Rasner rarin’ to go tomorrow

The sound of a dying team
Should Joba return?

With Ian Kennedy exiled back to AAA following his poor showing against the Angels on Friday, the Yankees are going to again turn the ball over to Darrell Rasner on Wednesday. So by the time the Yanks leave Minnesota, the Yanks will have tossed Dan Geise, Sidney Ponson and Rasner in three of their last four games against playoff-caliber teams. While fans may wish to blame Joe Girardi‘s micromanaging, A-Rod‘s seeming inability to hit in the clutch or Derek Jeter‘s sub-par season for the Yanks’ struggles, it all comes down to pitching, and the Yanks’ pitching has, this season, utterly broken down. We’re eagerly awaiting Phil Hughes‘ and Carl Pavano’s rehab starts later today, and that speaks volumes about the 2008 season.

The sound of a dying team
Should Joba return?
  • CJ

    Sure does.

  • Setty

    Ben, I agree that it all comes down to pitching, but so far Giese and Ponson both have thrown very good games. You have to win those games when you get plus efforts from them. Saturday was just a bullpen blowup, which happens, but yesterday’s anemic lineup falls on the shoulders of Girardi’s micromanaging. It’s just a very frustrating time in the season right now, to say the least

    • Setty

      I should say, that the most frustrating part of last night, for me, is that we lost with our best guys not on the field. Even in the 8th inning, where there was a blatantly obvious opportunity to pinch hit Damon, or even Giambi, to get something going, Girardi inexplicably left them sitting on the bench for Melky and Christian. It seems too mindboggling to be true

    • mustang

      ” I agree that it all comes down to pitching, but so far Giese and Ponson both have thrown very good games.”

      Agree. The other factors that Ben said fans may wish to blame “Joe Girardi’s micromanaging, A-Rod’s seeming inability to hit in the clutch or Derek Jeter’s sub-par season” plus the bull pen of late have been the keys to the Yankees loses on this road trip.

  • mustang

    “We’re eagerly awaiting Phil Hughes’ and Carl Pavano’s rehab starts later today, and that speaks volumes about the 2008 season.”

    So true especially of Pavano the Yankees have had the worst luck. It’s hard to even evaluate this team they have never been health enough to do so

  • Andy In Rainy Daytona

    At the end of the season I hope that we will paraphrase the legendary Wes Mantooth…

    “Today we spell “redemption”… C-A-R-L”

    • Setty

      Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint!

      • Andy In Rainy Daytona

        This quote works for Phil

        “We need you. Hell, I need you. I’m a mess without you. I miss you so damn much. I miss being with you, I miss being near you. I miss your laugh. I miss your scent; I miss your musk. When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together. “

        • jsbrendog

          go out for some dinner, have some chicken, maybe some sex….

          • Kyle D.

            You know… see what happens.

      • Kyle D.

        I will take your mother Dorothy Mantooth out for a nice seafood dinner and then NEVER CALL HER AGAIN!

  • r.w.g.

    I haven’t been on Girardi’s case at all this year.

    But playing Christian over Damon? Sitting Giambi? Just dumb shit.

    I have really, really soured on Girardi as the year has gone on. I love for the most part what he’s done with the bullpen.. but we cannot afford for him to do his little Farnsworth experiment all over again with Marte and just keep throwing him out there until it clicks.

    The team has had enough problems with injuries this year. Don’t need Girardi adding to it with decisions that don’t appear to make any baseball sense.

  • Art

    Sometimes I sit and scratch my head over the moves Girardi makes that end up costing us games.

    Injuries have killed the Yankees this season but with all the injuries the team was in striking distance until the road trip.

    Some notes from me why we are 9 games back

    —Marte is a 1 inning pitcher MAX
    —Christian should never get the start over Damon
    —A-rod and Jeter need to get something going quick
    —Pitching depth we have 3 reliable starters (Moose, Pettite, and Ponson) I can’t believe I said Ponson, but he really has been pitching well for the Yankees.

    Even last night he pitched well enough to win, but you have to score runs

  • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

    Unforgiveable. How can Brian Cashman not have several above-average MLB caliber pitchers waiting in AAA to come up in case of injury to their ace and 3 best young pitchers.

    • TurnTwo

      is it really asking too much?

      • jsbrendog

        seriously, who does he think he is?!!?!

      • daneptizl

        Is this a joke?

        • TurnTwo

          yes. yes, it is a joke.

    • Brad K

      3 best young pitchers? That seems to be at the heart of the issue, isn’t it? I can’t believe that these “prospects” didn’t work out. I mean everyone said we didn’t need no stinking Johan, we got IPK and Hughes. What could go wrong with that plan.

  • Steve S

    Its the T-Shirts- how many can be left, perhaps I can buy out the remaining stock and burn them in effigy.

    • bklynJT

      I bought one of those hexing T-Shirts and will burning it today. Damn you RAB and your relentless profiteering.. you cost us the season!

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

        I suggest we hold off on calling it “relentless profiteering” until we see some, you know, profit. ;)

        • Andy In Rainy Daytona

          How about ATTEMPTED “relentless profiteering”?

          You missed the boat. Five years ago you could have probably got a no-bid government contract for tee shirts that said
          “Kill the Big Three”
          Saddam – Osama – (Fill-in-blank)

      • Kyle D.

        We need some “Save Carl Pavano from ______ (Insert injury that wouldn’t stop a 2-year old)” T-shirts. I’d buy one of those.

  • stuart

    It is not the pitching it is the hitting.. They may have 1 guy with 100 RBI’s this year. WHy can’t you see the lineup has imploded..

    Giambi’s # are a mirage, the guy has 67 or so RBI’s, I cannot beleive how much they miss Matsui’s professional AB’s…

    THey might score 130 + less runs then last year.. It is the lineup, cano, jeter, and others are way way way down… The ycannot hit fastballs so it is the lineup not there crappy pithing…

    stop letting the styling stars off the hook. Cano has a 302 OBP, that is tony womack like… Melky is about the same.. Jeter has a 347 OBP with almost no extra base hit pop.. Giambi about 200 with RISP, Arod 230 with RISP..


    • daneptizl

      Yeah, Bobby and Cano miss a lot of fastballs.

  • Chris

    Don’t blame this on the pitching. They’re on pace to allow fewer runs than last year, when they ended up winning 92 games and making the playoffs. Last year they allowed 4.8 runs per game, this year they’re allowing 4.47.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    If we could give the 2008 season a name it would be Rasner. He really has no business being in the rotation of a serious contender. The fact that he is in the rotation maybe tells you all you need to know about this team.

    What we got for our troubles this year is the double whammy, the pitching is less than we hoped, the Wang injury has been a killer and Hughes, well what do we have but a too often injured starter full of potential but lacking in results. The second part of the whammy is the age of this team. It’s just a fact old players breakdown more often than younger players. Old players as a group decline in performance level.

    A sidebar here, look at the minor league system, where are the major league ready position players. We’re stuck with looking at washed up Sexson and two non-prospects (at least in my opinion) Gardner and Christian. Melky has washed out as a starter (at least for now).

    • MD

      and next year, the closer and shortstop are both a year older…..not to mention a 38 year old catcher……..some critical positions that have little down below to rely on……

      • daneptizl

        They have possible replacements, but most are just rather far away.

  • Gary

    Darrell Rasner defines mediocrity.

    In less than 48 hours, I expect to hear that an announcement that a hangnail has developed upon the finger of Carl Pavano and he’ll require a season-ending manicure.

    I am 56 years old. I grew up watching Mickey Charles Mantle and now, I watch Alex Rodriguez. Alas, I hate to inform you, Alex Rodriguez isn’t fit to carry the Mick’s jockstrap.

    In the off-season, Melky Cabrera and his .233 batting average will be happily traded to the Texas Rangers for a pulled pork sandwich.

    Any questions?