A new toy for the new Stadium

Decision to return is up to Cashman
Yanks' offseason pitching plan, part three

I know I mentioned this fun little toy yesterday when I wrote about the Yankees’ season ticket relocation efforts, but I wanted to plug it again. As part of their new stadium relocation package, the Yanks have put up a digital seat view tool of the new Yankee Stadium. With the tool — which you can access right here — you can select any section in the new stadium to check out the sightlines from the front, middle and back of that section. Take a look at the view from the sports bar or the bleachers. Take a look at the view from the $2500 seats and the $100 boxes behind the outfield wall. The daylight view is also pretty neat.

Decision to return is up to Cashman
Yanks' offseason pitching plan, part three
  • steve (different one)

    wow, this was really cool. thanks.

    i know this sounds wierd, but looking at this, the new stadium really doesn’t look very different from old stadium on the inside.

    the top of the upper deck will be further back, but the sightlines look really good.

    i’m still very torn on the new stadium, but it’s hard not to get excited when you see it like this.

    • TurnTwo

      i think that was the point of the new stadium… so that its not much different at all from where they currently play, just updated for the fans to get more from the game day experience.

      i’m psyched for the new digs. this toy was very cool, thanks. it’ll keep me busy at work for the afternoon.

      i wonder how they are going to control access to the sports bar in CF… from what i understand, people who dont have tickets can get into the sports bar in CF, but obviously, its not going to be able to hold everyone who wants to get in… do they give out tickets or passes on a first come/first serve basis? do they give you a limit on how long you can spend in there, and shuffle people out after like 3 innings to allow more people to come in?

    • Hitman

      I really feel they should have done a better job with the inside of the stadium. What is the purpose of making it look exactly the same as the renovated one? How boring. Prices have gone up and fans are getting nothing for their money. They’re just using the fans to fund the new stadium. I do admit that the view from alot of the sections appear to be excellent. This was not necessarily the case with the old stadium because of how the tiers overhang each other. The box seats along the foul line in the outfield also sucked as well. I see they changed that all that much.

      • http://nosenseworrying.vsport.tv Jen

        You don’t think wider concourses, more leg room, more (and I would assume better) concessions, and more bathrooms is an upgrade?

  • A.D.

    they have the prices, can I buy a package yet, anyone know?

    • TurnTwo

      i would guess they have some sort of mailing list or something going, but i doubt they are actually selling packages yet, especially to potential new season/package plan holders.

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