• Slugger27

    god i hate mccarver

    • Steve

      I’ve never liked him, but I don’t let those guys bug me as much as some other people do. Its like having your Grandpa at the holiday dinner table spewing all sorts of outdated, politically incorrect things. You know he’s from a certain generation where that was acceptable, he’s too old to learn any different, so you let just it pass.

      Out of town broadcasters have a tough job anyway. They don’t follow the team day to day like we do, so they’re going to get some stuff wrong or be behind the curve. They’re also talking to a NATIONAL audience, so they have to walk through the basics in a way that you and I find tedious. Look at how good Darling was on the Mets broadcasts this year, and how weak he was on the TBS. Its really tough to be on top of teams you haven’t seen much.

      I think the much maligned Morgan is excellent in some areas, and bad in others. He breaks down the game pitch by pitch and plays in the field as well as anyone. But when he starts getting into specific details (like knowing a guys stats) he’s often lost. For a long time he mailed it in far too often, although he’s been better in recent years. But I enjoy his work, and try to ignore the other stuff. I’d rather listen to Morgan and Miller call a game than any other combo in Baseball.

      Buck has made a career out of mailing it in and I’ve never taken him seriously.

  • Adam B.

    I suspect some of it is there’s this perception that silence is bad because it means the viewer may focus away from the TV. So announcers just don’t shut up and say too much. We’re there to watch the game for the most part, though.

  • A.D.

    I have to admit baseball has some of the worst commentary out there

  • r.w.g.

    joe buck is pretty bad, too.

  • TheLastClown

    Hey, Mike, Joe, Ben…..how are your voices? Do small children and animals run crying when you speak, or do your dulcet tones wash through the ear in ways reminiscent of mother’s womb? Or maybe somewhere in the middle? The point is I wonder if we can petition for people with actual baseball knowledge & insight to be calling these games, that is if you have a decent voice…

    PS. This goes for Jamal, TSJC, anyone of you walking baseball-clopaedias out there

    • http://www.new.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=594331910&ref=name Jamal G.

      I just wish that the network executives would realize that you don’t have to be a former participant of the sport at a professional level to be a color analyst. That should not be a criterion.

  • pat

    This is oversimplifying the issue quite a bit but I think it boils down to mlb (and other sports) constantly trying to increase viewership, In essence they dont really care about trying to pander to the die hard fans because they know that fans like us will watch the games no matter what. I’d say the average person flipping through channels is more likely to stop if they hear a story about lester beating cancer or pedroias dirty uniform rather than derek jeters vorp or arods ops+. Basically everything has to be dumbed down for the average american to find it appealing, and the subset of people who go to baseball blogs and post their opinions of prospects and trades do not fit the bill of average fan.
    For example i think max kellerman has one of the best sports shows on the radio because of his saber based analysis and viewpoints. Will his arbitron ratings ever hold a candle to mike and the maddog in their heyday? Hell no. Look at presidental debates or campaign ads 90% of what is said is just attacks on the other person because that is easier to understand than a comprehensive foreign policy or economic plan. Btw i hope that didnt come off as douchey or holier than thou just my opinion on the subject.

    • UWS

      Agree with you 100% percent.

  • radnom

    I came here to say almost exactly what pat said.

    This is a question for psychologists and not baseball experts. You see the same type of thing in all forums of discussion, be it politics, economics, you name it.

    I think one reason it stands out more in baseball as opposed to, say, football, is because baseball is a more statistical game. Football has extraordinarily complex defenses, but people at home are not analyzing them beyond a very base level and no one expects the announcers to either. Baseball on the other hand, is very accessible for a fan to delve into deeper analysis and so this makes the deficient commentary stand out more.

    • whozat

      The article, though, points out that there ARE football shows that get into that realm of analyzing those comples defenses and such. Not in-game, but at other times. That’s the sort of thing that Baseball Tonight and other shows could be doing, but aren’t.

      • radnom

        Yes, and just like pat says, Kellerman often gets into saber based analysis. But this is not what the average fan is tuning into.
        NFL countdown is certainly comparable to baseball tonight in terms of analysis.

        • whozat

          Yes, I know that there is a football show that is just as inane as Baseball Tonight. But there is, apparently, a market for shows in which people exhaustively analyze football. Why is there no such baseball market? Is it simply that football lends itself to visual analysis better?

  • Tripp

    I’d rather listen to Morgan and McCarver then ever listen to F-ing John Kruk.

    He’s the sole reason I didn’t watch any of BBall Tonight this past season.

    • Steve

      The announcer crew from Hell.

      John Kruk, Stephen A Smith and “Boomer” Chris Berman.

      3 heads, and not a single thought worth listening to in one of them.

  • Thomas

    We should definitely throw Chip Caray up there for horrible announcers. “And look at Upton glide!”

    • TheLastClown

      Umm, in case you didn’t notice, Bossman Jr. signed an endorsement deal with Northrup-Grummond, and was publicly showcasing their new hover-spikes.

      He actually wasn’t touching the ground!! And Chip Caray was the ONLY one that noticed *besides me of course*.

      Give that man an O for Observation

  • JeffG

    McCarver & Kruk suck the big one. All of FOX panel should be locked in the studio while it’s set ablaze…
    Joe Morgan I don’t mind so much.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Joe Morgan I don’t mind so much.

      WHA?!?!?! Someone actually doesn’t mind Joe Morgan???

      • Thomas

        Michael Kay seemed to like him.

  • Brad K

    It’s interesting because Fox uses the same approach for everything they broadcast, whether it’s sports related or not. The other thing that makes these broadcasters even harder to tolerate is the length of the game and the amount of down time they feel they have to fill. That’s what made guy’s like Scooter, or Mercer so much fun to listen to. They filled that down time with great stories and memories of the people they played with and met, and the places they been. McCarver just doesn’t get it. I don’t care what a guys batting average is when he wears boxers instead of briefs. I can come here for that!

    Bring back Kaat.

  • http://www.3KidsTix.com Scott from 3 Kids Tickets

    Joe Morgan can jump off a cliff and I wouldn’t care…

    I happen to like Tim McCarver, but I could see why you wouldn’t.

    I do wish Kaat would come out of retirement and replace Michael Kay. His shtik was cute when he was a reporter for the News/radio guy. It wears thin now that he’s basically “the voice of the Yankees”, and having an actual radio show with fans that adore him has made his big head even larger than life. But I digress….

    I miss “The Scooter”. It was nonstop comedy, him and White or Murcer.


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  • Ben

    What bothers me even more than lousy announcers (and lousy they are!!) is the way baseball is shooting itself in two ways:

    1) A lot of people still don’t have cable. Most do, but many in urban areas do not. Like me. Why are League CHAMPIONSHIP Series’ not being broadcast on network television?!!! This is ridiculous.

    2) More importantly: STOP having games start at 8pm/830pm!!!! Kids can’t stay awake late enough to see the end of games. You are destroying your future audience. Don’t bitch about the West Coast audience, they’ll tune in, don’t worry.
    And while we’re on the topic. Play some World Series games during the day!!! That’s when baseball is supposed to be played. Everyone knows how their parents and grandparents talked about people leaving work to go to a world series game, or kids sneaking radios in to tune in, or teachers bringing in tv sets into classrooms to let them watch. These are the kind of things that bring people together and make baseball a national experience.