Whelan, Miranda returning to the AzFL


The Yanks apparently have decided on the final two players they’ll be sending to the desert this fall: second time AzFLers Juan Miranda & Kevin Whelan. So it looks like I misremembered, for some reason I thought they only had one pitcher spot empty, but I guess they never filled that second infield spot. Scott Aldred, Double-A Trenton’s pitching coach, will serve the same role with the team in Arizona, which is great because he’s familiar with all the pitchers the Yanks are sending. Season starts Oct. 7th. (h/t Chad Jennings)

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  • Hitman

    I can understand Miranda going but Kevin Whelan? What about Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Humberto, Garcia? These are the pitchers who should be going.

    • Northrop

      According to an interview with Hughes, Garcia is pitching winter ball in South America

    • Aaron

      Joba isn’t eligible because he’s been in the Majors for more than a year.

      • pat

        if you were paying attention ud know they changed it to 2 yrs

    • Aaron

      And if you’d been paying attention you’d know that Hughes and Sanchez were already going.

      • Hitman

        I realize that. I simply gave examples of players who should be going not scrubs like Marquez.

  • Steve

    Any opportunity we get to teach Whelan how to throw strikes is worthwhile.

  • eVizions

    wow, I really was hoping Joba would be going to get those extra innings that he missed this year. Guess there goes ANY hope of him starting in the rotation next year.

    • Hitman

      Cashman probably feels the rotation is solid for next year.