Ponson bests former team

Brett Favre traded to the Jets
RAB commentors honored by MSM

Tonight’s Yankee game was remarkable for one reason: It was utterly unremarkable. The Yanks beat up a pitcher with terrible numbers; their starter held down the fort; the bullpen held the Rangers scoreless; and when all was said and done, the Yanks restored some order to a universe in chaos.

It had been, of course, a rough few days around the Bronx. With Joba’s injury and two losses that could have been wins on everyone’s minds, the Yankees needed a no-nonsense game like this. But it didn’t quite start out as it ended.

Early on, things looked a bit rough for the Yankees. Two innings into the game, Sidney Ponson had already put on five base runners, and only a play at the plate — in which the Yanks lost Ivan Rodriguez and the Rangers David Murphy — prevented Texas from breaking the game open. The collision was a clean play at the plate, but it could cost both teams nonetheless. Pudge is currently listed as day-to-day with a bruised knee. As the Yanks’ injury plagued season continues, he figures to miss a few games at a key stretch of the month but won’t need an MRI quite yet.

In the third, the Yanks quickly restored order though. The Yanks knocked out four hits to plate three runners and would never look back. They would later add runs on a Jason Giambi home run and a Derek Jeter double while Michael Young would homer in the fifth to bring Texas to within two. It would matter very little.

After that rough second inning, Ponson went 6.1 strong, allowing just a shade over one base runner per inning and striking out four. The bullpen would keep the Rangers in check the rest of the way, and Mariano Rivera would record the final three outs — two by the K — to emerge with his 27th save.

At some point, we’ll have to tackle the gaping holes in the rotation. At some point, we’ll have to figure out if Melky Cabrera has finally been permanently demoted to fourth outfielder status. But for tonight, we can revel in a crisp win and a remarkably unremarkable game, just the way it should be on an August evening in Texas.

Brett Favre traded to the Jets
RAB commentors honored by MSM
  • http://salarydump.wordpress.com Joltin’ Joe

    While Ponson seems to be riding the dangerous path in terms of WHIP, I’d much rather get a 6-7 inning good outing followed by a 4 inning bed-crapping than consistent 5-6 inning, meh outings. He’s doing a better job than in ’06, that’s for sure.

  • E-ROC

    I hope Girardi keeps Melky on the bench while the outfield has Nady, Abreu, and Damon fielding. Now, let Miranda be the DH until Matsui makes it back. ;)

  • Bart

    I like the lineup – hope Pudge gets back — Alex is jumping at the ball again — like all the times before he needs to hit a few to RF on purpose to regroove (IMHO)

    I think the bell went off and he thought OMG I may not get to 40HR — going to right and winning a batting title up for grabs would straighten him out

    I like Melky on the Bench — he better do something special when he gets a chnace or in winter ball — hopeful he can

    Someone on TV said something to the effect that the Yankees looked to score runs on the young Texas starters – as if they had some how not done so in the first 2 games — they are scoring runs even with ARod and DJ hitting into DPs — the problem is Starting Pitching and less than timely relief Marte/Ramirez, Mo and bad decisons by Girardi.

    After I picked on Posnon – he throws the best game in a week of any starter and looks like if he could picth that way – with that movement — maybe there is lightning in the bottle that produced that 10-0 guy.

    Still — I’d rather see the Minor Leaguers — IPK – Hughes

    What is with the Devil Rays — they drop the Devil and begin scoring 6 runs in the 9th on a frequent basis?

    Back to Ponson — he looks so much like Moose — tempo and everyhtng I fear for Moose today —

    • jsbrendog

      After I picked on Posnon – he throws the best game in a week of any starter and looks like if he could picth that way – with that movement — maybe there is lightning in the bottle that produced that 10-0 guy.

      aaron small, lol he was at old timers day god knows why.

      and as for ponson, 2 a+ (ok, b+ to a-) outings in a row against the angels!!11!!!!! and the rangers. the angels are the best team in baseball and the rangers are the best offensive team i believe, or one of andh e pitched real well agaist both…

      plus, did anyone notice the movement on those pitches last night? i was speechless. he seems to (hopefully) have turned a corner from sucky mcsuckton into notsosucky mcnotsuckallthetimeanddogoodsometimes

      one mroe start like that and he’s got my vote. one sitnker and its back to doubting him

  • TurnTwo

    wait a second… Johnny Damon played a full game in CF and the game didnt collapse into a tailspin of bad throws and missed fly balls, and suffer from a lack of energy and enthusiasm?

  • TurnTwo

    i was against the idea at this point in the season, but with Juan Miranda on the 40-man roster, and the injury to Pudge, and the demotion of Melky to 4th OF, i could see him coming up to be the DH in the lineup against RHP.

    if the yankees are serious about making their run, Damon should be the everyday CF. opens the DH spot, like last night (figuring ARod is not the DH with Betemit at 3B).

    go Damon (CF), Jeter, Abreu, ARod, Giambi (1B), Nady (LF), Cano, Miranda (DH), Molina?

    • steve (different one)

      A-Rod is definitely slumping. i like the move to DH him for a night and give him a rest, but not take him out of the lineup.

      he is scuffling, but he did something positive in his last AB (Giambi couldn’t cash it in), so maybe that will carry over.