain, and i suspect his off year has to do with nagging injuries, but his range at short is getting scary and i doubt he’s going to be open to moving to the outfield a la robin yount

    • Jamal G.

      “…but his range at short is getting scary…”

      Except that he is an above average Short Stop via the defensive statistic, Zone Rating. Derek Jeter ranks 9th of 19th among MLB Short Stops with an .833%.

      • Jamal G.

        Whadafuxup with Jose Reyes this season? Last year he was third amongst MLB Short Stops with a Zone Rating of .863%, but this year he is dead last with an .807%.

        • Ivan

          Im shocked by that one.

        • Steve J

          Among other things, it probably has something to do with the addition of a strikeout-flyball starter to the Mets rotation since last season, giving Reyes less chances in the field. This is why ZR is a completely useless metric for measuring defense. All it shows is plays per 27 outs with no other context. This stat is much more descriptive of the type of pitching staff in front of the defense than anything.

          About all other defensive metrics have scored Jeter as below average to terrible for years. He was never truely a good defensive player, not even ten years ago. It was always his bat that made him a star. Problem is, is his offense that much in decline? If so, he’ll become an albatross -too popluar to let go and yet to expensive to justify. His lack of range at SS won’t improve much with a move to second. His stats this year probably makes him a little above average corner OF or IF, but not worth $20million a year, and how fast will his hitting decline?

      • Jeremy

        My understanding is that Jeter’s defense has improved this year. It is unusual for him to be better than average, GGs notwithstanding.

        • Ivan

          The only year that he probably deserve the GG was in 04.

      • bklynJT

        Jeter does seem to get to more balls this year. I wonder how much of that has to do with better positioning.

        • Old Ranger

          Watch him, he is playing a bit deeper, making up for it with quicker and harder throws. Even on DPs, Cano is the one covering, at least lately…mostly, even a lefty batter at times. 27/09?

  • nolan

    How about we move Jeter to 2b and trade Cano? A singles hitting 2nd baseman who hits 300 with a 375ish OBP is above average offensively. A singles hitting shortstop who does the same is average to below average. Cano is a great 2nd baseman who is incredibly streaky and can’t draw a walk (OBP went from 365 in 2006 to 353 in 2007 and is now an abysmal 305 in 2008). Slumps happen to every hitter but the hitters that can take pitches, make a pitcher work and draw a walk every now and then are the types of hitters you want. Cano is not that player as he just hacks away at everything he sees.
    We could use Cano and Kennedy to go get ourselves the next great shortstop.

    • steve (different one)

      A singles hitting 2nd baseman who hits 300 with a 375ish OBP is above average offensively. A singles hitting shortstop who does the same is average to below average.

      i think you have this backwards.

    • Carl

      Jeter is still a superior athlete although maybe not so much as a SS this year.

      I’ll float this out there – food for thought if you will…

      Move DJ to the OF for next season.

      Sign Furcal (who’s out for the year but had a terrific start) to a three year deal… you can probably get him discounted… maybe even a 2-year deal

      Nady is your RF
      Jeter in CF
      Damon in LF
      Matsui in DH

      Gardner and Melky in tow if one of those guys gets hurt – since they’re all in their 30’s I’d bet on it.

      Now Matsui, Damon, and Nady come off the books after next season.

      You can slide Jeter to LF… and you’re looking at a potential 2010 OF of Jeter, Gardner, Austin Jackson.

      Just food for thought… it’s a longshot… but I think we’re getting close to having to move Jeter.

      The other option is move him to 1B… he can take over for Giambi there and would be an above average 1B.

      You’d still have Damon/Nady/Matsui/Gardner/Cabrera in the OF mix.

      You still have to sign Furcal.

      You’re projected 2009 lineup

      Damon LF
      Furcal SS – blasphemy I know
      Cano 2B – time to step up kid
      Rodriguez 3B
      Matsui DH
      Nady LF
      Jeter 1B
      Posada C
      Gardner CF

      Or of course you can switch Furcal and Jeter in the lineup :)

      • D’$on

        Cano 2B – time to step up kid

    • MLNLAW

      I’ve had the thought of trading Cano and Kennedy and moving Jeter (if he’ll do it) to 2B but coming off bad years – their trade value is low.

  • Jeremy

    Jeter will finish his contract at shortstop (if he’s physically capable), sign a new contract, then change positions (maybe to 2B if Cano is gone).

    The media will fawn over him for being a team player, even if he is execrable at SS.

    I don’t buy for a second that anyone, media or team, is pushing Jeter out. He, not ARod, is still the face of the franchise. He (and Joba) is the guy with a commercial after every inning.

    He’s having a down season but not a bad one. He’d live up to most contracts, but I doubt anyone could live up to his contract.

    • A.D.

      he’s better off going to the outfield in my mind

      • Old Ranger

        Where ever he moves, this is what you get; 2nd baseman with no range, OFder with no power. Of course, these are his bad points. The good; .300/.370 OBP…150 to 170 hits a year. 27/09?

  • 27 this year

    I say regardless of what he says, he will realize he would help the team by moving to CF. He has speed, a decent arm, and is great with flyballs and plays hard. A-Jax, hopefully pans out, should have enough of a bat to slot into LF or RF leaving the other spot to a FA. SS would have to figured out and a decent replacement should be though of. In the end, Jeter shouldn’t get paid 21 mil in the next deal maybe a reasonalbe 13-14 or more.

  • Batty

    The only places I ever hear that ‘A-Rod is the face of the franchise/Yankees’ are on blogs that love to regurgitate his stats like an alcoholic does his last meal. All other fans that I talk to that don’t follow blogs do not see A-Rod as that face and I doubt he ever will be – way too much of a head case.

    I also don’t think ‘Tek has the same ‘face’ designation for the Sox as Jeter does for the Yanks. That said this is still NY and someone’s star quality is only as good as their last at bat.

    I highly doubt Jete will play for another team – he’d probably retire first. They would do better by asking him to start coaching then insult him with a ‘take it or leave it’ offer if he declines that much. He might be open to playing 2b if Cano continues to decline or maybe 1st but I still doubt it.

    • Jeremy

      Agreed about ARod’s status.

      It’s really hard to be an ARod fan. His shortcomings are more memorable than his achievements. Which is pretty astounding considering he is one of the greatest players ever.

      Here’s my “face of the Yankees” test. Go to a game and count the names on fans’ Yankee jerseys. I’d bet you’d see 10 Jeters for every Rodriguez.

      • Ivan

        “Here’s my “face of the Yankees” test. Go to a game and count the names on fans’ Yankee jerseys. I’d bet you’d see 10 Jeters for every Rodriguez.”

        True, and but also lets be fair, Jeter is a home grown product with 4 rings.

        But I will say this, it is changing slightly.

      • AndrewYF

        Really? I can only remember a couple specific ‘bad’ moments for A-Rod. I can remember a lot, LOT more good ones. A lot of them were from last year.

    • Gary

      No Yankee team is going to the final dance and winning belle of the ball with Alex Rodriguez on its roster. I don’t exactly care to say why, but my baseball experience tells me this is so.

  • Ivan

    Off Topic but outside of Beckett, is John Lester and Matsuzaka having lucky seasons?

    • pat

      bens gonna kick ur ass

    • Pablo Zevallos

      hey why don’t you go to check out some stats and then you’ll find out?!

      • Ivan

        thank you.

        • steve (different one)

          RLYW looked at this today.

          Lester has not been lucky. Matsuzaka has been very lucky.

          or at least according to FIP.

          • Ivan

            Yo Matsuzaka has been crazy lucky which I knew but not this lucky.

    • Gary

      Kay that twit commented on YES tonight that Dice-K was lucky this season, 14-3 but walking six batters per game. Kay you’re an idiot. Dice-K on the Yanks might be their ace, and to boot, Kei Igawa is so bad that the Yanks with all their injuries still cannot run Igawa out there for fear that some of the married men on the field might get hit in..well you get my point.

  • SDYankee

    Forget the “face of the franchise” crap. Nomar was the face in Boston, Torii Hunter or Santana in Minnesota…if you win the fans look to other faces. This is a business.

    If you can get good young talent for Jeter today….do it!!! If not let the contract run out and then goodbye.

    • pat

      nobody is going to take on a 21 million dollar contract for a 36 yr old SS

      • SDYankee


  • mike b.

    Jeter will never wear another uniform. If you don’t understand that you might as well be a Met fan.

    • RustyJohn

      Hopefully he will retire when his contract is up- ala Brosius and O’Neil.

      • RustyJohn

        And Mattingly.

  • Baseballnation

    Cano actually has great range and a great arm… He did play SS also some right? How bout a Jeter to second, Cano to SS…???

    And Think more than anything else Jeter is what we in the sports world call a “company guy,” meaning knowing him he’ll do anything the Yankees ask him as long as he believes it’s in the best interest of the team.

    • 27 this year

      did he?

      • Ivan

        yeah, and while he had the arm for SS, he didn’t really had the range.

    • pat

      Then he probably should have changed positions when we signed the greatest SS in the history of baseball a few yrs ago. Or at least gave him some public support so fans and meda wouldnt crucify him every day.

      • usty

        Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • http://cmon jeff

      cano to short are you kidding me.. he is too lazy to play second base and drifts into lala land half the time. he has no range at all. I say trade cano and phil hughs to the marlins for hanley ramirez and move Jeter to second base

  • Radnom

    I think its unfair to assume that Jeter is in a downward career spiral, especially since he had one of his top seasons last year.

    Talk to me if his numbers are at the same place at the end of next season.

  • Dimaggio5

    If A-Rod is the face of the Yankees than the Yankees need to be slapped in the face. He will NEVER be what the Captain is, EVER.

  • Pablo Zevallos

    I respect all baseball stats…except defensive stats. I think traditional scouts and the naked eye are the best tools someone has to evaluate defense. And I’ll be damned if my eyes didn’t tell me that Jeter has, at best, below-average range in SS. He’s always injured with some nagging thing, and he doesn’t drive the ball much at all at this point. He was great for years and he’s a borderline Hall of Famer. But baseball is a business and the team must win, making me shudder at the prospects of a 36-year-old Jeter, particularly if there is a young SS on the market or if we have a prospect who is near-ready. Bye, and thanks for the memories.

    • 27 this year

      well there really isn’t any good SS out there.

      mlbtraderumors FAs

      Orlando Cabrera (34)
      David Eckstein (34)
      Adam Everett (32)
      Rafael Furcal (31)
      Nomar Garciaparra (35)
      Cesar Izturis (29)
      Felipe Lopez (29)
      Edgar Renteria (33) – $12MM club option for ’09 with a $3MM buyout
      Juan Uribe (30)
      Omar Vizquel (42) – $5.2MM club option for ’09 with a $0.3MM buyout

      We don’t exactly have any prospect ready yet, Agnelli will take time as will anyone we drafted.

      • bklynJT

        We have a couple new potential SS’s in our system but they are far from ready. As for Jeter, his contract doesn’t run out for a couple more season. There is no way the Yankees trade Jeter away (plus he has a no trade).

      • Pablo Zevallos

        Right. But i’m talking about 2011 FA. And who knows of Corban Joseph can continue his hitting and be passable on the field to be a quick riser

        • pat

          he doesnt have the quickness to play ss, he’ll stick to 2b where we can only hope he is a shadow of chase utley

    • steve (different one)

      “borderline” hall of famer?


      • JohnnyC

        Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But I’d wait until he’s been recording for 25 years before I was that definitive about his chances to get in.

  • Mark B

    It is way too early to even think of having this discussion, as this will be determined by his health and his production. If Jeter is healthy and not producing, anyone who has followed him will know that he has too much pride to not retire. In fact, Hal or Hank will probably pull a Bobby Murcer with him and ask him to go into the booth if he is too stubborn to not retire.

    The telling question I think should be asked is how much is having Bobby Abreu (a fairly average #3 hitter when compared to most other playoff contenders) bat behind him? What if A Rod was slotted at #3? It is worth some discussion as we can see what Man Ram did for Jeff Kent in LA.

    That aside, a great comparison is Robin Yount (dkidd above gets the kudos for this reference).

    As one who was a kid growing up in Milwaukee at the time he played there, I can say the same question was being asked of Rockin’ Robin in 1986.

    After a shoulder surgery in the 85 offseason and a move to CF in 1986, his power can back in 1987 and he won the MVP in 1989. Not saying this will happen to Jeter, but it could happen.

    • steve (different one)

      i like Jeter, but he would be the most boring announcer on earth.

      • Steve

        Derek will take over in 2020 as manager of the Yankees, when Girardi retires because he’s run out of fingers to put rings on, like Yogi did.

  • Bobby

    First of all, I believe Derek would not sign anywhere but the Yanks. He is a lifetime Yankees fan, and his dream was to play shortstop for the Yanks. I think he would retire before going to another team, but other marquee players have done it before.

    If Derek re-signs, I would be surprised if he got much more than 12-14 mil. At his best, he will hit somewhere between .290 and .320, and hit about 10 homers. If Cano is traded, I believe second is the best spot for Jeter. And if he was moved to the outfield, I believe he would play left, not center. But he could play any of the three outfield postitions. However, I am not so sure he would be willing to switch positions. I think he would be open to it, but in his heart he would really not want to do it.

    Derek has been my favorite player since I became a Yankees fan at age 7 in 2000. I could not imagine the Yanks without Derek.

    • Ivan

      We couldn’t imagine Brett Farve playing in any other uniform but the Packers.

      • Mark B

        I don’t see Derek pulling a drawn out maybe-I-will-retire-and maybe-I-will not, then retire officially then change his mind just two months later. I can’t see Derek playing those games……he doesn’t covet the media attention that Brett obviously can’t get enough of.

        • Mark B

          I forgot to add that Brett starting pulling this crap for the last 4 offseasons

        • A.D.

          there are also different money/salary cap considerations in the NFL

      • Batty

        Not the same analogy. To follow that out Jeter would have to say he’s retiring, then change his mind (Clemens?) and ask for his job back. That scenario will never play out.

        None of the other examples brought up here (Santana, Nomar (*maybe*), etc…) come close to how much Jeter=Yankees. I knew Santana played for the Twins but I never thought of him as an untouchable lynchpin.

        • Ivan

          What Imtrying to say is anything can happen. Things are not set in stone. Sure the circumstances and situations are different but still like Jeter, Farve was the Golden Boy in GB. I mean not counting this year, I,ve always thought that Farve will be a Packer for life and now we know what happen. Point is, things can happen.

          Santana doesn’t really count everybody knew he was gone soon.

  • Mike W.

    For those who say that Jeter would never sign anywhere else to play, you need to think about Jeter’s legacy and what he wants it to be.

    If at the end of the 2010, Jeter is still below 3000 hits (which he most likely will be), do you really think he wouldn’t keep playing to get above 3000 hits and play towards 3500-4000 hits, IF the Yanks did not make an effort to re-sign him.

    Derek Jeter is my favorite baseball player of all time and I agree with you all that he would love to retire a Yankee, but I find it hard to believe that he wouldn’t keep playing to further his legacy.

    • Steve

      Anyone who thinks Jeter is motivated by numbers just hasn’t been paying attention since 1995.

  • Pablo Zevallos

    a follow-up question: is he a Hall of Famer?

    • pat

      4 rings, couple gold gloves, career .316 hitter with 2500 hits +being derek frickin jeter he could retire right now and be a hall of famer

    • Mike A.

      First ballot.

    • Ivan

      No doubt. His offense at the SS position is terrific, and add the rings, All-Star appearances, WS MVP. Not an arguement.

    • steve (different one)

      a follow-up question: is he a Hall of Famer?

      sorry for the smartass comment above, i just had no idea this was even up for debate.

      • Mark B

        Amen….you have to wonder the intelligence of some of these writers if they top and think before they write a note like that.

        • Pablo Zevallos

          Let me explain something: I agree that Jeter is a HoFer, but I should explain my use of “borderline.” I mean that the writers who have an anti-Yankes bias or the guys who look at “oh he started declining at x age” or w/e may not appreciate him. But in my mind there’s no doubt he belongs

          • JohnnyC

            Yeah but these are the same writers who gave Jeter 3 Gold Gloves. He’s immune to the normal anti-Yankees bias because of the 4 rings (just like his buddy Joey 4 Rings). The writers saved their bias and cynicism for the borderline candidacy of Don Mattingly.

      • bklynJT

        Better to be a smart ass then a dumb ass. Just hope your not both.

    • Mike W.

      Absolutely first ballot.

    • mike b.

      does the pope sh*t in the woods?

      • steve (different one)

        not if he’s a polar pope!

  • E-ROC

    Derek will probably finish out his deal at shortstop, then I think his new deal will have him playing a different position. Derek will stay in a Yankee uni; just as Rivera and Posada.

  • mike

    Time to fit him for a CF glove and pick up Cabrera from the Sox……..there is no shame in changing positions – and if Yogi, Mick and Arod could do it ( no pun on Arod…) then DJ should

  • Manimal

    Sorry if this is offtopic but, Man, do the Giants look good or what?

    • Ivan


  • Ivan

    A better question would be Where would Jeter rank as an All-Time SS in MLB history? Seriously non-bias opinion, where would Jeter rank as all-time SS?

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Jeter has pissed me off for a few years with his annoyed press answers, his bullshit performance during the playoffs last year. This year he wouldn’t do a curtain call when they were losing…saying it’s about the team, not about him. He barely acknowledges the fans.

    He’s going to stay a Yankee and should. But he should move out of ss and lead the team. Something I don’t think he really does. He’s more of a name only captain.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    And yes he’s a hall of famer but this year he’s pissing me off.

    • JohnnyC

      Unlike ARod who “acknowledges” the fans by leaving the last All-Star game played in Yankee Stadium by leaving the park before the 7th inning. I guess having to stick around was pissing him off.

      • LiveFromNewYork

        It’s not an A-rod/Jeter comparison. They can each do things without being compared to the other.

        How does that ALWAYS happen?

  • Ben N.C.

    I know I’m late to the party, but I’d love to know what that paper did to merit its status around here. Mind sharing?

    On the captain, he’s a HOFer, no question. Only people that will argue are the same type of people who voted Morneau over the to-be-retired No. 2. (Yes, there is a Yankee anti-bias in the media.)

    Not this year — not next year either — but down the road, Jeter needs to request a move to left field. It’ll be on his own accord, and we’ll never hear all the details, but that’s how it’ll go down.

    Ruth | Gehrig | DiMaggio | Mantle | Munson | Mattingly | Jeter

    • OldYanksFan

      You want a 36 year old LFer, who is average on D (at best) with a .750 OPS? SS, 2nd base or CF are the only positions where (I’m guessing) a 36 year old’s .750 OPS will hold up. Jetes is slowing down and I don’t believe will be effective in CF.

      My guess is, as long as he is an average (O and D) SS, the Yanks will hold on to him, unless they develop a stud on the farm. However, Jeter will need to take a serious paycut and maybe (like Wakefield) go year to year.

      He ain’t getting 4,000 hits. 3,000 is the big number, and he should get that as a yankee (in 2011). My guess is by 2011, he will at best be an average SS, and might get offered (by the Yankees) $8-$10m/yr.

      • A.D.

        With general rising contracts, inflation, and the Jeter factor, he’ll get at least 15 mill a year

  • A.D.

    They’ll resign Jeter, and he’ll be productive, I think this year is more of a fluke, and less of a trend. On top of that all that we’ve complained, he’s still hitting .295, without the hand injuyr and subsequent slump, he’s over .300. Capt’n will get it done, no reason to think he shouldn’t. Move to left wouldn’t be the the worst, him and A-Jax patrolling the OF.

    And we do have another SS if necessary, A-Rod, I doubt his range has diminished

  • Joey H

    i could give a rats ass what they do with him, as long as they realize that he is the captain of this team, and dont have a jorge posada like love affiar and give a 36 year old a contract that is more than 2 years. just becasue of his team seniority

  • Ben B.

    Why are we talking about this now? Slow news day? That’s what it was for the Paper That Shall Not be Named. Jeter’s offensive stats, aside from SLG, have been very consistent from 2001-2008. 2006 was an outlier, so his “decline” shouldn’t be measured from 2006. 2007 was better than 2004 and 2005, and comparable to his injury-shortened 2003.

    He’s been incredibly consistent, except his HR power has declined. I think that decline has been magnified this year by his playing through the injury that the Cabrera FB caused, if we assume that sapped some power.

    Look, Jeter’s going to be 36 one day, and he’s going to be 38 and 40 one day, too. I promise! Why are we talking about this now? Let’s save it for December when we’re bored. Or better yet, how about December 2009?

    • barry

      From what I’ve read of you so far you seem pretty negative about having a little fun Ben B.

  • dkidd

    off topic, but cc threw 130 pitches tonight

    • Steve H

      in a 9-3 game. unreal

      • dkidd

        ned yost: “we can’t afford to sign him long term, so we will destroy him before he leaves”

  • Ben B.

    Also, the only place the “MVP expectations” came from is A-Rod’s butt.

    A-Rod made those comments in ST, and a couple of print and broadcast media-types latched onto them, but WHO ELSE expected him to have an MVP season this year?

    PECOTA? ZiPS? Marcels/TangoTiger? CHONE? CAIRO?

  • twotimes

    Derek Jeter’s down year still has him Top 3 in the league at the position. He’s also Derek effing Jeter. Is this discussion really happening?

  • barry

    “The Steinbrenners, as iYankees remind us, also plan to take care of Jeter once this deal is up, and I don’t think Hank meant in the Tony Soprano sense of the word.”

    Got a chuckle out of that one. I think that Derek will always play with the Yankees and the truth of the matter is unlike many athletes Jeter is a class act, I just don’t think he would ever go and play for another team over money. He’ll be paid well just for being what he’s been for the Yankees. As for his numbers being a little down this year, they’re still pretty good numbers and he’ll probably bounce back. I could see a move to first somewhere in the future to keep his legs healthy though, I don’t think he’ll ever be in the outfield because of his leg problems and first is the only logical place to go.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      Yeah, the Steins love the Jeter story of never wanting to be anything but a Yankee. That IS an impressive thing for anyone to have such a lofty goal at such a young age and reach it and excel at it, IS TRULY AMAZING.

      That aside, he has those rings and was an integral part of the 90s dynasty. The Steins are never letting him go. He’ll be with the organization as a player/coach etc. for the rest of his life.

  • Chris

    I think getting hit on the wrist was a much bigger deal than he acknowledged. He struggled right after that, and also got in some bad habits. Since the all star break, he has been at .328/.389/.431, which is very close to his career line…

  • Ari

    The truth is there is nowhere to put him. By the time his contract is up we’ll probably have prospects ready to go (A-Jax and Montero) at the outfield and 1B spots that would be the likely spots to move Jeter to once he is no longer a tolerable option at short. Not to mention the fact that Posada will probably have to move to first some time soon. On the other hand it’s not like the yankees have a top notch SS waiting in the wings. Tough decision. Frankly the best thing would probably be for Jeter to retire and take a non-playing job with the team if it becomes clear that there’s no where to put him on the field. Doubt that will happen though.

  • Mike Pop

    Jeter is so much more solid than u give him credit for.. sure hes declinging but the dude is at 295 right now give him a break..he will get that up hes the man.. hes been solid at SS and willl stay there for atleast 4 yrs more.. everyone needs to stop saying if cano is gone or if cano gets traded.. cano better not go anywhere unless he struggles like this next season. fact of the matter is cano is our best option at 2b hes better than o dog or any free agent.. CAno is awesome so talented let him mature a bit more and we will see what he is capable of 320 25 hrs and im not joking.. thats how good cano is if he gets it done from the beginning

    • whozat

      “Jeter is so much more solid than u give him credit for..”

      So…his numbers aren’t down significantly from career averages? He’s NOT near the league lead in GIDP over the last two years?

      The guy is a bit above average as an SS this season. No matter what he’s done in the past, that’s true. He’s getting older, and the loss of footspeed will cost him hits and lead to more GIDPs. That’s just how life goes. He’s a very, very expensive singles hitter that walks a bit–but not a crazy amount–doesn’t steal bases any more, and grounds into lots of DPs. That’s not a super valuable player unless he’s the Wizard of Oz with the glove.

  • David Brown

    Let me say Arod will NEVER be the face of the Yankees while Jeter is here. Pure, Plain, and Simple. On to Jeter, he is an extremely intelligent man, and knows when to quit and when not to. Here are some interesting numbers: Do you know how many Shortstops had 3,000 hits as a SHORTSTOP? Answer: ONE: Honus Wagner. In addition NO Yankees has ever had 3,000 hits in a Yankee uniform. I can see him getting an extra year to accomplish those goals (And hopefully a FIFTH RING), then move into the front office.

  • OJ

    ok…bottom of the 9th, ALCS Game 7, two on (1st & 2nd for arguements sake), two out, were down by 1…name me two people on the yanks you would rather have at the plate? and dont gimme that a-rod crap bc he bats about .230 in those situations. MAYBE Damon this year but other than that, there’s no one else i would want at the plate!

  • VT Yankeefan

    “His power is well below his career norms, and he’s hit into 19 double plays already this year. Playing his age 34 season, Derek has turned in a singles hitter — one very expensive singles hitter.”

    This comment is not evidenced by the facts. Derek’s best year for extra base hits was 1999 when he had 70 (also his career high in HRs with 24). He has averaged 52.5 extra base hits per season. His last 2 seasons have been above that average and even this down year projects out to 45 extra base hits.

    His HRs are way down from the high of 24 but that was never a big part of his game and the numbers in MLB are all down. The flip side of that is that he is striking out a little less now.

    As for the GIDPs, I wish someone could explain that one to me..

    • whozat

      “He has averaged 52.5 extra base hits per season. His last 2 seasons have been above that average and even this down year projects out to 45 extra base hits.”

      Who cares about counting stats? His SLG is 50 points off his career average. That’s a significant dip. Also, his steals are down, which is one way in which a player can mitigate a lack of XBH pop. For a guy near the top of the lineup, you want him getting on base and getting into scoring position. He can do that by hitting doubles or by singling/walking and then stealing 2nd. Jeter has become worse at both of those things. Also, he’s eliminating the guys on base ahead of him more than most players in baseball.

      He’s having a significantly down year at the plate. There’s no way around it.

  • Redsox Fan

    hey, dont hate me cause im a sox fan, i do like the yankees too (well i dont really like, but i respect). you guys can have julio lugo.

  • Karl Hungus

    Jeter is an overrated tool. The sooner the Yanks are rid of his declining butt, the better off they’ll be.

    4000 hits? Seriously? Does ANYONE really believe Jeter can amass such a number? Get your head out of your Steinbrenner!

  • Chris

    Jeter will get run out of town by that blubbering ass Hank and hope he ends up in Kansas City or Toronto. Year 2000! Clap, Clap, CLAPCLAPCLAP! Sox rule!

  • Mark P

    Jeter has said that he wants to be an owner someday after his playing career is over. I can see the Steinbrenners giving him a front office contract and learning each level of baseball management as well as the financial side, to give him a well rounded front office education. With all the $ that he has in his piggy bank, and his natural smarts for business, I can see him accomplishing that goal within 10 years after he retires. He may be partners in owning a minor league team first, but he will eventually be part owner of a major league team, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if he bought into the Yankees eventually. That said, I can see a position change in the next few years after the current contract is up, but 3,000 hits or not, he will be in the hall of fame.

  • Rodney

    if jeter goes I go too! I’m tired of watching this organization push away players to which they ow their very credibility. Think about it, Bernie Williams lost his job to a guy playing in triple A right now, disgusting.

    • Steve J

      “if jeter goes I go too! I’m tired of watching this organization push away players to which they ow their very credibility. Think about it, Bernie Williams lost his job to a guy playing in triple A right now, disgusting”

      Um, Bernie was washed up. His hitting fell off a cliff same as his defense. The guy was done as a starter.

  • Ben

    Like all other Yankees greats; Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, etc, Derek will continue to decline, and will be a liability to the team. He will have to be replaced at shortstop. He will most likely retire in two years when his contract is up, rather than play for another team. He doesn’t need the money. The Yankees will offer him a great position within the organization; as a coach, GM, Manager, etc to stay on board.