Open Thread: Building a small market team

PSA: Please play nice
Ajax steals the show in AzFL opener

We’ve talked about payroll a ton over the past few days, months, years. As fans of the Yankees, we’re used to spending what it takes, without any practical limits. However, there are 29 other teams in the league, many of which face payroll constraints.

Tonight, in the absence of baseball, we can pretend to be small market teams. Kinda. Here’s the exercise. You have $50 million to spend. You must fill 25 roster spots using 2008 salary data (which can be found at Cot’s). Ah, but it won’t be that simple. To ensure that you’re not just snagging quality young players who are making the league minimum, we’re going to put some service time restraints on the players you can choose. And what better model to pick than our very own New York Yankees?

For your nine starting position players, including DH, you can pick 1 player with 0-2 years of service time, 2 players with 3-5 years of service time, and 6 players with over six years of service time, hence free-agent eligible. That’s going to be tough. Service time can be found at Cot’s as well. Since we’re using 2008 salary data, we can use 2008 service time, too, so just use the number they’ve got there. If a player has 1.161 (1 year, 161 days) of service time, it counts as 1 year. If a player isn’t listed, he’s assumed to have no service time.

For starting pitchers, two can have 0-2 years, 1 can have 3-5 years, and 2 need to have 6 or more years. For the bullpen, it will be 2 with 0-2 years, 3 with 3-5 years, 2 with 6 or more.

On the bench, you’re free to do whatever. Restriction: it actually has to be a bench player. A reasonable guideline is fewer than 200 plate appearances in 2008. However, if a guy came up later in the year and started, you can’t use him.

Everything clear? All right. Let’s see what you’ve got.

PSA: Please play nice
Ajax steals the show in AzFL opener
  • pat

    damn joe this is a great friggin idea

  • Rafi

    Can you use any AAAA players? For example, can I take a chance on a guy like a Jorge Cantu(3 years), or a Ryan Ludwick(2 years) and hope for the best, or do those guys count as the 0-2 and 3-5 players?

  • NYFan50

    It is exceedingly difficult to find players with 6 years of service time at certain positions that are either 1) any good or 2) at all affordable.

    • Mike A.


    • Joey H.

      Not to mention, how we get them on ourside of the enemy lines.

  • Rafi

    What’s Frank Thomas’s official salary this year? He originally cost $8MM, but was released and now his salary is listed as $0.39MM(major league min.). He’d be a great deal at 0.39MM

    • Mike A.

      It’s $8M. The Jays have to pay him his full contract even after releasing him.

      • Rafi


  • Mike Pop

    50 mill isnt too much lol damn

  • Joey H.

    Joey Votto.

    • Joey H.

      We loose abreu and giambi in all likely hood. we’re gonna need some lefty hitters. good power and a nice OBP, i love the guy. not to mention he just turned 25 and 09 is going to be year 3 for him so idk how that works with arbitration and all that, ill let someone else hit on that,.

  • dan

    Just a word of warning before I get to work on this… the teams posted here will be much better than any team you could realistically put together for $50million. We’re taking the best of the bunch here- the guys whose contracts worked out really well. Be aware of this before you start bragging about your team.

  • NYFan50

    OK, after spending some time on this…this is, if not impossible, extremely, extremely difficult. You are asking for too many players with 6+ years of experience. 10 players with 6+ years experience…that’s basically $40M at least, right there. For 10 pretty poor players, on average. Very difficult to get any half decent player for less than $5M with that kind of service time. Hard to find many regulars at all less than $5M with that much service time.

    • NYFan50

      Note that I am not saying this is impossible. Just that finding regulars with 6+ years and getting those 10 players alone under $50M itself is a task. These are going to be really bad teams. :)

  • Joey H.

    Hey joe, how many wins do you want this team to project?

  • Mike Pop

    Idk if this is possible.. the 6 or more years is real tough

    • Jamal G.

      Now you see how foolish it is to play armchair GM.

      • Joey H.

        I guess sometimes you just get luck with what ya’ got. Look at the rays and the marlins. The marlins totally dropped their payroll this past offseason and turned out to be a halfway decent team.

        • Phil McCracken

          Neither the Rays or the Marlins would fit this model. Both have numerous players with less than 2 years of service time.

      • Mike Pop

        No but this is 50 mill this is less than the Padres have 50 mill is nothing and these are all restrictions.. its a really fun idea and im enjoying putting this team together but alot of restrictions it can be irritating lol

      • Old Ranger

        Damn good post! 27/09.

  • Yankees Ben

    Where do i find the info on that site?

  • Andy in Sunny Daytona

    I just hired Ed Wade to help me. You all are toast!

    (And if by calling anyone “toast” is offensive to any unroasted bread lover, I am truly, truly sorry. From the bottom of my heart, I apologize prufusely.)

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      or profusely

      • Mike Pop


  • Mike Pop

    No1 finished yet huh

  • Joey H.

    Why did u take down ur roster mike?

    • Mike A.

      Forgot to make a change, it’s back up now.

      • Mike A.

        I had two position players with 0-2 yrs of service time, had to sub someone in.

  • Mike Pop

    Mike A’s team killed it

  • Mike A.

    C: Joe Mauer, $6.25M, 4 yrs
    1B: Doug Mientkiewicz, $750k, 8 yrs
    2B: Ronnie Belliard, $1.2M, 8 yrs
    3B: Pedro Feliz, $3M, 7 yrs
    SS: Hanley Ramirez, $439k, 2 yrs
    OF: Mike Cameron, $5M, 11 yrs
    OF: Grady Sizemore, $3M, 3 yrs
    OF: Raul Ibanez, $5.5M, 10 yrs
    DH: Milton Bradley, $5.25M, 6 yrs

    SP: Jamie Moyer, $3.5M, 19 yrs
    SP: Tim Wakefield, $4M, 14
    SP: Scott Kazmir, $3.785M, 3 yrs
    SP: Tim Lincecum, $405k, 0 yrs
    SP: Chad Billingsley, $415k, 1 yr

    RP: Chan Ho Park, $500k, 11 yrs
    RP: Keith Foulke, $700k, 9 yrs
    RP: Justin Duchscherer, $1.2M, 4 yrs Matt Guerrier, $950k, 3 yrs
    RP: Jesse Crain, $1.05M, 3 yrs
    RP: Grant Balfour, $500k, 3 yrs
    RP: Joba Chamberlain, $390k, 1 yr
    RP: Jonathan Broxton, $454k, 2 yrs

    BN: Gabe Kapler, OF, $800k, 7 yrs Brian Barton, OF, $390k, 0 yrs
    BN: Eric Hinske, OF/1B/3B, $800k, 6 yrs Ryan Raburn, IF/OF, $396k, 0 yrs
    BN: Clint Barmes, 2B/SS, $405k, 2 yrs Brandon Fahey, IF/OF, $390k, 1 yr
    BN: Miguel Montero, C, $400k, 1 yr

    Total payroll: $49,693,000 $48,618,000

    See you fools in October.

    • Rafi

      clint barmes was pretty much a starter, and duke was a SP

      • Mike A.

        I’m stuck, I can’t do any better. I didn’t see the ~200 plate appearances limit on bench guys, and all those guys are over that.

        Best I can do. A for effort.

        • Mike A.

          There, fixed. Now all the bench guys had ~200 plate appearances, and I replace Duchscherer with a guy that was in the pen full-time. Heck, I even lowered payroll, so I can make a deadline acquisition if need be.

          • Mike Pop

            Man your with Steve Philips..Joba the 8th inning guy

    • Joe

      That’s quite some team. I am going to find it hard to not just copy that team now.

      • Yankees Ben

        Pretty good team,

    • Andy in Sunny Daytona

      Mike Cameron made an extra $750 k in performance bonuses. Your total is now $50,443,000.

      Mike A. = Cheater.

      • Mike A.

        That’s it, you’re getting banned. Jerk.


        • Andy in Sunny Daytona

          Don’t sign these guys with performance clauses. The ghost of Ed Wade told me to tell on you.

    • Rafi

      I think my team can take you down…check it out and let me know

    • A.D.

      My rotation > your rotation

    • pat

      shit i found guerrier and didnt think anybody would have him now it looks like I copied, i was literally just going through cots looking for people to fit the bill

    • Mike A.

      For fun, my lineup:

      1. Mauer, C
      2. Hanley, SS
      3. Sizemore, CF
      4. Bradley, DH
      5. Ibanez, LF
      6. Cameron, RF
      7. Belliard, 2B
      8. Feliz, 3B
      9. Meintkiewicz, 1B

  • Yankees Ben

    What abouy minor leaguers? what are the salary amounts?

  • Steve

    Travis Hafner having surgery on his shoulder.

    Maybe that explains what’s been going on with him for the last 2 years. Its absolutely amazing to see a guy who had one of the top VORPs in Baseball in 2004-2006 go completely kalblooey like he has. Its like he forgot how to hit all of a sudden.

  • NYFan50

    OK, I gotta go eat dinner, but this is what I have so far. It is 50.1565M, with no bench players. At this point I would probably ditch Vlad for a dirt cheap veteran but I don’t have time. Dinner awaits. :) Sorry for the poor formatting.

    0-2 years: SS, Hanley Ramirez ($440k)
    3-5 years: C, Yadier Molina ($1.75M), 3b, Cantu ($0.5M)
    6+ years:
    2b, DeRosa ($4.75M)
    1b, Sean Casey ($0.8M) (or if you go by 08 stats, Belliard $1.6M)
    LF, Ibanez ($5.5M)
    CF, Cameron ($5M)
    RF, Vladdy ($14.5M)
    DH, Tatis ($0.56M)

    $33.8M, offense

    0-2 years: Joba ($0.39M), Lincecum ($0.405M) (could also sub in Hamels at $0.5M)
    3-5 years: Greinke ($1.4M)
    6+ years:
    SP, Lohse ($4.25M)
    SP, Moyer ($3.5M)

    $9.945M, starters

    $43.745M without relievers

    0-2 years: Ziegler (ML minimum 200k?), Soria (.4265M) (or Marmol for 0.43M)
    3-5 years:
    1. Balfour (0.5M)
    2. Madson (1.4M)
    3. Grabow (1.135M)
    6+ years:
    1. Darren Oliver (1.75M)
    2. Dennys Reyes (1M)

    Relievers: $6.4115


    • NYFan50

      Mike, your team is better than mine. I was rushing and counted Duch and Joba as starters, and each OF position as they should be, but even with time and taking those shortcuts I don’t think I would have finished that well. Grady would have been good for the 3 year selection.

      • Mike A.

        Duchscherer’s been a reliever his entire MLB career until this year, so I went with him a reliever.

    • Yankees Ben

      Oliver is actually making 2M

    • A.D.

      You didn’t count Grienke’s social anxiety medication, what low blow?

  • TheLastClown

    I’ve been perusing that Cot’s page, and I can’t seem to find year by year salaries. I could divide the total salary by years, of course, but the contracts aren’t always divvied up like that are they? Don’t certain players get paid more on the front or back ends of their deals?

    Also, for any player that had an incentive-laden contract, do we have to take into account whether or not they met the goal and factor in the bonus received?

    This post might belie my ignorance, but I’ve been a mostly emotional Yankee-centric fan and haven’t poked around in these sorts of waters. Seems fun though, any help appreciated

    • Joseph P.

      Under each player’s name, it should have a year-by-year breakdown. The bottom line is service time.

      • TheLastClown

        Yup, thanks for explaining the obvious w/o violating your own TOS :)

        Alls I had to do was open my eyes…

  • Steve

    Here’s my team

    A-Rod and the SWB Yankees.

    30 mil+24 guys at the major league minimum=40-42 mil.

    Maybe I can go get 2 decent FA middle relievers with what I have left.

  • Rafi

    This is my team:

    C-Ramon Castro(6+) $1.85MM
    1B-Xavier Nady(3-5) $3.35MM
    2B-Ian Kinsler(0-2) $0.5MM
    3B-Fernando Tatis(6+) $0.56MM
    SS-Micheal Young(6+) $4MM
    LF-Grady Sizemore (3-5) $3MM
    CF-Vernon Wells(6+) $0.5MM
    RF-Jason Micheals(6+) $2.15MM
    DH-Raul Ibanez(6+) $5.5MM

    SP-Tim Lincecum(0-2) $0.405MM
    SP-Scott Kazmir(3-5) $3.785MM
    SP-Joba Chamberlain(0-2) $0.39MM
    SP-Kyle Lohse(6+) $4.25MM
    SP-Jamie Moyer(6+) $3.5MM

    CL-Jose Arredondo(0-2) $0.39MM
    LSU-Joe Beimel(3-5) $1.925MM
    RSU-Brandon Morrow(0-2) $0.38MM
    RP-J.J. Putz(3-5) $3.4MM
    RP-John Grabow(3-5) $1.135
    RP-Keith Foulke(6+) $0.7MM
    Swingman-Chan Ho Park(6+) $0.5MM

    SS-John McDonald(6+) $1.9MM
    c- Chad Moeller(doesn’t say)-I’ll give him $1MM
    OF-Endy Chavez $1.8MM
    Util-Chris Gomez $1MM

    =$47.87MM(Plenty of room to spare, I just don’t feel like putting more time into it)

  • E-ROC

    This is pretty tough. I’ll put a team after homework.

  • A.D.

    With batting order!

    CF Sizemore 3yr 3m
    SS Han-Ram 2yr .429M
    3B David Wright 3yr 5M
    RF Milton Bradely 6 yr 5.25M
    LF Kevin Millar 9yr 2.74M
    1B Sean Casey 9yr .800M
    DH Tatis 6yr .560M
    C Bengie Molina 8yr 6M
    2b Jerry Hariston Jr. 7yr .500M

    Lincecum 0yr .4M
    Joba 0yr .390M
    Cliff Lee 4yr 3.75M
    Dempster 9yr 5.5M
    Moyer 3.5M

    Paple-boner 2 .775
    Street 3 3
    Broxton 2 .454
    Balfour 3 .5

    Andy Philips
    Tony Gwynn Jr.

    47M, redic Rotation

    Redic rotation ( i got tired of writing the salaries

    • A.D.

      delete this, i redid it below so it looks pretty

  • A.D.

    C Bengie Molina (6+) 6M
    1B Sean Casey (6+) 800k
    2B Harriston Jr (6+) 500K
    3B David Wright (3-5) 5M
    SS Han -Ram (0-2) 439K
    LF Kevin Millar (6+) 2.74M
    RF Milton Bradley (6+) 5.25M
    CF Grady Sizemore (3-5) 3M
    DH Tatis (6+) 560K

    SP Lincecum (0-2) 405k
    SP Dempster (6+) 5.5M
    SP Joba (0-2) 390K
    SP Cliff Lee (3-5) 3.75M
    SP Kyle Loshe (6+) 4.25M

    CL Paple-Boner (0-2) 775L
    RP Park (6+) 500K
    RP Foulke (6+) 700K
    RP Douscherer (3-5) 1.2M
    RP Balfour (3-5) 500K
    RP Street (3-5) 3M
    RP Broxton (0-2) 450K

    Bench Gathwright 400K
    Dallas McPherson 425K
    Treanor 705K
    Andy Philips 440K
    Gwynn Jr 397K

    48M….priceless for a World Title!

    • A.D.


      lights out

  • dan

    I think mine stacks up pretty well with Mike’s…. (I made this team after like 10 comments were made on the thread, so if I’m stealing a player from someone, it’s a coincidence)

    C: Ramon Castro ($1.85) (6+ years)
    1B: Kevin Millar (2.75) (6+)
    2B: Mark DeRosa ($4.75) (6+)
    SS: Damion Easley ($.95) (6+)
    3B: David Wright ($5) (3-5)
    OF: Carlos Quentin (.4) (0-2)
    OF: Rick Ankiel (.9) (3-5)
    OF: Raul Ibanez (5.5) (6+)
    DH: Milton Bradley (5.25) (6+)

    SP: Tim Lincecum ($.41) (0-2)
    SP: Chad Billingsley (.42) (0-2)
    SP:Cliff Lee (3.75) (3-5)
    SP: Jamie Moyer (3.5) (6+)
    SP: Kyle Lohse (4.25) (6+)

    CL: Jon Papelbon ($.775) (0-2)
    RP: Joakim Soria (.43) (0-2)
    RP: Matt Thornton (.875) (3-5)
    RP: Keith Foulke (.7) (6+)
    RP: Scott Strickland (.4) (6+)
    RP: Grant Balfour (.5) (3-5)
    RP: Dan Wheeler (2.8) (3-5)

    Bench OF: Melky Cabrera ($.46) (hahahahah)
    Bench C: Jason Larue (.85)
    Bench OF: Justin Christian (.4)
    Bench IF: Cody Ransom (.4)

    Total Salary: $48.67 Million

    Sick team with room to spare. I got a little lazy when it came to the bench, but I don’t think it’s too bad. BTW, Cliff Lee for $3.75M?!

    • dan

      Just for kicks, my line-up would look like this:

      1-Mark DeRosa
      2- Raul Ibanez
      3-Milton Bradley
      4-David Wright
      5- Carlos Quentin
      6- Rick Ankiel
      7- Damion Easley
      8- Kevin Millar
      9- Ramon Castro


  • greg

    After like an hour of work I finally finished, I hope that now there aren’t a bunch of teams matching mine as I didn’t look through this before making my team but I’m sure I have some 0-2s in common with everyone else. Here it is:

    C: Brian McCann $.8Mil 2yrs
    1b: Albert Pujols $16mil 7yrs
    2b Mark Derosa $4.75mil 7yrs
    3b David Wright $5mil 3yrs
    SS Jerry Hairston Jr $.5mil 7rs
    LF Erik Hinske $.8mil 6yrs
    CF Vernon Wells $.5mil 6yrs
    RF Alex Rios $.735mil 3yrs
    DH Milton Bradley $5.25mil 6yrs

    SP Tim Lincecum $.405mil 0yrs
    SP Joba Chamberlain $.39mil 0yrs
    SP Dan Haren $4mil 3yrs
    SP Freddy Garcia $.39mil 9yrs
    SP Bartolo Colon $1.25mil 10yrs

    RP Carlos Marmol $.43mil 1yr
    RP Joakim Soria $.4265mil 1yr
    RP Grant Balfour $.5mil 3yrs
    RP Frank Francisco $.775mil 3yrs
    RP Ryan Madsen $1.4mil 4yrs
    RP Darren oliver $1.75mil 12yrs
    RP Ray King $.87mil 7yrs

    Bench- Mike DiFelice $.56mil 8yrs
    Bench- Alberto Gonzalez $.39mil 0yrs
    Bench- Brett Gardner $.39mil 0yrs
    Bench- Ronny Cedeno $.4mil 1yr

    What do you all think? Seems like a very good team to me.

    • greg

      Sorry, Total $ = $48.6615 Million

    • Joseph P.

      Lots of similarities between our teams.

    • Gooseman

      V. Wells makes way more money

      • Gooseman

        My bad your right… good show

      • Rafi

        not THIS YEAR he doesn’t. While his contract is an albatross, this year’s very manageable.

        • Gooseman

          Yeah i checked my bad

  • Rebecca-Optimist Prime

    How funny would it be if some small market GM saw these lists and thought “hey, that’s a good idea”?

    I’d come up with one of my own, but alas, I don’t have time.

    Some of these rotations are playoff caliber.

  • dan

    We should have some kind of poll to decide the winner (who made the best team).

    • A.D.


      • Rebecca–Optimist Prime


    • greg

      If possible someone should throw the teams into some sort of simulation and see which team comes out on top.

      • dan

        I was thinking of doing that. But then I realized that I already spent an hour and a half just making the damn thing, and suggested we just vote on it.

  • Joseph P.

    C – Gregg Zaun – $3.75M – 12 years
    1B – Wes Helms – $950K – 8 years
    2B – Mark DeRosa – $4.75 – 7 years
    3B – David Wright – $5M – 3 years
    SS – Michael Young – $4M – 6 years
    LF – Ryan Braun, $745K – 0 years
    CF – Grady Sizemore – $3M – 3 years
    RF – Fernando Tatis – $560K – 6 years
    DH – Frank Catalanotto – $4M – 9 years

    SP – Joba Chamberlain – $390K – 0 years
    SP – Odalis Perez – $850K – 9 years
    SP – Tim Lincecum – $405K – 0 years
    SP – Dan Haren – $4M – 3 years
    SP – CC Sabathia – $8M – 7 years

    RP – Dennys Reyes – $1M – 9 years
    RP – Jon Broxton – $454K – 2 years
    RP – Joakim Soria – $427K – 1 year
    RP – Darren Oliver – $2M – 12 years
    RP – Rafael Soriano – $2.4M – 5 years
    RP – Frank Francisco – $775K – 3 years
    RP – Grant Balfour – $500K – 3 years

    BN – Willy Aybar – $401K
    BN – Damion Easley – $950K
    BN – Mike Redmond – $950K
    BN – Melky Cabrera – $460K

    Total: $49.717M

    • greg

      great minds think alike, CC makes your rotation a nice step above mine though. I’ll take my lineup though

  • Gooseman

    C: Jose Molina, $2M, 6.026 yrs
    1B: Kevin Millar, $2.75M, 9.136 yrs
    2B: Mark Loretta, $2.75M, 12.011 yrs
    3B: Jorge Cantu, $0.5M, 3.036 yrs
    SS: Alex Cora, $2M, 8.161 yrs
    OF: Carl Crawford, $3.8125M, 5.072 yrs
    OF: BJ Upton, $0.4121M, 1.126 yrs
    OF: Darin Erstad, $1M, 11.077 yrs
    DH: Matt Stairs, $1.625M, 12.077 yrs

    SP: C C Sabathia, $8.875M, 7 yrs
    SP: Cole Hamels, $0.5M, 1.143 yrs
    SP: Ervin Santana, $0.4M, 1 yrs
    SP: Jorge De La Rosa, $1.025M, 3.034 yrs
    SP: Odalis Perez, $0.85M, 9.027 yr

    CL: Jonathan Papelbon, $0.775M, 2.064 yrs
    SU: Brad Lidge, $6.35, 5.043 yrs
    MR: Damaso Marte, $2.35M, 6.122 yrs
    MR: Joba Chamberlain, $0.39M, .055 yrs
    MR: Scott Sheilds, $4.86M, 5.146 yrs
    MR: Eddie Guardado, $2M, 13.141 yr
    LR: Brandon Backe, $0.8M, 4.088 yrs

    BN: Chris Gomez, OF, $1M, 14.041 yrs
    BN: Kevin Cash, C, $0.4M, 1.082 yrs
    BN: Andy Philips, IF, $0.44M, 2.055 yrs
    BN: Scott podsednik, OF, $0.75M, 5.050 yr

    Total payroll: $48,614,600

    • Gooseman

      C: Jose Molina, $2M, 6.026 yrs
      1B: Kevin Millar, $2.75M, 9.136 yrs
      2B: Mark Loretta, $2.75M, 12.011 yrs
      3B: Jorge Cantu, $0.5M, 3.036 yrs
      SS: Alex Cora, $2M, 8.161 yrs
      OF: Carl Crawford, $3.8125M, 5.072 yrs
      OF: BJ Upton, $0.4121M, 1.126 yrs
      OF: Vernon Wells $0.5M 6yrs
      DH: Matt Stairs, $1.625M, 12.077 yrs

      SP: C C Sabathia, $8.875M, 7 yrs
      SP: Cole Hamels, $0.5M, 1.143 yrs
      SP: Ervin Santana, $0.4M, 1 yrs
      SP: Jorge De La Rosa, $1.025M, 3.034 yrs
      SP: Odalis Perez, $0.85M, 9.027 yr

      CL: Jonathan Papelbon, $0.775M, 2.064 yrs
      SU: Brad Lidge, $6.35, 5.043 yrs
      MR: Damaso Marte, $2.35M, 6.122 yrs
      MR: Joba Chamberlain, $0.39M, .055 yrs
      MR: Scott Sheilds, $4.86M, 5.146 yrs
      MR: Eddie Guardado, $2M, 13.141 yr
      LR: Brandon Backe, $0.8M, 4.088 yrs

      BN: Chris Gomez, OF, $1M, 14.041 yrs
      BN: Kevin Cash, C, $0.4M, 1.082 yrs
      BN: Andy Philips, IF, $0.44M, 2.055 yrs
      BN: Scott podsednik, OF, $0.75M, 5.050 yr

      Total payroll: $48,614,600
      ***Added a little more pop

  • pat

    ugh this took waay longer than I thought and was pretty hard, mite be a mistake or two but oh well

    C- Martin 500k (2 yr)
    1B- S. Casey 800k (9 yrs)
    2B- M. Young 4 mil (6 yrs+)
    SS-H. Ramirez 440k (3 yrs)
    3B-M. Mora 7.8mil (8 yrs)
    LF- Tatis 560k (6 yrs+)
    CF-B Upton 412k (3 yrs)
    RF- M Bradley 5.28 mil (8 yrs)
    DH-A Huff 8 mil (7 yrs)

    Ransom 450k
    Gathright 427k
    A. Gonzalez 400k
    J. Christian 400k

    SP- Peavy 6 mil (5 yrs)
    SP- Lester 471k (1 yr)
    SP- Lincecum 405K (1yr)
    SP-Wakefield 4mil (14yr)
    SP-Lohse 4.25 mil (6yr)

    RP- Chamberlain 390K (1yr)
    RP- Marmol 430k (1yr)
    RP- Sturtze 750k (8 yrs)
    RP- Y. Brazoban 540k (3 yrs)
    RP- D. Marte 2 mil(6+ yrs)
    RP- M. Guerrier .950k (3 rs)
    RP- J Grabow 1.13mil (4 yrs)

    Total Salary $49.457 mil

    • Rafi

      I don’t want to nitpick, but hanley has less than 2 years of service. As do Martin and Upton. You gotta redo something there. Sorry

      • pat

        Hmm those fuckers at espn have different numbers. This is hanley’s third full year in ML so he can be 3-5. ug i dont feel like changing it I FORFEIT the 1 million dollar prize

        • pat

          ahh i see espn just rounded up. THANKS WWL

  • Jamal G.

    Well, this was fucking difficult (albeit extremely fun):

    C- Bengie Molina ($6M) (8-YRS)
    1B- Sean Casey ($0.8M) (9-YRS)
    2B- Placido Polanco ($4.6M) (9-YRS)
    3B- Kevin Youkilis ($3M) (3-YRS)
    SS- Hanley Ramirez ($0.439M) (2-YRS)
    LF- Luis Gonzalez ($2M) (17-YRS)
    CF- Grady Sizemore ($3M) (3-YRS)
    RF- Mike Cameron ($5M) (11-YRS)
    DH- Milton Bradley ($5.25M) (6-YRS)

    SP- Tim Linceum ($0.405M) (1-YRS)
    SP- Felix Hernandez ($0.540M) (2-YRS)
    SP- Jamie Moyer ($3.5M) (19)
    SP- Tim Wakefield ($4M) (14)
    SP- Justin Duchscherer ($1.2M) (4)

    CP- Joba Chamberlain ($0.390M) (1-YRS)
    RP- Joakim Soria ($0.4265M) (1-YRS)
    RP- Will Ohman ($1.6M) (5-YRS)
    RP- Keith Foulke ($0.7M) (9-YRS)
    RP- Chad Durbin ($0.9M) (3-YRS)
    RP- Ryan Madson ($1.4M) (4-YRS)
    RP- Rudy Seanez ($0.55M) (12-YRS)

    (SS)- Ramon Santiago (0.575) (BN)
    (OF/IF)- Willie Bloomquist (1.825) (BN)
    (OF/1B)- Greg Norton (1) (BN)
    (C)- Mike Rivera (0.395) (BN)

    Total payroll = $49,495,500

    • Jamal G.

      Changes in bold:

      C- Bengie Molina ($6M) (8-YRS)
      1B- Sean Casey ($0.8M) (9-YRS)
      2B- Placido Polanco ($4.6M) (9-YRS)
      3B- Kevin Youkilis ($3M) (3-YRS)
      SS- Hanley Ramirez ($0.439M) (2-YRS)
      LF- Vernon Wells ($0.5M) (6-YRS)
      CF- Grady Sizemore ($3M) (3-YRS)
      RF- Mike Cameron ($5M) (11-YRS)
      DH- Milton Bradley ($5.25M) (6-YRS)

      SP- Tim Linceum ($0.405M) (1-YRS)
      SP- Felix Hernandez ($0.540M) (2-YRS)
      SP- Jamie Moyer ($3.5M) (19)
      SP- Tim Wakefield ($4M) (14)
      SP- Cliff Lee ($3.75M) (4)

      CP- Joba Chamberlain ($0.390M) (1-YRS)
      RP- Joakim Soria ($0.4265M) (1-YRS)
      RP- Grant Balfour ($0.5M) (3-YRS)
      RP- Keith Foulke ($0.7M) (9-YRS)
      RP- Chad Durbin ($0.9M) (3-YRS)
      RP- Ryan Madson ($1.4M) (4-YRS)
      RP- Rudy Seanez ($0.55M) (12-YRS)

      (SS)- Ramon Santiago ($0.575M) (BN)
      (IF)- Willy Aybar ($0.4012M) (BN)
      (OF/1B)- Greg Norton ($1M) (BN)
      (C)- Mike Rivera ($0.395M) (BN)

      Total payroll = $49,021,700

      • steve (different one)

        Jamal my man, check out Vernon Wells’ contract.

        look at the signing bonus.

        i’d call his 08 salary $9M

        • Jamal G.

          Signing bonuses don’t count against team payrolls. That’s how NFL teams are able to wiggle their way through a salary cap.

          • A.D.

            This isn’t a salary cap, its how much ownership will spend, and its part of the very odd Vernon Wells deal, else he wouldn’t take the 500K this year

      • Jamal G.

        The lineup:

        1. Placido Polanco
        2. Grady Sizemore
        3. Hanley Ramirez
        4. Kevin Youkilis
        5. Milton Bradley
        6. Vernon Wells
        7. Sean Casey
        8. Mike Cameron
        9. Bengie Molina

        The rotation:

        1. Tim Lincecum
        2. Felix Hernandez
        3. Cliff Lee
        4. Jamie Moyer
        5. Tim Wakefield

  • Dan F

    C: Benji Molina, $6.00M, (6+ Yrs)
    1B: Doug Mientkiewicz, $750K, (6+ Yrs)
    2B: Placido Polanco, $4.60M, (6+ Yrs)
    SS: Hanley Ramirez, $439K, (0-2 Yrs)
    3B: David Wright, $5.00M, (3-5 Yrs)
    LF: Gabe Kapler, 800K, (6+ Yrs)
    CF: Grady Sizemore, $3.00M (3-5 Yrs)
    RF: Milton Bradley, $5.25M (6+ Yrs)
    DH: Frank Thomas, $390K (6+ Yrs)

    SP: Joba Chamberlain, $390K, (0-2 Yrs)
    SP: Tim Lincecum, $405K, (0-2 Yrs)
    SP: Cliff Lee, $3.75M, (3-5 Yrs)
    SP: Ryan Dempster, $5.50M (6+ Yrs)
    SP: Jamie Moyer, $3.50M, (6+ Yrs)

    RP: Joakim Soria, $426K, (0-2 Yrs)
    RP: Jonathan Papelbon, $775K, (0-2 Yrs)
    RP: Grant Balfour, $500K, (3-5 Yrs)
    RP: Ray King, $870K, (6+ Yrs)
    RP: Darren Oliver, $1.75 M, (6+ Yrs)
    RP: Chan-Ho Park, $500K, (6+ YrsO

    BN: Miguel Montero, $400K
    BN: Tony Clark, $900K
    BN: Willy Aybar, $401K
    BN: Daryle Ward, $1.20M
    BN: Brett Gardner, $450K

    Grand Total = $47,946,700

    Lets hear some comments

    • A.D.

      Frank Thomas is 8M outline above in one of the early comments

    • Rafi

      I tried the Big Hurt before

  • Rafi

    Why does everyone keep making a 7-man bullpen and 5 man bench? One of those is too many

    • A.D.

      that was the outline

      • Rafi

        no. the outline says a 7-man bullpen, it never says how many bench players there are, but the starting lineup(9), rotation(5), bullpen(7), equals 21.

        • Gooseman

          It does say to make a 25 man roster… and 5 bench is too much

  • Justin’s online persona

    I figured this would be a good time for my first post…and this was a lot of fun…

    Do I get extra credit for getting it under $43M? (if my figures are correct…)

    SS Jose Reyes (4M)
    CF Grady Sizemore (3M)
    1B Prince Fielder (.67M)
    LF Raul Ibanez (5.5M)
    3B Pedro Feliz (3M),
    DH Matt Stairs (2.25M)
    RF Darin Erstad (1M)
    2B Geoff Blum (1.1M)
    C Jose Molina (1.75M)

    Reggie Willits (.4), Jarrod Saltimaccia (.4), Nelson Cruz (.4), Brendan Ryan (.4)

    Roy Halladay (10M),
    Tim Lincecum (.4M)
    Cole Hamels (.5M)
    Zack Greinke (1.4M)
    Brian Moehler (.5M)

    CL– Joakim Soria (.4M)
    SU- Bobby Jenks (.55M)
    Grant Balfour (.5)
    Seth McClung (.75)
    Jon Rauch (1.2)
    Jorge Julio (1)
    Darren Oliver (2)

    Total: $42.57M

    • b/c

      i dont know about that pen and geoff blum.

      Make like the yanks and throw some money around.

      • Justin’s online persona

        Blum did have 53 RBI in 325 AB…

        also, I’m leaving money to acquire various Royals, Pirates and Orioles at the trading deadline…

  • Carl

    pos name salary Service Time
    C Bengie Molina 4,000,000 8
    1b Kevin Youkalis 3,000,000 3
    2b Placido Polanco 4,600,000 9
    3b Evan Longoria 500,000 0
    Ss Michael Young 4,000,000 6
    Lf Grady Sizemore 3,000,000 3
    Cf Vernon Wells 500,000 9
    Rf Raul Ibanez 5,500,000 10
    dh Milton Bradley 5,250,000 6

    SP1 Joba Chamberlain 390,000 0
    SP2 Tim Lincecum 405,000 0
    SP3 Ryan Dempster 5,500,000 9
    SP4 Justin Duchscherer 1,200,000 4
    SP5 Randy Wolf 4,750,000 8
    R1 Jonathan Broxton 454,000 2
    R2 Grant Balfour 500,000 3
    R3 Jose Arredondo 390,000 0
    R4 Arthur Rhodes 390,000 15
    R5 Matt Thornton 875,000 3
    R6 Brendan Donnelly 750,000 5
    R7 Glenden Rusch 850,000 9

    BN1 Will Nieves 400,000 1
    Bn2 Tony Clark 900,000 11
    BN3 Brett Gardner 390,000 0
    bn4 Kendry Morales 500,000 2

    Total: 48,994,000

    • A.D.

      Bengie Molina is making 6M i believe

      Kendry Morales was nice pick-up

  • dan

    Some of the names are very obvious (Lincecum, Milton Bradley, etc.), but there’s a lot of copy-catting going on….

    • b/c

      ok so………

    • Rafi

      personally, i tried to get mine in as quickly as possible, to avoid this and it cost me. if i had a chance to go over it again, i’d replace kazmir with cliff lee, and also spend my leftover money

    • Mike A.

      Yeah, but there’s some bargains too good to pass up. Joba, Lincecum, Sizemore, Balfour…

      • pat


      • Jamal G.

        Yeah, Jamie Moyer and Grady Sizemore are the biggest bargains, in my opinion. You talking about a guy that costs $3.5M, has six-plus years of service time, posted an 120-OPS+ and a 2.92-ERA in 104.2-IP away from Citizen’s Bank (Moyer). That’s quite invaluable.

        Then Sizemore gives you a Center Fielder with the second highest VORP in the American League, and he fills only %50 of a quota at $3M.

        • Jamal G.

          posted an 120-OPS+

          Edit: posted an 120-ERA+

        • A.D.

          Ryan Dempster at 5.5M is a pretty amazing bargain

  • steve (different one)

    SS – Hanley 0.439
    2B – Polanco 4.6
    3B – Wright 5
    1B – Millar 2.75
    DH – Bradley 5.25
    C – J.Molina 1.75
    LF – E. Hinske 0.8
    CF – Sizemore 3
    RF – Tatis 0.56

    Joba- 0.39
    Lincecum- 0.405
    Greinke- 1.4
    Lohse- 4.25
    Wakefield- 4

    Papelbon- 0.775
    Soria- 0.4265
    Beimel- 1.925
    Putz- 3.4
    Balfour- 0.5
    Oliver- 2
    Wood- 4.2

    that leaves 2.2M for the bench, which i am too lazy to do.

  • Matt

    DH Frank Thomas 0.39- 17 years
    C Rod Barajas 0.4- 7 years
    OF Vernon Wells 0.5- 7 years
    OF Jerry Hairston Jr. 0.5- 7 years
    SS David Eckstein 4.5- 7 years
    INF Rich Aurilia 4.5- 12 years
    2B Brandon Phillips 2.75- 3 years
    3B David Wright 5- 3 years
    OF Ryan Braun 0.455- 0 years

    SP C.C. Sabathia 9- 7 years
    SP Joba Chamberlain 0.39- 0 years
    SP Ryan Dempster 5.5- 9 years
    SP Justin Duchscherer 1.2- 4 years
    SP Tim Lincecum 0.405- 0 years

    RP Jonathon Papelbon 0.775- 2 years
    RP Huston Street 3- 3 years
    RP Carlos Marmol 0.43- 1 year
    RP Ryan Madson 1.4- 4 years
    RP Grant Balfour 0.5- 3 years
    RP Salamon Torres 3.2- 7 years
    RP Darren Oliver 1.75- 12 years

    BN Brett Gardner 0.39- 0 years
    BN Dallas McPherson 0.425- 2 years
    BN Melky Cabrera 0.4612- 1 year
    BN Chad Moeller 0.7- 5 years

    Total of 48.52 mil

    Sorry about the bad layout.

  • ortforshort

    Read Moneyball to see how its done

    • dan

      Except the A’s didn’t set limits on the amount of players you could have in each range of service time.

      And if you ever paid attention, you’d know how Joe Morgan proved that Moneyball started the Cold War.

      • A.D.

        they generally use way less kids then we were allowed for this exercise

  • bigthree

    C Brian McCann $0.8M, (2.117)
    1B kevin millar $2.75M (9.136)
    2B Ronnie Belliard $1.6M (8.162)
    3B David Wright $5M (3.075)
    SS- Jimmy Rollins $7M (7.015)
    LF Cliff Floyd $2.75M (13.170)
    CF Rick Ankiel $0.9M (4.033)
    RF Luis Gonzalez $2M (17.032)
    DH Placido Polanco $4.6M (9.064)

    SP (0-2) Tim Lincecum $0.405M (0.148 years)
    SP (0-2) Joba $0.39M (0.055 years)
    SP (3-5) Justin Duchscherer $1.2M (4.051 years)
    SP (6+) Jamie Moyer $3.5M
    SP (6+) Tim Wakefield $4.00M

    RP (0-2) Joakim Soria $0.4265M (1.000 years)
    RP(0-2) Bobby Jenks $0.55M (2.090)
    RP(3-5) Matt Thorton $0.875M (3.129)
    RP(3-5) Chad Durbin $0.9M (3.102)
    RP(3-5) Scott Downs $2.25M (5.121)
    RP(6+) Chan Ho Park $0.5M (11.050)
    RP(6+) Darren Oliver $2M (12.127)

    B Frank Thomas $0.39M
    B Cody Ransom
    B Wison Betemit $1.165M
    B Shelley Duncan $0.3983M
    B Chad Moeller


    3B-Doug Mientkiewicz–750k–6yrs
    OF-BJ Upton-454k–0-2yrs
    OF-Vernon Wells–3.7m–6yrs
    C-Jose Molina–2m–6yrs

    SP-Cliff Lee–4m–6yrs
    SP-King Felix–540k–3-5

    BP-Dennys Reyes–1m–6yrs
    BP-Arthur Rhodes–1m–6yrs
    BP-Joakim Soria–454k–0-2yrs

    Brian Anderson-395k
    Brett Gardner-390k
    Jarrod Saltalamacchia-396k
    Mike Fontenot-405k

    • FEENEY

      total was 49,740,000

  • Mike F

    Name Position Years Salary
    1. Willy Taveras CF 3 1.975
    2. A.J. Pierzynski C 7 5.85
    3. Placido Polanco 2B 9 4.6
    4. Milton Bradley DH 6 5.25
    5. Jorge Cantu 3B 3 0.5
    6. Andre Either RF 1 0.424
    7. Cesar Izturis SS 7 2.85
    8. Sean Casey 1B 9 0.8
    9. Darin Erstad LF 11 1

    Mike Redmond C 9 0.95
    Augie Ojeda IF 5 0.55
    Ronny Cedeno IF 2 0.407
    Scott Podsednik OF 5 0.75

    Roy Halladay Starter 8 10
    Cliff Lee Starter 4 3.75
    Jon Lester Starter 1 0.4215
    Tim Lincecum Starter 0 0.405
    Odalis Perez Starter 9 0.85

    J.C. Romero LHP 7 3
    Will Ohman LHP 5 1.6
    Dennys Reyes LHP 14 1
    Matt Thornton RHP 3 0.875
    Grant Balfour RHP 3 0.5
    Carlos Marmol RHP 1 0.43
    Jon Papelbon CP 2 0.775

    $49.4225 million Payroll

  • Pedro

    1B-Doug Mientkiewicz–750k–6yrs
    2B-Ronnie Belliard–1.6m–6yrs
    3B-Jorge Cantu-500k–6yrs
    SS-Hanley Ramirez-439k-0-2yrs
    OF-Fernando Tatis-560k–6yrs
    OF-Carl Crawford-5.5m-3-5yrs
    OF-Vernon Wells–3.7m–6yrs
    C-Cris Snyder-1.85m-3-5yrs
    DH-Sean Casey-800k-6yrs

    SP-Roy Halladay-10.125m–6yrs
    SP-Tim Lincecum–405k–0-2yrs
    SP-Scott Kazmir–3.78m–3-5yrs
    SP-Kyle Lohse-4.5m-6yrs
    SP-Scott Baker-422k-0-2yrs

    BP-Sott Linebrink-4m–6yrs
    BP-Chan Ho Park-500k–6yrs
    BP-JJonathan Papelbon-800k–0-2yrs
    BP-Joba Chamberlain–390k–0-2yrs
    BP-Bobby Jenks–555k–3-5yrs
    BP-Grant Balfour-500k-3-5yrs
    BP-Matt Thornton-875k-3-5yrs

    Mike Remond-950k
    Brett Gardner-390k
    Wilson Betemit- 1.165m
    Ryan Theriot-428k

    Total:U$45.484 million

  • This is the David

    Jonathan Papelbon
    Joakim Soria 426,500
    Grant Balfour 500,000
    George Sherrill 900,000
    Heath Bell 420,000
    Chad Durbin 900,000 8 years
    Arthur Rhodes 1 million


    Cliff Lee 4 million 6 years
    Tim Lincecum 405$
    Jake Peavy 6 million 6 year
    Scott Kazmir 4 years 3,785,000
    Jamie Shields a million

    BP+SP= 19,211,100

    Starting 9

    First Base Carlos Pena Seven Years 6 million
    Second Base Brian Roberts 6.3mil 7 years
    Short Stop Hanley Ramirez two years of service .439m
    Third Base Figgins 4,750
    Catcher Jason Kendall 4,250,000 6 years plus
    Grady Sizemore 3 million 3 years
    Curtis Granderson
    1 million 4 years
    Vernon Wells .5 million plus 6
    Hinske 6 years 800,000


    Raja Davis OF 392,500

    Chris Iannetta C 396,000

    Emmanuel Burriss SS/2B 400,000

    Dallas Mcpherson 1B/3B 425,000


    BP+SP= 19,211,100

    Got tired of looking at my calculator

    I have about 2 million to play with

    But i most surely have the best team out of all of yall

    Has zero holes

    Boy Wonder
    Cliff Lee

    Has three closers
    Two fireball Set up Men
    Durbin to mop up
    Rhodes for leftys

    The pitching was the easiest the hitting slash defense was certainly the hardest. But where i believe my team outshines everyone else

    Chone Figgins
    Brian Roberts
    Hanley Ramirez
    Carlos Pena
    Grady Sizemore
    Curtis Granderson
    Vernon Wells
    Eric HInske
    Jason Kendall

    This line up would make everyone pee them selves. Perfect mix of Speed Power and Patience.

    And This OF defense would be the best in the league.

    The Infield would be above average. With no real holes.

    With Kendall keeping the run game in check.

    Come on someone challenege me

    • Mike F

      Carlos Pena only has 4 years of MLB service…Carlos Pena 1b
      3 years/$24.125M (2008-10)

      * re-signed 1/18/08 (avoided arbitration)
      * 08:$6M, 09:$8M, 10:$10.125M
      * agent: Scott Boras
      **** ML service: 4.135****

      • This is the David


        My fault I should have double checked espn dot com.

        I re worked the line up

        First Base Prince Fielder 3 years 670,000

        Second Base Brian Roberts 6.3mil 7 years

        Short Stop Jimmy Rollins Plus six years 8 million

        Third Base Figgins 4,750

        Catcher Jason Kendall 4,250,000 6 years plus

        Grady Sizemore 3 million 3 years
        Josh Hamilton 396,830 1 year
        Vernon Wells .5 million
        Hinske 6 years 800,000


        Chone Figgins
        Brian Roberts
        Prince Fielder
        Grady Sizemore
        Josh Hamilton
        Jimmy Rollins
        Vernon Wells
        Eric HInske
        Jason Kendall

        theres a whole lotta ways to slice that one but either way Top notch line up. Left handed heavy but team has tons of speed. You gotta think wells will hit better if he is between two of the monster leftys.

        Again OF defense is insane. Great for the power pitching team that this is

        Infield defense is still solid as a rock

  • dave

    lineup 28.5

    Rollins, ss, $7.0, 6+
    Polanco, 2b, 4.6, 6+
    Sizemore, cf, 3.0, 3-5
    Wright, 3b, 5.0, 3-5
    Braun, rf, .5, 0-2
    Ibanez, lf, 5.5, 6+
    Casey, 1b, .9, 6+
    Hinske, dh, .8, 6+
    Barajas, c, 1.2, 6+

    sp 14.6

    Hamels .5
    Lincecum .5
    Lee 4.1
    Dempster 5.5
    Wakefield 4

    rp 4.6 m

    joba .5
    papelbum .8
    thornton .9
    bell .5
    park .5
    king .9

    bench 2.0 m

    gardner .5

    • This is the David

      Dempster and Wakefield eughkkkkk

      plus CF and SS are your only plus defenders

      A bunch of middle of the pack guys and some on the fence ones with the glove

      is there anyone in your bullpen that played for over 6 years?

  • This is the David

    my bad King and park

    but eughk mop up guys still need to pitch

  • This is the David

    Still no one touching my teammm

  • Patrick

    I moved Prince to DH.

    C Barajas 1.2000
    1B Millar 2.7500
    2B Phillips 2.7500
    SS Michael Young 5.0000
    3B Feliz 3.0000
    CF Ankiel 0.9000
    LF Vernon Wells 0.5000
    RF Milton Bradley 5.2500
    DH Prince Fielder 0.6750
    BN Tony Clark 0.9000
    BN Wil Nieves 0.4000
    BN Hinske 0.8000
    BN Raburn 0.3960

    SP Lester 0.4215
    SP Lincecum 0.4058
    SP Cliff Lee 3.7500
    SP Lohse 4.2500
    SP Halladay 10.0000

    RP Joba 0.3900
    RP Rodney 1.7
    RP Francisco 0.7750
    RP Rauch 1.2000
    RP Marte 2.0000
    RP Oliver 2.0000
    CL Soria 0.4265

    Spending a total of $51.8298MM

    • Patrick

      But Prince is listed on there as only having 2 years, right?

  • RustyJohn

    For some reason I thought I could do this in about 15 minutes while at work today- damn this is hard.

    Chamberlain (0-2 yrs) – .39 million
    Linecum (0-2 years)- .405
    Duchshere (3-5 years)- 1.2 mil
    Moyer (800+ years)- 3.5
    Odalis Perez (1000+ yrs)- .85 mil

    Starting pitching total= 6.345 mil

    JP Howell (0-2 yrs)-.39 mil
    Joakin Soria (0-2 yrs)-.426 mil
    Balfour (3-5)-.5 mil
    Matt Thornton (3-5)- .875
    Javier Lopez (3-5)- .84 mil
    Denny Reyes (6+)- 1 mil
    Arthur Rhodes (6+) .39 mil

    Bullpen totals= 4.421 mil

    Position players
    Brian McCann (0-2 yrs)- Catcher- .8 mil
    Kevin Youklis (3-5 yrs)- 1B- 3 mil
    Jose Reyes (3-5 yrs)- SS- 4 mil
    Damien Easley (6+)- 2b- .95 mil
    Fernando Tatis (6+)- LF- .56 mil
    Jermaine Dye (6+)- RF- 9.5 mil
    Mike Cameron (6+)- CF- 5 mil
    Raul Ibanez (6+)- DH- 5.5 mil
    Melvin Mora (6+)- 3B- 7.8 mil

    Position Total= 37.11 mil

    Tyler Teagarden- C- .39
    Nelson Cruz- OF- .39
    Cody Ransom- IF- .45
    Reggie Abercrombie- OF- .39

    Bench total=1.62 mil

    Total payroll= $47.876 mil

    • RustyJohn