Cashman eats breakfast, brushes teeth, doesn’t make a decision

What Went Wrong: Andy wasn't so dandy
Joba's shoulder still bothering him?

In the ongoing effort to track Brian Cashman‘s every move, Ed Price tells us that the Yanks’ GM has yet to decide on his future. Cashman is “intrigued” by the open GM spot in Seattle but feels a deep sense of loyalty to the Yankees. Why anyone would want to go from New York to Seattle is beyond me. Are the Steinbrenners really that bad?

What Went Wrong: Andy wasn't so dandy
Joba's shoulder still bothering him?
  • CountryClub

    Yes, Hank is THAT bad.

  • jsbrendog

    it seems hal has taken over for hank in the whole cashman thing, i could imagine that convo

    Hal: so brian, my brother’s an idiot, there’s no committee, this is your team. our father truested you and we trust you

    Cash: thanks hal, hank really had me worried you were going to try to bring in a committee and take away my autonomy

    hal: yeah, he’s an idiot

    • UWS

      Better yet, a voicemail left on Cashman’s cell:

      Hal: So Brian, just wanted to let you know I’m taking Hank on a nice boat trip on the lake. You can let us me know what you decided after we I get back. Cheerio!

      • Mike A.

        Or a text message:

        hi brian, u r d best. hank will b quiet now, k? u n me talk $$$. kthanx.

        • jsbrendog

          ooo i like that one lol

      • kenthadley

        ….and while Hank was fishing, and saying “Hail Mary’s” for luck, a noise reverberated across the shore of the lake… sounded like a gunshot…..

  • Mike Pop

    off topic but

    The New York Post reports that Joba Chamberlain experienced shoulder soreness Sunday for the second time in the past two months.

    The newspaper notes that “Chamberlain didn’t appear too concerned about it,” but then goes on to discuss the injury as significant for several hundred words. Chamberlain missed about a month with rotator-cuff tendinitis beginning in early August.

    • radnom

      eh, well that is an explanation for why they are not trying to build up his innings after the season.

    • Joseph P.

      Please. “Off topic but” doesn’t give carte blanche to post off-topic. We have a post cooking on this.

    • Mike A.

      Every time the kid feels a twinge or some soreness it’s going to be the end of the world. Mo pitched with a bad shoulder all freaking year.

  • eVizions

    I think Cashman has grown to accept the challenges that New York brings and would probably be bored out of his mind in Seattle. If you can learn to handle the pressure – and actually thrive under it – you’re most likely the type of personality that feeds off of it.

  • Will77

    My guess is Cash is doing his best to get a piece of the pie. Omar just got a pretty substantial contract. Cash money probably wants some serious coin as well. IMO ownership is pretty frightened at the idea of Cash leaving and Cash is playing the game a little bit. I’ll be pretty surprised if he walks.

    • steve (different one)

      not sure i agree.

      Cashman knows he’ll get paid. it’s the yankees.

      it’s Hank that’s holding up his decision, IMO.

  • Bo

    Let him go.

    There are 100 people who could do this job better. What has he done in the last 8 yrs here to warrant another contract?

    We rewarding mediocrity now?

    • steve (different one)

      you are allowed to post.

      so yes.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos


    • Rich

      Name the first 80 of the 100 people who could do a better job and I’ll give you some credibility – I’ll give you a pass on the 81st through 100th.

    • eVizions

      Seriously, the Yankees GM may have the deepest resources of any general manager in baseball, but it’s by far the hardest job of all 30 organizations. If you think there are 100 guys who could do this job HALF as good as Cashman, you must be smoking some really good shit. And you better share.

    • jsbrendog

      you. are. dumb.