What happened to Bob?

Scranton pounds out 20 hits for a win
McFarlane Toys demotes Melky, too

Bob Sheppard When I arrived home this afternoon, I found waiting for me in the mail the latest in a long line of Yankee Stadium tribute books. This new arrival — Remembering Yankee Stadium: An Oral and Narrative History of “The House That Ruth Built” — is by Harvey Frommer, a prolific baseball scribe who once wrote for Yankees Magazine.

The introduction to Frommer’s tome is penned by none other than the Voice of God himself. That’s right; Bob Sheppard, with a picture of the soon-to-be 98-year-old in his younger, dapper days, introduces the oral history of the building in which he has probably spent more time than anyone else alive. It is a fitting way for a book of this magnitude to begin.

While I’ll put together a more formal review of Frommer’s offering over the next few weeks, just seeing Bob’s name on the cover of the book and his image on the first few pages triggered a few Yankee Stadium-related thoughts. Mostly, I realized we have heard neither hide nor hair of Bob Sheppard since he announced that he wasn’t healthy enough to announce the All Star Game. Since then, nothing. No word on his recovery; no word on his potential return. No word on anything.

Right now, the Yankees have just 16 home games left at Yankee Stadium, and with the Yanks on the outside of the playoff picture looking in right now, there’s no guarantee that Yankee Stadium will see baseball in October this year. Meanwhile, Sheppard has been out for over 11 months now, and I have to wonder if Bob won’t make it for a single game of announcing duties during the final season of the Stadium.

If indeed Mr. Sheppard doesn’t make it back this year, the Yankees’ venerable announcer will have gone out unexpectedly last September when, one day, he was too sick to make it to work. He will have missed his opportunity to send off Yankee Stadium in grand fashion, and I’m sure he’s just as disappointed about it as any of the team’s fans are.

But I’m not quite yet ready to count Bob out yet. He may be out of the public eye right now; he may still be convalescing from what sounds like a very serious illness. But when all is said and done, I wouldn’t be surprised to find Bob Sheppard in his proper place when the evening of September 21st rolls around. The Baseball Gods hopefully wouldn’t have it any other way.

Scranton pounds out 20 hits for a win
McFarlane Toys demotes Melky, too
  • bill

    I hope we’ll be able to hear Bob Sheppard again. Yankee Stadium is not the same without him, that’s for sure.

  • bill

    Wow. No Maas IS stupid

    • pat

      why do you say that?

      • bill

        I been hearing that from Jamal and Mike so I decided to check it out and they said to shut down Joba for the rest of the year. Yeah, lets shut down our best pitcher when we’re five games out in the wild card. Good idea.

  • matt

    does anyone know when hughes next start is???

    • pat

      well his last start was the 22nd so 5 days later would put him in around the 27th

  • sms47

    Is there a more perfect way to send off our beloved stadium then to have Mr. Sheppard back for the last game? I wish you good health, and hope to see/hear you soon!

  • Vinny

    I was lucky enough to attend Old Timers Day a few weeks ago and I was surprizedand disappointed that there was no mention of Mr. Sheppard. Not so much as a “Get Well Soon” message on the scoreboard. Shame on you Yankee Stadium. Bob Sheppard is as much a part of the history of Yankee Stadium as any player that ever took the field.

  • Macphisto

    I grew up down the block from Mr.Sheppard in Baldwin. He is the grandfather of one of my childhood friends and is very much a reason for me being a Yankee fan. He is a special man, I hope he makes it back to close out the season and his grand career. He is as much a part of that stadium as the players who were on the field.

    • Joe

      Bob has gained back some of the weight he lost during the off season & is feeling a lot better. It is my understanding that he will return to the Stadium before the season is out.

  • mooks

    I know there was talk (briefly) of using some computer program to record Shepards voice so that it could simulate him, thus using his voice for infinity, but if I got it right, the costs might have been prohibitive.

    I’m not sure how the technology worked exactly, but I do know that some folks kicked the idea around towards the yankees and there was a couple of articles written on it.