Bringing back Bernie

Why George didn't make the Yankees
Where did you go, Robinson Cano?

According to Tyler Kepner, Bernie Wlliams, a recent guest of President Bush’s and coach at a White House T-ball game, will make an appearance at Yankee Stadium before the year is out. Bernie’s publicist doesn’t yet have any official details concerning Bernie’s reappearance in the Bronx after a two-year Cold War with the Yankees, but this is one overdue détente.

Why George didn't make the Yankees
Where did you go, Robinson Cano?
  • Cam

    Since this is a Bernie Williams post, anyone want to hear a tragic story regarding me and Mr. Williams? Well, one not, before the 2007 season started, I was in my favorite bar in White Plains called “Lazy Boys”. I’ve seen Bernie there before and he happened to be there that night. I always wanted to say something when I had seen him before since I loved him as a player growing up, so as he went to walk out of the bar, right past myself, I decided I had drank enough liquid courage to say something. Had I thought of what to say before I stopped him? Of course not. As he walks by, I go ‘Excuse me, Mr. Williams?’ He turns and looks, not saying anything. As I stand there, frozen solid, all that comes out of my mouth is ‘Man, we’re going to miss you this year.’ Wow, that didn’t go over well. Without saying a word, he turns on his heels, gives me the look of death, and walks away. Cue tragic music. As I sit here typing, looking at my autographed picture of Bernie on my wall, I might never forgive myself for writing off the career of one of my favorite players, to his face, before the season even started. And there is my tragic Bernie Williams story of the day.

    • Cam

      Woops, meant to say ‘one night’, not ‘one not’. Man I need to proof read more.

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Why do you need “liquid courage” to talk to a dude?

      • Joey H

        he probably wasnt even grilling him he was probably saying this drunk fucker needs to leave me alone.

  • Mickey Rivers Rules

    Am glad they are making some attempt to give him a proper send-off. Since the early days – Ruth & Rizzuto being notable examples – the Yanks have not handled some of their star player (or coach) “divorces” very well (usually requiring a tearful reunion at Old Timers Day) and Bernie deserves much better recognition for his service to the team.

    • Ivan

      Yea but to be fair, Bernie was just as responsible for the ugly divorce if not more responsible. He put the yanks in a tough spot and the yanks made a firm and right decision.

  • Bryan

    Oh when oh when are the Yanks going to bring Bernie back as a coach? I’m sure he can give A-Jax or Gardner, or dare I say it, Melky some lessons.

  • jsbrendog

    might I wonder what couldve been with bernie in center instead of melky? could he have been any worse? would he have been better?

    regardless the fans love bernie and rightly so but it seemed at the time that his skills hd diminished his spot was taken and it was time to move on. was it the right decision at the time, yes, in hindsight who knows but I love bernie I miss bernie and it makes me all warm with yankee pride to see the one guy (only guy) who came up and dealt with years of losing before winning and who knows what its like to sit behind roberto kelly in 1992 and be one of the worst teams in baseball. I love you bernie and you deserve this more than any other yankee from the past 20 years (minus mattingly)

    welcome back

  • 27 this year

    My favorite Bernie Memory was on a hot Saturday afternoon in 06. I got to go to the game vs the Rangers and it was 5 all going into the bottom of the 11th. With two men on, Bernie rips on into the bleachers as the whole stadium was on fire with Bernie chants. I remember walking through the tunnel out the stadium and everyone was still chanting Bernie as they walked out.

  • Ivan

    It would be great for Bernie and the yanks to end the beef. Hopefully it’s true.

    Bernie needs to come back.

  • A.D.

    Would be awesome if Bernie came back, he should be just as celebrated, if not more so as O’Neill, Cone & co.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      As long as Bernie promises to be a selfish dick about anybody potentially wearing his #51, I’m down.

      • Joey H

        please explain to me why anyone should be allowed to wear number 51 again? and people have the audacity to say 21 should be retired when paul o’neill wasnt even a pure bred yankee? its a joke. RETIRE 51!