A nail in the Fall Classic coffin

Suspended WS Game 5 postponed
Studying the Stadium

Here’s an interesting premise from Mark Kiszla, a writer in Denver: The World Series is dead. Poor ratings, little excitement and a decisive game impacted by weather and halted after 5.5 innings has done in what Kiszla says is the mystique of the Fall Classic. Considering we haven’t seen a six-game series since 2003 and seven game sets since the back-to-back thrillers in 2001-2002, Kiszla has a point. But baseball’s crowning event will bounce back. It just needs a good match-up, better weather and a compelling storyline.

Suspended WS Game 5 postponed
Studying the Stadium
  • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

    I blame Al Gore.

    • Steve S

      For me it has to be the leftist liberal media.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK799W6AhBk&feature=user Joey H.

      I blame A-rod.

  • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

    The World Series needs the Yankees. Now, that may be a tad haughty, but is there a team in Major League Baseball that draws as much attention than our beloved Bombers? Love ’em or hate ’em, they are always the main event when they are good.

    • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

      A Red Sox-Cubs match-up could do the trick. However, I’d rather not ponder that notion.

    • Steve S

      Fox would tell you that its the Red Sox and Cubs, they have drawn the best ratings over the years. The Yankees annoyed everybody, people only watched them in elimination games which is normal for every team. The only thing the Yankees do is bring in the NY market but volume wise the Cubs have a broader following in the midwest and the people in New England have no lives so all they do is watch the Sox, unlike in NY where there is a significant amount of the population that either doesn’t like baseball or is mildy homosexual (aka a Met fan).

      • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

        or is mildy homosexual (aka a Met fan).

        The exorbitance of this statement is what makes it so damn funny.

        • Steve S

          Not that there is anything wrong with that

          • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

            I like my beers cold and my homosexuals FLAMING!

  • Nickel

    …and games that end before everyone’s too tired to stay awake.

    • A.D.


    • KW

      That’s 100% of it! Games these days take so long to finish, I’m fast asleep by the time the second half of the games begin.

  • A.D.

    Actually I think the weather & suspended game situation has brought more intrigue & press to the WS than normal. Now if they would actually start the game at 8 or better yet 7, we might be somewhere

  • Mike Pop

    All it needs is for the Yankees to be in it

  • steve

    living on the west coast the games start at 5. Any earlier would be too early for the rest of the country minus the east coast. We’re all at work.

    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

      Haven’t you guys fallen into the Pacific Ocean yet? There’s still civilization out there?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      I’m somewhat sympathetic to this argument when the right teams are involved, but when Tampa and the Phillies are playing on the East Coast, the games should probably start sooner. Even if first pitch was at 8 instead of 8:30, we’d see a huge improvement.

    • A Responsible Yankee Fan

      I’m a New Yorker who has lived in LA for 6 years and anytime there is an important Yankee (or any team for that matter) game, we find a way to see it. Companies out here are generally more lax and will allow their employees to either cut out early, or put the game on at work. Obviously this is not true in all cases, but its definitely more true than it is on the east coast. The point is, by starting the games at 8:30 or 9pm EST, you’re effectively sacrificing the games future in exchange for current ratings and dollars. The kids who will make this sport profitable and meaningful going forward can’t see it all because their fathers dont want to have to leave work early, or listen in their cars. Its unfortunate that this is what the leadership in baseball have chosen.

      • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

        “The point is, by starting the games at 8:30 or 9pm EST, you’re effectively sacrificing the games future in exchange for current ratings and dollars.”

        He’s got a point. Baseball is falling farther and farther behind football and basketball for America’s kids. I’d wager that the overwhelming majority of us had baseball passed down to us from a parent/older sibling as a young kid. And when we were kids, a game ending at midnight or 1AM was rare.

      • Nickel

        OK…but here’s what I don’t understand. They put the games on later for ratings purposes…but ratings have dropped since they started doing that. Who decided that more people would watch a game that starts at 8:30 than 7:30 or 8?

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK799W6AhBk&feature=user Joey H.

      Well thats too bad considering No west coast team is in the WS.

    • Nickel

      But at least you guys are awake for the ninth inning when potential World Series history could be made.

  • E

    why do people forget the lds n lcs? We’ve had some classics and they more than make up for it.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK799W6AhBk&feature=user Joey H.

      Yeah, as well as classic CHOKES.

  • Relaunch

    The country needs a team to hate. They need the Yanks back in it.

  • DCR

    I think baseball just has to realize that it has a fan base that is selfish. For most people if their team isn’t involved then its not interesting. I watch the World Series and the playoffs every year regardless of what happens with the Yankees. Unfortunately not everyone else is like that. Attention spans are too small these days for people to invest their time in a seven or five game series that doesn’t involved their teams. They can do it for football because its one and done.

  • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

    Before I say this, I stipulate that I have not done any research into the opinion I’m about to express. Just throwing it out there…

    I think the Divisional Series round of the playoffs is a big reason why the World Series has seen waning interest in the last 8-10 years or so. I think fans are treated to 2 rounds of playoffs featuring divisional and league-rivals, and then after all that the WS kind of loses a little of its luster. It’s freezing outside already for much of the country, football’s in full swing (and basketball and hockey are getting going), people have already had a few weeks of compelling baseball to watch, and there’s a much lower probability (when compared against the first 2 rounds of the playoffs) that the WS will feature teams with either a geographical or historical rivalry. I think the WS suffers because of all that. I’ll even use some extemely silly anecdotal evidence: I’m a season-ticket holder and someone who has the people close to me tell me too often that my interest in baseball is a little childish, and I’m not all that interested in the WS. I’m watching, but I really don’t care much. I’m not surprised at all that the more casual fan isn’t tuning in. After watching the end of the regular season (Mets collapse, Dodgers surge, Tampa holds on, ChiSox-Twins one-game playoff) and some pretty good playoff series (Tampa-BoSox etc), I’m just not riled up by Philly-Tampa. We’ve had weeks of fun baseball already and that matchup has no juice. It’s a let-down.

    Those who know my commenting tendencies here know that I tend to argue with people who toss unsubstantiated opinions/specious reasoning out there, and to them I say “yah, I’m a big steaming pile of hypocrite right now, my bad.” Something about the Divisional Series just doesn’t sit right with me, I don’t know. I think it contributes to a feeling that the WS is an afterthought.

    • The Honorable Congressman Mondesi

      Btw, I agree with Ben’s opinion that “baseball’s crowning event will bounce back. It just needs a good match-up, better weather and a compelling storyline.” I just think the factors I mentioned above stack the deck a little more against the WS being the compelling showcase event of the postseason.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      Agree. I hate the divisional series for so many reasons.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DK799W6AhBk&feature=user Joey H.

    Here’s a way we can fix this problem at hand. Put the Yankees in the world series.

  • Shamus

    Hey Tommie,

    Last thread:

    Why would the Yanks inquiring on Matt Holliday be “sheer lunacy”, as you eloquently put it?

    • http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/CRsmithT1.jpg tommiesmithjohncarlos a/k/a Mr. Snarky Irrelevant Non Sequitur Jones

      Because Holliday will still cost us at least one, if not two, premium prospects, he’ll require a fat contract extension, and frankly, I just don’t think he’s that good. I’m wary of all Coors and Arlington hitters whose numbers look astronomical because of their hefty park-inflated home splits, like Holliday and Milton Bradley – I think we’ll end up regretting those deals pretty badly. Holliday to me is solid but not a star, and we’d have to give up potential stars to get him and pay him star money to keep him

      In fact, 95% of the potential trade acquisitions being bandied about this offseason (Holliday, Peavy, Adrian Gonzalez, Cain, McLouth, DeJesus, Ankiel, Saltalamacchia, Bedard, Kemp) scare me in one way or the other: either the other team isn’t highly-motivated to move the player and thus will have to be blown away by a super-huge offer of prospects, or the player himself is pretty unproven and could easily regress to replacement level production or below. I don’t want to sacrifice a few good prospects for a player who may not be all that good, nor do I want to sacrifice numerous excellent prospects and create numerous holes just to fill one single hole.

      I’d much rather look for low-hanging fruit in trades that won’t require massive prospect outlays (like Willingham or Hermida in Florida, for example) and being much more aggressive in free agency. We’re looking at about 150M in cumulative AAV player contracts expiring and coming off the books in the next three offseasons (First Mussina, Pettitte, Pavano, Giambi, Abreu, I-Rod, then Damon, Matsui, Nady, Marte, Molina, Betemit, then Rivera and Jeter) with Jeter the only likely candidate to re-up for any non-negligible contract length or dollars. We have an expensive, veteran club, but most of those expensive vets are at the end of their deals, making now a great time to go in heavy on the market to sign premium talent (especially since any draft pick losses for siging free agents will be offset by our considerable 2009 draft pick surplus).

      Basically, I’m anti-trade and pro-free-agent right now. Until I see a feasible deal that knocks my socks off.

  • UWS

    Actually, the best way to fix the problem is to stop saturating the regular-season programming with Yanks, Sox, Cubs, Mets, and Angels. Exposing the casual fan to other teams will engender more interest when the playoffs roll around.

    Starting games earlier is also a good idea.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I definitely think it’s a time thing. Why can’t the games start at 7:00?

  • pat

    lots of nails in coffins today, must be for halloween

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    I think the World Series has less juice because of interleague play. When I was younger, I thought it was cool that the American League pitchers would have to bat for the first time all year, now thanks to interleague play its all been watered down.

    Attendance is at an all-time high, it can take the hit of getting rid of interleague play.

  • Nick

    Stuff that is declared dead, roars back to life within a year or two.

  • Ivan

    LeBron is sick. I just gotta say that.

  • Lanny

    Attendance rises every single year. Profits go up every year. Ratings go down for everything. Stop comparing the WS and other sports to the Super Bowl. Football is its own entity because of single elimination and most importantly gambling.