Rivera out with sore shoulder, could need surgery

Game 159: Another scrub-filled game.
I paid $39.95M, and all I got was a t-shirt

While Joe alluded to a problem with Mariano Rivera in the game thread, we didn’t realize the severity of the issue until later on. The Yanks’ All Star closer left the team in Toronto in order to get an MRI in New York on his sore right shoulder. Clearly, this isn’t the best news, but we’ll hold our breaths under the Yanks announce the test results tomorrow. More on the Yanks’ loss to the Blue Jays in a bit.

Update 11:38 Tyler Kepner reports that Rivera may need arthroscopic surgery but would be ready for Spring Training. The Yanks aren’t sure. That’s some way to put a damper on the end of a disappointing season.

Game 159: Another scrub-filled game.
I paid $39.95M, and all I got was a t-shirt
  • Adrian-Retire21

    It would be a big problem if we were getting to the playoffs or he had a bad year and this injury was affecting him all year.We should be worried but at least he hopefully recover in the off season.

    • radnom

      I was just thinking the same thing….”wow, imagine the panic if we were headed to playoffs right now”….

  • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

    Hmm, this will certainly fuel the “Joba as future closer” debate, no?

    • Manimal

      Melancon is a better option for closer. Joba out pitched Josh Becket to beat the Sox 1-0. Not many pitchers can do that. He’s a starter.

      • Lanny

        Tell that to Posada.

        • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos

          I was about to assume you were being snarky and sarcastic, teasing Posada for his silly comments… but then I remembered that it’s you, Lanny, and now I’m not sure…

          You might seriously be advocating for Joba in the pen, and reinforcing your argument from Jorge’s position.

          You’ve already established your Tysonian levels of insanity in your rants against Phil Hughes, so I have to take every potentially absurd statement you make at face value…

      • radnom

        You know….besides the fact that he has yet to pitch a single inning in the Majors……hes a lock. ;)

        I think Pete is right, and this will give the Joba in the bullpen fools more fuel for their fire.

  • Accent Shallow

    OH. YOUR. GOD.


  • BigBlueAL

    Dont worry, according to Girardi there is nothing wrong with Mo other than he has a “cranky body” and went to NY to have just his standard end of the year physical.

    Girardi needs a lie-detector test during his interviews when it comes to player injuries….

    • Steve

      Why? So other teams can take advantage of it?

    • http://barackobama.com TurnTwo

      is this Pete Abraham?

    • radnom

      He never said it was the standard end of the year physical. Pete Abe inferred that.

      • http://barackobama.com TurnTwo

        to be fair, he actually did say that on Francessa’s show yesterday, if no place else.

  • Steve

    Talk about a press corp looking to create a story out of nothing. He said he felt “cranky” in the pre game and that was the reason for the physical, which he attempted to downplay like 99% of managers would.

    Now, its Watergate since he has an issue with his shoulder. This is a bunch of reporters, bored out of their minds covering a team thats out of contention. EVERY manager in Baseball downplays and defelects getting specific about injuries. Torre did it all the time, but for some reason with Girardi its an issue. I guess he doesn’t handle it with the charm that Torre did.

    • The Scout

      He could simply say, “I have no comment on that” or “we believe it’s minor at this point but we’re awaiting full medical results.”

      • http://barackobama.com TurnTwo

        but what he said was ‘girardi speak’ for exactly what you just said he should say.

  • DaveM

    They interview Girardi about 5 minutes after the game. Then they are pissed that he doesn’t have the same info as Cashman!? How could he? The guy was managing a game. I’m sure he got filled in after the interview. But he probably didn’t have time before it. Some of those NY reporters are jerks.

  • kenthadley

    Joba will be in the pen next year, under the auspices of backing up Mo…..unless we come up with another closer over the winter, which doesn’t appear a realistic issue……Melancon may be a 7th inning pitcher at first…..it’s all about succession……and the Yanks are already putting on the press for AJ…..

    • http://barackobama.com TurnTwo

      and from what the rumbles indicate, AJ is interested in NY.

      seems like an injury-riddled match made in heaven.

  • http://barackobama.com TurnTwo

    the one thing i took from Girardi in his interview with Francessa yesterday was that the starting staff is going to get the most attention in the offseason.

    if you assume Wang and Pettitte are in the rotation, and figure Joba is not (at least to start the season), you’ve got to come up with 3 starting pitchers, not including Hughes, Kennedy, Aceves, Wright, and the rest of the group of misfit pitching prospects down on the farm.

    Moose will likely be considered, but it sure sounds a whole lot like he’s about ready to hang up the spikes, esp if he can win 20 games to finish the season.

    obviously CC, and that should only come down to money, and whether he prefers to swim in it, or the waters of the pacific.

    Burnett seems to be a target. almost guaranteed.

    Sheets was a target, but you have to figure this most recent elbow trouble has tempered that enthusiasm.

    Jon Garland? Oli Perez?

    trade Cano for a Cain or Greinke-type arm?

    i think we all expect a rotation shakeup, but i predict that none of us really are ready to see what is actually going to go down.

    • CLT_JR

      I’d be surprised if the Yanks traded Cano. You have to expect Cano to bounce back next year. But if they did, it would probably be for a corner OF like Kemp rather than a pitcher.

      • http://barackobama.com TurnTwo

        dont disagree, just saying the options, i’m sure, will be on the table.

  • kenthadley

    you have a lot of good points here…..I agree that they will go for SP’s….but, I think they will bring Mussina back for a year, plus an option, or two years…Yanks not afraid of the money, but more concerned about length of contracts….that’s why they may also still be interested in Pavano for a year…….remember, Cash jumped on bullpen help last winter because he could get it for a one year committment….

    • http://barackobama.com TurnTwo

      i think the yankees would bring back Moose year to year, but im not really sure at this point if Moose wants to come back himself.

  • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

    BTW, I meant to ask this before, but can you really put a damper on a disappointing season?

    If so, would the damper be something positive? :-D

    • TheLastClown

      Think about it literally…you got fired from your job, wrapped your car around a streetlight after your girlfriend dropped you for your best friend, and you get out of the car to scream your anguish heavenwards….its starts to rain in your open mouth.

      Now you’re damp.


      • http://www.workwithpete.com Pete

        >> Positive? >>

        Well, if you were thirsty….