All you’ve ever wanted to know about James Andrews and then some


Fast Company, the publishers behind a rather successful business magazine, explores baseball’s not-so-hidden secret this month. In a rather lengthy — but compelling — piece, Chuck Salter explores everything there is to know about pitching guru and surgeon-to-the-stars Dr. James Andrews. It’s a very interesting look into the way baseball teams are prepping their pitchers for the 162-game marathon and dealing with the inevitable injuries.

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  • pat

    Wish they would have went into what makes him such a good surgeon more than how awesome his life is .. but whatever pretty interesting read nevertheless.

  • pat

    ben if you want to delete this for being off topic so be it, but it looks like a slow news day and this is the funniest chris russo impersonation I have ever heard.

    • dan

      Wow. That is perfect. Don’t delete this…. make it a post unto itself.