Mo’ money, mo’ free agents

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Bowa remaining with Dodgers

We all want to see CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and everyone other big name free agent land in the Bronx in 2009. But while practical concerns — such as other teams — may interfere with our hopes and dreams, we also have to recognize that money is a concern. Or is it? That’s the question Replacement Level Yankee Weblog asked today, and the answer seems to be no. Money-wise, the Yanks could sign Sabathia and Teixeira and still have plenty of cash left over for Moose or Pettitte. As Andrew YF said earlier today, “The Yankees’ biggest advantage is their massive amount of money.” How they use it this winter will determine the team’s future for years to come.

RAB Live Chat
Bowa remaining with Dodgers
  • AndrewYF

    Woo, I’ve been quoted! I’m moving up in the world of baseball blogs.

  • Joltin’ Joe

    Since no one’s commenting I will take the liberty of using some space:

    Offseason Dossier:

    1. Offer Abreu arbitration. He declines most likely, then offer him 2/$25MM. If he denies that, let him walk. Everyone who says we need to get rid of him cause he’s old needs to look at his OPS+ and the fact that we have no outfield.

    2. Sign Mark Teixiera. If he needs 7/$150MM, go for it. He locks up 1B with big offense and defense, gives the Yanks another .400 OBP and the best 1-2 tandem in the bigs with A-Rod hitting behind him in the 4th spot.

    3. Sign CC. Any price necessary. Just make sure you significantly outbid the competition. It should be up to him if he wants to play here, not the Dodgers or Angels.

    4. Gather a few valuable yet expendable players, starting with Cano, Nady (no, I don’t want him replacing Abreu – his defense is marginally better and will not take enough walks) and offer them up for the best young player you can find. Matt Cain would be nice, but I don’t think adding Nady to that Cano/Cain deal is going to sweeten it for SF. What about Florida? They would have the middle infield locked up with Hanley and Cano for a while, plus a usable piece for ’09 in Nady, and we could try for say, Uggla and Jacobs, should the Mark Teixiera deal fall through. I suggest the Yanks stay away from the Pirates, who could dangle McLouth and Doumit. Both players are too old and not big enough stars to justify trading a stud like Hughes.

    5. Trade for Ryan Spilborghs. The Colorado CF has quietly posted some very solid OPS+ and OBP in his career, yet has not gotten the starting job for the Rockies. He should be able to be had for some B-prospects, perhaps Colin Curtis and a pitcher like Chris Garcia.

    • GG

      I love when people throw out deals and throw out prospects like they have a clue or have ever seen any of them play.

      What if the Yanks rate Curtis high? What if they think Garcia is a future high level pitcher? I know its great to make up deals and throw prospects in but it’s useless.

      • Joltin’ Joe

        Ok, make it happen with guys we don’t care about or rate highly ;)

    • whozat

      Abreu’s defense was really mindblowingly terrible. I think you’re discounting that too much. Sure, he’s still an OBP threat in general. But…he’s not that .400 OBP guy anymore, he doesn’t have that much pop, and he’s massively detrimental in the OF. And he’s not going to get much better.

      Put Tex in the 3 hole, Matsui in the 5 hole, Posada in the 6 hole and then Nady’s your #7 or 8 hitter. He’s plenty good enough for that. No need to hang on to Abreu…I really don’t think he’s going to be able to make up for his defense for much longer.

    • christopher

      could peavy br had for nady, hughes, and cano. add him to sabathia and because of peavy’s low cost it leaves rooom to sign texeria and a 2B

  • Joltin’ Joe

    In case someone calls BS look at this link:

    • Steve H

      Take a look at the home vs. road splits though, he’s no good on the road. Avoid Rockies players at all cost.

      • Joltin’ Joe

        Yeah, his ’08 splits were fairly even though. I was looking at Garder’s fielding stats and his Range Factor was actually below average when in LF, but above average in CF. Monster speed + good CF defense = good enough stopgap, and if he turns into Reggie Willits ’07, even better.

        • whozat

          His sample size in LF was pretty tiny. As was his sample size in CF, frankly. A guy with his tiny amount of service-time…the MLB stats really aren’t that useful. He’s incredibly fast, and he’d have to be pretty bad a judging fly balls in order to not be a league average or better defensive LFer.

          • Old Ranger

            There are very few out fielders in the majors that can judge the ball off the bat, it is an instinct and can’t be taught, Wells and Brett have it most others don’t. I have watched Brett in AA/AAA and when called up this year, the kid has the stuff to make it in the show, will he be a star…no, unless he can develop more offence.
            I honestly believe Brett can play CF for the Yanks until A-Jax wins the job…key word, wins! Many will disagree with me on this, that’s ok…I have been wrong before, but not this time!

  • GG

    Considering we have nothing in terms of top level position players in the minors above Single A, we need someone like Tex.

    And considering we have needed an ace since 2001 and pitchers like Sabathia don’t come around often, we will sign him.

  • NYFan50

    One thing RLYW doesn’t take into account are possible trades. The team COULD look to move someone. Matsui and Damon are heading into free agency years, for example, and they could look to save some cash by dealing one of them if they needed to. That isn’t to say they have a cheap alternative ready to step in, but a trade is always a possibility.

  • Steve

    Heyman said the other day that Yankee gross revenues are projected to go from the 450 mil they currently have to around 750 mil annually with the new stadium.

    Given that they’re comfortable with a player payroll that’s currently 45% of their gross revenues, at those new stadium levels they could afford a payroll of around 340 million. And that’s even before we get into the money they save on revenue sharing/luxury tax for building a new ballpark.

    That’s a long way of saying “Yes, and then some”.

    • Old Ranger

      Revenue sharing/luxury tax is only for a couple of years (2 or3). If they give long contracts to some of the players….opps, other teams will be building their teams with Yankee money again. 27/09.

  • ohbwonhomie

    Shit, wouldnt that show CC we’re attempting to put together a winning ballclub, and that he should consider getting on a team thats willing to throw the kitchen sink and first borns in his direction. We really need his demeanor and ability on the team, I would love peavy but it seems it wont happen. so show the money lots of it and build a monster.

  • Mulls

    is there any way we can get logan morrison from the marlins? then wed have morrison and action ready to take over next year.what about phil hughes for scott olsen and logan morrison.thinking outside the box man !!!

    • Joltin’ Joe

      According to Tim Dierkes at MLBTR today, Olsen’s FB has dipped to a weak 88 mph. No way.

      • Steve

        and his BABIP shows he was very lucky this year. No thanks.

  • Steve

    “The Yanks signed him to a Triple-A deal with the stipulation that if he were not on the major league roster by Aug. 15, he could ask for his release.

    At Triple-A, Pena had 19 homers in 105 games with a .370 on-base percentage. But the Yanks had recently traded for Craig Wilson to be a first baseman/DH against southpaws, and there was no obvious roster slot.

    “He did OK for us,” Yanks GM Brian Cashman said. “He had power, played good defense. We liked his attributes. But he didn’t push himself to be on the 25 [man roster] and we didn’t have a spot in the big leagues, so he exercised his out.”

    RED SOX – Boston signed him the day after the Yanks released him. He played in just 18 games and hit one homer. The Red Sox already had Eric Hinske in a similar lefty-bat complement to Kevin Youkilis, with David Ortiz as the DH. Red Sox officials did not like his pull-happy approach and were worried his body type suggested future breakdowns. Had he been pre-arbitration, Red Sox officials say, they would have kept him. But with Hinske already signed for 2007, they didn’t see the value of paying Pena a significant salary to sit.

    RAYS – “They had less time to be tolerant and patient in Boston and New York and they had those positions filled by established guys,” Rays manager Joe Maddon said in explaining Pena’s Tampa Bay blossoming. “We had a much larger time frame to give him an opportunity.”

    Its not often I quote Sherman, but that lays it out perfectly as to why we let some of these guys get away. The constant win-now pressure in NY cuts both ways, it pushes the team to constantly make the team better, but it also pushes guys out the door who could help us.

    For all you Cano, IPK and Hughes bashers consider that last line that Maddon said

    “We had a much larger time frame to give him an opportunity.”

    . . . . and he’s in the World Series, and we aren’t.

    • Old Ranger

      I like your supposition/summation on the state of the Yankees… OLD THINKING!
      May the gods help us if we are still in that mind set…have we learned from our history? 27/09.

      • GG

        We all know it was a mistake. Just like not signing Ortiz was. And trading Lilly for Weaver. And signing Igawa. And not signing Beltran. Etc etc etc.

  • Chofo

    I really don’t think the payroll is coming down next year with the new stadium and the increase in revenue

  • ortforshort

    I’ve been concerned that Hank, Hal and Cashman have been shy about going after the big $$ free agents. The last time young, blue chip free agents were on the line was when Beltran and Guerrero were available and the Yankees passed on both. Everybody seems to be blaming George for those passes, but that was very un-George like behavior. Also, the Yanks were outbid badly for Dice-K and just his acquisition alone would have been the difference between the Yankees making the playoffs and Boston missing them. The point of all of this is that I hope Hank, Hal and Cashman are ready to step up and go big time after Teixeira and Sabbathia. I don’t think, off of recent history, that its a slam dunk that they will. We know the Yankees have the money.

    • JRVJ

      This is actually an interesting comment (though admittedly, the Yanks did get a FA in Sheffield the year Beltran and Guerrero were available. And Sheffield was definitely a good signing).

      The 2004-2005 offseason was not a good one for the Yanks, what with not signing Beltran due to trading for Randy Johnson (a terrible trade, considering that the Yanks gave up Dioner Novarro).

    • Old Ranger

      Cash has already said there may be some very disappointed fans after the FA signings are done. More or less, hinted the old way of doing business is over…throwing money at a middle of the road (or older) pitcher/player is a non starter. Also, the long contracts will be scrutinized more closely, the days of the 7-10 yr. contracts may have just gone by the wayside…cuts down on the flexibility.
      To be honest (not hopeful), I don’t think our wish list will be filled this winter. CC, Tex, AJ, Sheets and other big name players may not end up in Yankee Pin Stripes this year. I think one or two of the needs on the team will be filled, but not necessarily by the CC’s and Tex’s of the world…not saying we won’t get Tex, etc,.
      Very optimistic today, am I not? Hell, as long as we get good players that can set us on top (were some think we are entitled), I really don’t care. 27/09.

  • Steve

    Don’t count the Yankees out of the Peavey sweepstakes. Of the 5 teams Peavey has agreed to, the Cardinals and Astros are already out of it. The Cubs don’t appear to be a match. The Braves are balking at the price tag.

    Plus, his agreeing to go to those 5 teams only means that they can trade for him w/o doing anything extra. If the Padres see the Yanks as the best fit, the Yanks can offer to p/u his 22 mil option to get him to agree to a deal.

    The Yanks happen to be the best fit for the Padres, and they both know it. Now Towers has to do the dance with the rest of the teams to see if they can find something similar. If not, I’d expect Towers to push Peavey to come to NY if they have the best package for his team.

  • MS

    Sign CC, Tex, and Lowe. Put Joba in the pen as set up man and next closer.

    IPK or other young prospect

  • christopher

    lowe is teh type of free agent to stay away from. there are young pitchers out there eith ACE potential. Burnett and Sheets for example.
    and Joba belongs in the rotation

  • ohbwonhomie

    after further review I just cant justify going after lowe hes nutty hes older yes hes put some decent numbers but I cant see him returning to the al east and being as effective. I rather aj if not cc but i’m ready to call cash and voluteer to drive the brink truck right up to his doorstep shit I’ll even throw in $100.00 of my own $$. Oh get tex and trade for holliday, package hughes and damon, whom ever of our mid-levels.

  • ortforshort

    If the Old Ranger’s comment is correct and there is a new era in New York, then the Yankees are doomed. They must use their financial advantage or they won’t be able to compete year in and year out. And, if they don’t contend year in and year out, their revenues from total sell outs at home and on the road and from the Yes network will begin to dry up – causing them to lose a lot more in revenue than whatever the payroll costs of a Sabbathia and a Teixeira would be. My fear is that Cashman is nothing more than a glorified accountant who has no understanding of the Yankee business model and what it takes to keep the Yankees a contender, and therefore, a money making machine moving forward.