Finally, Cano disciplined

NFL Game Thread: Brett Favre vs. The Big Bad Pats
Trenton repeats as EL Champs

In the fouth inning of today’s game, Jason Giambi dove for a ground ball and deflected it into short right field. Robinson Cano, who would have fielded it cleanly had Giambi left it alone, watched as Xavier Nady rushed in from right field and Cliff Floyd took second base on the play. An inning later, Cano was out of the game, benched for a lack of hustle.

Now, I don’t buy into this whole unsubstantiated rumor that Robinson Cano is inherently a lazy person. I think he’s complacent, and I think he knows that, when he’s going right, he’s one of the game’s best pure hitters. But I have to wonder why it took Joe Girardi 149 games this year to get Cano to focus. We can only imagine what would have happened had Girardi taken this step 135 games ago.

NFL Game Thread: Brett Favre vs. The Big Bad Pats
Trenton repeats as EL Champs
  • Joey H

    yeah uh , did anyone notice that huge stab he took and saved the fucking inning? its a maturity issue. next year he;ll be fine. i never heard a player make a bad remark about him. besides hes the only player under 29 on this team.

    • Joey H

      for the smartasses- starter wise that is

    • Ivan

      Pretty Ironic when he made that stab on the ball.

  • Adam

    We can only imagine what would have happened had Girardi taken this step 135 games ago.

    nothing would have happened. are you seriously implying that robinson cano’s poor hitting this year was because he didn’t try? that sounds like an oversimplification to me. this guy’s livelihood is based on his ability to hit a baseball and i have a feeling that when he steps into the batters box he is just as focused as anyone. call it the curse of players that make things look easy. they exist, and are criticized in every sport.

  • Ivan

    Yes Cano is complacent player who tends to struggle with his focus and he’s become the second most picked on by the media (A-Rod being the undisputed champ in that category)

    Cano to me next season is gonna make alot of fans/media people look stupid. I just think he’s gonna comeback next season and really breakout.

    Look at reyes last season. In the second half he was horrible, had disipline issues and etc. People call him immature.

    This season he bounce back huge.

    Cano potentially can do that. Not only offensively but defensively.

    Hopefully Cano just come into next season focus and prepared and ready to be an All-Star player.

    • Hitman

      As bad as Reyes was he was not the complete invalid that Cano has been this season. Reyes had an all star season in comparison.

      • Ben K.

        Jose Reyes had a 103 OPS+ in 2007, and in the second half, hit .251/.316/.402. Cano is having a worse overall year than Reyes had last year but his secondhalf numbers — .286/.313/.463 — are much stronger than Reyes’ 2007 effort.

  • dave

    totally unrelated — but i was looking at the TJ Watch on the side and i was wondering who to have next year.

    A Jax? Brackman?

  • Steve

    When you look at his struggles at the plate this year, its easy to excuse it as just a bad year. But when you realize his FIELDING is way down as well, it becomes apparent something else is going on here.

    Bravo, Joe. Hope he gets the message.

  • Ivan

    In other news, IPK will be starting for Scranton in the Brickyard Showdown.

    • steve

      I guess that means that Wright will take Ponson’s spot in the rotation? No way they can let Ponson start again, right?

      • Pablo Zevallos

        or that means Phil takes his spot on Wednesday, as has already been anounced…

      • Ben K.

        Phil Hughes has already been announced as Wednesday’s starter.

  • Baseballnation

    I think the Ajax watch is for sure warranted, although I couldn’t agree more with the perception that Ajax is not the prototypical “ooohhh wow,” kind of number 1 prospect. He’s really good, but nowhere near the Hughes, chamberlain, or even Montero down the line kind of hype.

    • Jake K.

      I’m excited to monitor Brackman’s first year as a pro. Too bad we won’t be following Gerrit Cole’s rise through the system.

    • Steve

      I’m among those not sold on A-Jax yet. I would really like to see him get his strikeouts down below 100 before we consider giving him the CF spot. All of his other numbers are good, but I think its reasonable to assume that if he’s swinging and missing at AA curveballs, he’ll be swinging and missing ALOT more at MLB ones.

      • Pablo Zevallos

        yes, but he does strike out 5 percentage points less than A-Rod.

      • Ivan

        Yea he K’s alot but he does walk at a good clip which sorta off set that.

  • E-ROC

    It did take Girardi long enough to crack the whip. Better late than never I always say. I don’t know if that would’ve been received well, if it happened earlier.

  • kenthadley

    is Garcia pitching anywhere in the off season?

    • Mike A.

      Not sure. There are still two spots open on the AzFL roster, and of course all those Latin American winter leagues.

  • Pablo Zevallos

    unrelated, but I just noticed that Giambi is on the very bare threads of Type B status

  • Will

    I’ll agree with the main subject of the post, that its about time Girardi did something with Cano, however I have to disagree (or at least wait and see) with saying how what ‘could have been’ 100+ games ago and about Girardi getting Cano to focus. All thats happened so far is that Cano was pulled, we’ve yet to see how he reacts with on the field play. I can’t help but think of Reyes last year and how after his benching, he pretty much packed it away for the rest of the season and completely shut off his manager.

    So I’ll have my fingers crossed this will have the same results as Bowa-Love for Cano

  • E-ROC

    Can you imagine what Ozzie Guillen would do if he thought Cano was being lazy in the field? Yikes

  • Mike Pop

    I think after this Cano might win MVP nex year

  • Rafi

    Sorry to be off-topic, but the second Yankees affiliate(Trenton Thunder) just won a championship. Congrats to them!

    • Ben K.

      We have a post up about that. Thanks.

      • Rafi

        I guess I didn’t see the new post

        • Ben K.

          I think Mike put it up as you were commenting. I just wanted to make sure you saw it. No worries.

  • BigYank1

    I say its about time, considering Cano’s lackadaisical play this season both at the plate and in the field.

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