Scenes from a double header

Ajax carries Trenton to a Game 3 win
Fans say good bye to a Stadium in the Bronx

Because I need to go to sleep and it’s late, bullet-recap time:

  • With Phil Hughes on call for Wednesday, there is absolutely no reason to keep Sidney Ponson around the Bronx. If he makes another start for the Yankees, I might cry.
  • Just to drive home this point, over his last time outings, Ponson is 2-4 with a 7.15 ERA. He’s allowed 78 baserunners in his last 51.1 innings and 46 over his last 19 innings pitched. That’s stunningly bad.
  • Derek Jeter entered this homestand needing just 10 hits to pass Lou Gehrig for the most all-time hits at Yankee Stadium. He collected six of them in two games. I’m guessing he reaches Gehrig’s mark.
  • This Phil Coke kid looks pretty good, no?
  • At this point, the Yanks should trot out their game two lineup more often. Stick Cody Ransom out there; give Wilson Betemit some much-needed ABs; play Brett Gardner. They can’t do worse than the regulars, and for nine innings tonight, they did something the Yanks’ usual starting nine hasn’t done too often lately: They won.
  • Have I mentioned how much I dislike watching Sidney Ponson pitch?
Ajax carries Trenton to a Game 3 win
Fans say good bye to a Stadium in the Bronx
  • Jake K.

    I’m generally a huge Cashman booster. But if they continue to trot Ponson out there (a player with no upside, no trade value, who is guaranteed not to be here next year) inside of Hughes, I’ll have to wonder what the hell he’s doing. I’m hoping he’s kept Phil in AAA for the experience of pitching in the playoffs. Now we’ll find out.

    • Steve

      I’m pretty sure its Girardi’s call.

  • Yankees=warriors

    Obviously, I don’t know about the prospects as much as a lot of people here, but I was very glad Coke was not in the trade for Nady and Marte in the end.
    Hope he goes on contribute to the club for a long time. We really need good lefties for a change.

    • Steve

      Coke was the one pulled out of the deal because he has a bad shoulder. . . . . .

      I can’t remember the last time the Yanks had TWO good lefties out of the pen. 1997 with Stanton/Graeme Lloyd?

  • BigBlueAL

    Play Melky Cabrera!!!! We want Melky, We want Melky!!!!

    • Steve

      The silence is really deafening when you mention Melky to anyone in the Yankee brass. This was not just “Go to AAA for a few weeks and get yourself straightened out”. More like “We give up”

  • Hitman

    Ponson may get another start the yankees won today.

  • Bart

    Brian Cashman does not readRAB — w ehave been advocating dumping Rasner and Ponson since the All Star Break.

    It is difficult to know what the regular 1-9 would have achieved with “sure” knowledge that the 1-5 Starters had a chnce to keep games close

    But Moose and Pettit are 3-4 guys now and having them slotted 1-2 was taking on too much – the Yankees 40 and whatever record in games scoring 3 runs or less that Michael Kay keeps rolling out is in large part due to not having compettive 1-2 guys – the rotation is always “behind”

    So maybe replacements for Rasner Ponson would not have changed much but we would have seen more of ACEVES, for example, and Kennedy, Hughes — “learning” at the MLB level where everyone is pulling for you to get better has to be psychologically different that watching Ponson rot —

    Has the brain trust decided that Joba can’t be a starter due to injury risk??

    • steve (different one)

      this is like the 5th time you’ve posted the same thing about Aceves and the 5th time i’ve pointed out to you that he was hurt.

  • Tripp

    Sorry, I know this is off topic, but has anyone noticed what the Giants are doing to Lincecum? 138 pitches last night…..

    • Hitman

      I don’t have an issue with it. He’s not going to throw that much all the time. As long as Lincecum gets in the proper old school workouts in between starts he should be ok. We have to stop babying pitchers and putting diapers on them.

      • Steve

        The guys who lead the league in pitches throw each year typically end up on the DL or are ineffective the next year. You can derisively call it “babying” all you want, its not an informed opinion on your part.

        Do you know who came up with most of these “babying” guidelines for pitchers?

        That would be Dr James Andrews, who sees about 40,000 patients with sports related injuries a year. If I’m running a team, and Dr Andrews says one thing while Keith Hernandez and a bunch of WFAN hosts say another, I know who I’m listening to.

        • Hitman

          That has little to do with pitches thrown and more to do with improper training. Let me ask you something has the pitch count saved pitchers? Are we seeing less injuries than ever? Are pitchers lasting longer and are more effective into the mid to late 30s? The answer to all of these is no. If anything the very opposite effect has occurred. So do you explain this occurrence?

          • Steve

            Once again, your uninformed opinion. If you bothered to read the article, you would know Dr James Andrews has mountains of data supporting his approach. You have yet to present a shred of evidence to back up your claims. It may be your personal perception that pitchers are getting hurt more, but until you back up that claim with some data its meaningless and not to be taken seriously.

            Also, if you bothered to look up the annual pitch count data and looked at what happened to the league leaders one year and how they fare in the following year, you would know that they go from being healthy pitchers to ineffective or banged up pitchers consistently. According to your theory, they should be “building up arm strength” by throwing more, yet the opposite is what actually happens.

            Pitching is an unnatural act, and your best arms have to be treated with extraordinary care. Its better to lose a game or two here and there than send a guy out there and risk injury.

            • Hitman

              I read the article. It’s a bio on his life and career and a small blurb about his recommending pitch counts in little league because of mounting injuries at a young age. That article didn’t prove a thing. I’m not completely against pitch counts but taking starters out after 90-100 pitches is unacceptable. There’s being cautious and there’s babying and the latter is what’s happening. And you still haven’t answered my question.

      • Tripp

        Check his game logs. He pitches that much every game.

        • Hitman

          I think he went over 120 five times this year. Oh no!

  • Steve

    Much has been made of getting zero wins out of Hughes/Kennedy this year. What was the combined record of their replacements (Rasner/Ponson) in the rotation?

    As Starter ERA 5.40 W 5 L 10 GS 20 IP 105.0 H 129 R 69 ER 63 HR 13 BB 35 SO 61 BAA .301

    As Yankee
    ERA 6.67 W3 L4 GS 10 IP 52.2 H 70 R 40 ER 39 HR 7 BB 19 SO 17 BAA .329

    Glad to see we have some veterans who “know what they’re doing out there”

    • Steve

      Thats a combined record of 8-14 with an ERA of 6+.

      That’s why I wanted to stick with IPK. At least he has some upside, and what he needed to learn he wasn’t going to do at AAA. Hughes is younger, I could see letting him get more AAA experience under his belt.

      But as it turns out, we were no better off going with veteran retreads. Which was why we turned to a youth movement in the first place. Had we shown some patience and stuck with it, I think we would be better off right now.

  • Viasistina

    I was unfortunate enough to have six tickets for the first game and conducted a small family reunion to say goodbye to the old stadium. We were treated to one of the most lackluster performances by the Yankees I have ever witnessed. At the top of that list was a one of the worst displays of playing first base by Jason “the vacuum” Giambi ever performed. He embarassed himself, the fans and every first baseman who ever played for the Yankees. I can wait as the clock ticks down his final days in pinstripes.

  • THU

    Screw winning, I want to lose them all but the last game at Yankee Stadium. We worked to hard all summer to have our pick protected for it not to be.

  • nick blasioli

    i agree,,get a lousier record and get a higher draft pick makes sense…i too cant wait to see giambis last game…we have alot of dead wood on this team…i saw that before last spring…hope the yankee brass gets to work asap…git ur dun,,,,you know what is needed to put a competitive team out there….

  • mike G.

    leave it to Jeter to give us something to get excited about.

    If I never see Giambi at first base again, it will be too soon.