The end of an era

Game 156 Spillover Thread II
Matsui set for Monday surgery

Closing Time

The Irish wake started at 11:43 p.m., and fifty minutes later, my family and I left the Stadium. I’ll have pictures and tales from the game tomorrow. This win — a solid outing by Andy Pettitte, some timely hitting and the final Yankee Stadium home run by an unlikely slugger and one final Yankee Stadium appearance by Mariano Rivera, the greatest current Yankee — was all we could have wanted. There’s no need to recap it right now; just revel in the end of an era of baseball history.

Game 156 Spillover Thread II
Matsui set for Monday surgery
  • dan

    So that wasn’t you who ran onto the field after the game? Or is this being posted live from cell block D?

    • Ben K.

      Instead of a phone call, I asked for a computer.

      • tommiesmithjohncarlos

        You are dedicated to your craft, sir. I take back all those vicious things I said about you and your mother behind your back.

        Except for the one involving the hamster.

  • Scott from 3 Kids Tickets

    Just got home from the game/event. It’s 2:30am. Hopefully, tomorrow I’ll have some pictures to show as well, and stories to tell.


  • Hitman

    The offseason really can’t begin soon enough. I’m looking forward to yet another fruitless winter where Cashman or whoever is in charge does nothing productive. Anyway so long old yankee stadium. I can’t wait to pay those exhorbitant ticket prices next year to fund the stadium and not get anything back in return.

    • Jersey

      Thank you, Debbie Downer.

    • Steve


      Thanks for that, Captain Buzzkill.

    • mustang

      See who says that Yankees fans don’t look at bright side of things.

    • steve (different one)

      Anyway so long old yankee stadium. I can’t wait to pay those exhorbitant ticket prices next year to fund the stadium and not get anything back in return.

      so don’t go to the stadium. you won’t be missed.

      15 seasons of great baseball is not getting “anything back in return” i guess.

      you are a shitty fan who only wants to be there in the good times.

      cry me a river.

      • Back to Glory

        relax steve (different one) – you are the type of fan that should be going to shea. Since when do we criticize wanting more than a bunch of overpaid losers who dont deserve to be on the field with jeter, rivera and pettitie. I say complete overhaul and get some winners on this team again. If you havent checked, the yanks havent been to the world series in 5 years and havent won it in 8. I think thats cause for concern. OPEN YOUR EYES.

        • steve (different one)


        • steve (different one)

          Since when do we criticize wanting more than a bunch of overpaid losers who dont deserve to be on the field with jeter, rivera and pettitie.

          this doesn’t even make sense since Jeter (first half of the season) and Pettitte (2nd half of season) are two HUGE reasons the team underperformed this season.

          i think the team does need an overhaul. i think they need to bring in some new players, get younger, and strip away some of the awful contracts.

          that’s not really the point.

          it’s this attitude that the fans have gotten “nothing” in return if the season falls short of a WS that is absurd.

          you’ve gotten about 95 wins a season for the last decade.

          you sound like spoiled brats.

          i apologize to RAB for saying “STFU”, but don’t tell me to go to Shea. i’ve followed this team my entire life.

          • Back to Glory

            whatever you want to say the point is, it really is that you shouldnt criticize being upset about the team’s performance – last time i checked, holding the yanks to a higher standard is what makes this team’s fans better and more special than the fans of the team you’ve been “following” your whole life…OH and you know who else calls yankee fans “spoiled brats?” mets fans and red sox fans…thank you, im done.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Hey Hitman… Go fuck yourself.

      Have fun being a Rays fan. Plenty of good seats still available.

      • steve (different one)


        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!

  • stuart

    hitman take your meds…

    the are only a few players away of being very good.

    adios giambi, abreu, rasner, ponson, maybe moose and pettitte, and get younger…

    the pen is loaded… they need 2 starters and 2 position players….

    they will score 200 runs less then last year, OUCH>>>>>>>>>that is not cashmoneys fault that is the players fault…

  • David Brown

    I think you can add Pavano and Pudge to the goners list (I think IPK and Melky as well). I also see Marte as history (Notice they had Phil Coke (A ROOKIE) in that game instead, of Marte)? The only Yankee free agent who will return is Moose. I think Texieria is the most likely free agent signing.
    2010 will be the year of the next Generation Tre: Bentecis, Brackman, and McAllister ( Pope is not bad either). Yjat is when the Yankees can contend again.

    • Steve

      I disagree about Marte, and if you saw Ben’s post the other day he’s been very good for the past month after getting off to a slow start here. The Yanks have been searching for a lefty reliever for the past 6 years, I don’t think they’ll let Marte walk after having 2 bad weeks.

      I also have no doubt we can compete next year. I know everyone’s down about us being out of the playoffs, but it actually wasn’t a bad year by most team’s standards. Were 14 games over .500 despite losing our ace and the ‘heart and soul’ catcher. Our rotation was in a shambles all year and we managed to finish up with a good record.

      I think Girardi deserves credit for squeezing a decent year out of this group, and I think he’ll do a great job with a reworked team next year.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      Bringing back Marte makes so much sense, it’s silly that it’s even a discussion. He’s a proven lefty out of the pen, and those are valuable commodities. If Coke struggles, like tons of young players do, Marte is valuable insurance; if Coke is lights out, Marte can easily be dealt for a valuable piece or for prospects. Having both of them is a huge matchup weapon for a postseason push, and the picks we’d get for him walking this year will still be there next year.

      And saying that IPK and Melky are goners… why? Again, what benefit do we possibly get in dumping them, when they both could potentially bounce back? The 40-man isn’t THAT jammed up that we need to clear out a spot. They’ll be back next year and get their chance, just like everybody else. They’re young, cost controlled talent. No need to go crazy.

      • Steve

        If you simply pick up his option and he bombs out next year, you can always cut him in mid season. It makes so much sense its not even an issue thats debatable (for a well run franchise) to me.

        I’m not sure IPK is gone, but the silence is deafening surrounding Melky. With Gardner playing his ass off and contributing DESPITE a low BA, its pretty obvious where the Yanks are heading. Girardi liked Gardner out of spring training, but the Yanks insisted on him getting a full season in AAA. Plus, if you want to believe that part of Cano’s problems was too many late nights with Cano (as was often rumored) than Melky gets the Billy Martin treatment and gets sent away for a bag of balls.

        The last game I went to was the Hughes start last week, and I was shocked at how the fans got on Melky. Not after making an out, the minute he first came up to the plate. I guess I’m not the only one who noticed him smirking after making an error this year.

  • Steve

    Kudo’s to ESPN for this tidbit. We were all wondering who would hit the last HR, and it seemed like a letdown when it was a backup catcher like Molina. Then ESPN pointed out that he wears #26, the number of championships we won at Yankee stadium.

    The ghosts showed up after all.

    • TurnTwo

      wow… good stuff.

      • steve (different one)

        i’m not letdown at all by Molina hitting the HR.

        it could have been an Oriole.

        • Adam

          or worse, it could have been a red sock damon.

  • Geno

    Of course, the news media couldn’t just let Yankee fans say goodbye to an old friend in peace. A major sports site lists one of it’s columns today as “Yankee Stadium wildly overrated”


  • donttradecano

    can the ghosts follow the sox around for the next week?

    great night…that place is going to be missed

  • TurnTwo

    one thing i thought was interesting, and that i noticed… and not sure if this was already said because i wasnt around yesterday to comment at all…

    but when they were going position by position in the pregame festivities, they showed the current yankee playing the position in the group…

    matsui in LF, Damon in CF, Abreu in RF, ARod at 3B, Jeter at SS, Giambi at 1B, Jorge at C, and Wang and Pettitte on the mound.

    but one player they left out, or maybe i just missed him (which of course is possible), was Robinson Cano at 2B.

    again, time might prove me wrong, but if i were Robbi this offseason i wouldnt put any major money down on a deposit for a new pad in the tri-state area.

    • Ben K.

      They didn’t leave out Cano. He was in the video montage along with every other starter. X. Nady and J. Molina were left out and there was no mention of M. Cabrera. But other than that, the starting nine made it in.

      • Rick in Boston

        The crowd didn’t seem into it when he got announced – not surprising considering his season.

      • TurnTwo

        eh, then i guessed i just missed it. perhaps chalk it up to wishful thinking.

        • Marsha

          But did you miss Roger Clemens when the pitchers were shown?

          • TurnTwo

            yeah, looks like his photo montage was misplaced in the same desk drawer where Joe Torre’s was.

            • tommiesmithjohncarlos

              Who is this Joe Torre that you speak of?

              The dude from Def Comedy Jam?

              • Steve

                What was their excuse for leaving Mattingly out? They hate him too?

                You guys are really getting conspiratorial. The guys who showed up were included. There were a ZILLION Yankee greats who were left out.

            • Steve



  • TurnTwo

    w/o reading thru all the comments, am i the only one who wasnt all that particularly impressed with the pregame ceremonies?

    • steve (different one)

      well, i don’t know if “impressed” is the right word. but they did do a nice job with it, IMO.

      honestly, what else would you have done but bring back all the yankee greats you could?

      the re-enactment of the first lineup was a little wierd, i’ll grant you that.

      • TurnTwo

        to me, it just seemed like old timers day, but without as many old timers.

        too much about individual players, and not enough about the actual stadium and the special moments that made it great.

        • UWS

          Well, what made the stadium special WAS the players who played there. So I think it was done right, mostly.

          • TurnTwo

            but then it was just old timers day, without as many old timers back on the field as there were in July, right?

            and there is more to that stadium than just the players who wore the uniform.

            and to do it right, dont you have to celebrate some of the non-yankee moments that happened on that field, too? last night was about the celebration of the history of baseball at that stadium, not just a celebration of yankees players.

            again, special day for sure. i get why they did what they did.

            but was it done right? idk, didnt seem like it to me.

            • usty

              I thought the exact same thing. When i saw those “players” waiting behind the wall in right, i looked at my friend and was like, “Oh god, i hope they don’t have actors or lookalikes or something corny to represent oldey-time players.” This was followed up with another text from a friend saying, “What is this? Field of dreams?” Everything else was very much like Old Timers Day. (Side note: A-Rod got slightly booed during this ceremony. Some fans continually shock me with their stupidity.)

              That said, the end with Jeter talking from the mound and the lap while New York, New York played over and over and watching the players from both teams go out and grab dirt and everything was really really awesome. That’s what i’ll remember from the night. Not old-timers day lite.

  • JohnC

    Farewell to the Cathedral of Baseball, Yankee Stadium. Thanks for all the memories and magical moments! Looking forward to making many new ones at the new ballpark.

  • Nickel

    Maybe this has been brought up before, but it’s kind of weird to see that the Yankees could very conceivably finish this season with a better record than the 2000 Championship team.

    • tommiesmithjohncarlos

      And, if we can manage to win 12 of our last 6 games, we can get to 95 wins, which is the same number of wins the 1923 Yankees had in the first year of the stadium.

      That would be pretty awesome too.

      • Nickel

        I didn’t say it would be awesome. I just said it would be weird. I know it’s pointless and meaningless. I was just pointing out a statistical quirk. No need to be mockingly sarcastic about it.

  • Ivan R.

    Does anyone have a link to the tribute video played in the stadium? I’m hearing complaints from people that Joe Torre was left off some tribute vid. Anyone know anything about this?

    • Scott from 3 Kids Tickets

      Yes, there was no mention of Joe Torre. Don Mattingly was only shown quickly in video montages. It would have been nice to have a 30 second video message from both, and Sweet Lou Pinella.


      PS It was a nice night, but the lack of a postseason this year kept creeping back in my mind while I was there, thinking what a disgrace that is…….

      • donttradecano

        it kept creeping into my mind at home because morgan and miller kept feeding it to us.

        anyone catch the morgan comment: “its fitting that ruth hit the first hr, since they call it the house that ruth built.”

        joe they call it that because he hit the first hr.

        • tommiesmithjohncarlos

          Well, I think they actually call it “The House That Ruth Built” because his popularity gave the Yankees the financial power to buy the land and build the stadium, not just because he hit homers in it. If that was the case, it’d just be called “The House The Ruth Homered In.”

          But I get what you’re driving at… Joe Morgan is a dumbass. I concur.


          Dr. Hibbert: “I’m afraid you have a rare disease known as Homer Simpson Syndrome.”
          Homer Simpson: “Oh, WHY ME?!?”

          • donttradecano

            i see what your saying but i dont think they call it that if ruth doesnt hit that hr.

            heres the real debate: whose the dumbest announcer ever?

            • steve (different one)

              i see what your saying but i dont think they call it that if ruth doesnt hit that hr.

              i disagree. i think it would still be called that for all the reasons that tommie noted.

              heres the real debate: whose the dumbest announcer ever?

              Steve Phillips.

  • Ryan

    haha my brother and I are in that picture