Meetup for the final game?

Game 155: Two to go
Jeter x-rays negative

I’m just wondering: would anyone be interested in hitting a New York bar on Sunday night? I’d be down if we have enough interest. Thing is, I’m not sure where to go. I’m out in Queens, and honestly there aren’t many places around me that would fit the bill. Plus, I figure it’s easier to meet in Manhattan. So if anyone is interested and/or has any bar suggestions, leave a comment. We’ll get this going if we drum up enough attendees.

Game 155: Two to go
Jeter x-rays negative
  • RCK

    I might be up for it, if I’m around.

    I’ve caught games at Fiddlesticks on Greenwich Ave. a few times. It’s big and has several televisions.

  • J

    I’m down for it. Fiddlesticks looks good.

  • Eric

    You might want to check out the NY Yankees Meetup Group on There are about 600 members and we get together every couple of weeks to watch the games. New people are always welcome!

  • Steve S

    Im in Queens and there are plenty of places by me in Astoria (plus there subway is right here also).

  • Steve

    I plan on sitting home alone, and crying my eyes out like a man.

    I’m not about to make a fool of myself in public.

  • Relaunch

    Why not go to one of the bars near the stadium?

  • mg

    Yea, you could stop by the tailgate if you did that, plus you’d be right there for it.