Joba to face innings limit next year

Moose closes in on a milestone, Joba returns as Yanks pound Tampa
Decision to return is up to Cashman

No surprise here, but Joba Chamberlain will face an innings limit next year. This year, Chamberlain was supposed to reach 150 innings, but his August injury will leave him about 40-50 innings short. He’ll probably face the same cap next year. Meanwhile, don’t impersonate Major League pitchers.

Moose closes in on a milestone, Joba returns as Yanks pound Tampa
Decision to return is up to Cashman
  • pat

    have we figured out wether or not he can play in arizona for winter league? At least 20 or 30 innings there could bump him to the 180 region thus removing any limitations for the 2010 season.

    • Mike A.

      No players with more than two years of credited Major League service as of August 31 (including Major League disabled list time) are eligible except a team may select one player picked in the most recently concluded Major League Rule 5 draft.

      That’s from here:

      So yes, he’s eligible.

      • kunaldo

        hopefully they send him there so the restriction isnt as bad next year…it’s possible that they could be UBER careful with him though…who knows

  • Mike A.

    You know, I think I could pull off Mike Stanton. Or at least a white Karim Garcia.

    • TurnTwo

      ive been told by patients i work with i can pass as David Wright, or by friends that i look like/remind them of Dustin Pedroia.

      • pat

        if someone told me i reminded them of dusty pedroia id slap them upside the head with a sea bass

      • Sam P.

        If you look like Pedroia, does that mean you’re a child laborer?

        Sorry, couldn’t resist. I mean you no harm! Haha.

      • Hitman

        You cannot look like David Wright and Dustin Pedroia at the same time. That’s like confusing Danny Devito with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

        • TurnTwo

          haha, i know, that was the point. its funny how people’s perceptions can be so different.

          but it just goes to show you how some dude down the jersey shore can really get away with this kind of hyjinx.

        • JohnnyC

          Wright’s only about 4 inches taller than Pedroia so the disparity is not that great. And, anyway, Wright couldn’t bat cleanup for the Sox.

      • radnom

        “or by friends that i look like/remind them of Dustin Pedroia”

        Ouch. I’m sorry to hear that.

      • JeffG

        Patients? Mental patients for sure… The Twins analagy was a good one – those two look nothing alike.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      “Or at least a white Karim Garcia.” I thought Karim Garcia WAS white!?! He always reminded me of a chunky Charlie Sheen, one of those fair-headed Mexican-americans with no accent who people mistake for white guys (although I have no idea why he has a black first name like Karim).

      If ESPN ever starts doing celebreality programming like VH1 or E!, they should pair Karim Garcia up with Khalil Greene, Howie Kendrick, and Karl “Tuffy” Rhodes for “The KKK Rhodes Show”, where they drive around and screw with people’s racial identities…

  • Chris A

    Anyone got a picture of this prankster?

  • E-ROC

    Isn’t moving from the rotation to the bullpen an easier transition than vice versa? Or what about having him pitch 5 innings per start?

  • Adrian-Retire21

    The Yankees should not transfer him again from bullpen to rotation during the year.Because the Yankees will be desperate again and force hi in the rotation to early.

    The Yankees never learn.

    • Ben K.

      At no point this year did the Yanks “force him into the rotation too early.” That’s simply an incorrect statement of what happened this year. They moved him when they had to for his innings limits, and had he not gotten hurt, Joba would have been right on pace for 150 IP this year.

  • Manimal

    This is really stupid. Why hold back the talent.

    • Harry

      So the talent doesn’t blow his arm out.

  • Neil

    why not send him to freakin AAA this year as a starter have him pitch thru the playoffs and then come back and start after the AAA playoffs end.
    this is what it would have looked like if it was handeled correctly:

    Sept 2nd: 1st start, 2 IP
    Sept 7th: 3 IP
    sept 12th: 4 ip
    sept 17th: 5 ip
    sept 22nd: 6 IP
    sept 27th: 6+ IP

    then send him to arizona to finish off his cap. then start next season in the roation and finish it off in the pen.

    • Manimal

      a little harsh dont you think, id start at 4 and work up by innings