‘Save the Stadium’ movements coming a bit too late

Moose doesn't win, but Yanks do
Team USA takes home the Bronze

Babe Ruth’s granddaughter and the son of New York Sun scribe Andrew Wolf both want to save Yankee Stadium. Wolf writes that the pro-Yankee Stadium crowd recognize the inevitability of the new stadium but would like to see the city preserve Yankee Stadium as a park in the South Bronx open to all. While I love this idea and believe it would attract baseball fans from all over, I fear that these efforts a few years too late and are bound to fall more than a bit short.

Moose doesn't win, but Yanks do
Team USA takes home the Bronze
  • Manimal

    Why not keep it and then have one game a year there(Old timer’s day would be awesome) Maybe even move one of the Farm system levels into it. Screw Charleston, bring em up to NY! Traffic might be insane but when isn’t it.

  • vinny-b

    I understand, not keeping the stadium. The logistics, etc.

    however, the field SHOULD be kept. And then you model the city park, around the existing field. It will not happen, however. Politicians have no common sense.

    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Well, they’re not going to keep the field, but they’re going to turn the space into a three field complex (baseball, softball, little league) that will be where all the NYC championships will be played (PSAL, PAL, Little League, etc.).

      Early drafts had the field remaining, but it’s a logistical nightmare to keep it as is, safety wise (the actual stadium field is about 15 feet below the street level) and there’s tons of dead space.


  • aaron

    I hate to say this, but while I, selfishly, would love to see the stadium saved, the south bronx lost a ton of parkland so that this new monstrosity of a corporate cash cow could be built, and it is only fair and right that the citizens of the bronx get their park back. History is one thing, but social justice is another more important one. perhaps, as a compromise one wall or a piece of the facade, etc could be preserved?

  • brockdc

    I completely agree with aaron. The socially responsible thing to do is to give this land back to the citizens of the Bronx. Still, I wonder if there’s any way that the city could create a new template here – part historical monument, part parkland, part revenue generator.

  • vinny-b

    aaron: i agree. However, why not keep the field? With the new park, built around the field.

    nevermind. It prolly makes too much sense.

    • monkeypants

      How can they keep the field and build a park around it? How would that even work? And, even one wanted to keep the field well-maintained it would probably have to be fenced off–so then a huge chunk of the parkland would be unavailable to the public. Or, they could keep the field and let people walk on it…but how is that in any way preserving the stadium?

      The current plan calls for the park to be comprised of a few ball fields that combined are in the same footprint as the old stadium. Im not sure there is much more they could than that once the local community reasonably demanded (according to state law, I believe) that the parkland being gobbled up by the new stadium had to be replaced with legitimate, public use green space.