The inevitable return of Carl Pavano and/or Phil Hughes

2008 Post Draft Signing Period Top 30 Prospects
Open Thread: The fate of Derek

According to’s Bryan Hoch, the Yanks are planning to start either Carl Pavano or Phil Hughes this Saturday in Baltimore against the Orioles. Yes, you’ve read that correctly: Carl Pavano may pitch for the Yankees during a pennant race. Right now, I’d say Pavano gets the start. He had a better rehab outing yesterday than Hughes did, and the Yanks are going to be very careful with their pitching prospect. Pavano also has the added motivation of pitching for a contract. This could get rather entertaining.

2008 Post Draft Signing Period Top 30 Prospects
Open Thread: The fate of Derek
  • bill

    I agree that Pavano should start. I think Hughes would get tattooed. He needs a changeup to succeed, and he doesnt have one right now. At least Pavano has experience and has pitched in big games before. Neither options are ideal, though, but theyre better than Rasner.

    • Jamal G.

      “He needs a changeup to succeed, and he doesnt have one right now.”

      How do you know that? He was effectively dealing one in his start on Tuesday. He did not have good command yesterday and was a bit fatigued, that just about sums up his lackluster outing.

      • bill

        Have you seen him throw one constistently in the majors that caused swings and misses? I haven’t. Even Nardi Contreras in his interview with Chad Jennings said his changeup isnt where it needs to be. Hughes didnt keep the hitters off-balance this year in the majors, and thats why he sported a robust 9.00 ERA.

        • Lanny

          He doesn’t have a 3rd pitch. Anyone that says he does hasn’t watched him pitch.

          • Steve

            I guess you haven’t watched him pitch. He has a 2 seamer, 4 seamer, slider and curve. He has been reported to have recently picked up a cutter and is working on a change up. Thats. . what, 6 pitches?

            In April he had no confidence in his slider, so he barely threw it. That made him too predictable and he was clobbered as a result.

  • beantownbosoxh8er

    No way should Glass Carl get a chance to play for us, he has screwed us three ways to tuesday with all his BS injurys.
    So now it is time for him to try for another contract, and he is “healthy”? Is there anyone else?
    IMO they should release him and not let him showcase himself on the teams dime.
    But alas, I know we kinda need a starter for Saturday, so I guess Ill cheer for the uniform not the butthead wearing it.

    • radnom

      Yeah, let the pitching starved Sox pick him up, and drive the final nail into our coffin.


    • Jamal G.

      How are his injuries BS? I never slammed Carl Pavano because I just don’t believe in doing that to a person who is injury prone, but I certainly understood the frustration that the guy was never healthy. However, his injuries aren’t BS. He did not inform the Yanks about being in a car accident which resulted in fractured (or were they cracked?) ribs, had bone chips in his pitching elbow, and needed the infamous TJS. You want to make fun of him for having an injured ass, go right ahead (Heh, who wouldn’t???), but to say he was faking injuries is wrong. You don’t know that, you have no way of knowing that, and have their ever been anything more than hateful rumors to suggest that?

      Almost everybody I read or talked to swore Phil Hughes was not really injured earlier this season, but alas…

      • beantownbosoxh8er

        I dont think he tried to get hurt or fake them but come on! some of the crap he had that kept him from pitching….the ass bruise,& wasnt he on the DL with a sandy vagina?
        I just dont feel like he tried to earn his contract or even a part of it.
        that to me is BS ,getting millions to do nothing.

        • Hybrid Moments

          Whats the guy supposed to do? Pitch with an injury that requires TJS?

      • Babe’s Ghost

        I didn’t follow his injuries that closely, but don’t you think it’s telling that the whole clubhouse thinks he didn’t really try to come back from them?

        Presumably they have a sense of what kind of injuries you can play through and which ones you can’t, and they think he’s a shirker.

        In my ideal world we win every game he pitches 12-10 and he’s pitching in the international league next year.

      • radnom

        Dude, I’m not a Carl basher either, and I hope he pitches for us this year and pitches well, but he really does deserve some critisism. Sure, injuries happen, but you can’t ever hide them from your team and not get proper treatment. Also, do you think Mussina is just spreading “hateful rumors” when he is calling out Pavano for not being welcome in the clubhouse for not trying hard enough to get back on the field after injuries? Moose doesn’t seem like a guy to stir up trouble from nothing, as I’m sure you would agree.

      • Haggs

        Here’s a pretty good rundown of the saga that is the Pavano era.

        Hateful rumors??? You be the judge.,0,3744979.column?page=1

      • Steve

        “How are his injuries BS?”

        Falling down and bruising your butt, keeping you out for two months, is bullshit.

    • nmc

      I personally think we should re-sign Carl to a small one-year contract ($4M?) and see if he can do anything instead of just losing him to free agency. I think he at least owes us that.

      • Ben B.

        Pavano/his agent won’t agree to that. He’ll get more as a FA, probably at least a two-year deal. May need to be incentive-laden, given how little he has pitched over the last three years, and coming off TJ surgery.

        He/his agent wouldn’t consent to him taking a minor league contract while he rehabbed this year (because of lost service time towards his pension and/or lost Playoff share if the team makes the post-season, depending on who you believe) in order to clear a spot on the 40-man roster, and we subsequently released TJ Beam.

      • Steve

        I think Carl is contagious. You clearly have a brain injury.

  • radnom

    I agree about Pavano over Hughes. Give Phil all the time he needs to get him arm up to strength, and throw Pavano to the wolves. If hes not ready and sucks then who cares? If the same happens for Hughes then it is a whole big thing all of a sudden.

  • rbizzler

    Ugh, Saturday is the one game of the Baltimore series that I was goig to be able to attend. I would love to see Phil, but I have a feeling that it would not be a good idea to run him out there. Let Pavano earn a little of that 40 mill for once. Even if he only lasts a dozen outs or so.

    • NYFan50

      Yep, I’m going to the game on Saturday too. I can’t believe it could be Pavano.

      • Link

        I may be there too…

  • Mike in Fla.

    You have to start Pavano. If Hughes had a good outing, they would have gone with him, but Pavanos line was good. Yes he is using us to find his next sucker, but who cares, we are using him too.

    • Eric

      Let’s give him the Sabathia treatment. Complete games every outing, and 120+ pitch counts. Make up for lost time. Let’s see how much free agent value he’ll have after that.

  • Mike A.

    Start Pavano. I want to see him in pinstripes one more time, you know, for memories and stuff.

    • Steve


      sorry. . . I just couldn’t help myself.

  • steve (different one)

    aren’t the yankees obligated to call up pavano now that his rehab assignment is over?

    although i doubt pavano would file a grievance, since he doesn’t seem to care all that much, but in theory he could.

    • Haggs

      Pavano’s rehab assignment began on July 29th.

      I’m not sure on the rules here, but I think the assignments are for 30 days.

      If so, Pavano has another week and change left before the Yanks have to make a move with him.

  • Lanny

    Pavano had TJS. That’s not exactly an injury you fake.

    • beantownbosoxh8er

      If I am not mistaken , (I may be) but wasn’t there a question on weather he really needed the TJS or not.
      That might have been another Moose rumor.

    • Steve

      The Yanks didn’t think his injury was serious to require surgery. He opted for it anyway.

      Andy Pettite has been pitching with a damaged elbow for the past 6 years.

  • http://2009 Haggs

    Pavano has been pitching at a level lower than Hughes, and up until last night had pitched worse.

    Instead of going off one start, go off all of them. If you do, you gotta go with Hughes.

    Eventually they’ll both be here unless Joba returns before Rasner needs to be replaced.

    Hughes, unlike Kennedy, doesn’t need to be babied. He’s healthy (finally) and gives the Yanks the best chance to win Saturday’s game, and that should be all that matters.

    • whozat

      “gives the Yanks the best chance to win Saturday’s game”

      You say that like it’s a sure thing. It’s not. He had some deadarm in his last start. What if that’s not cleared up? Pavano has a much longer track record of getting MLB hitters out. That said, in the last month, Hughes had better starts until last night. Also, throwing Pavano to the wolves has no long-term consequences. Throwing Hughes to the wolves on Saturday means that he’s no longer working on things and learning. He’s doing his damndest to get outs.

      Look, they’re not going to the playoffs this year. I’d rather Hughes continue to get his feet under him. He’s only 22 for chrissake. He’s started throwing a cutter now, to replace the slider they won’t let him throw, and it has been good. I’d love for him to have time to get more familiar with it before he uses it in the bigs. And, since this season is over, let him keep throwing at AAA.

      • Nady Nation

        I wasn’t aware the season is only 124 games long. Interesting

      • Haggs

        One guy hasn’t faced anyone but AA hitters in over a year, the other was in the majors a few months ago and has several AAA starts under his belt.

        One guy had major surgery on his elbow, the other had a small crack in his rib.

        Pavano has more experience, but all of it happened over a year ago.

        This is not a spot start, the Yankees do not have a fifth starter (or a fourth for that matter really, unless you’re 100 percent sure Joba will pitch, which I’m not).

        So who do you want pitching more down the stretch, Pavano or Hughes?

        Why isn’t this answer obvious?

        Stop being do damn overprotective of Hughes. He’s healthy, get him up here.

  • chad lionquest

    the Yankees are in a pennant race?
    with who?
    did anyone tell them this?

    • Mike A.

      5 games out with 38 left to play, including 6 against the WC leader. They’re still in it.

      • chad lionquest

        have you seen them play?

        they’re done.

        • Nady Nation

          Are you a Sawx fan?

          • chad lionquest

            NO. I’m just a very pissed off and realistic yankees fan.
            i mean even if they somehow grab a playoff spot, it’s not like they’re getting past angels.

        • pat

          show youself out

  • Relaunch

    Who cares if its pavano. Its better than seeing updates on how IPSuk is doing at Triple A and how he deserves a shot to get bombed in the majors again.

  • pat

    if pavano helps us win games we shouldnt give a flying fuck about his next contract

  • zzzzz

    let pavano start. athletes can do crazy shit in contract years.

  • Ben B.

    Better to start Pavano and allow Hughes another start or two at AAA.

    Based on nothing more than following box scores and reading commentary of their rehab assignments, I think the two would give a fairly equivalent chance to win on Saturday, and a better chance to win than IPK, Igawa or Chase Wright.

    So, those things being equal, start Pavano and gives Hughes more time.

  • Cathy

    I say it is Hughes….

  • Brad K

    I say it’s Pavano. The Yanks have less to lose should something go wrong. If Pavano gets hurt no big deal…he’s gone after the season anyway. They would be better served by protecting the prospect. The real question is how long will Phil Hughes be considered a prospect? At what point does he have to step up and be the player he is projected to be?

  • Haggs

    Here’s another wrinkle. Apparently, Hughes was sick yesterday.

    And Cashman is quoted below as saying both Hughes and Pavano will be pitching for the big club this year. Maybe I’m reading between the lines too much but this suggests to me it will be Hughes…

    FROM LISA KENNELLY, Star Ledger:

    “He [Hughes] had a rough outing for Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Sunday night, allowing five runs on eight hits in 3 2/3 innings. But it might not have hurt his stock, as Cashman said Hughes had “a bug.”

    “He was feeling under the weather,” Cashman said, adding, “it explains a lot of things.”

    Meanwhile the perpetually injured Pavano, coming back from Tommy John surgery, allowed one run in six innings for Double-A Trenton on Sunday. He is in the final year of a four-year, $39.95 million contract that has resulted in only 19 starts. But Cashman said Pavano, “as long as he’s healthy,” will start for the Yankees this season.

    “He’s going to come back and join us, without a doubt,” Cashman said, “whether it’s Saturday or after.”

    • Ben K.

      Ah. The Phil Hughes Apologists Association strikes back.

      • Steve

        He was dominating before this outing. Is he allowed one bad outing in your book?

        • Ben K.

          I’m making a joke about a certain other Yankee writer online who doesn’t much like Mr. Hughes. It was firmly tongue-in-cheek.

          • Steve

            Oh, gotcha.

            You’ve been very secretive lately, Ben. Very ‘skull and dagger’ if I do say so myself.

            “a certain other Yankee writer online”

            “The Publication That Must Not Be Named”

            This site is getting like the CIA. I need a decoder ring or something.