It wasn’t all roses

Yanks set final unbreakable record
Open Thread: One week of baseball left

I loved last night’s closing ceremonies, but there were a few notable absences. Donnie Baseball wasn’t there; Joe Torre garnered nary a mention; and while the team honored the players, the Stadium itself served more as a backdrop than as the main event at times. It wasn’t until after the game that the Stadium took centerstage. Joel Sherman, a writer to whom we rarely link, runs down some of the more disappointing aspects to last night’s ceremonies. While Sherman, not quite a Yankee fan, is engaging in some Monday Morning Quarterbacking, he raises a few valid points, and for a piece offering up a dissenting view on last night, it’s not half bad.

Yanks set final unbreakable record
Open Thread: One week of baseball left
  • radnom

    Saw this on Lohud earlier, not a bad article but a little too “monday morning quarterback” for my taste.
    Overall the ceremony did what it was meant to do, and gave the fans a chance to say goodbye. The only thing that really bothered me was the shunning of Torre. Donnie couldn’t be there because he’s with the Dodgers now, thats fine I guess, hopefully him (and Torre) can come to the final close out in the offseason.


    I usually dont like Shermans articles. But this was dead on…

  • tommiesmithjohncarlos

    “I would have had a well-known Broadway actor such as Kevin Kline come read Lou Gehrig’s speech, one of the most important, memorable moments in the history of the building.”


    If the Yankees had actually had some shlub like KEVIN FUCKING KLINE reading Lou Gehrig’s speech, they wouldn’t have had enough rags in the house to clean up all the vomit that would have caused.

    Nothing short of a reanimated Gary Cooper would have been appropriate there. I get that the speech should be in there, and it should. Throw it on the jumbotron.

    Only Joel Sherman…

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Yikes. Kevin Kline poop on your Jeter jersey or something?

    • TheLastClown

      I wouldn’t have minded Jeter reading a few key-note lines from the speech before his own “thank you everyone” speech, in deferment to the legends, etc….

      But whatever, fuck it, it was a great day, I don’t see why people need to bitch about every thing that happens. Torre & Donnie were with the Dodgers, ergo they couldn’t be there, plus the Torre rift w/ the Yanks is still wide.

      As much as I’ve quibbled with Girardi this year, I was glad to see a new Manager, although I wanted it to be Mattingly *and still do*, BUT, I was truly pining for Mr T. to be managing last night, it would have been magnificent.

      And how they tried to play up Buck Showalter on ESPN was a little hackneyed, he looked lost and confused with only the 95 ALDS keeping him afloat.

      Oh well……3 straight wins, 4 straight Boston losses & I won’t care anymore


    Haha. Kevin Kline? That’s absurd. What a dopey idea! How about Nathan Lane while we’re at it?

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Have you ever SEEN Soapdish!? Dude bagged Sally Field AND Elizabeth Shue in that movie. Jeteresque.

      • Steve

        Now THAT’S acting, my friends!


    Billy Crystal should have been bat boy yesterday

    • Steve

      If you mean he should have had a bat sticking out of his ass, I agree totally.

  • TheLastClown

    I just read the article, Sherman’s a little loopy in my opinion.

    Scatter all the players all over the place according to the historic things they did? Maybe, it could work, but a three hour ceremony just turns into five.

    I was glad that the active players weren’t “honored” by the ceremony. They have more honors yet to commit. I don’t want to see them relegated to the status of the retired legends. Hell, hopefully the uber-highlights we’ll remember Jeter, Mo, Posada, & A-Rod for haven’t even happened yet!! *hyperbole I know*

    Finally, George wasn’t healthy enough to come sit in a luxury box or a field-traversing golf cart, yet Sherman wants to use movie magic and have Mo throw a pitch to George in the new Stadium?

    Let the new Stadium have its time to acquire memories. I think the old Stadium was honored appropriately.

    How is one to honor a building alone, and not focus on the achievements forged INSIDE the building? Perhaps show some clips of beams falling down pre-renovation, and talk about the FIGHT that Yankee Stadium has!

    Or or or……maybe let the bleachers sit on the creatures?

    Such silliness, such willy nilly silliness

  • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    You know… I agree with some of Sherman’s points and think there are things the Yanks could have done last night that may have been a bit more relevant to the closing of the Stadium… But at the same time, I mean, the Yankees put on a very nice show last night and I think it’s pretty tough to complain about it. They didn’t really HAVE to do anything, but they allowed fans to do a very nice walk through Monument Park and to actually walk around the playing field, then brought out a bunch of former players, showed some decent video clips of Yankees history, recognized Jeter’s accomplishment in passing Gehrig for all-time hits in Yankee Stadium, and had Jeter speak and had the team take a thank you lap after the game. I just think that, yeah, of course we can look back and say “well it would have been cool to do it” this way or that way, but that whole way of thinking is just a bit misguided. They didn’t have to do anything like what they did, they clearly put some effort into it and tried to put on a good show for the fans, and I kind of think to fault them for not putting on one man’s (or any man’s) idea of what the best show would have been is just a bit silly and pointless.

    It’s a building. We (those of us who were fortunate enough to be there last night) got to spend a few more hours in it, watching our favorite team play, and to top it off we got to celebrate some of the history we witnessed there. That’s really all anyone could ask for.

    • Ben K.

      That’s where I come out. Coulda been different, maybe we call that “better.” But it was an amazing night nonetheless.

      • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

        And you said it in fewer than 500 words, something I’m apparently incapable of.

        One more thing… There’s a dichotomy between what a guy like Joel Sherman, as a journalist, thinks about an event like last night and what I, as an honorable Congressman in the D.R. and a Yankees fan, think about an event like yesterday. I think Sherman would do well to take off the critical glasses sometimes. I’m certainly not saying people shouldn’t be allowed to analyze/criticize the Yankees, but there’s a difference between analyzing their personnel moves and criticizing an event they put on for the sole purpose of honoring their own and putting on a good show for the fans. As long as the intentions are good, I think it’s pretty tough to find fault with how they ran things yesterday.

  • donttradecano

    3. I dont think people get that the video montages were to show the players at the position from the beginning to now. Even Francessa didnt get that.

    5&6. Jeter was honored multiple times, by leaving the field with two outs, by making the final speech. The ceremony wasnt just what happened before and after, but in my opinion what happened during the game too. Rivera was honored by closing out the game. Those guys are there everyday, the fans see them all the time, the point of bringing out jackson, berra, and the others was to give the fans a chance to see them in Yankee Stadium one last time.

  • Mark B

    I agree with Joel Sherman’s points, except for the Kevin Kline thing – bad idea.

    I watched last night’s entire pre-game and game with my 79 year-old dad who grew up a die-hard Yankee fan and is the reason I am a Yankee fan today. Seeing him close to tears during the announcing of the players made it really special for me. You can’t replicate moments like that. So yes, while they could have done a few things differently, they did a pretty good job in my opinion.

    The one thing that made me feel terrible during last night’s festivities (outside of hearing it called by Joe Morgan) was knowing that the last game was played at the grand stadium on September and not October 21st……

    • donttradecano

      imagine how much of a downer it would have been if the last game at yankee stadium was a devistating playoff loss.

  • pat

    in a bit of news bound to make errbody happy brackman pitched today. Im sure mike is whipping something up as i speak so ill leave it at that.
    i also heard the stadium will be blown up by jason bay in the tramsformers 3 finale

    • UNION YES.

      Michael Bay

      • pat

        hahaha i suck so bad sometimes…. ok maybe all the time

  • Jack

    Hey Ben–Can we have an open thread tonight? Thanks.

  • kenthadley

    a great evening, and seeing number 7 gimp out to CF brought chills…..missed two names, Ralph Houk and Ralph Terry…..the latter played a role as a starting pitcher in 4 world series, lost to Maz, but came back big time against the Giants in 62….would have been worthy of some mention….

  • Count Zero

    As big of idiots as Morgan and Miller are, I will give them credit for mercifully keeping their mouths shut (a la Vin Scully) during many key emotional moments such as much of the players’ walk around the stadium. They showed the good sense to take a page from the master’s book and let the stadium sounds and pictures be the broadcast for at least a little while there.

    Or maybe somebody smart just turned off their mics.

    I saw my first game at the Stadium with my now deceased Dad way back in ’65 when the monuments were still in play. And I admit I had to wipe away quite a few tears last night. I didn’t think it would affect me that much — but it did.

    I guess it didn’t really hit me that it was the end until last night.

    • Ben K.

      That was true about a lot of us. I didn’t really hit until the end last night. I think had it hit sooner, there would have been more of an uproar over the impending destruction of the stadium.

  • Hitman

    I gotta agree with alot of what Sherman said.

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  • Brendan

    I was at the final game, near the end of the ceramony Jeter came to get an awared for being the all-time hitter at Yankee Stadium. In my opiuion he should have read Lou Gehrig’s speach. I know at then end of the game he said his own speach, but the only time they said Lou Gehrig’s name was when some actor in his uniform stood in center feild. It was still a great night I will alwas remember. But they still could of done more.

    Yankee Stadium