Game 147: A hard rain’s gonna fall

Elect RAB as Hank's advisory group
AAA Game Thread: A week of walk-offs

It’s raining in New York City, and the Doppler doesn’t look good. My guess is a rainout tonight with a doubleheader tomorrow.

But in case I’m wrong, the Yanks’ lineup is below. Jump for joy; it’s another Sidney Ponson start.

Damon CF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Giambi 1B
Nady LF
Matsui DH
Cano 2B
Molina C

Ponson P

Yankee Notes: We will have a Game Thread for the AAA playoff game as well. That goes live at 6:45 p.m. Please try to keep comments in this thread about the Yanks and in that thread about Scranton.

Update by Mike (9:02pm): The game has been postponed. Day-nighter tomorrow.

Elect RAB as Hank's advisory group
AAA Game Thread: A week of walk-offs
  • Marc

    For the love of god, put Sidney in for AAA, and get Phil Hughes for tonights game… Actually then Scranton might lose, and they are our best hope for a championship this year!

  • Scott from 3 Kids Tickets

    Because the Yankees have to wait until the last second, I’m on my way to a game that should never be played….



  • Ivan

    UPDATE, 5:15 p.m.: Joe Girardi was on WFAN this afternoon and said he was hoping for a miracle run that would get the Yankees in the playoffs. That would have to be some miracle. Girardi also said the team has been playing hard down the stretch. You have to assume that most of what he says he simply doesn’t mean, but thinks it sounds good. Otherwise he really has a disconnection from reality. One thing about New York: You can’t fool too many people.

    Disconnection from reality? I think Girardi knows his season is basically over and he just stated it will take miracle for them to make the playoffs. What does Pete honestly want Girardi to say?

    Second, here’s my problem with Pete opinion that the yanks are not laying hard, does he ever said to himself that hey they are not that good of a team, or that alot of bad luck has happen with this team? Yankees have a off year, there not playing hard, give me a break. If Torre was here and had the same record, he would preach the choir that the team is doing it’s best to win but they can’t get a win.

    Pete inrational attacks on Girardi has been quite ridicuous and also to a certain extent pretty funny if ya thinking about it.

    • Jamal G.

      Isn’t this fat fuck’s job to provide updates before anybody else? I have to wait until 7:00PM in a restaurant to find out the game’s been delayed so I can decide whether or not to attend? Useless prick.

    • Jamal G.

      And the early favorite for dumb LoHud comment of the day is:

      Newark Bears September 12th, 2008 at 7:03 pm

      I would trade Hughes for Prince Fielder and Howard

      • Vin R.

        I guess this would be a three way deal where the Brewers and Phillies shared Phil Hughes and we got 2 poor fielding firstbasemen/DH

  • Vin R.

    Why would you want a roof on the new stadium? Even a retractable one would mess with the feeling.

    And in reference to the title i think we all can agree that the sound of a clown that cried in the ally was Hank Steinbrenner.

    • Ben K.

      Well done, Vin.

  • Kelvin

    Total Domination on both offense and pitching.

    • Kelvin

      oops.sorry.wrong game thread.