These are the people in your Stadium

BA's Top 20 GCL Prospects
AAA Game Thread: The Bricktown Showdown

While the Yankee employees will all venture north to the new stadium next year, these folks who hawk scorecards, hot dogs and beer have their fair share of Yankee Stadium memories. M.A. Mehta hunted down a few of those workers, and Mehta’s resultant story offers up a nice look at people we as fans often take for granted. With the last weekend of Yankee Stadium upon us, I’ll have more on the stadium over the next few days, including a damning report from Richard Brodsky about the stadium funding deals. Stay tuned.

BA's Top 20 GCL Prospects
AAA Game Thread: The Bricktown Showdown
  • Mike R.

    “They’re the people that you meet. When you’re sitting in your seat. They’re the people that you meet each game.”

    I couldn’t resist. :-)

  • Ed

    As Bloomberg said in response to Brodsky’s report:

    “The state and the city put in a relatively small amount for infrastructure, which is incidentally the job of the state and the city. That’s what we’re supposed to do.”

  • Steve



    Love that guy.

    • Will (the other one)

      Oh, man…that guy needs a story all to himself. Dude’s like the love child of a sick menage-a-trois between Sammy Davis Jr., Burgess Meredith’s Penguin, and a sixty-year-old-version of the kid from “Good Times”…

      • Steve

        You could hear him on the broadcast through the crowd mike last night. He always does my section (300s) and greets you with a big smile. He does the funny nasal thing on purpose, he knows people (like me) get a kick out of it.

  • Jen

    I don’t take these people for granted. Especially not the ladies at the sausage stand. They always let me cut the line.