A Yankee fan roots for the Red Sox

Price on Peavy, Teixeira and other free agents
ALCS Game 6: Just win, Tampa

I’m unabashedly rooting for Tampa Bay to end this thing tonight. With the Yankees out of the playoffs, I couldn’t be happier, from a baseball perspective, if the Sox miss out on the World Series. But it seems that some of us who claim to be Yankee fans find themselves rooting for the Red Sox. Harvey Aarton in The Times today attempts to excuse this traitorous behavior, but any true Yankee fan wouldn’t root for the Sox until hell freezes over.

Price on Peavy, Teixeira and other free agents
ALCS Game 6: Just win, Tampa
  • Ivan

    Totally agree Ben.

    You can’t be considered a UNC fan and root for Duke, You can’t be a Ohio State fan and then root for Michigan. You can’t be a Dodger fan and root for the Giants.
    Can’t be a Long Horn fan and then turn around and root for the Sooners. It’s called a rivalry for a reason okay. Just like if your a Skins fan, you can’t root for the Cowboys.

    Once you are rooting for the sox, your not a yankee fan. You were never part of this family or down with this team period.

  • Jacob

    Hell would freeze over and they would have to throw my mother in it to get me to root for the sox. Even then it’s a coin flip.

    • JD

      I would never cheer for them!

  • Joey

    Blah, no excuse for rooting for them is good enough because there is none. True Yanks fans don’t ever root for the Sox. End of story.

  • pat

    sigh… something about the redsox just brings out the inner douchebag in people, its inexplicable.

  • Reggie C.

    So sad. So sad. The writer even uses the word “enlightened” at one point in the article. Since when did band-wagon, mob behavior become an exercise in enlightenment?? All it shows is a lack of character.

  • Chris

    Fair weather fans spotted. I just can’t decide if these guys are worse then the ones that would flock over to Shea.

  • JeffG

    If I put a Sox cap on I’d hope someone shoots me… in fact you’d have to shoot me for it to happen.
    Unless you’re a lying sack of shit like Guliani I’d think it impossible for a Yankee fan to say he’d root for the sox. Looks like they got themselves a pretty big piece of work there. Definately not a Yankee fan though. He may like winning baseball and he’s been rooting for us for the last twelve years but surely he can’t cross that line unless the line was never there to begin with.

  • raymagnetic

    That guys isn’t a Yankee fan. He said “The Red Sox grow on you.” Are you f’n kidding me?!?

    No Yankee fan would ever let those words leave his mouth. Not even in their worst nightmare would a Yankee fan say such a thing.

    Maybe something like “The Red Sox grow on you like a bad athletes foot fungus,” but never what they guy said.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    I don’t know how you can rrot for the Rays either. Screw em both. Let’s go Phillies!

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      or root

    • JeffG

      I can root for the Rays to beat the Sox dude. Choice one – watching the Yankees beat the Sox. Choice two – watching the Yanks beat anyone else. Choice three – watching any team beat the Redsox. Last choice watching those losers making it to another world series.
      I really can’t hate the Rays as of just yet. We’ve been stomping on them forever and thats not to say that I don’t want to see us stomp on them again next year… but I hope they represent the AL in the World Series. One nice present for spending years in the basement only to be shoved back down there once we get out shit together.

      • Andy In Sunny Daytona

        I guess that’s where we differ. I think the only rival the Yankees (26 World Championships) have are the Montreal Canadians (24 World Championships).
        If you want to put the Red Sox at the same level as the Yankees, go ahead. I choose to recognize them for what they actually are, a little team on a little run.

        • JeffG

          Whoa whoa… nobody’s putting the RedSox on the same level as the Yankees. Where did you get that from?
          As far as the Canadians I only put them on the same level as the Australians – maybe they get a slight edge because of the maple syrup factor. – Don’t really care about hockey.

    • Currambayankees

      I’ll root for Rays in this round but like you would like to see the Phils win it all.

    • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

      I actually like the Rays. I don’t buy into that whole hate-every-team-in-your-division nonsense. The only teams I consider true rivals of the Yankees are the Red Sox and Angels (the Mets by default). I’m a big fan of amateur and Minor League baseball, therefore seeing all the young talent the Rays have causes me too root for them (obviously this does not apply when they are playing the Yankees).

  • Lanny

    No Yankee fan can root for the Sox. It just can’t happen.

  • radnom

    This is a Rudy Guiliani train of thought

  • Currambayankees

    Tampa has a bunch of idiots, they should have closed out this series on Thursday and not given the Blosox any life. I as a Yankees fan hope that those damn Devil Rays finally close out the Blosox tonight.

  • Joe

    I lived in Boston for about 5 years and was bombarded with RSN. I did not become a fan, but there was an understanding, and respect to a degree. I think it was due to the fact that me and my buddies who were from Mass. would be at each others juggulars each time a baseball discusion ensued. After a while, to avoid fights we chose to respect each others teams.

    • whozat

      I can respect kids who are life-long Red Sox fans. How can you not? They grew up with it, that’s how it is.

      I don’t respect (the fandom of) bandwagon fans, regardless of what team or sport. If you’ve been a Yankee fan since 1996 and you’re not under the age of 15, screw you. If you’ve been a Sox fan since 2004 and you’re not six years old, screw you.

  • IvanS

    In the span of 45 minutes, Phil Hughes isn’t having such a great AFL season anymore.

    • AndrewYF

      Reminds me of his time in the majors. Just couldn’t get outs, and when it looked like he might get out of it, the defense found a way to fuck it up.

      I wonder which body part he broke this time?

      • Joe

        Ouch, that line hurts

    • Currambayankees

      Guys the kid has had two good games and one bad game working mainly on his change and cutter. Fans need to chill and give the kid a break. No pitcher pitches perfectly for an entire season let alone one working on pitches including one that’s fairly new. Give the kid a break, it’s AZ.

  • Brett

    I am a Yankee fan. That’s it. Screw every other team in the league. I want them all to lose. But, Mets and Red Sox the most. If they are playing each other, you can also root for injuries. Its Go Rays tonight by default.

  • Austin

    I’d rather cut my hands off than root for the Flops

  • Steve S

    Is this is a joke? Really, really? The Red Sox can only grow on you? What is that like AIDS growing on you? I want to vomit.

  • Handtius

    yeah…teams grow on you…. when they win. what a front-running tool.

  • Jake H

    I realized after the Sox won game 5 how much I really hate them.

  • Yankee Magic

    I live in the Tampa area so I hate the rays because of all the a-hole band wagon jumping fans that “have always loved the Rays” however; I will never say that I want Boston to win. I hope they both lose……….In a perfect workd they would both lose.

  • Yankee Magic


  • Steve

    Somebody obviously ate some tainted clam chowder and became delirious.

    Its the only explanation.

  • DonnieBaseballHallofFame

    The guy who wrote the article, and the guy who the article was written about are both a couple of douches.

    Not anything more needs to be said.

  • Slugger27





    i hate their fucking guts

  • mike G.

    Unless you are running for president, then you root for your league . . . . um. . . no way in HELL am I EVER rooting for the red sux. nopw.

  • http://memotosteinbrenner.blogspot.com/2008/10/trades-offseason-oct-9th-2008.html Mr.Yankmee@MemoToSteinbrenner.blogspot.com

    Not for nothingI can’t root for the Girlsox, but….It woul d be the biggest kick in the a$ if they win it again a wakeup call that we need to get players like Bay. Youklis and Drew and stop being so slow waiting around fo0r the 3 run homerun, take it when it’s there gap that sucker in the meantime steal some bases etc…etc… trade for som,e gamers like McLouth, Markakis etc.etc..

  • Michael

    I seriously can’t believe what I just read. I love how he just “couldn’t warm up” to the 2008 Yankees. He WAS going to go see the final game in the stadium of team he has rooted for since childhood, but instead, found himself in Fenway Park for the ALCS. I own so much Yankee stuff that if I was ever seen wearing a “B” on my hat and saying stuff like “the Red Sox grew on me”, my friends would line up to kick me in the nuts. This is the biggest example of band-wagon-fan-in-denial I have EVER seen. Or maybe I’m just not that enlightened.

  • scottnar

    I agree for the most part that you cannot root for the sox, however I really wanted to see Manny back in Fenway. So in a sense I was hoping they made it there to lose to the Dodgers. Good for baseball