Price on Peavy, Teixeira and other free agents

Congress looking into Bronx land valuation
A Yankee fan roots for the Red Sox

Ed Price offers up his take on the Peavy situation: It seems very unlikely, as we’ve been hearing, that Peavy would come to New York and that the Yanks would meet San Diego’s demands for the pitcher. The Yanks, according to Price, are much more interested in “all the top-tier pitchers” available on the market and Mark Teixeira. Interestingly, though, Price notes that Peavy would come to the AL after “a lot of convincing,” by which I assume he means a few million more dollars a season.

Update: Over at the Banter, Cliff Corcoran sums up a Jon Heyman column that echoes Price’s piece. The Yanks want to sign everyone, and I am reminded of an article in The Onion from a few years back.

Congress looking into Bronx land valuation
A Yankee fan roots for the Red Sox
  • Marty Puccio

    Money aside and assuming Peavy can be ‘convinced’ to come to the Yanks, here is what I’d offer: Cano, Hughes, and one top prospect or two mid-level prospects.

    • Steve

      I think even that is way too much. At some point, the deal just makes no sense. You have to give up prospects AND give him the 60 mil he’s owed AND pick up his option (22 mil) to get him to waive his no trade.

      All for a guy who has a career 3.80 road ERA that you should add 1/2 run to for the AL. For 80 mil, I can sign Burnett and give up nothing from the farm. Some of the packages being thrown around that I’ve seen would be overpaying by a ton IMO.

      I would do one of 2 deals. Either Hughes/Melky/Robertson or IPK/Jackson/Bruney. One blue chipper per deal, and I try to sweeten the IPK deal with a better reliever. Anything more, I pass. I’d rather sign Burnett and keep my depth in the farm.

  • Samsonov KGB

    padres want 2 top tier pitchers and an mlb ready center fielder

    • Jamal G.

      Didn’t the MLBTR piece said the Center Fielder could be “near MLB-ready”? Austin Jackson fits that bill to a tee.

      • Slugger27

        if other teams consider him to be CF-worthy in the long term

        • Mike Pop

          A-Jax is the man !!! A baller !

  • Pete Sabatini

    This is a very unique opportunity to trade for a young guy this good under contract until 2013. But with so many prospects on the free agent market the Yankees would be foolish to overpay just to lure him out of the NL and overcome his personal preferences. He’s also a career NL pitcher so maybe he’s right to fear failure in the offense-heavy AL.

  • Mike Pop

    Mark Texieria will be a Yankee unless CC holds out on them and the same thing happens that happened with The Big Unit and Beltran and they want to see how the CC situation plays out first. Texieria should be a Yankee man theres no doubt about it. I think Hank, Hal, and Cash all want him. Hes the best bet for any contract. If we sign so many guys it can be good or bad but it gives us time to build the farm up and by the time these guys contracts are halfway through or so our prospects could look good enough to use them as great trade bait or ready to bring up to the Show. Its a great situation to be in unless your FA’s completely fuck you over and suck throughout the bottom half of the contract

  • kenthadley

    IMO…Yanks will not get a #1 until we grow one….whether Joba, Phil, or someone else…..we can sign some expensive 2’s and 3’s like AJ, Sheets, Perez, etc, but probably not CC or Peavy (trade)…….let’s just build the depth, and continue to try to grow #1……our problem over the past few years has been depth…..we end up with relying on marginal MLB pitchers for slots 4-5, which puts all sorts of pressure on the rest of the team……I’d take my chances on a staff of Wang, Joba, AJ/Sheets, Pettitte, Perez/Garland….with Hughes, Aceves, Coke, Kennedy, et al, in the wings…….means signing 2 signable pitchers…….no trades necessary…..then work on offense….much easier…..

    • Mike Pop

      We are trying to grow our own number 1’s and its looking pretty good with Joba and Hughes having that kind of talent. Thats what we our doing building the pitching through the farm and we are going to address the bats through FA every now and then. But this is the year to sign a couple starters because the market looks pretty good. I really would like 2 of those FA’s particullarly CC and either Burnett/Sheets, Ill prolly get hated on for this Sheets/Burnett idea but so be it. Then Tex for 1b and we would be in real good shape man.

      with KEnnedy/Aceves as insurance. I wish we kept Dan McCutchen i think he woulda fit great for this role.

      Then you have the position players

      4th OF- Hideki and future All Star – Melky Cabrera
      C-Posada, Molina

      I would like another bat like Dunn or Manny but thats def too much since we would have 2 SP’s and Tex. If we signed Dunn or Manny tho id look into dealing one of X Damon or Matsui, most likely X because I think he could bring back the most which isnt even alot.
      –Just my ideas probably not the best way to go about it but it would instantly put us into playoff shape even tho we arent far off from it

    • Jamal G.

      Are you seriously advocating a signing of either Oliver Perez or Jon Garland?

      • Mike Pop

        That wouldnt be smart eh ?

      • A.D.

        I sincerely hope neither is in pinstripes I’m pretty sure someone like Aceves can perform similar to Garland for a whole lot less money

        • Ben K.

          And there’s another part to that argument: The Yanks don’t need to go out and attempt to find the supposedly cost-effectively solution. They have tons of money. There’s no need to skimp on pitching by signing Garland or Oliver Perez. That didn’t work a few years ago (see Jaret Wright, Carl Pavano), and it won’t work now.

          • brockdc

            Agreed. They should go all-in for Tex and Sabathia, great players with durability. All it’ll cost is money. What’s killed them in the past is signing mediocre, injury-prone or declining players to albatross contracts.

  • nick blasioli

    a pitcher that apprehensive is one to stay away from…he is a good pitcher, but there are others that will suffice…i think that mr. tex. is a top priority…we really need him…and maybe just one real ace pitcher….lets hope the yankee management doesnt drag their feet this winter….

    • Steve

      Yeah, I dont like the idea of having to convince somebody to come to the NY Yankees. Guys like Bernie, Tino, O’Niell, Broscius etc were proud to be Yankees. It meant a lot to them and there’s something to be said for that. If nothing else, you don’t want to have to bribe someone and wind up with an unhappy player down the road. Some guys just aren’t good fits in NY, ask Randy Johnson.

  • A.D.

    Tex i feel by far is the biggest need, obviously you can never have too much pitching, but in reality the yankees have pitching options, they really don’t have any exciting first base options at any level of the minors, short of Jesus Montero moving…and even then he’d be years away.

    Get Tex signed, then worry about the rest

    In terms of the Peavy deal, that type of deal made sense for Beckett where it was obvious 1 top line starter would make a huge difference and a very stable lineup that would potentially get the Sox over the hump, but with much internal potential of Yankees pitching, a lot of player turnover on the horizon, and a few impact bats in the system, it makes way less sense to pay through the nose in players for a guy who doesn’t necessarily want to come to NY. Of these type of deals recently there are mixed results, and the only team to not give up much was the Braves, as the centerpiece Myer hasn’t done much, pretty sure the Cards would take Haren back:

    Bedard: rumors to try and trade him again after a terrible year in seattle
    Haren: great year, other parts of the team struggled
    Hudson: Been great for the braves but no WS
    Mulder: good first year, 2nd year team won the WS, but he was hurt, and really hasn’t pitched since 2005
    Beckett: We all know

    • Slugger27

      u touched on my point about peavy, it DOES make way less sense to pay thru the nose in players for peavy… ur right about that

      and u brought up a point i forgot to make… the dude shows zero signs of even wanting to play here anyway

      • Craptastic Jay

        I know it has been said, but Peavy makes little sense. Yeah he is cheaper, but its not our money and money should be no issue with the new stadium. The Yankees are not other teams, I don’t think it should be an issue. Why use up valueable pieces to get someone who doesn’t want to be here, and will be leaving the NL West for the AL East. Just look at the pitchers recently (Pavano, Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, Javier Vasquez, etc) that either couldn’t make the league transition or struggled due to not wanting to be here. Thats why I think they should go for Burnett and CC, along with Texiera.

        Side thought, I am sure there is no chance this could happen, but does anyone think the Diamondbacks would be willing to discuss a young hitter like Upton and a pitching prospect for a deal led by Cano and Hughes? I am not trying to sound stupid, but the kid’s talent is immense and he is a young stud. I dont know, just talking.

        • Mike Pop

          I dont think they will move Upton

        • JD

          You can go the other way on that too. Look at Josh Becket, Burnett. Both came from the NL and have had success in the AL.

  • Slugger27

    i guess i just dont get it. yes peavy is an ace, yes hes signed under value for the next few years, but why would the yanks decide to go this route when they can sign free agents? shouldnt he be a last resort?

    why would u decide to trade several good prospects (hughes, ajax, possibly melancon) to get peavy when u can just sign free agents and not give up anyone??

    i understand peavy is below market, but its not as if 17M per year is cheap… hes not MUCH below market…

    its a lot like the santana situation last year, except the huge difference this year is that there are quality FA alternatives

    to me, if every FA pitcher they desire signs elsewhere, then entertain this idea… but to me, trading our farm system away for a 17M per year player (albeit an ace) should be a backup plan, if not avoided, especially with quality arms out there for just money ((no prospects))

    • Reggie C.

      Would you take a flyer (3 year deal) on Ben Sheets before entertaining the idea of the Peavy trade?? I’m giving it more thought, and Sheets looks better. Sure he’s an injury risk, but NOT on the level of say Rich Harden. Sheets logged 198 All-star type innings, and yes, his arm tired but some due diligence can hopefully confirm that its not a structural problem. Bottom line is that Sheets knows how to pitch.

      Sheets will look for a longer term deal, but I dont see any team going beyond 3 yrs. I wonder if he’d take a 3-yr/$40M offer.

      • Slugger27

        i would rather sign sheets to a 3/40 deal than trade hughes, ajax, melancon and whoever else ((maybe theyd want romine too)) for the privilege to pay peave 17M per year the next 4 years

        ive been advocating a 3/45 deal for lowe since august, and of course like anyone else id love to have CC… assuming all those fall thru, u already got pettitte wanting to come back, and try to coax moose

        what im trying to say is… id rather sign CC or sheets or lowe or moose or pettitte or maybe even burnett (ive always strongly disagreed with signing that guy) before trading our farm system away for peavy… if peavy had a grady sizemore type contract or something it would be different, but 17M a year isnt exactly a STEAL of a bargain, especially for a guy who doesnt even seem interested in coming here

        • Reggie C.

          Great points Slugger.

          There’s a problem with the potential approach the brass might take. Unless the plan is to trade Hughes this offseason, there is no reason why Hughes should be locked out of the rotation for next season. Signing 2 FAs + bringing back 1 of Moose/Pettitte will assure Hughes that he’s back at AAA. For what? To overwhelm inferior hitting again? Where’s the challenge in that?

          The 2 rookie rotation failed b/c Hughes and IPK was the wrong duo to send out there. It had to be Joba and Hughes, and even then injury destroyed Hughes. But ’08 is a new season and running Hughes out there is worth the risk simply b/c he must improve his approach against ML hitters.

          • Slugger27

            totally agree. i realize its the same plan that burned us in 08… but there are some key differences. for starters, we are using ONE of them to fill a rotation hole, not TWO as we did last year… secondly, i think we can all agree hughes is better prepared to handle a rotation spot in 09 than he was for 08 ((more experience, more innings, more confidence, a new cutter))

            while it would be nice to see a pitcher of peavy’s calibur play for the yanks, its a LUXURY, and a luxury the yanks cant afford in terms of giving up players

            granted, if we fail to land all free agents we desire, then its different (kinda, i would still think its not wise) but i dont see that being the case…. keep hughes, give him the 5 slot, and see what he can do

            not to mention keeping 17M off the payroll for possible moves in the coming years and still having melancon and ajax

        • Steve

          If you keep your MLB ready starting pitching depth (Hughes/IPK/Aceves) then Sheets makes more sense. You’re better prepared if/when he goes down with an injury.

          I don’t want Sheets as much as you, I’d rather have a more sure thing in CC or Burnett. But you could argue even Sheets makes more sense than Peavey.

      • brockdc

        I’d rather they pursue Sheets over Peavy, sure. But, ultimately, I’d prefer they go after neither one. Peavy’s cost in prospects and ML-ready, cost-controlled players make his acquisition prohibitive; and Sheets is a rather large injury risk going forward.

        If they could sign Sheets to, say, a 2/$35 incentive-laden deal, then that might make sense. But I’d imagine he gets more lucrative deals elsewhere.

        • Slugger27

          couldnt agree more… honestly i think id rather hand the 5th slot to hughes and trade them all away for peavy… it just doesnt make sense with what cash is trying to do and has been trying to do for a few years now

          • Slugger27

            sorry hughes ^THAN trade them all away for peavy, not “and”

    • T-Dizzle

      Very well-said Slugger27. And you make solid points. At first I loved the idea but now I’m not so sure. Come to think, it’s hard to tell a difference between this and Santana last year. The reason Santana was so coveted was because there WEREN’T any solid free agents. Prospects + tons of money is not the blueprint for great trades or a well-constructed team. Very much agree with you.

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    I hear the Red Sox are going to offer Ortiz, Crisp and Lugo for Peavy. Then they will swap Dice-K and Okajima for Doug Davis and Dan Haren, then the whitewash will finally be complete.

    • JeffG

      Red Sox Nation – where striking out the side takes on a whole new meaning.
      Hope they don’t start selling white hoodies in Fenway – I’ve got a feeling they’d have a big point on the top.

  • Ol Dirtay

    I feel that Teixeira is the only “must sign”. He fills an obvious need at first, plays great defense and hits.
    Out of the pitchers, I’d like to have CC, even though the guy’s thrown like 700 innings in the past two years. If they signed Burnett, I don’t think I’d necessarily be upset because I think the injury fears are overblown. Since 2005, he’s made 32 starts, 21 starts, 25 starts and 34 starts and he’s averaged 182 innings every year. That’s not bad for a #2 or #3 right?

  • Andy In Sunny Daytona

    Perhaps we could get Peavy to play centerfield on his off days. He had a higher average than both Melky and Brett last year.

  • YankCrank20

    I’m not exactly sure why signing Tex is a “must.” Yes, he would be a great fit for the Yankees. He hits, he’s an OBP guy and he plays great defense. But he will take a Giambi-like deal to sign, meaning 7 years at least, and upwards of $20 million a year. That means he’ll be at 1b until his 35-38 years and when Posada, Jeter and A-Rod start to age (for some, continue to age) and can’t play their position they’ll have nowhere to go. Only one can DH at a time…so where do they go? That’s the problem we’re dealing with right now with all of our aging players, so we’ll be taking our current problem and just pushing it 7 years down the road again. I know Tex is enticing because he’s the whole package but why not invest all the money into pitching and try to trade for a younger, cost-effective 1b who can hit and play defense too. Like Adrian Gonzalez. It just seems smarter to me.

    • Andy In Sunny Daytona

      I think by the time Jeter, Posada or Rodriguez need to switch to 1st base that Tex will STILL be a better option there. He’s at least 5 years younger than any of them.

    • Reggie C.

      In 5 years time, Posada and Jeter won’t be Yankees. Bank. On. It.

      — DJ’s contract runs until 2010. He’ll be another season from 3000 hits. Hopefully he gets there in 2011, and we’ll be able to say goodbye to the Cap on a good note.

      — Posada’s got 3 more seasons. After that its goodbye.

      In 3 seasons, Tex will be 32/33 years old. Still young enough to man 1B. I agree that Adrian Gonzalez is a better player, but i dont see any logjam forming at 1B/Dh.

      • Mike Pop

        Gonzo is good but idk if hes better than TEx

    • Old Ranger

      Adrian Gonzalez has less age, plays very good “D” hits lefty with avg., power, and will take a walk…this was pointed out to me, as I have never seen him play. The drawback is; it would take a trade of some good people to get him, with that scenario…I would take Tex.

      Tex would be 36 at the end of a seven year deal, that (for a 1st baseman) is not old at all. If we get Tex and CC, I would stop at that…unless we could trade any one/two of Johnny, Wilson, X-Man, Shelly, Melky, Cody, Justin for a good young, athletic, defensive minded out-fielder.
      Going after two or three top pitchers is not a bad idea (not a need) if we get two of them I have no problem with it…conversely, one is enough. CC, CMW, Joba, Phil, Andy/Moose with a plethora of others waiting for an openning. 27/09.

    • JeffG

      Unlike Tex, other than being able to pick balls out of the dirt the big G had no D. I’m sorry but his team needs guys that can play thier position – Tex fits the bill.
      Contract wise, the bigger problem with Giambi was he became a reformed juicer once (or soon after) he started playing for us. If he stayed on the roids he might have kept having Bond years. I don’t think the reduction was only because of age. He might have been a bit of an inflated monster before he came over.

  • RichYF

    You guys are kind of skipping over a big point when it comes to Peavy: If he gets traded before CC/Tex/other big FAs sign, his “trade value” is less.

    Assume that the Yanks get none of the FAs available. You really think SD is going to go for the same deal they were willing to go for previously? Let’s say Hughes, Cano, and AJax are the deal _today_. You do realize that as soon as all of the FAs are signed (and the Yanks have none), the initial asking price includes Joba or whoever else they decide. So if the deal doesn’t get done early, it will never get done.

    On the flip side, if the Yanks sign Tex, CC, and let’s say Lowe/Burnett/Sheets whoever, then SD is on the losing end of the deal (with the Yanks) and won’t get nearly as much.

    Right now, the price is “fair” in the sense that it’s ACTUAL market value. This will change when all of the big names are off the board, I guarantee it.

    I’m not saying the Yanks need to/should get Peavy, I’m just saying that he’s not going to be a “fall-back” option. Either you sign FAs and then explore it, or you don’t explore it at all. It’s not about “okay here’s plan A, here’s plan B.” #1 Nobody is waiting around for the Yanks and more importantly #2 most teams would love to fleece the Yanks in a deal.

    I just hope Cash can get CC/Tex in the stripes for next year. Anyone else is an added bonus.

    • radnom

      How is that a big point? We don’t want the before or after deal.

    • Steve

      I think it makes more sense to strike a deal now rather than wait. The teams that sign CC, Burnett, Sheets, Lowe, etc will no longer be in the market for a pitcher. Therefore the longer Towers waits, the fewer bidders he has. The few remaining might be more desperate, but they make also find themselves as the lone bidder. You can wait too long and see your market collapse entirely, just ask the Twins GM about Santana.

      Peavey isn’t overly expensive, but he isn’t cheap either. He’s owed about 60 mil over the next 4 years with a 22 mil club option after that. Given how injury-prone most pitchers are, 60 mil/15 per is enough to limit the marketplace. If the high rollers are already off the table having signed the big free agents, Towers could find himself hanging onto Peavey till the 09 trade deadline.

  • Old Ranger

    As well as A-Rod takes care of himself, there is no reason he can’t play 3rd until his contract is up. Granted he will be 40/42 but, there have been many players at 3rd base into their late 30s+…unless he gets injured. DH is open for him at anytime he needs it, as well as he can still hit. 27/09.

  • Mike Pop

    Most of you OD on the fact that we are going to NEED 1b for Arod and Jeter. Maybe Posada but we wont put him there he will just become a expensive catcher who can barely get by anymore. Yanks will never put Jorge there full time unless they had to which they wont. Jeter and Arod wont become regular 1b. Dont let the media or ppl who hate the yanks tell you that lol. Arod will play 3rd until he retires in my opinion, the dude is in great shape and is fine there unless a drastic injury. Jeter I think will be at SS the whole time too because that is his legacy and there will be no obvious/good replacement. Now if Jose Reyes or Hanley makes it to FA (which i know Han Ram wont by the time JEters contract runs out cuz he just signed that 70 mill deal ?) if Jose makes it lol I would think he has to be looked at, but Cash isnt thinking o no im gonna have to put all these guys at 1b. In his mind I dont think he can realistically consider that. You dont pass up on a player like Tex. Hes they type of guy who never makes it to FA at his age. A 28 yr old great glove great bat 1b who is in great athletic shape. We are not talking bout another Giambi. Tex wants to win thats why he didnt sign that 140 mill deal with Texas, yes he cares bout money but I gaurantee he will end up with a competing team whos in it every year. (Orioles excluded) Who gives you the best chance to win ? Yanks baby !!! Well Rays but they cant afford him…

    Anyone thijk that lets say CC is the first Big name signed and its us will that entice Tex or some other FA’s like Burnett/Sheets/Manny to wanna come play for us because we would look like a great bet to be a great team for years to come.

    I know I have a biased opinion but if your a great ballplayer and wanna make some kind of history isnt the best place to do that as a Yankee ?

  • JeffG

    Just a question: Is there a website where you can look up a player’s deal terms so you know what their contracts look like and who will be availiable in 2010 or do you just have to go by memory? I can do it for the yanks, but ask me to tell you who the 2010 first base/ CF candidates are and I’ll scratching my head.

  • Dan

    Give me Tex and Burnett and I will be a happy man. Although I will be happier if we can trade for a David Dejesus type of CF
    Wang, Joba, Burnett, Hughes/mmose/pettitte.
    Cf-Gardner-DeJesus type

  • Rob

    I really don’t understand why so many people advocate signing AJ Burnett. The guy has great stuff but he has never been able to put it together to actually win. He never has a stellar ERA or WHIP and doesnt win games. There is no point in spending money on great stuff if it doesnt translate to wins. It is not as if this guy is a young prospect, he has been pitching in the majors for a long time, and he has never shown signs of improvement. He is the same pitcher he was when he signed for upside reasons with Toronto, and there is no point to sign him for those same reasons now. The money it will cost for Burnett should be put in for Tex and CC. Those two will make a much bigger difference. Also, Sheets is a far superior pitcher to Burnett, The injury risks are there, but when he pitches, he actually dominates and wins.

    • Reggie C.

      You hit the nail on the head in the Sheets vs. Burnett comparison. Sheets actually put up 3 consecutive 200 IP seasons before his slew of injuries. Still, in 2008, Sheets put up 198 all-star innings. Sheets doesn’t give up too many runs , regardless of the competition. Sheets is simply the better pitcher who’s also only 30 yrs old.

      It’d cost less in yrs and money to sign Sheets. IF it came down b/w those two, i’d rather the Yanks choose Sheets.

  • Dan

    I’ll take Burnett over Sheets any day of the week. CC…well of course I would take him over either, but I believe he will stay out west.

  • Hitman

    Peavy is smart. He knows he’s get knocked around if he was traded over here.

  • Mike Pop

    Lol that Onion article is hilarious.

  • Dan

    Burnett has proven he can pitch in the AL East. How many more times do we have to go down the NL second teir pitcher route to learn?


    ……and the yanks need Burnett, whom I’m beside myself why Yankee fans don’t want hi he’ basically Holliday light and Lefty Perez and to commit Joba to the pen bring up Melenchan and getting some ypoung blood in the heart of the order that can mix it up guys like Markakis or Mclouth and rid themselves of Cano, Caberera, Kennedy….Giambi waiting around for the 3 run homerun and guys that are gapper , hit sc reamers and guys that can steal a base…and hit that 3 run HR when it presents itself too… and even Damon or Matui are tradeable one or the other

    …even if they have to give up prospects like Ajax and or Alan Horne etc. etc… will Ajax really give you a higher celing than a Markakis aka {O’Neill the 2nd} or McLouth??? is Kennedy and/or Horne celiing any higher than Burnett/Perez?

    • Mike Pop

      Wtf is this lol.. write so ppl can understand u lol and there is no way Markakis gets moved