Decision to return is up to Cashman

Joba to face innings limit next year
A new toy for the new Stadium

Over the past year and a half at RAB, one of the most frequent and hotly debated topics has been of whether the team should retain Brain Cashman as general manager. While Ben, Mike, and I have made our stances clear, we do acknowledge the arguments of the anti-Cashman crowd, of which there are many (arguments and members). There have been a number of poor moves made during Cashman’s tenure, and one might claim that the Yankees woes this season are the product of decisions he’s made over the past six or seven years.

According to a few reports this morning — we’ll look to Anthony Rieber of Newsday — the decision has been made, at least on the Yankees end. Hal and Hank Steinbrenner reportedly want Cashman to man the helm for a few more seasons. This, according to Rieber, is due to Cashman working well with Hal, seemingly the saner of the brothers. The more we read about the Brothers Stein, the more it seems that while Hank is the mouthpiece, Hal is the one pulling the strings.

Cashman has been mum on the situation, as he should be. He’s got plenty of time to weigh his options. While there may be no job more prestigious than Yankees GM, he might prefer the calmer atmosphere of Seattle. Who knows?

Since we always seem to have the “should Cashman stay” debate, let’s try something different today. If you were in Brian Cashman‘s shoes, would you take a three-year contract with a reasonable raise from the Yankees? Or would you seek different pastures?

Joba to face innings limit next year
A new toy for the new Stadium
  • pat

    Cash is a new york guy through and through came up as an intern at age 19 and speaks very reverently of the steinbrenner family. I think he definately stays.

  • Steve S

    Cash may feel as though his legacy as a GM is overshadowed by the money, Gene Michael and the Steinbrenners. And he has shown signs that he carries this payroll as a chip on his shoulder. I think he may bail just to prove that he can do it on a normal budget in a mid size market, like Philly or Seattle.

  • Chris A

    In Ca$h we trust

  • Geno

    I think he’ll stay if for nothing else than to see his plan for the team through. Three years should be more than enough.

  • steve (different one)

    if i were Cashman, i would want stay to see through the results of the overhaul.

    also, the mess in Seattle is not really something i’d be anxious to get involved in.

    Philly could make some sense.

    i’d guess he’s the GM of the Yankees or the Phillies next year.

    i will also answer the question that was not asked: do i want him back?

    the answer is probably yes, but it can’t really be answered unless we know who he’d be replaced with. to say that he should definitely be let go is kindof short-sighted because we have no idea who he’d be replaced with. even his harshest critics could find themselves in one year longing for the days of Brian Cashman, even if his tenure wasn’t perfect.

    if the Steinbrenners had someone like Shuerholz in mind, that would make Cashman’s departure easier to accept. if Hank just wants to promote someone from the organization that he can bully around and serve as the puppet GM, then getting rid of Cashman could be disastrous.

    those are my thoughts. no easy answers on either side.

    • ChrisS

      Regardless of the “saner” atmosphere in Seattle, you’re right, that team is a disaster.

    • Mike A.

      Actually, the Seattle job looks very desirable. Great city, great owner willing to spend, chance to start over with your own people, and, of course, Ichiro!

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        And, Kenji Johjima and Carlos Silva!!!

      • ChrisS

        I’m not quite sure how having a soon-to-be 35 year old slap hitter in right field qualifies as bonus. Great defender and fast, but not my cup of tea as a player.

        It is a great city, but the team and farm system is in shambles.

  • Phil McCracken

    I’m not a big Cashman fan. Just seems that he’s been here too long and nothing has changed. I know some will argue that he wasn’t calling all the shots from 1998 til 2005, but even if you want to make that argument, Cashman has still had 3 years to get this pitching together.

    Since we’ve been knocked out by the Angels, Tigers, and Indians in the first round, our big changes were removing Randy Johnson, removing Jaret Wright and adding Kei Igawa and Andy Pettitte.

    Thats just not enough to get over that hill. Yes I think the focus on the farm is something we needed to do, but to rely only on the farm is completely unrealistic. I’d like to see a new face with maybe a fresh outlook on this franchise. Maybe someone who values certain players a little differently. Someone who values Melky as a 4th outfielder and Ian Kennedy as a 5th starter. I’ve played Fantasy Baseball with someone who overvalues all of their players. That guy loses every year because he refuses to trade certain players to fix his weaknesses.

    • Yank Crank 20

      I see your point with the frustration of the pitching, but what we all tend to overlook is how hard it is to obtain quality pitching. The Red Sox had to give up Hanley Ramirez and other quality arms to get Beckett…imagine that Sox lineup right now with Hanley in the middle of it?

      My point is, Cashman had to go after pitchers like Wright, and Pettitte to patch the gaping holes of ZERO pitching prospects that were in the minors because of all the trades and lost draft picks on free agent spending between 2001-2005. His real plan is going to show up when Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Betanes and others all develop and give us a young, cheap, talented rotation. It takes time to do it so why not let him follow through with his plan? I think he decides to stay.

  • Yankees 4ever

    I think he would stay because he would want to see the fruits of labor pay off from the minors. Also, where else could he go that would basically give him an open checkbook to get talent to handle the growing pains of the young players.

    While some of his decisions were really flops, I think some of the trades he has made in recent years really excelled. I think that he will stay and rebuild this team to begin another Yankees dynastic run the likes of which was seen in the 50’s.

    Also remember, the league will lose a hell of alot of revenue sharing & luxury tax from the Yankees due to the stadium.

    • ChrisS

      to handle the growing pains of the young players.

      Hardly anyone around this team (fans, media, etc.) is handling the growing pains of young players well. The only people that seem to understand and support the redevelopment of the farm system is Cashman, Oppenheimer, and the two-headed Steinbrenner child.

      A lot of fans/media seem to think that any GM can spend $200 million dollars on flashy free agents and development a top flight farm system and trade under performing talent away for flashy established players and win every year. Somehow.

  • Old Ranger

    Cashman stays!
    This guy wants to show his detractors that he is right, with the approach he has taken with the club. People should know by now, this guy is no quit-er. He also doesn’t have unlimited funds to sign any player he wishes…that is Hals’ responsibility.With the liabilities this team has going into 2009, and the money NOT spent on luxury tax and revenue sharing next year, Cash has the opportunity to make the Yanks a contender next year. Keep in mined, the other teams will not get the money they normally do, plus he will have some money to spend (Yankees4ever)…not the 200mm+ payroll as the last few years.
    I think with Joba, CMW, Phil, Moose/Andy, we have a good start for next year…Cashman can see that also. I know that Joba will have inning limits again. 27/09

  • yankeefan91

    just leave joba in the bullpen if ur that worrie about his arm leave him in the pen next year rotation if we kan sign cc and burnett



    long reliever aceves

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      I’d tell you to slow down and think more before you start to compose your message, but I don’t think it would make it any less dumb…

    • pat

      aceves and humberto sanchez are starters but thats beside the point.

      • ChrisS

        Sanchez probably won’t start again. He’s being groomed for the bullpen. But hey that could all change next year.

        • pat

          hes rehabbing from tj in 1 and 2 inning stints.

          • BklynJt

            The way pettitte has been pitching this season, I don’t want him back.

  • yankeefan91

    and add joba to the pen

  • Mike A.

    Cash is one loyal dude, he’s always put what’s best for the org before what’s best for him. See: not trading Hughes and Cano for Kotsay back when they needed a CF and Cash didn’t have a contract for the next season.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      That’s a very underappreciated point. Some assclowns like Jim Duquette realize they’re on thin ice and start trading high-quality prospects for every Tom, Dick, and Victor that they think can help them win some games in the short term to try and save their jobs. Cashman has always taken the long view of what’s best for the team to remain competitive, not just now, but into perpetuity.

    • steve (different one)

      very true.

      we can argue all day and night whether trading for Santana was the right decision or not, but whether or not he was CORRECT, he did what he felt was RIGHT. that’s not how someone who is only out for his own contract operates.

      he thought he had enough pitching to hold on for one more season until CC, Sheets, and Burnett hit FA and he could BUY pitching while also holding onto Hughes.

      a GM who is just looking to save his skin would have made the trade even if he thought the team would be better off in 2009 the other way b/c 2008 was the money year.

      • Brad Kraus

        He thought that because he is a terrible judge of talent.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Negrodamus, is that you?

          • Pablo Zevallos

            haha LOL

        • Currambayankees

          First off some of the players that have come up have very good/great talent starting with Joba and Hugh’s (no he didn’t develop in the NY minute as you and some expected but the kid is going to be a good one and only needs time to develop). The relievers that have come up such as Veras, Roberts and Edwards have also done a great job the entire season (have they faltered? sure but name a BP that has been perfect for the entire year. From a couple years back you have Wang and Cano. What Cash has done is listen to his talent evaluaters and kept some of our better prospects. As far a pitchers are concerned there are quite a few that could be 1-2 in the lower minors such Betances, Garcia, Brackman, Heredia to name a few. In AAA there is Melacon who could be Mo’s heir apparent. I also see Sanchez becoming a BP arm which only adds to depth of the Pen. The best position prospect in the high minors right now is Austin Jackson but you have quite a bit in the lower minors who could be great such as Montero and Romine.

          The worst mistake he’s made in the 3yrs he’s had full control is signing Farnsy. Don’t bother naming Pavano because many teams wanted Pavano during his FA year including the Blosox. Trading for Santana would have been dumb because they would have been giving up to much for a player who will soon be leaving his prime. One of the things mentioned about him is that his fastball which use to ave 95 now ave 91-92. Huge difference when you are pitching in AL east. I like Cash’s vision in preparing for this year’s upcoming FAs in combination with the youth coming up.

          You mentioned he didn’t fix the pitching in the last 3yrs. Please tell me what great pitcher was a FA in the last 3yrs and aside from Satana what other great pitcher was available that we could have gotten. Couldn’t think of any? Please don’t mention Zito.

    • Ivan

      Yea he’s a very loyal person especially working with such a hands on owner like George.

  • TurnTwo

    he’ll be back. he’s finally got the payroll flexibility he’s been waiting for since he wrestled back full control from the Tampa faction; he’s not going to just get up and leave now.

    now, if he is successful in his next contract and wins a WS in the next 3 or 4 years, and then is interested in pursuing other opportunities, that wouldnt surprise me.

    what happened to the new stadium post from just before?

  • ChrisS

    Some of Cashman’s moves have been flops, most I think, except where he peddled overpaid and under performing vets for spare parts and right arms. I’m still against the Nady deal (last 3 weeks: .259/.304/.435/.739 OPS, 26K:5BB – yikes while Tabata did OK after being dealt). And regardless of what people think of the argument that Cashman had little control of the front office until 2005, you’ll notice that the first thing he did was get rid of what Tampa’s mistakes he could. There are still hangovers from those front office wars that will reverberate for a few more seasons at least.

    Cash will stay.

    • 27 this year

      I think the Nady/Marte deal was amazing. Marte is startign to settle in nicely and Nady is doing pretty well. Also, hopefully we get four picks from these guys, three at the least adn we only gave up one good prospect with Tabata, the others were just throw-ins. So what if Tabata does well, in the Yanks org, he was doing bad with discipline adn he is still a long ways from the majors. We shall see but considering we barely gave up any talent, it was a great deal.

  • Ivan

    I guess this person want cashman to stay………..Not!

    When will people understand it’s a longterm decision. And now he blames cash for not trading for CC midseason wow.

  • Reggie C.

    If it came down b/w Cash or Manny , since everybody’s convinced that Cash doesn’t like Manny, i choose Manny.

    • radnom

      lol wat

  • Mark B

    Whether or not you like Cash and think he deserves another contract (I don’t), I get the feeling Cash will not return based on his remarkable silence about coming back. His lack of any enthusiasm here speaks volumes.

    While I could be totally wrong, I think he is probably going to see who will give him the most ca$h and the most freedom and go there. I don;t know what he makes now, but I see him worried about whether or not Baby Boss Hank is becoming a smaller version of the old George meddling in player personnel issues.

    If he goes, I would give a long hard look at Jack Zduriencik, the special assistant to Doug Melvin in Milwaukee. He was recently passed over by Pittsburgh last year and is next in line for any future openings along with the other retreads like Gerry Hunsicker and John Hart.

    His drafting record and minor league development skills have been absolutely incredible. Braun, Fielder, Weeks, Hardy, Hart, Parra, Gallardo, Gamel, LaPorta, Gwynn & Escobar – are just a few names he is responsible for drafting and developing through the minor leagues (as well as into the majors for most of them)

    • steve (different one)

      Cashman easily makes more than any other GM now. if money were his motivation, the Yankees would be his only choice.

    • cult of basebaal

      or maybe he just thinks that the offseason is the proper time to reflect and address such issues and doesn’t want it to become any sort of distraction during the season itself.

      that has tended to be his style in other matters

    • Currambayankees

      Kind of hard not to get that type of talent since the Brewers have also been a team getting high draft picks for like the last 15yrs ala the Rays.

  • Alex

    Ok, the last couple of days PeteAbe has written a couple of blog entries (referring to Cano and Cashman, respectively) that have been preceded (nearly immediately) by entries posted here at RAB on the same topics.

    I recognize that there is only so much Yankee news to come out on a given day, and both Cashman and Cano are entry-worthy topics (and that each were discussed in recent newspaper articles) but I’m skeptical this is a coincidence: Yankee blogging content is a competitive field.

    • pat

      luckily RAb has the monopoly on logic and reason

  • Rick in Boston

    If I was in his shoes, yes, I’d come back. He’s got his plan in place, with all the control he wants. He’s also loyal to a fault – as people have mentioned, he could’ve ruined this franchise everytime his contract came due. But he didn’t.

  • Brad Kraus

    So much for “If I was in Cashman’s shoes I would……..”

  • Double-J

    As the summer fades, I’m becoming more and more ambivalent towards Cashman. I’ve been a pretty big supporter/defender of his, but at the same time, I wouldn’t necessarily mind seeing a change of face…

  • jsbrendog

    I am brian cashman. I am burnt out, tired, spent, have ulcers, migraines, grey hair and i cry in my sleep. But I will be back next yeatr and beyond. I am finally getting over my boss steinbrenner nightmares and have been refreshed by the loyalty shown to me by his sons. They did not have to do that, they came in and couldve cleaned house of their dad’s people and made the team their’s. They didn’t and they leave the decision to stay completely up to me. Had big steion still been in charge there wouldve been posturing (the right man will have the job, or some other vague shit like that) and its refreshing to hear them say if i want it its mine and if i dont then and only then will they find someone else.

    The only way to repay that loyalty is to get some tums, mylanta, and tissues and just for men and gear up for another 2-3 years to see if i can bring my plan to fruition and repay them for having faith in me.

    if i dont i might jump form the brooklyn bridge but at that point the papers will be hoping i do anyway.

  • Mike Pop

    Bring in that guy from Milwaukee if Cash leaves

    • JohnnyC

      And bring in the draft position Milwaukee’s had for a decade. Thanks.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Bad news if he returns. At some point shouldn’t the Yankees at least explore the possibility that there might be someone available who can do a better job. What is the team motto, what have been the results over the last decade. OK, you don’t want to count anything prior to 2005, what have been the results since then. This club has a payroll that towers over any other team. Look at the on field results. When does owenership wise up.

    • Hitman

      Ownership??? They’re the biggest dummies of all! I’ll credit Cashman with one thing he seems to have a good eye for pitching prospects despite all the injuries. They are all very talented all around. His FA signings and trade history is awful.

  • ortforshort

    Cashman has the organization moving in the right direction regarding the farm system – a long neglected area. I would tend to want to keep him for that. However, he’s gotten caught with his pants down several times – Inoa this year, Dice-K last year. He didn’t even make an attempt to get Guerrero or Beltran before that. Cashman needs to realize that the Yankees are a money making machine only because they’ve traditionally made the bold move and spent the money to put a contender on the field year in year out. If he continues to shy away from going for the big score, particularly this winter, then despite his approach to the farm system, the Yankees would be better off without him.

    • Currambayankees

      Cash wanted both those guys but King George wanted Sheff and Johnson. That’s also why we now have Damon in CF.

  • Currambayankees

    Are you seriously asking Yankees fans what if they would stay as Yankees GM or go else where? If I were Cash, I’d ask, how soon can I sign the contract? It’s a no brainer Cash plus with the old man really not running things anymore the seas are a lot calmer than they were in the past.