The Boss could bring down Yankee Stadium

Once more unto the Bronx parks
Scheduling details emerge for 2009

I know what you’re thinking: How is it news that the Boss will bring down Yankee Stadium? It’s always been his plan to build a new playground for the Yankees. Well, I’m not talkin’ about this Boss; I’m talkin’ about New Jersey’s own Boss. According to a completely unsubstantiated report by Rush & Molloy, the Steinbrenners want to top the Billy Joel Shea Stadium send-off, and the family is hoping to get Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney on board for a musical extravaganza. If this happens, I’m so there.

Once more unto the Bronx parks
Scheduling details emerge for 2009
  • jsbrendog

    dude, Billy Joel > Bruce SPringsteen. I was at the final billy joel show friday july whatever it was and let me tell you there is no way the boss can touch the piano man.

    • TurnTwo

      yeah, i’d agree that Joel > Springsteen. I never got the fervor over the boss, really.

      • http://2009 Haggs

        Both are great, but The Boss live crushes Billy Joel live.

        If they wanted to move this date up, looks like the Stadium will be available on October 1.

        • TurnTwo

          but thats only if you like his music to begin with.

          i give him credit for running around like a maniac for 3 hrs, but since i dont even get really get why his music is considered that great, a Joel concert > Boss concert.

          • steve (different one)

            i love when people take something that is 100% opinion and state it as fact.

            that said, Springsteen >>>>>>>>>> Billy Joel.

            i don’t mind Billy Joel, but there is absolutely nothing in Billy Joel’s catalog that could sniff “Thunder Road’s” jockstrap.

            • Whitey14

              Springsteen and Billy Joel are both awesome, fantastic and incredible, but I didn’t propose to my wife at a Billy Joel concert. Did it during Tougher Than The Rest in Buffalo, 10/07/02.

              I’m more of a Jungleland guy myself, but my wife did walk down the aisle to Thunder Road. She sprung it on me during the rehearsal.

    • T-Bone

      the only reason it was such a great show was b/c of the others that came like McCartney…a Billy Joel show can not touch a bruce show

  • doogan

    Seriously…the steinbrenners should rethink this and come up with a better act. The Billy Joel shoes were awesome (was at both) and Paul McCartney played Shea with Joel. I agree it’d be awesome to have a final show, but they should come up with a better act. The Boss is great, but wont come close to the Joel shows

  • radnom

    Can’t they out bid the Mets and get Joel too?

    Maybe we could trade Melky + Kennedy for him??????

    • usty

      Bruce Springsteen’s 3 hour+ shows stomp all over Billy. If this happens I would trade one of my kidneys to get there.

  • Marsha

    If this happens, I’m so there too, right next to you..

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    Eenie meenie decisions with precision I pick,
    Or, make my selection on who I choose to be with
    Girl, dont touch my protection, I know you want it to slip
    But slippin is something I dont do, tippin for life? (Mmm Hmm!)
    Thats like making it rain
    Every month on schedule (Mmm Hmm!) Let me tell you
    Get your parasol umbrella cause its gonna get wetter
    Better prepare you for the c-support
    She supposed to spend it on that baby, but we see she don’t–
    Ask-ask Paul McCartney,
    The lawyers couldn’t stop the
    Slaughter-slaughter of them pockets,
    had to tie her to a rocket…

    Send her into outer space, I know he wish he could
    Cause he paying 20K a day, that b–ch is eating good
    Like an infant on a double-D titty, just getting plump
    Cause he miscalculated the next to-to the last pump–
    Dump-dump in the gut
    raw from the giddy up
    Better chose the right one or
    pick-pick the kiddies up, zup…


    btw, Jamal, Lupe Fiasco sucks asscheeks. SO overrated.

  • Jamal G.

    What’s up with all these oldie artists? ;)

    And Tommie, listen to “Dumb It Down” and tell me you don’t like his shit.

    • guapadedoo

      jamal if u recommending someone’s music, at least give them the right songs to listen to, “dumb it down” is at the bottom of my playlist when it comes to lupe..pshh

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      I listened. I don’t like it.

      Hip hop is dead. Wait, that’s too much. Hip hop is in that doldrums, horse latitudes period where the greats are all gone and we’re waiting for the next greats to come, like the NBA post-Jordan and pre-Chris Paul, where we were artificially overvaluing guys who were just good players and not great players, guys like Allen Iverson and Chris Webber.

      The fact that people like Lupe, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, and Eminem have all been lauded as among the best ever is disgustingly putrid.

  • Mike

    Seen both play live many times and both are great live acts. I put Billy Joel in my top 10 live acts and the Boss in my top 1.